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  1. brew1891

    Trailer for sale

    2003 EZ Loader aluminum torsion axle trailer for sale. Tag says it’s for an 18-20 foot boat but it came with my 22v so it's set up for that boat The good: LED lights. Re wired last year with grounds to all lights ran to the plug. Top of the line Goodyear Endurance load range D tires. Axle appears to be in good shape. Also has oil bath hubs. The bad: all the brackets on the cross member in front of axle need to be replaced at a minimum. Fender step brackets need to be replaced as well. Other brackets may need replacement. Want to get this out of my driveway before HOA complains. $650 obo. PM please. Located in Orlando
  2. brew1891

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Picked up a used double axle trailer this weekend for my 22v. Working on re wiring and a few other things before I switch over. Anyone need a used single axle?
  3. brew1891

    PT OFX4 prop help

    Ok thanks. Guess I’ll start by measuring. Pretty sure it’s not that bad. Edges just have a little rash.
  4. brew1891

    PT OFX4 prop help

    Thanks again. Wondering if I should run the boat and verify numbers before sending it off. Never done this but the prop definitely isn’t in factory condition so is it a waste of time? I know it goes faster than I wanna go lol. I think it got up to 5100-5300 rpm running WOT on the outside down in Choko. (Max 5500 per the manual)
  5. brew1891

    PT OFX4 prop help

    Ok. Thanks for the info. Would have never known PT did refurb work.
  6. brew1891

    PT OFX4 prop help

    Little update. A little while back after a quick fishing trip a buddy helped me pull the helm. We found a small piece of metal in one of the check valves. Looked like a piece from when they cut the internal threads in the helm that finally came off the end of the cut maybe. Our best guess. Refilled and flushed the helm. Straightened out the torque tab also. Then the kitchen cabinets/ house re-tile project started. And the boat has sat. So no update on the pulling Any recommendations on where to send the OFX for a tune up? Looking a little rough. Don’t need it turned into a racing prop. Just a refresh. Don’t mind mailing it off. Our local prop shop not known for quick turnaround.
  7. brew1891

    Braided Line Questions

    Was using Fins Windtamer for a long time. Buddy recommended Daiwa J braid x8 and recently got a spool. Really impressed. Recently got a spool of regular power pole on sale. Still not a fan. Took it off and put it on a rarely used reel. Definitely digs in way more than Fins or Daiwa. Not sure about pricing. Don’t get to fish enough to change line often enough to worry about price much.
  8. brew1891

    power pole questions

    After installing a power pole on my boat I’ll never have a boat without one again. I got the Pro. Don’t recall why. Think the installer recommended it over the sportsman.
  9. brew1891

    CAPACITY decal

    https://www.fpmarine.com/Pathfinder-s/159.htm where I got mine
  10. brew1891

    Electrical system question/input

    I just bought the “troll bridge 36” from Yandina and installed it. Just went to the ENP but only stayed 2 days so it didn’t really get tested. Their tech support is excellent. Just email them your setup and questions.
  11. brew1891

    PT OFX4 prop help

    Not stepping on my toes. I know nothing about props. Bravo sounds like a good prop. HB had the props dialed in on my last 2 boats so never had to worry/learn. I think I need to figure out the steering issue first and go from there. I will reset the torque tab to center. Once the steering is resolved I’ll worry about props. Rocky—thanks for the info
  12. brew1891


    Stopped by the check in. There’s a box with sign up forms. Outlaw—based on some pics you’ve posted recently I think we stay at the same island. And yes it was weird like it was under water for a while. Just came in early as we didn’t wanna deal with the rain and cold. Totally crushed it Friday and Saturday. Must have caught close to 100 trout over the 2 days with just me and a buddy. Cast after cast back to back. Caught a dozen or two small rat reds with beautiful blue tails.my buddy got 1 super nice red. A handful of baby snook. They were chewing in anticipation of the front.
  13. brew1891

    PT OFX4 prop help

    Thanks for the responses. Just got back from ENP. Completely forgot to center the zinc fin before we left. My buddy drove the whole time as he is more familiar with ENP. Thinking it might be the check valves in the helm. Can slowly turn the wheel counter clockwise under power and it won’t move the ram. I think my next task is to remove and clean the check valves on the helm. BradM—looks like the Bravo 1fs starts at 20 pitch. Not sure I can turn that with the small block 200?
  14. Annual weekend camping trip with a buddy this weekend. Usually camp out front. Is it just a free for all with the shut down or are the rangers still reserving spots as usual? Taking the Pathfinder. Past trips we took my HB or his Mitzi. Ought to be interesting. Any tips on current fishing appreciated. No secret spots wanted...just front vs back, points or flats, edges, etc.
  15. brew1891

    PT OFX4 prop help

    Thanks. I’ll try to center the fin and see what happens. Just set it based on THT threads. Found some threads from sea star experts with some tests I need to do. I saw a thread somewhere discussing prop steer on OFX props. Wondering if anyone had similar experiences.
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