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  1. Gas shock brackets

    There are 3 of them on my 21 MA. They all were always bleeding rust stains into the hatches. One finally fell apart. It was a constant battle of removing sanding and painting them. 1 year goes by and back to rusting they would go. Yes, if you have them get rid of them.
  2. Gas shock brackets

    Looking for the ones they used for the gas shocks for the bench seat and port front locker on the 21 MA. It is the curved one not the 90 degree type. They have rusted badly and I am trying to source stainless steel ones if I can find them. It's the bracket with the ball mount for the shock. Thanks in advance.
  3. Pathfinder 2400 fuel tank replacement

    MBC started a refurb shop during the crash of 2008. Don't believe that it exists anymore.
  4. Gas shock brackets

    Nice work there and I was leaning in that direction. Another forum member 'Capt PN" directed me to Attwood Marine. Did some digging on their site and found the part in Stainless Steel. That fab job above is nice work and smart. Thanks for the help guys.
  5. need help with final upgrade

    This.^^^^^^^^. As he is closer to you and does great work.
  6. Gas shock brackets

    The don't have and would have to make it.$$$$$$$$$ May have one made locally. See my pic of the one I found. Weird configuration.
  7. Gas shock brackets

    This is on a 2010 MA. It's chicken poop to put Bass Pro Shops hardware on a boat like this. I rarely bash this brand. It was a mistake they made. I want to fix mine the right way. It is one of the few things I can complain about for the way I use my boat. I hope these complaints lead to continued success for the builder as they improve over time as they have. I don't bring sand to the beach nor should they.
  8. Gas shock brackets

    Not looking for the shock. It's the bracket it mounts to. The original ones were painted mild steel and are falling apart. They are an oddball mount that is curved. Come on, Skip or Ray! I think I have found a regular steel one at an rv place. https://www.pellandent.com/Entry-Door-Gas-Spring-Mounting-Bracket
  9. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Fished the last 5 out of 6 days. Lots of snook even with the very small bait that is around. Plenty of rat reds and the dang jacks are off the chain. Here is one of a dozen caught yesterday. Catching bait has not been a fun chore.
  10. New Axles

    I have them on mine as of 2 years ago when I replaced the axles. So far so good and no grease leaking out the back side. Paid just over 500 bucks per axle with the hubs included. Time will tell but if they go 6 years the torsion axles will be toast again anyways. That is about the limit of the rubber torsion portion of the axle if you trailer a lot even if the axle isn't rotted out.
  11. Post your MA pics here!

    2010 Family Boating Center Borrowed her for the boat show. Had a price tag of 67K as she sits at the show. One of the last few built. Since repowered with a 250 SHO
  12. Anclote Red Tide

    Water temps at 82. Ran the tower boat yesterday all the way to Hudson. The rays are all on the beach's. Water at 85 in the shallows mid day. A few grouper are starting to show shallow but mostly up to the north of Anclote. Checked at least 50 crab buoys. No TT yet. We need some cooler weather. Truck was reading 93 on the way home.
  13. Anclote Red Tide

    Dead fish at the north tip of Anclote key and almost killed all my bait at 3 Rooker bar. Hauled tail to the north and spent the trip up there. Fishing was tough but we managed a few.
  14. Oyster Rash

    My 2010 hull has about 8000 hours of float time in skinny water. 1500 hundred plus running at high speeds. It takes a few barnacle coated sticks floating at dark thirty, coming loose at anchor, a few more times getting wind blown off the trolling motor while creeping some edges of rocks and shell bars and getting piled up on them. The OP runs in rough country and fishes skinny last we talked. It's gonna happen if you do. Very repairable and not structural at all. The biggest challenge is it being on the bottom of the boat. Very hard to work on. The cheese grater is exposed to extreme pressure. I have lost a couple. I will say I haven't quite got mine as bad as his is but give me some more time.
  15. Oyster Rash

    Replace the axles or it will be road rash next. The op bottom looks like mine. If I don't see fur I just keep going. If the sides and top look good never look at the bottom. Brad M hit it above. It's a lot of work. Hire a pro. Last but not least, if you don't like the way I drive stay off the sidewalk.
  16. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    Between this post and the Nizpro I know why your in law school. Target rich environment. Just kidding again and LOL. You will have nothing for me soon. Gonna supercharge my SHO on the Maverick. Gonna have Power Tech build me a OFX 30 pitch 5 blade ported and put cushioned seating in my live well. The heck with my passengers, just don't hurt my bait.
  17. Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    Baits gonna die The added drag is from picking up water. At 74 MPH the bait is gonna die without helmets anyhow. Just busting chops, but sitting on that leaning post at 74 is for you young thunder cats. One chine dip or a need to turn fast your out of there. Race boats always have the driver low in the cockpit. Never above the gunnels in a seat.
  18. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Fair enough but I still have some things going on in my head about the cause and effects of this process. Like, what are the stresses to the hull when you over HP them. The faster you go the more that engine on the back is trying to tear itself off. Spinning bigger props increases the stress on all the drive components. Kinda Like when the Verados couldn't keep a standard Gen 1 lower unit in one piece. I also wonder why when you get into larger HP and higher torque applications the gear cases "transmissions" are inside the boat because they are large to handle high HP. There not hanging off some drive shaft being drug through the water. Just look at the drive system for the 7 engines. Far from a standard lower unit. I will agree that all the 4.2 blocks are the same as are their lower units and doubt any ill effects would come from taking a 200 HP to a 300 HP if the hull is rated for it. That to include the steering mechanism and a few other things like the jack plate and so on. Some boats become much more of a handful to operate as the max speed increases. A few miles per hour is no big deal but when you start going from 60 to 70 plus MPH in a hull not designed for that speed is where the unknowns come into play. The very competitive HP/weight race is a huge driver in today's outboard market and I find it strange that the big 3 aren't embracing these tweaks. Seems Mercury has gone back to naturally aspirated products for their latest technology. Hey, to each his own and I would never tell anyone what to do with their own boats and engines. I tend to lean to not fooling around too much with my hard earned dollars. Especially where there is hull and engine warranty involved. Lots of good info here none the less.
  19. Careful running early morning

    Page won't load. Did he survive?
  20. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Do what you want. I'm good with it. I live in a different world and understand liabilities very well.. When Mr. Lyshon straps this stuff on his boats out of the factory then I'm all in. Skip told you where to find and get these mods and I'm good with it. If it were all that then it would be offered straight from Fort Pierce Florida, Yamaha and so on. Major manufactures have standards to meet. Don't know of a single one that builds state by state to meet EPA regs. They build to meet a standard in the US. There certainly must be a reason in the HP race that power to weight ratios are where they are. I suspect some computer wizard that has never built a *** thing is gonna get all this HP with a program that those with skin in the game can't come up with. Sorry, but I call snake oil.
  21. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Great reply and data you provided. Good stuff. Dragsters and Race cars use the same formula's I believe. I respectfully do not believe that high RPM's equate to longevity. Never worked so far on diesel applications to my knowledge. Are you saying that this programing meets all standards and all the manufacturers of outboard engines refuse to bring these huge gains into their design? Not bashing at all just asking.
  22. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Gonna call BS on this to some degree. I have owned several 2011 and newer 6.7 diesel trucks and a ton of them since 1985 when they were the 6.5 IH. Traded, sold and maintained a fleet of them. I just traded one and had to sign a piece of paper stating the emissions had not been modified to any degree. I shopped around my trade and not a single dealer did not ask if the truck had been deleted. They won't touch one deleted. I could go on for days to try to explain why My 21 MA with a 250 SHO converted to a 450 HP engine is a bad idea.
  23. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Makes about as much sense as modifying a 2018 F-250 diesel. Delete all the emissions on a truck that many engineers have developed to get what they get out of it. Buy a 70 k truck, delete it and I will catch you at the next traffic light. Cheat that to get What? A non EPA compliant, non warranty item that I wouldn't give you 10 cents on the dollar for. And, I set right next to the Nizpro Yamaha 450 today on the back of David Gauses Boat. Seen it in action several times over the last few months. Does sound cool. Play with this stuff a bit and you might want to look at what is called max hull speed for a fishing boat designed to do much more than go fast. Not even going to get into props, lower units and octane requirements. Performance and efficiency are great. They come at a sacrifice to many different things. Not sure the focus of speed is really where this forums boat builder is right now. The day that any after market add on comes along to meet all the requirements of manufacturing and warranty to turn 200 HP into 300 HP and back it all in for 5 years I'm all ears.

    Thing is Pushing water. Top of the seawall today on the offshore flow side of it. This thing has the gulf swollen. Surge is going to be a a issue.
  25. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Whatever you tie your better pull it to the point of breaking the line. Stuff can unravel it's self if you don't. Tied a lot of knots for Tarpon leaders in 80 and 90 lb Seagar. I have done damage to myself pulling so hard. Wet and pull and make sure the knot comes together and looks right when finished. If it doesn't roll together or looks funny do it again.