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  1. Boat Ramps Open/Closed

    Parrish in Titusville had one ramp open with one functional dock weekend before last.
  2. RTIC cooler customer service

    Yep porosity was the cause of my problem as well. i think mine was about 9 years old
  3. RTIC cooler customer service

    Stinks you had a bad experience with Yeti. Recently I emailed Yeti to ask how I could clean some spots in my really old 45 that weren't coming out. They asked for pictures and then replaced the cooler right away.
  4. Capt Matt Lee 386-214-3530 Capt Mark Wright http://captmarkwright.com/m/
  5. Free Minn Kota bracket

    Free to good home. Pick up in ORL or you pay shipping costs.
  6. You suppose this is rhino liner/linex?

    It is fairly expensive. I had a line x keel guard sprayed on my HB. If I remember correctly it was around 350-400 just for the small keel guard color matched to hull. As for durability I'm not 100% sold...choose your installer wisely is all I'm gonna say on that issue.
  7. Trailer Tires

    I put the new GY Endurance tires on my trailer recently. Load range D 14". They are not rebranded marathons. New design made in USA. Trailer rides so much better than the old marathons that were on the trailer before.
  8. Powerpole - 8 or 10'..Sportsman or Pro Series

    Not sure about the 10' getting in the way but I have the 8' pro and have often wished I had dual 10's.
  9. F150 low rough idle

    Stinks they have to pull the head. On my VMAX they just had to remove the bottom cowling pieces to see it and replace it
  10. F150 low rough idle

    I had a similar sounding problem on my VMAX. Was a melted exhaust tube. But that doesn't seem likely with only 150 hours. Interested to hear the results
  11. Couple of additions to the Pathy

    Love the backrest. Might have to borrow that idea. Looks like we have the same vintage PF. I have the removable back rest on my lean post and it's kind of a pain. Would be better welded on. I thought about cup holders on back as well as wrapping metal around the side to help hold my kids on the seat a little more but worried about banging against it.
  12. Rubber Hatch Gasket/Seal 2005 2200

    x2 on flounder pounder
  13. Swim platform

    My platform: the top and middle are through bolted. Bottom isn't. Middle bolt position (other behind oil tank so hard to take pic) hope this helps. From top of platform to bottom of the blue color on hull is 3.5"
  14. 2006 Pathfinder 2200v xi5 install with quick disconnect

    just installed a quick disconnect mount for a hand control MG troller. There is an aluminum plate in the fiberglass. Drill and tap to 1/4-20. I was able to through bolt 2 and the rest are tapped in. Not sure about your mount though but that's why I did on mine
  15. Swim platform

    Looks like what I have on my 03 2200v. I'll try to see if I can determine if through bolted