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  1. aywolf

    Garmin GPSmap 1040xs Screen Delaminating!?

    I think it’s a design flaw. My 741 xs did the same thing. Garmin replaced it with no problem.
  2. aywolf

    New to the RF Family

    Hello Buddy I bought a new 2017 with a 150 SHO back in April. I can say that the gas tank is forward in mine and with this engine it definitely needs to be forward especially if you’re using the wells. I also have 3 batteries in the console. I really like the power with the 150. The Redfisher is a great fishing platform and you can make long runs on it. I fished a two day tournament this summer and ran over 100 miles each day. I really have mixed emotions about this boat. Performance wise it’s awesome. I downsized from a 2300 HPS and I have enjoyed the smaller footprint it takes up in my barn, much easier to clean and much easier to maintain. That said, I miss the room, storage and stability of the bigger boat. My wife loved my 22 Tournament and my 23 HPS but she doesn’t care much for the Redfisher and didnt want me to buy it. Now she and my daughter are pushing me to look for another 22 or 23. If you have any specific questions I’ll be glad to help if I can.....Rob
  3. aywolf

    Redfisher 18

    Yeah.... I’ve got a 2017 18 Redfisher with the 150 SHO. 53-54 Mph on a normal day. I might could get it to 55-56 with the right conditions and load. That’s with a 3 blade prop.
  4. What Josh B said X 100. No comparison in the 23 vs the 22.
  5. aywolf

    Tongue weight 2300 HPS

    I made a mistake on my truck weight. I weighed it at 8040 ( exit weight) with 2 guys ~ 450 lbs at the landfill. I forgot that I had my utility trailer that day so that was 800-1000 or so lbs. That makes my truck around 6500 or so which means boat and trailer should be around 4500-5000 lbs combined. To get the tongue weight, I pulled just far enough onto the scales to drop the jack stand. I unhooked and drove off scales.....700 lbs. it is an Ameratrail.
  6. aywolf

    Tongue weight 2300 HPS

    Ok...since nobody knew the answer, I took my boat down to the grain bins. The tongue weight of my boat was 700 lbs. My old F350 diesel weighs around 75-7600lbs and with the boat the total weight was around 11,300 lbs unoccupied.
  7. aywolf

    Tongue weight 2300 HPS

    Anybody have any idea of the tongue weight on a 2300 HPS???? Thanks...Rob
  8. Because they lead to these: Or this 9 lber Or this 7.5 lber
  9. And I don't have 60 of these for nothing:
  10. Ok I gotta find this one....it might led to more of these it it might lead to more of these Or more of these
  11. aywolf

    2016 2300 HPS

    Yes.... are you the one that texted this afternoon?
  12. aywolf

    2016 2300 HPS

    Thanks Live to fish.... it's a nice boat. Wait til you are ready and get what you want. It's hard to go wrong with any MBC boat......
  13. aywolf

    Boat Garage

    Since we changed from boat porn to barn porn I'll share pics of my new barn. I converted my detached garage into an in law suite for my mother. I had to have some space so I built a 30x40 on a 60x30 pad. Hardy plank siding with a shingled roof. 14 foot ceiling 12x12 overhead door and a 7x7 overhead at other end. A bathroom and a multi purpose room with hot water heater all insulated. 20 foot patio with canned lighting. 50 watt led lights on all 4 corners combined with 4 on the new inlaw suite should light up my entire 1.5 acres. Large led lights in ceiling. It should be finished in a week or so.
  14. aywolf

    2016 2300 HPS

    Yes an F150 will pull it fine. My regular fishing partner has a company truck that allows personal use so he pulls the boat most of the time. He has a Chevrolet 1500 2 wheel drive with the V6 and it pulls it nicely. ( nothing like free gas) No...it's not Blounts. The 2300 is amazing with the short chop of the Pamlico. My 2200 tournament didnt ride nearly as good as the 2300. This boat is much quicker as well...7-10 mph faster. I don't know what boat is next. I have a little interest in the 18 foot Redfisher and considered one when I purchased this boat. The only reason I am selling this boat is I have a daughter who,is going to college in a couple of years and I can retire when her college is paid for. If the boat doesn't sell, I'm not going to cry. I've had a few lowball offers but I don't have to sell.... hell, my wife is trying to get me to keep it.
  15. aywolf

    2016 2300 HPS

    Yes ... boat is still available. Whichway.... Pamlico and Neuse. You are referring to the Carolina Fishers of Men series. My Partner and I won the Trout division in 2016 after several straight 2nd place finishes. There were some nice fish caught last weekend in the Swan Quarter tournament. Lee's big fish was 7.5 lbs. He is on fire this year. i bought this boat in March of 2016 and we have caught 7 trout over 27 inches since. I don't know whether it's skill or a lucky boat😉