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  1. Redrum

    Sealant or Caulk MBG uses

    I'm thinking about a year or 2 ago. I know, time flies. I don't know who replaced him.
  2. Redrum

    Sealant or Caulk MBG uses

    Ray has retired and with him went a wealth of MBC knowledge.
  3. Redrum

    2005 22” Pathfinder

    Still available?
  4. Redrum

    Hatch Seals

    There is another company that makes a better quality hatch seals than McMaster. I searched for info but I couldn't find. Maybe someone else can chime in. I also am looking to replace some seals.
  5. Redrum

    2012 Pathfinder 2000V for sale SOLD

    how many hours on 150? freshwater boat?
  6. Redrum

    2012 Pathfinder 2000V for sale SOLD

    Very well maintained rig....good luck with the sale.
  7. Redrum

    2012 Pathfinder 2000V for sale SOLD

    at the top......Okeechobee county Fl
  8. Redrum

    Difference between Hewes and Pathfinder

    I think it is a personal preference....I don't think that there is a whole lot of difference....you could argue this or that....but for me, I have owned 91 Maverick deluxe, 2008 Pathfinder 2200 TE and now a Pathfinder 1810. Personally I prefer standing up in a boat while driving as to sitting. I think that sitting all those years is the root of my back issues. Just my personal opinion. I know longer have the back issues while standing up driving.
  9. Redrum

    2300 HPS Swing Tongue

    Shark hide?
  10. Redrum

    2200v Pathfinder Scupper Tube

    Yes, known problem.....I use 4200...alot more water can enter these small cracks than you would think possible.
  11. Redrum

    SOLD! 2008 Pathfinder 2400 TE

    My 2008 Pathfinder was 2200 TE and hull was XL
  12. Redrum

    SOLD! 2008 Pathfinder 2400 TE

    Just curious, my 2008 Pathfinder 2200 TE had recessed trim tabs.....why didn't the 2008 2400 TE?
  13. Redrum

    Trailer Bunk Carpet Replacement

    No adhesive and not stainless steel.....I think staples are called Monel 1/2". They seem to last longer. Can get at your favorite big box store.
  14. Redrum

    Craigslist Ad // 1900v -$16k // Not Mine

    Center console says boat is 1810......I do not know if there is a difference?
  15. Redrum

    Removing glue under carpet.

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