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  1. redzone1

    2019 2500 Pathfinder Hybrid *PRICE DROP*

    Is the trailer a 2019 also? It looks like the finish on the aluminum rims around the lug nuts is coming off already is the reason I ask.
  2. redzone1

    SOLD - 2013 Pathfinder 2300 HPS - SOLD

    Too bad it has bottom paint otherwise this boat would be mine before the sun sets today.
  3. Any recommendations for an inshore guide in Steinhatchee. Preferably out of Sea Hagg.
  4. redzone1

    2006 Pathfinder 2200v Yamaha 200 HPDI- $32k

  5. redzone1

    Before I cut this console .......

    On the Redfisher and 2 Mavericks I’ve had the console with the seat for me was useful for batteries location and I put the onboard charger mounted on the underside of the seat lid
  6. redzone1

    Mercury on 2300hps

    Why not go 300 Pro XS ........ it weighs the same as the 250. I’m pretty sure you can order the boat through a dealer with no motor or pre rigging and have your dealer - if they sell Mercury - rig the motor.
  7. redzone1

    2300HPS w/ Rhodan

    $400k 36’ Yellowfin and you are thinking about swapping the trolling motor between the two boats....... For the price of a tank of gas on that offshore rig you could just buy another trolling motor that wouldn’t look like you had a periscope on the bow of the HPS
  8. redzone1

    Good Boat Name

    The owner of that weed money boat has a spray business that treats lawns for weeds and bugs.
  9. redzone1

    8 vs 10ft powerpole on hewes redfisher 18

    I’m on the PP pro staff and have had them all. in my opinion anything deeper than about 7’ is what ipilots are made for me. Add me to the camp of 8’ Poet Poles
  10. redzone1

    Craigslist 23 DV

    I guess everything is relative
  11. redzone1

    Craigslist 23 DV

    i wonder what this guy considers high hours since he calls the 1,126 hours this one has as low hours....
  12. redzone1

    truck tail gate

    I know the problem = F.O.R.D.
  13. redzone1

    Yamaha Performance Bulletins for Maverick?

    I had a 99 18MA w a 150 ox66 EFI Yamaha. It would do 53 WOT. I would expect the 175 to swing couple of more inches of prop and get to 57ish
  14. redzone1

    250 SHO

    All of the pathfinders from about 2008 and newer when they introduced the XL hull have 25” transom. The 22trs, 22te, 23hps, and 2400v,te, and trs all have 25” transoms. You make a 20” shaft work by putting it on a 10” set back jackplate.
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