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  1. 2005 20v question

    I’ve got a 36v ipilot on my 2006 2000v. My 3 trolling motor batteries and cranking battery as well as onboard charger are in the center console. I wouldn’t even consider a different location
  2. 2006 Maverick 17' Master Angler

    this is my old sled. this boat is lightening fast out of the hole and in immaculate condition!!! good luck with the sale
  3. NOCO is about as top shelf as it gets for a sealed smart charger. Very high quality
  4. 2006 PATHFINDER 2200 with 225 yamaha 4 stroke

    Shane: Are you working at a dealership now? I’ve followed you over years on this site and knew you flipped boats personally while in school. Just curious
  5. WTB 24 pathfinder

    there is a 2012 TRS 24 in Waycross, Ga ( 1 hr north of Jacksonville, Fl on the hull truth just listed for $50k. looks brand new
  6. Pricing my boat???

    For some strange reason Texas Pathfinders go for a lot less than Florida Pathfinders. I would say if your boat was in Florida it would sell fairly quickly priced around $42,000 99% of bay boat owners will require an ipilot trolling motor and a power pole, so that will require $3,750 more into the overall price. Also 22 pathfinders with 4 cylinder f150 and f200 take longer to sell than higher priced same model boat will 200 - 250 SHO motors....don’t get too locked in on what other people are “asking” for their used boats. There is a decent sized gap in listing price and actual sales price. Just look around at how long some of these used boats have been for sale.
  7. My 2008 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport **SOLD**!

    These trucks are unbelievably tough and strong. I can attest that this truck will pull a 2200 TRS with no problems whatsoever. I had a 2010 that I traded last year and it was an absolute beast. Mine was probably a little more rugged though due to the Trump sticker it had
  8. Redfisher 21 $12000

    Hahahaha. Go Gatas. That reminds me of Corrine Brown
  9. Redo non-skid on 22 TE how much

    For anyone else wondering I was told $2,500 to $3,000 by a very reputable guy in the industry. Dustin: not yet. We got very close to a 2016 23 HPS but we ended up being $3,500 apart. My laser focus on the market value and marketing time just wouldn’t let me pull the trigger
  10. Redo non-skid on 22 TE how much

    Does anyone have an idea of how much it would cost to have the non-skid reapplied to a 22 TE? The current non skid is almost non existent.
  11. 2016 2300 HPS

    Is this boat still for sale?
  12. 1993 Maverick 18.5 MA For Sale

    This would be a good project boat for someone with about $10,000 to spend on it. Remove the console, fair and reglass the floor, fill all gouges above the rub rail, spray new non-skid, paint, new console (ideally the newer style 18hpx console) mounted back in the center, complete rewire. All that being said the trailer and motor are probably worth half of the asking price, so you essentially get a legendary hill for $4,500
  13. MBG- Watch Us GROW again!

    Lots of profit built into those fiberglass boats!
  14. Garmin GPS map 740s

    I've got a power cord, transducer, and screen cover if anyone needs it to go with a 740s. $25 and you pay shipping. Maybe this will help sell your 740s
  15. 2005 Aluminum Trailer

    Dustin, put this on Craigslist in Jax and it will sell in a few hours.