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  1. redzone1

    Yamaha Performance Bulletins for Maverick?

    I had a 99 18MA w a 150 ox66 EFI Yamaha. It would do 53 WOT. I would expect the 175 to swing couple of more inches of prop and get to 57ish
  2. redzone1

    250 SHO

    All of the pathfinders from about 2008 and newer when they introduced the XL hull have 25” transom. The 22trs, 22te, 23hps, and 2400v,te, and trs all have 25” transoms. You make a 20” shaft work by putting it on a 10” set back jackplate.
  3. I have a 2000v - max hp is 150. A 250 would probably get to 70 mph on that hull if you are man enough to hang on
  4. redzone1

    Vintage Pathfinder Performance Bulletins

    I will say those numbers are dead on accurate with that motor and prop set up - I used to have the identical rig. The only problem was that prop was useless if you made any turns. Prop cavitation was extremely bad. OFX4-20 solved the problem completely. It nocked 3 or 4 mph off the top end, but made the boat feel like it was on rails.
  5. redzone1

    2016 Pathfinder 22 Tournament

    Reel Wild - Johnny : Any warranty left on the motor? Skip
  6. redzone1

    Trolling motor on 20' Pathfinder

    I ran a 36v ipilot on my 2000v, my dad runs a 36v in his 2000v and my buddy in Jacksonville runs a 36v ipilot on his 2000v. All of ran/run 4 group 27 batteries in the console.the fit is tight but they will fit. You do not run a 3rd wire to the outlet plug on the bow.
  7. redzone1

    Best inshore baitcaster

    I have been using Shimano Calcutta’s for 20 years. In fact I still have a couple that are still in use that are 20 years old. In my opinion and personal experience there isn’t a better reel for longevity, ease of maintenance (the original “b” models that is), and performance than the Calcutta. I can easily tear them apart, clean, lube and grease, and put back together in about 15 minutes - they are very simply designed and smooth as silk. I am not endorsed by Shimano, but my money doesn’t buy any other brand for saltwater. Also the Shimano Stradic spinning reels are incredibly smooth and reliable as well. Now for freshwater bass I like Lew’s. You can’t go wrong with a gold calcutta.
  8. redzone1

    2012 Yamaha F150

    That’s a 25” shaft.
  9. redzone1

    MA 21 biggest jacklplate setback

    I have first hand knowledge of that exact setup running best with no jackplate at all.
  10. redzone1

    Power Pole mounting location on Pathfinder

    The picture that bernieNC posted is exactly where I install all of mine.
  11. redzone1

    Power Pole mounting location on Pathfinder

    I’m on the Power Pole Pro Staff and have personally installed PPs on all 7 of my MBG boats......and countless others on friend’s boats. I have always mounted them on the starboard side of the motor just below the color band. Add me to the list of people that prefer the pole not sticking up so high above the motor. I have never had an issue whatsoever with this mounting location and this dates back to 2006 and thousands of hours of use. I notice that most dealers are mounting them “in the color” and it is a total turn off to me. Especially if it is a 10’ PP. Just looks ridiculous and is in the way of fishing if you are spot locked in deep with your trolling motor and fishing off the stern
  12. It’s still an Evinrude and it’s still an E-Tec. Lots and lots problems with G2 Etec. It amazing BPR’s snowmobiles and other lines are bulletproof, yet they have never quite figured outboard realizability out. Yes there are some that are quite satisfied, but most that own them are not. I do like how they look though.
  13. redzone1

    Garmin 74cv SOLD!

    All you do is pop the 2 side molding pieces for the face of the unit and use 4 wood screws to flush mount to a dash then pop molding back on, so I guess technically speaking the flush mount kit consists of 4 ss screws 1” that you can get about anywhere
  14. redzone1

    need recommendations

    i live on a golf course lake that is loaded with fish. i have been noticing the bluegill feeding heavily on bugs on the surface at dusk. i’m thinking i want to try my hand at fly fishing. i’ve never made a fly cast in my life. i don’t know what rod length line weight etc. what would you recommend for a beginning for casting to freshwater panfish?
  15. I would post on florida sportsman forum and the hull truth as well. i would avoid craigslist list. lots of scammers out there trolling craigslist
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