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  1. brew1891

    Popup Anchor Light for poling platform?

    On the fold down Hella lights...always keep them folded down when not in use and drill a tiny hole in the top for water to escape. Will last a long time that way. But the puck style does look like a good alternative
  2. brew1891

    Fiberglass shop in Orlando area..

    When I sold my HB I had Tom Gordon’s crew over in Edgewater at the skiff shop fix a few things. Did a great job and I thought the price was more than fair. Not Orlando but not that far of a drive.
  3. brew1891

    New boat - Steering Issues / Prop

    http://mbgforum.com/topic/7868-23-hps-250-sho/ might help with the which prop question
  4. brew1891

    FREE trim tab actuator

    As long as you are willing to pay the UPS Ground price I can handle doing that...post office too far.
  5. brew1891

    FREE trim tab actuator

    Friday is trash day
  6. Free lenco trim tab actuator off a 2003 2200V. Other one died so I replaced both with Bennett. Worked when I removed it. No warranties or guarantees. Hence the free part. Strongly prefer pick up. Live in east Orlando and work in Brevard. I do not live or work near a post office. The best I could offer is if you have a UPS account there is a store in the Publix by my house that stays open after 5. Could bring it there but you pay shipping and packaging. PM if you want it
  7. brew1891

    conversion from Bennett to Lenco ??? 1995 MA 17

    I did the conversion from Lenco to Bennett bolt electric after one of my tabs died and they have been great so far. Watch amazon closely and often. I got the whole kit for the price of one lenco replacement tab but the deal was only up for a few hours.
  8. brew1891

    New HPS!!!!

    Sweet. Congrats!
  9. brew1891

    New Whip Shakedown Cruise

    Sweet. I had a 200 16 Waterman (stripped down ML edition) and an 2001 18 Guide. Great boats for what they were meant to do. Outstanding construction. Way ahead of the times.
  10. brew1891

    RABUD ball scupper install

    I didn’t tap. Drill it small and it was fine. Been on there a couple years now
  11. brew1891

    New Whip Shakedown Cruise

    17.8 Pro?
  12. brew1891

    RABUD ball scupper install

    I just drilled the spacer, countersunk the hole, then used a flat head screw with 4200 so it sits below the mounting plane of the spacer.
  13. brew1891

    WTB Pathfinder 23 DV still....

  14. https://myfwc.com/wildlifehabitats/wildlife/manatee/protected-area/
  15. brew1891

    Best anchor for older 2200s?

    So does the 12lb sea claw fit in the anchor locker on the older 22s? Haven’t had time to stop in the lot and measure.
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