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    Reside in South Florida for 23 years now by way of Southeastern Kentucky, WOW what a difference.
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    I work hard
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    Snook Fishing in Choko/10K Islands
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    Pembroke Pines Florida
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  1. ChasinSnook

    My New Ride

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. Looking forward to lots of fishing with the family.
  2. ChasinSnook

    My New Ride

    I haven't been on lately as I have been swamped with work. The kids are getting older and the wife like to fish more, so I needed something a little more comfty but I did not want a big dedicated off shore boat, been there done that. I went with a New 2600 TRS, which is my 6th consecutive Pathfinder. Yup, I love my Pathfinders! Since she is too big for my Choko and Flamingo trips, me and a life long friend went in together and picked up a New 18' Maverick HPX, so now all my needs are met.
  3. ChasinSnook

    New Tow Vehicle

    NIce looking ride for sure.
  4. ChasinSnook

    PLB or EPIRB

    I know I am horrible, this one will take me out of Choko but going to pick up a used skiff too for my choko addiction. All is well, hope the same for you, will call you soon, we will get on the water one of these days!
  5. ChasinSnook

    PLB or EPIRB

    I have an ACR PLB for my Pathfinder. I often take my Pathfinder 20-30 miles off shore in the summer on the right days and have been to Bimini on numerous occasions in it. Aside from the PLB. When I fish offshore with the wife and kids, I am usually with other boats , but a couple years ago I picked up a 4 person life raft too. Its about the length & width of a briefcase and aprox 15" thick but fits easily in any one of my hatches or in a large ditch bag I have. So if crap really hits the fan, I have the PLB and 4 person life raft with canopy. I dont think any precautions are overboard especially with my family on board. The life raft was around $1,200.00 and has to be re-certified every few years, but worth it if I ever need it. Nice knowing its there. Im getting ready to upgrade to the PF 2600 TRS and will be adding an EPIRB to the arsenal.
  6. ChasinSnook

    MK Remotes - carry extra batteries !!!

    My experience of late with the TM remotes is carry extra of extra batteries, I have only seen about 2-3 trips and they are dead.....I carry at least 3 new batteries for each of the 2 TM remotes I have and no more issues............EXTRA is good.
  7. ChasinSnook

    Bad Luck

    Wow, not good, sorry that plane ole stinks
  8. ChasinSnook


    :thumbup: :thumbup:
  9. ChasinSnook

    1/2 ton towing 24 or 26 pathy

    I have had several F250 and loved them and they pulled my prior 24's like butter, easy as can be and stopping was amazing... but I changed a couple of years ago and went with a 1500 Ram with the 5.7 Hemi, it towed my 24 TRS ok, nothing special, stopping was ok, I felt safe but it was nothing like a 2500, I was not ok with just OK....and was not happy with the 1500 but could get by with it. Personally I needed the security of a 2500 for pulling and stopping power. I went back to a 2500 Ram with the Cummings and I feel like I did with the prior 2500 Fords....If you factor in the dry weight of a 2400 with a hard top, fuel, ICE and all the gear we carry, they are pretty heavy boats and push the limits of any 1500. Just my O2. I know I will never pull a 24 or larger with a 1500. I think anyone pulling the 26 trs with a 1500 would be nuts....
  10. ChasinSnook

    2016 SWFL Owners Tournament

    Starting to get more active here....Time for a list of who is in. Copy and past who is in. 1. Chasinsnook-Anthony & Annie w/2 children-24 PF TRS
  11. ChasinSnook

    looking for vacation place

    Costa Rica, me, wife and two little ones went for a week last summer. Half the time in the mountains/cloud Forrest and half at the Los Suenos Marriott which is on the coast. It was a phenomenal vaca and extremely economically priced. We really enjoyed it and will be going back again.
  12. ChasinSnook


    Done. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Although I don't personally know you, my heart sank when I read this. Over the years I have met some great people on this forum and feel like I know so many others I haven't physically met just by browsing the board. I am much like you, a very humble man and it is never easy to ask for help. I applaud your honor and your courage. My heart goes out to you and your wife. Stay strong and THANK YOU for being who you are.
  13. Oh yea and we did catch our fair share of catfish :crazy:
  14. I was over today, bite was fair, some nice trout, a couple small snook and one slot red....Only fished from around 7:30 am till around 130 pm, wind was out of the S SW and a little stiffer than I thought it was going to be, was nasty on the outside. Overall not a bad day and had some decent fish and fair bites. Water was a little dirtier than I like. For me, choko heats up from the first week of May thru June, thats when I will head over weekly, sometimes twice a week for around 6-8 weeks.
  15. ChasinSnook

    Identification Protection

    Yep I shred everything with even the hint of personal information. Ive been the victim of Identity theft, it is no fun getting it cleared up and will affect you for YEARS...
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