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    Gasparilla Boat Invasion; ahhh NOPE!

    I would go in a heart beat! To be honest it's been about 20 years since I have been. I left out many of the details as this is a family friendly forum. I will add that we did bring our own Cannon that year.😎
  2. Capt. Troy

    Gasparilla Boat Invasion; ahhh NOPE!

    I have been plenty over the years. My last time was as a hired Captain on a big sportfish. Things I learned, Don't let 20 women from other boats board the vessel while doing jello shots and then get on the fly bridge and start showing their boobies. "Sure I did" That prompted a boarding and a request for the Captain of the vessel to produce life preservers for all on board. "Had 12 pfd's" Be prepared to do a field sobriety test cause I smelled like alcohol from all the jello shots that had been spilled all over everything including me. "passed that, wasn't drinking" Then the boarding party ordered me to get the number of POB to match the number of PFD's Boats owner wants to argue with them. Get through that by miracle with no citations. Things settle down a little for the moment. AS someone mentioned, have some way to use the bathroom. Two boats over some guy tries to discreetly take a leak off the swim platform, all heck breaks loose as this woman says her child saw the guys junk and now the cops have him and someone was shooting video. Not sure the outcome but the guy could be facing a heck of a life changing charge for that one. Time to leave and now I have boats going ape crazy cutting in and out. Even at idle speed trying to stop a 80,000 lb boat or change course in seconds in tight quarters every 30 seconds gets old and hard on the nerves and transmissions. Got out in one piece and back to Maximo. Owners wife was not on board but was dang sure waiting at the dock some what annoyed by the fact that we returned with more women than we left with. Got the dock lines on and went into the salon to get my stuff and found that someone had puked in the galley sink. Told the owner I was going to go put my stuff in the truck, that was the last he saw of me. Soooo, Have fun, watch your six and takes some pics. And yes the place is hard on gel-coat and cowlings for many.
  3. This^^^^ I am glad she is still there. Have met with both her and her husband and they seemed pretty genuine. Here is another one of Scott's appointees. Ties to SFWMD https://myfwc.com/about/commission/commissioners/kellam/
  4. Didn't even have enough time to get his photo up. There are a few more on the commission that Scott appointed that need to be looked at. Rood is the only one on there now that mentions fishing and hunting in her BIO. A few others are suspect to me. Read the BIO's below. Besides Rood is pretty! https://myfwc.com/about/commission/commissioners/
  5. Capt. Troy

    Fish Sling

    Hanging large fish from a boga grip is a death sentence. Get a fish bag, weigh it and then properly lift the fish and deduct the bag weight. IGFA does not to the best of my knowledge allow fish to be weighed on a boat. Length and Girth formulas are out there. They are fairly accurate and I have tested them by killing a lot of big fish. Ain't proud of it but have done it and have the t-shirt.
  6. Capt. Troy

    Fishing New Years Day

    Did the same thing for years with my oldest boy. Good way to start the new year. He spent the night this year here at the house with us and was mad I had a charter booked New years day. He did get to help clean the boat when I got in. I did manage to catch about 20 minnows yesterday Dale but the fishing was fairly slow for us. Prettiest day I have seen in months though!
  7. Capt. Troy

    Last Gags

    Limited Saturday pretty quick and crept home in blinding fog. Yesterday it got real stupid with boat traffic. Had several close calls while on the hook. People running over 30 MPH with no radar. We bagged the trip around noon with 5 really nice fish on the first stop. Only fished 2 hours. The run home was nuts for the first 6 miles. All the boats waited to run out until after the inshore fog lifted as they had no clue as to what they were fixing to run into. " 50 feet of Visibility at some points" We were met by multiple targets coming head on, crossing and many on anchor. I had headache by the time we got in. Largest fish was 31 inches.
  8. Capt. Troy

    PP vs TM

    I fish for a living in the same way you guys are fishing. Have had all the TM's and Power pole combos imagined on my tournament boats. My MA has a hand controlled trolling motor and an 8 foot PP. I couldn't fish the shallows like I do without this combo. I don't care for the noise or complexity of the I-pilots. I suppose it's all about how and where you fish. I have fished Charlotte harbor plenty and no way I would not have a power pole.
  9. That may not be salt spray hitting you in the face.
  10. Capt. Troy

    20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    No stones thrown here cause I wouldn't have told anybody. I wouldn't tell anybody I went to Dicks either.
  11. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I doubt any coating is gonna stay on the screws. They sit on wet saltwater carpeted bunks. Even 316 will succumb to that sooner or later.
  12. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    It's a lot easier to drill holes than it is to fill holes. Baby steps on the drilling fellas.
  13. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Gotcha! Struggling I can see.
  14. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    But where does the air come from. I could see the pump cavitation but it is still drawing from an area that should not have air. The sea chest is below the water line, no air there sitting still. Got to have air to get bubbles and the only time I get them is running or in a good chop from air getting under the hull. Never sitting still unless a strainer O ring or something is leaking.
  15. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Something doesn't sound right. I can see the small holes creating a restriction sitting still but the air portion has me wondering if you have a leak on the suction side of the pump. I dunno!
  16. Capt. Troy

    Gas shock brackets

    Looking for the ones they used for the gas shocks for the bench seat and port front locker on the 21 MA. It is the curved one not the 90 degree type. They have rusted badly and I am trying to source stainless steel ones if I can find them. It's the bracket with the ball mount for the shock. Thanks in advance.
  17. Capt. Troy

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Move this to the General Forum. And what happened to the 26 foot MA?
  18. Capt. Troy

    Gas shock brackets

    Won't work for the front hatch. No Lip like that to attach. Too far back on that hatch. It ain't the shock it's the mount. The link provided for the above is great for factory mounts. If you add them the stroke and length go by the mounting position. Most require the 30 lb psi shock to do the job. As an add it is rocket science for stroke and length and position for the mount. Hard to look in there when the hatch is closed to accommodate length and stroke. You miss and it will open but won't close. Compressed closure is critical for a add on.
  19. Capt. Troy

    Tampa Bay gags on fire

    Wish it would lay down a little to get offshore. Between inshore trips on the good weather days and the wind I have yet to do the shallow water grouper thing this fall. Nice gags there for sure!
  20. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Can't wait to hear the results as I know you try to get the most out of your rig. I like Mulligans Alabama Chrome, AKA duct tape.
  21. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    The light bulb just came on. The hull molds were designed for the plastic plates of which their thickness is greater than the SS plates and is why the SS plates are not flush. That is why that lip at the back is there creating drag.
  22. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I was gonna try this then realized it may effect the ability to back down when I Marlin fish out of the Maverick. In all honesty I really don't believe this item will have that much effect for most. It may effect some hulls more than others and based on what I have seen the grater OEM install is less than consistent from one hull to the next. It's not like they blueprint the bottom of these boats. Then of course there is the chance that the trailer bunks may have bent it slightly or a little more caulk on install raised the plate slightly from the running surface. I'm not gonna get upside down to see unless my bait starts dying.
  23. Capt. Troy

    need help with final upgrade

    Who needs a boat with a buck like that. Looks like one from the black belt region.
  24. Capt. Troy

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I went back and edited my post. To add this. Edit to add, I can see that plate in a chop seeing some air then water then air and so on. Kinda like havin brakes applied every second on the right side of you car at 50 MPH. It may be what your feeling the most in your improvements.