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  1. Negative. Didn't come back that way at all. Stayed S/SE.
  2. no pot of gold on this shoreline on 2/8 south of Chokoloskee And the sunset of 2/8 South of Chokoloskee
  3. The 17th Annual Friendly Flamingo Tournament is around the corner! On July 14th, some of the most dedicated fishermen in South Florida will head to Flamingo to search for the largest combined Snook, Tarpon, Redfish and Trout. The tournament is a one-day, catch-photo-release format, and prizes include 1st-3rd Teams, Largest per Species, Top Female Angler, Top Fly Angler, Top Kayak, and Top Junior Angler. The FFT is an annual contributor to the South Florida National Parks Trust, a 501(c)(3) that funds environmental education and resource protection in our four local national parks (Everglades, Biscayne and Dry Tortugas National Parks, and Big Cypress National Preserve). Our sponsors include: Starbrite - Biscayne Rods - Continental Trailers - Jigalode - Costa del Mar - Florida Fishing Products - Flying Fisherman - Spooltek Lures - Rising Tide Charters - Inshore Marine Specialties - Onsite Trailer Repair - Revolver Drill Brush - V Marine Products - Rodrunner - Danco Pliers - DOA Lures - Egret Baits - Wildlife Alert Network Entry fee is $50/angler or $100/team, 2 angler max, and shirts are $20/each. Fees are to be submitted at the captain's meeting the week prior to the tournament (Location, Date and Time TBA) along with signed Waiver and Release of Liability Forms found at http://www.fftseries.com/registration.html. Please send your team name, angler names, special classifications (Female, Jr., Kayak) and shirt sizes/quantities to FFT_director@yahoo.com.
  4. The fireworks will be done and the smoke will have cleared. The Friendly Flamingo Tournament, "The FFT" XVI on July 8, 2017. You and 1 Other Angler (2 Anglers Max) 4 species: Trout, Redfish, Snook & Tarpon We fish on July 8, 2017 out of Flamingo, Everglades National Park , Captain's meeting on July 6 More Details Here: http://www.fftseries.com/home2.html Points per inch release tournament. Cash Prizes, Drawings, Fun, Free food & Drink at Captain's meeting and weigh In
  5. tailchaser16

    HPX-V 18 Dry Launch

    Marshfly, try spraying the bunks at the end of your day, just before you put your boat back on the trailer. It should slide right off on the next trip. Buddy of mine had same issue. Fwiw, I use regular CRC Silicone Spray from Walmart $2.28/can and keep in my truck door.
  6. tailchaser16

    FFT XV - Friendly Flamingo Tournament - Aug 6, 2016

    Hi Brent. We are at 17 boats right now and growing. Shirt orders cutoff is this Friday, 7/22 And our new weigh in location is "Son of a Pizza" in Homestead. For anyone on the fence; You will eat, drink and receive captain's buckets and prizes worth well over the $50.00 you paid to enter. It's a win - win either way. Also have Junior division prizes & hard luck awards. Largest of each species caught gets custom made Biscayne Rods. Come on out!
  7. tailchaser16

    FFT XV - Friendly Flamingo Tournament - Aug 6, 2016

    Brent, No, this is not a MBG only event. All are welcome! Yes 2 people in a boat maximum for $100. Lastly, we discovered that Big Cheese is closed and have already two options that we are looking into and will announce the new location once determined. Whichever it will be, you will enjoy free food, beer & soda just for showing up.
  8. 15 YEARS!! http://www.fftseries.com/home2.html The success of this event has always been about you all and having one of the most competitive recreationally focused events to hit Everglades National Park. We already have 5 teams signed up. The event will start on August 4th at Tradewinds Bar and Grill at Bayside marina with all the food and beverage you can handle with parking pass provided to first 30 that show up. Finish up the event at an air conditioned location in Homestead TBD with free food, drink & raffle prizes for all. Along the way you will be enjoying things from the following companies that have graciously donated product and time. Starbrite/Startron Biscayne Rods Continental Trailers Inshore Marine Specialties Tradewinds Bar and Grill Bass Assassin Fishing Lures Bayside Market Place Don's Bait and Tackle Sunsect Mr Wiffle Fishing Islamorada Florida Charters Rising Tide Charters The Revolver Brush Maverick Boat Company Egret Baits Read more: http://forums.floridasportsman.com/showthread.php?224911-***-FFT-15-August-6-***#ixzz4D0ZDNv8j We have completely revamped the website and have a FB page. All the details and links are at the site: http://www.fftseries.com/ August 6, 2016 In order to properly prepare and plan accordingly we will need to know your commitment to the event. Please note, if you do not show, this will cost from the other participants as everything is custom ordered for the event. This is one way we are able to keep this as affordable as we can. You can either reply to this post with the requested information or reply to Fft_Director@yahoo.com stating your intention. In order to participate, please go to the link below, print out, complete it and either bring it with you to the event or email it to the tournament email address. Very important. http://www.fftseries.com/registration.html So, what now? Declare your team name and number of shirts and sizes of those shirts. Remember, when you commit to a shirt(s), if you do not show to pay for your shirts, that hurts the other participants. Example: Team Happy Ending Boat or Paddle 2-XXXL 1-S Read more: http://forums.floridasportsman.com/showthread.php?224911-***-FFT-15-August-6-***#ixzz4D0Y31hIr
  9. tailchaser16

    14th Annual FFT

    22 Teams as of this message. Lots of generous sponsors this year including Maverick.
  10. tailchaser16

    14th Annual FFT

    It's that time again, in our 14th year. The FFT, July 18, 2015 out of Flamingo Everglades National Park. Details: http://forums.floridasportsman.com/showthread.php?193187-***-FFT-XIV-July-18-*** Website: http://www.fftseries.com/
  11. Run by the same guys that run the "FFT" out of Flamingo. What: 10K SHOWDOWN When: Ocotber 25, 2014 What: Snook, Redfish, Trout . . . biggest one of each. How: CPR . . Catch Photo Release (Superintendents Compendium, 2014) Cost: $40/boat Winner Take All (pending number of boats) Option: Just showing up for dinner and hanging out with the crew if you do not want to put any skin in the game. Rules: Just follow the park rules, fish anywhere you like, have a RIGID measuring device, secret item will be p***ed out at dinner and must have a digital camera. Other than that, fair game. Lines in, no earlier than 7AM. We'll p*** out and go over the rules of engagement on Friday, but if you are new, they are the same at www.fftseries.com. Schedule: Location Is Seafood Depot at 7PM for Dinner on Friday the 24th to p*** out some stuff required, hang out at the local bar afterwards, fish on Saturday and meet up at TBD location to distribute the cash and just chillax. As we try to plan the event is important to understand the number of teams attending Read more: http://forums.floridasportsman.com/showthread.php?167011-Showdown-III-Again#ixzz3D8ecZM7v
  12. tailchaser16

    "FFT XIII" Flamingo Tourney

    Bugs are not that bad believe it or not. Just don't stand around giving them time to eat. You can go inside, outside or offshore.