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    Take delivery end of Oct 2007:<br />Georgia Red PF 2200V, VMax HPDI 225, Riptide 101,<br />Dual Pro Charger, OFX 20 <span style='color:red'></span> <br /><br />
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    My Kids, Fishing, Hunting, Triathlon and College Football
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    Houston, Tx
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  1. ReelDawg

    2008 Pathfinder 2200 V

    Thanks HMG. It was a pleasure to work you. Enjoy that boat. Our family has a lot of fond memories in her. Like we said, there's no boat that will do everything, but the Pathfinder is a fairly versatile fishing platform.
  2. ReelDawg

    2008 Pathfinder 2200 V

  3. ReelDawg

    2008 Pathfinder 2200 V

    I ordered the boat in Oct of 07. All the paperwork indicates 08, as well as the hull ID. Thanks for the question. Hope this clarifies.
  4. ReelDawg

    2008 Pathfinder 2200 V

    Correct. This is the original motor
  5. ReelDawg

    2008 Pathfinder 2200 V

    Selling my Pathfinder and going back to the BASS world and supporting my son in High School Bass fishing here in Texas. I'm the original owner and purchased this boat new from a dealer in Titusville, FL Boat is currently stored in a shop near Augusta, Ga (I can meet anyone there 3/12/17 - 3/17/17, 3/19/17 going forward the boat will be in Houston, Tx. 2008 Pathfinder 2200v (Red) -Yamaha 225 VMax HPDI w/ approximately 170 hours (new gauges installed April 2016) (use only non-ethanol gas) (new Yamaha water pump kit installed 2016) (new plugs and gas filter summer 2016) (meticulous maintenance and religious use of Ring Free and Gas Shock) -PowerTech OFX4R20P prop -Minn Kota Riptide 101 lb thrust TM -New Garmin Striker 7sv Chirp (installed April 2016) -Garmin 545 GPS -iCom m200 VHF -Fusion RA-200 radio -8 foot Power Pole -Custom swim platform (BTs welding, Titusville) -Sunbrella Bimini top -KeepsAlive live well aerator (keeps blueback herring frisky all day in July with the addition of ice) -Ameritrail tandem axle trailer (completely updated by the factory in 2016 with new axles, new Kodiac stainless hubs and brakes that have not seen salt water) (4 new Goodyear Marathons mounted in July 2016)
  6. ReelDawg

    Need help w/ Recirc live well

    I'm looking for the best option of improving my recirculating capability in my center aft live well. Going to be doing some striper fishing this summer with blueback herring. Two things I need to accomplish: 1 - Improve Oxygenation of the live well with the recirculating pump 2 - Filtration of the water in the tank. (Using the fill pump and replacing lake water will not work) Has anyone accomplished this and have you been able to keep delicate bait alive for a day of summertime fishing? Thanks in advance for responses
  7. ReelDawg

    Yamaha water pressure gauge installation

    Thanks. I borrowed some penetrating oil and an impact wrench from my neighbor. I took it slow and easy with the mpact wrench. It came right off.
  8. ReelDawg

    WTB: Bimini Top for a Pathfinder 2200

    Just sent you a PM
  9. Looking to buy a Bimini top for the 2200
  10. I have the gauge installed, tube attached and fished to the motor, but the freaking plug on top of the motor is seized. Any tips on getting the plug off without breaking something?? Impact wrench? Thanks
  11. ReelDawg

    Bimini Top recommendation

    I'm looking for a bimini top for a 2200v. Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. ReelDawg

    Garmin EchoMap Chirp 74sv install help

    Worked flawlessly. I had to force it to lose bottom by making a quick and sharp turn in a winding turn on the St Johns River. It regained bottom contact in a split second. No rooster tail or spray. [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1457886829-image.jpg[/image]
  13. ReelDawg

    Garmin EchoMap Chirp 74sv install help

    Thanks for the info. Exactly what I was looking for. Very helpful.
  14. I'm updating my electronics and I'm going with the new EchoMap Chirp 74sv. Anyone using a Garmin Side Vu imaging unit, Where did you mount the ducer? And have you noticed any issues with the dead rise angle interfering with the Side Vu imaging? Any issues with losing bottom readings at cruising speed? Thanks in advance for your help.