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  1. Xtra Tuff Boots - Just Got'm - love'm so far

    My wife has a pair....she likes them....she says they keep her from slipping on the boat ramp
  2. Catch and release extended

    Media statement: FWC Commission expands fishery management measures in response to red tide Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission sent this bulletin at 09/26/2018 12:52 PM EDT Sept. 26, 2018 Media statement: FWC Commission expands fishery management measures in response to red tide At its September meeting in Tallahassee, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) directed staff to expand a recent catch-and-release only measure for snook and redfish to include Tampa Bay (including all of Manatee and Hillsborough counties) as well as all of Pinellas and Pasco counties starting Friday, Sept. 28. The FWC also directed staff to extend these measures through May 10, 2019, in these and other areas previously made catch-and-release for redfish and snook. EO+18-45+Boundary+Map.jpg POWERED BY
  3. Center console compartment door

    you can get complete door and latch or just the latch from boat outfitters
  4. Center Console Tray

    I found mine at a local "lean to" fabricator. They had 3 sizes and fortunately one fit my 1810 pathy. They were not standard equipment on my boat so I had to hinge the seat. You would never know that it wasn't from the factory. Good luck.
  5. Center Console Door Latch (SOUTHCO)??

    or drive us crazy
  6. Smith Sunglasses

    I have been wearing Smith optics for 5-6 years now. They take care of any and all problems without any question. I have had really only one issue. They told me to sent them in and they would take a look at them. In 1 week they called me and told me that it was a manufacturing defect and they would allow me like $250.00 to pick out another style as the old one was out of date. I only paid $125.00 for the defective glasses so I decided to buy 2 pairs of new ones since I was getting one pair for free. I went with Smith after many years of wearing Costas when I had an issue with their customer service dept. They use to be very good. I had one of the hinges give way and needed to be replaced. Customer service asked me to explain what had happened to cause this to happen. I told them that when placing the sun glasses on top of my head, the hinge broke. They responded that the glasses were intended to be worn on my face and not made to be worn on the top of my head. To make a long story short, I told them that I had been buying their glasses for 10-12 years and that they were going to give me this BS excuse....Adios. By the way.....I do not were prescription glasses....but the Chromapop lenses are fantastic. I usually have 2-3 pair on board for different light and water conditions.
  7. New MBG Plant Progress

  8. WTB Shimano Stella 5000SW

    They made them for a few years. I owned 2 of them until someone felt like they needed them more than I did.
  9. MA Ladder Removal

    it slides thru a slot on each side of the bracket and snaps in place....I can tell that your bracket is different than mine. I think, after enlarging your photo of the bracket....we are not comparing apples to apples. I have a much older model bracket and ladder.
  10. MA Ladder Removal

    Mine has this flat piece of ss that slides left to right....that's it
  11. Prop Recommendations

    I have been told by others on this site, quite a while back that this is the prop for the boat and motor....RXB4R17P It's a Power Tech, 3/8" ported. I never got around to buying one because I'm pretty happy with the 3 blade that I have. I do not have any experience with this prop but I'm sure that there are a few members here that do. Hopefully they will chime in.
  12. We put our house on the market ...sold to cash buyer in 5 days ...have to move to the beach for 2 months while waiting for new house to be completed. New house will have a special place for my boat. Can't wait ...lots of projects for me to do. Happy wife happy life.
  13. 2017-Great 2018-even better
  14. 2500 Dash Rigging

    nice job.......fun time installing all the toys
  15. 2006 Pathfinder Hardware brands?

    Maverick website also has a discount......just ask for Jerry