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  1. Stolen Pathfinder *please share!*

    Sux for sure. Hopefully it all works out.
  2. not sure of exactly what the replacement is as I got mine from flounder pounder and he knew exactly which one. But I will tell you wax the underside of the hatch...or spray the seal with silicone....or something. The seals stick to the hatch and destroy the seal in no time. I didn't know or do that and regret it.
  3. Trailer Tires

    I've been extremely impressed with the Goodyear Endurance tires I put on my trailer. Made in USA like the old Marathons. Sold at Discount Tire.
  4. Securing Hewes bench cushion

    not familiar with the hewes set up but my HB had these: The cushion had grommets that worked with this style fastener. The HB cap had a small overhang from the bulkhead so these posts were facing down to the floor. The front flap of vinyl wrapped under the lip and connected. Held very well. hopefully this makes sense
  5. What did you do to your boat today?

    Removed the oil tank and drained the remainder of the oil from prior owner. Not entirely sure what it was but motor ran good. Just wanted to ensure tank and filter were good. Tank looked good...no sludge or anything on the bottom. Filter looked good but I cleaned it out anyway. Refilled with 2 gallons Yamalube 2M and reinstalled. Cleaned out live well pump strainer while i was in there. Need to send out my gauges too.
  6. Power Tech OX4R18p

    PM sent
  7. Skiff Shop - Tom Gordon Review

    I purchased my first HB from Tom used when he had Gordon Boatworks. He recently touched up the front hatch interior of my HB Guide before I sold it. Tom has always been a straight shooter and does top notch work! He's also done a few things for a buddy at work on his HB. I've seen the work on that boat and as always impeccable. You'll be happy with his work
  8. Cobia Recipe

    https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/grilled-cobia-w-lemon-mustard-marinade-52891081/amp my favorite. Also works on swordfish
  9. Boat Ramps Open/Closed

    Parrish in Titusville had one ramp open with one functional dock weekend before last.
  10. RTIC cooler customer service

    Yep porosity was the cause of my problem as well. i think mine was about 9 years old
  11. RTIC cooler customer service

    Stinks you had a bad experience with Yeti. Recently I emailed Yeti to ask how I could clean some spots in my really old 45 that weren't coming out. They asked for pictures and then replaced the cooler right away.
  12. Capt Matt Lee 386-214-3530 Capt Mark Wright http://captmarkwright.com/m/
  13. Free Minn Kota bracket

    Free to good home. Pick up in ORL or you pay shipping costs.
  14. You suppose this is rhino liner/linex?

    It is fairly expensive. I had a line x keel guard sprayed on my HB. If I remember correctly it was around 350-400 just for the small keel guard color matched to hull. As for durability I'm not 100% sold...choose your installer wisely is all I'm gonna say on that issue.
  15. Trailer Tires

    I put the new GY Endurance tires on my trailer recently. Load range D 14". They are not rebranded marathons. New design made in USA. Trailer rides so much better than the old marathons that were on the trailer before.