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  1. Fish around Ruskin LMR today

    Copy that. Saw some there the other day. East wind had blown so much grass in on the island it was hard to fish. Grass has been terrible. Water temps are also coming down again.
  2. Shallow Gags

    Me and a buddy caught some nice ones yesterday in 28 feet. It was cold and rough in the AM.
  3. Fish around Ruskin LMR today

    Redfish have been a bonus around my area. The ones I have caught were while fishing for something else.
  4. PLB or EPIRB

    I prefer the Epirb as it self rights itself and has the longer battery life. It is also registered to the vessel and pertinent info is provided to NOAA. Such as vessel size, color, type, home port and so on. This info helps speed the launching of a SAR. As an example when I move the boat to the Keys in the summer I contact NOAA of the boats new home port for the time I'm there. Either way I would have one or the other. And make sure you register them. It's a legal requirement. Just remember when the stuff hits the fan That VHF may not be a usable option if it is a fixed station VHF. Handhelds are very limited on range when your floating at sea level in a life jacket.
  5. Where are the fish

    Caught Friday after I tried to cancel the guys dream trip. Specialized welder from Texas. His request for the trip was to catch a snook. They don't have them there. Second bait in the water and the drag was screaming and he caught the one in the pic. We caught 6 more snooklets and 5 nice trout. Did not get another bite for 3 hours after the front passed. The weather sucked, and I said I tried to warn you last night before the trip. He told me you don't understand snook and the weather. "I'm from Texas and don't care what your snook think." You produced my bucket list fish and I came here to get one and did. This fella cracked me up. He was ready to pay me and go to the dock after he caught his fish as he was driving the 15 hour run home that afternoon. He hung out for a bit and then called me last night at 9 pm and said he may stop at the casino on the way home. He felt lucky.
  6. Where are the fish

    Found a few the last couple of days. Water is finally looking better.
  7. New speed zones

    There are a bunch of new zones around Ft Desoto and the signs aren't exactly all telling. As an example the entire flat west of Tarpon Key to the Tierra Verde causeway is now slow speed. "Used to be use caution shallow area." For the last 20 years or so. This means you can not run at speed between the Bunces pass channel and the Pass a Grille channel on that flat. The new signs posting the zone can easily be missed as I entered and exited the flat at least a 1/2 mile from the signs. There is another zone approaching Oneils and Indian Key. This area incorporates the entire north side of Indian Key all the way to the west end and coming from Loggerhead Marina and the Maximo Ramp. I got ran down Saturday and warned by the FWC. Very nice encounter but a PITA non the less with paying customers on board. I have not fished that area since last spring and the new signs were put in sometime in July. The officer also said there were many new zones all the way to Pasco county on the ICW and he agreed the signs were spread pretty thin. He was pretty cool as he said he ran a good bit to catch me. I was only doing 55. Had I not slowed down for the Miesner Bridge he may not have been able to catch up.
  8. New speed zones

    Good map link. They could have caught me 5 times in one day after looking at these maps. Dang. That is a lot of area to have to idle in.
  9. Sea Star helm issues

    I believe the only difference is that the -3 has different fittings. The new style comes with what they call an ORB fitting. You may need the adapters to get the new one to fit the hoses.
  10. Seastar Maintenance

    This^^^^^^^ It is a vented system and the fluid has an affinity to moisture. I would say flush and replace every 3 plus years. Not what you would expect from a supposed hermetically sealed system but it is what is is. Moisture will get in there some how. Fluid gets brown and down hill from there over time.
  11. PCF Tournament

    Proud yes. Try not to post things like this at the risk of being seen as bragging. I am an advocate to the cause. The client I brought to them several years ago has raised more money in the last 5 years than they have raised in the previous 15 years. Thank you Bridgestone Retail Operations and the millions they have raised in the last 5 years. BFRO has committed a huge effort. All because of their at the time CEO understanding the need to find and cure childhood cancer and make the effort to do so. My kids are grown now. When they bring the little ones on the dock prior to the tournament for their little derby at the Vinoy and I sit with them and catch pinfish off the dock I have yet not been able to not shed a tear in 20 years. Them youngins are some tough little critters. The happy part is over 20 years the survival rate and cure is much better than when this all started. That is all I need to hear.
  12. PCF Tournament

    Last week end the annual Pediatric cancer foundation tournament was another great success. Hard to believe where it has come from 20 years ago. Was a sight to see 70 guide boats depart the Vinoy basin Saturday morning. The first year I fished it 20 years ago I think there were 20 or so boats. Hats off to all the guides for making this happen. Fishing was pretty good considering all of the traffic and water condition. Tons of floating grass and some very dirty water. A lot of snook caught and some big ones up to 40 inches. The 1st place slam was 91 inches caught by Captain Rob Gorta one of the 3 Captains awarded for 20 years of continuous service for the event. GRAND SLAM AWARDS Lucky Strike: Captain Terry Russo (Steve Whitlock Framed Art) 10 Year Service: Captain James Goodwin, Captain Richard Silkworth (Polo with Designated Captain) 20 Year Service: Captain Dave Markett, Captain Robert Gorta, Captain Troy Sapp KC Scott Framed Art)
  13. New speed zones

    Correct you are. They are tasking the FWC to enforce zones that will be challenged in the event of a citation. I spoke with both of the FWC leadership yesterday. They agree with the current posting it will be a waste of many dollars to convict and make a case. If I mess up I will pay the fine. No way I would with what they have going on there. Thus the reasons for warnings being issued for educating as they say. That dog doesn't hunt with me. I got a 30 minute education and still am not sure of what and where I can run in certain areas around there. Someone is going to hit one of these newly placed signs and kill themselves. They certainly are not on any Chart as of now. The place was a mess before with the old signs. Just a bunch of posts sticking up from Safety Harbor to lord knows where all over Tampa Bay at the 6 foot contour line. Look at the line of them right where you live off of Coopers Point to Safety harbor. Very eradicate placement to say the least. And, they have not been maintained to be reflective.
  14. New speed zones

    Seasonal or not there are a lot of ways to get on that flat and not get within a half of a mile of those signs especially when the tide is up. To make matters worse the small signs that were there still say Caution shallow water with no speed restriction. I am sure that is the reason he did not cite me. It would be a hard case to convict and I would have fought that one. That is a darn big area to idle through and basically forces everyone to run in the main channel and get your brains beat out from boat wakes.
  15. sea claw anchors?

    No chain needed. 12 lb will hold you all day. Great anchor.
  16. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    Off the chain here Cuz. You find a boat of that age you don't need to worry about get a unicorn saddle and hold on. You have gone from daily use to some crazy can't get my boat wet thing in your head. You don't have to grind, barrier coat a thing. Find and buy a boat of the age your looking at and be proud that the floor/transom aren't rotted out and the engine doesn't fall off the back. It would be the nice ones of many makes without a single blister. Soft cores, transoms, stringers, decks may never show a blister on the exterior to the naked eye. I can show a many high end boat of the era you seek without a single blister. They will also not survey well as the core, structure and the rest of the vessel are toast under the deck and the shiny parts. Find me a Grady White/ Pursuit of that era that the structure has not been replaced from the stringers up. Most of those have not a single blister on them.
  17. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    Read what I wrote "As for how long it takes an exposed boat to blister the condition of the gel-coat to start with will have something to do with how long it will take. Both of my 21 MA have been left in the water up to weeks at a time with zero issues. " It took 2 months for it to blister and it was not a factory cushion. It was a 4 inch non closed cell cushion. I will promise you if you leave basically a sponge on a gel-coated surface that stays wet with no air able to get to and let it sit for 2 months it may well blister. Also consider that the boat you are looking at is a dark color and that alone in the sun will begin to chalk and fade and break down if not cared for. I think the cared for portion may also effect the blister aspect. Harsh cleaners, sun, age, are all things that cause gel-coat to become more porous. My current 21 MA is a 2010 and I had a 99. The 2010 has had 2 engines now and around 1200 hrs of running time which equates to about 6 times that much on the water time. The bottom has been cleaned several times due to tannin staining. I know the gel is becoming more porous on the bottom. I wouldn't chance leaving it in the water at this point for over a month. Not worth the chance. There are tons of reasons it can happen and plenty to research. I have owned countless boats over the years and have only had issues with this a couple of times myself but have seen it many times. It appears the dark color and the fact the blisters are below the water line and on the sun baked sides may indicate there is more to this story.
  18. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    Lot of what ifs and unknowns. I have blistered 2 boats. 1 a Grady White that was only 3 years old. Left it in the water for 2 months in the Keys. Scrubbed it once a week and it was moving almost every day. GW warrantied the 8K repair job. Ironically, during the same time my MA was left home for the same period and I forgot to remove the bench cushion. Well, the open cell foam in it got soaked and set on the bench for 2 months and blistered the glass under it. As for the OP and the boat he is looking at it makes no sense. But a good glass guy would be able to tell you most likely. I would suggest getting a estimate to repair if you like the boat and negotiate the price. As for how long it takes an exposed boat to blister the condition of the gel-coat to start with will have something to do with how long it will take. Both of my 21 MA have been left in the water up to weeks at a time with zero issues.
  19. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    No need to go and ask anyone else. The boat got left wet on the surface's that were never intended to be exposed to being wet 24/7. No barrier coat and what you see is what you get. The boat can be fixed to be brand new. Left to long in that condition may cause lamination problems. The materials used today no matter how advanced are not designed to be exposed to water unless as said above barrier coats as in bottom paint are used. The coatings required to do so are more common on larger boats. They are maintenance intensive for a reason. I can from any builder using gel coat put a wet sponge on the deck and keep feeding it water and blister it over time. Porous materials like gel coat will do it every time.
  20. Water Quality

    Did a sea trial yesterday to set up the electronics on a buddies new boat. The Anclote river and surrounding water is black. The debris is still around but not real bad. Ran out about 12 miles to some known reefs to set up and test the bottom machine. Water was an off color green/grey but there was some bait on the Veterans reef. A very defined tide line of what appears the fresh water plume meeting the salt was at around 3 miles offshore. The barrier Islands look a little beat and some sand moved around but it's hard to tell how much sand due to the water quality. I would not plan on doing any swimming along the beaches around my area.
  21. Bad News

    It's called waste for the idiots that do it. I have never in now 50 plus years not used everthing that I have killed from the wild on purpose. Still not sure what your pic is showing? Maybe a bunch of net wreckers shook out of a net that are gonna be dead no matter what. My driveway has looked like that before. Wife makes me pick up every one of them and then I make chum to kill more of them out of a mess like that you show on that dock. Yes, pilchards are cannibals. There is no excuse for the pic you posted. It is wanting and willing waste and I believe there is a law against it. I would have raked them up and thrown them in the back of the guys truck if I had the chance. The blow flies and buzzards would likely lead to a easy conviction.
  22. Bad News

    What is the purpose of dumping them on a dock? Turn mine loose at the end of the day.
  23. Movers and Shakers

    Good article about Mavericks Founder Scott Deal in Trade magazine. Posted this also in the Morris/Deal thread http://boatingindustry.com/top-stories/2017/09/19/2017-boating-industry-movers-shakers/
  24. Morris/ Deal Report

    Another good write up this month in the Boating Industry trade magazine naming Scott Deal as one of the top 10 Movers and Shakers in the industry. Thought it was kind of cool that Mr. Deal went from a Xerox salesman and owner of a used 18 Maverick to where he is today. Now a leader in the industry as well as a leader in representing recreational fishing interests. He has helped make a lot of things happen since this thread was started.
  25. Morris/ Deal Report

    Nice write up in Saltwater Sportsman about Scott Deal and Johnny Morris bringing the Marine Industry to the table on the re-authorization of the MSA. This is greatly needed representation for family level recreational fishing on the federal level. Hats off to you guys. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: