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  1. redzone1

    need recommendations

    i live on a golf course lake that is loaded with fish. i have been noticing the bluegill feeding heavily on bugs on the surface at dusk. i’m thinking i want to try my hand at fly fishing. i’ve never made a fly cast in my life. i don’t know what rod length line weight etc. what would you recommend for a beginning for casting to freshwater panfish?
  2. I would post on florida sportsman forum and the hull truth as well. i would avoid craigslist list. lots of scammers out there trolling craigslist
  3. it appears the market has gotten a little soft on big ticket used boats over the last year. i’m seeing boats sit for sale longer. stay patient. your boat new with 0 hours will run in the 6 figures after taxes.
  4. redzone1

    Top Water action....South Georgia

  5. redzone1

    2002 Pathfinder 2200V FOR SALE

    very clean!!! great job on maintaining this boat. where did you get the steps for the trailer? I need those
  6. redzone1

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    it rains everyday on the gulf in the summer. the later in the summer the more risk for red tide. we went to Crystal River last year in mid July for 10 days and never put on sunscreen. the sun literally never came out and poured rain almost the entire time.
  7. redzone1

    non skid

    i like whisper grey for the non skid
  8. redzone1

    Good Vaca spot in FL for Fam and Fishing

    south seas resort on captiva or any where on Sanibel Island
  9. redzone1

    Top Water action....South Georgia

    What plug were you throwing? What color?
  10. My nephrologist says a kidney on the black market is only worth about $5,000
  11. redzone1

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    the only real solution i see to this problem is a VF250 SHO Let the big dawg eat!!
  12. redzone1

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    i’d remove the jackplate all together. I had a 2005 year model 2200v. it originally had a jackplate. i think it performed a lot better when i took it off. also the OFX 4 was the ticket for that hull. mine had the 20” shaft 200 hpdi. I believe wannaflats fish. fish had your same hull with an F150 that he got dialed in about as good as one can do with that set up. Seems like he had a youtube video of it one time talking about the performance. ping him
  13. redzone1

    Jack plate prop PF 2200

    Your boat has a 20” transom, why in the world would you put a 25” shaft motor on there unless you want even worse performance.
  14. redzone1

    changing out Shimano reels will be FS soon

    10 years of heavy use and you are switching up and goin with Diawa????? Are you nuts? You won’t get 10 years of abuse out of Diawa
  15. i think a Mercury Mirage Plus in a 21 will be an even better performer than my Yamaha Pro was
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