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  1. https://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/wildlife/manatee/protected-area/
  2. brew1891

    Best anchor for older 2200s?

    So does the 12lb sea claw fit in the anchor locker on the older 22s? Haven’t had time to stop in the lot and measure.
  3. brew1891

    Steering helm problem

    Recently replaced the hydraulic cylinder on the motor side. Didn’t power bleed but did it the manual way a couple of times. Still wasn’t right. Called boatsteer out of Sarasota where I got the cylinder. Told me to let it sit a day or two so all the micro bubbles form large bubbles. Then bleed again. Worked great after the 3rd bleed so yes it’s possible but I thought the power bleed was supposed to alleviate all of that.
  4. brew1891

    Floating Grass Clogging Intake

    Happens at one point pretty much every time I go scalloping...luckily usually out in the gulf.
  5. brew1891

    Key Largo kids fishing

  6. brew1891

    Pathfinder 24 hull

    See if this link helps
  7. brew1891

    Cooler on Bow Using SeaSucker Mounts

    Any pics of this set up?
  8. brew1891

    Key Largo kids fishing

    staying at Bakers Cay which is just south of the "pass" leaving buttonwood sound
  9. brew1891

    Key Largo kids fishing

    Staying on the bay side.
  10. brew1891

    Key Largo kids fishing

    Headed to key largo at the end of the month. Only my second time in the keys. Thinking of dragging the 22v down. Would like to take the kids out fishing a few times. Mine are younger...5-11 range...so action is more important than trophies or even keepers. Are the patch reefs a good plan A for kids? chum and drift baits? drop to the bottom? both? read the other recent post about big pine so thinking of doing the 30' patch reef thing. Any better plan A's? Any ideas on plan B if its a little too sporty? Obviously if it's too nasty I won't take them out. Find some mangrove shorelines on the FL Bay side and chunk? Thanks in advance.
  11. brew1891

    Mangrove Snapper Questio

    any more tips on tackle size, presentation, etc for the mangroves?
  12. brew1891


    Owned an HB Guide for a long time. PM if you have any questions
  13. brew1891

    New pathfinder decals

    Need more details. My old style decals are looking a little ratty on one side.
  14. brew1891

    SOLD! Trailer for sale

  15. 2003 EZ Loader aluminum torsion axle trailer for sale. Tag says it’s for an 18-20 foot boat but it came with my 22v so it's set up for that boat The good: LED lights. Re wired last year with grounds to all lights ran to the plug. Top of the line Goodyear Endurance load range D tires. Axle appears to be in good shape. Also has oil bath hubs. The bad: all the brackets on the cross member in front of axle need to be replaced at a minimum. Fender step brackets need to be replaced as well. Other brackets may need replacement. Want to get this out of my driveway before HOA complains. $650 obo. PM please. Located in Orlando
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