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    You stick around for this Your a fool. Get what you need to get and get gone. You have been warned from all levels and now this native waterman says get away from it. This storm is going to be different for many reason's. Gonna catch many with their pants down as they say we have seen storms before and dealt with it. Lot's of people thought they would ride out Katrina and Harvey. That didn't work out so well either.

    That high above Florence and that sudden shift to the west in track is for certain concerning for the central to north east coast. The other 2 at that latitude bother me. Gonna be watching close the next 7 to 10 days

    They are not yet. From 2014/2015 "The current red tide bloom is around 20 miles off the southwestern coast of Florida, too far away to bother beachgoers, at least for now. But it’s big … really big, stretching 60 miles wide, 90 miles long and at least 100 feet down. It stayed offshore that year for the most part. Stretched all the way to the oyster grounds of Appalachicola and shut those waters down to oyster harvest"
  4. USCG air station Clearwater/St pete. You can make it from my place in 40 minutes in the early am. And, you know how to fish here already.

    I wish that were the case. Probably more lake discharges, certainly more run off. Red tide is said to form offshore. When blown inshore low salinity stresses it and it's said to release more toxins with increased stress. Blow it offshore and dump tons of fresh water on it ain't good. It happened in 2015 and killed the bottom fish all the way out to the middle grounds of west Florida. The event was 80 miles long 70 miles offshore. It is Killing fish offshore of Ft Myers out to 50 foot depths now. The winds after the storm passes will turn onshore again for a bit for SW Florida. I hope I'm wrong!

    You just missed one really close to me, 2 acre steal. I watched the for sale sign go in. Was gonna buy and flip or sell mine and move there. The guy dug the for sale sign hole on a Friday and the place had a contract the next day. It is sold and closed. Crazy up here right now. Sure have missed seeing you guys the last few years. Tell Shelby, the dogs and wife I said hello. Don't bust me on the order of hello. I like you to.
  7. Accuracy of TTL on Yamaha 115 fs

    Get the 8 foot. You won't be sorry. 5 on the 6 foot is tough if choppy, current or muddy bottom. Power Pole over Talon hands down. PP customer service is unmatched. I have found the Yamaha flow meters very accurate as to total fuel burned. If your MPG is off it may be because your speedo is off as most of them are unless GPS fed.

    Retire all you want. Never stop this site you created. It's a go to for me. Woody just retired after 32 years. Please don't follow in his foot steps. You move up this way as promised, it will be a hot mess.
  9. Read this

    Lot's more to this. It's bad There will be more to come. We have had issues well before this event and we are all part of the problem. Seems we have loved our fish to death. Gonna take a total reset IMHO. The natural occurring events can not deal with the unnatural events 20 million people are bringing. Recovery may take some very extreme measures from every fishing sector.
  10. Read this

    I suspect other specie added. This is bad news folks. We were on the brink before this event. This red tide just tipped the scales. http://myfwc.com/news/news-releases/2018/august/30/snook/
  11. Updated *Its UP* Little blue house that could

    Looks great. Bet your glad it's done. Just finished a 2 month long major kitchen remodel and I about lost my marbles. Next time I will move out or at least get the Wife a place.
  12. Lightning

    Up to my usual disaster antics again. Had the yard pull my boat in Tarpon Springs to have the bottom painted last week. They had just hauled a 60 foot Gulfstream sailing yacht with every bit of a sixty foot mast. Pretty boat! Talked with the boat owner and we were discussing his 60 foot tall lightening rod. Boat had a huge ground plate and the boat was bonded to ground everthing metal. Said he never had had an issue with lightening. Well, that afternoon late here comes a storm, a nasty one. The boat took a hit to the mast and it blew some of the through hulls out of the boat, ran down the metal legs of the yard stands and blew holes in the asphalt in the yard. My boat was sitting right next to him so they called for to come and check my rig. I escaped any damage as far as I can tell for now. The sailboat is still being inspected. So I would say having the metal grounded might help save you to some degree. But, a direct hit and it might not. All that grounding stuff on that sailboat didn't help at all out of the water "no ground". The Rampage is also bonded and we took a strike 5 years ago and all it did was blow both the VHF antennas off the roof of the tower. Watch the weather and don't wait for the first strike to get out of Dodge. Storm clouds building altitude this time of year should be avoided. The fist strike might be the last warning you get. When we got popped it was from a cloud building right on top of us and we had not heard a rumble all day.
  13. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Imagine this song back then. You have to wonder the inspiration of the song writer. Seems many had a clue many moons ago.
  14. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    The lake is part of the problem for sure, but just a part. When I graduated from High School in 1977 there were a little under 7 million people in this state. Close to 22 million now plus the visitors. The problem is population density. The sub divisions with near zero lot lines. The high-rises to cram thousands of folks onto to a couple acres of dirt. The manipulation of the natural water flow on every square foot of dirt to accommodate more development. I often wonder about the thousands of acres of cow pastures around me that use to have standing water in them for months while it either evaporated or soaked and filtered into the aquifer over time. You can bet your behind none of those homes being built in these pastures are going to have standing water in their yards. That water is ditched and drained and ends up in our estuaries and coastal waters at all ends of this state. Fish Hawk Ranch Lakewood Ranch Starkey Ranch Mitchell Ranch Boot Ranch The Ranches of what the heck ever. All have thousands of homes and miles of asphalt and concrete. All paved over and ditched and drained. Really not hard to figure out the outcome when the pastures and cows are replaced by concrete and asphalt. WERE DOOMED!
  15. Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    Can I fish it? Is the booth with all the exhaust where you do your infusion process. Gonna be moving some serious air through there.
  16. Oldsmar ramp?

    Safety Harbor. Go early as any around on a weekend
  17. MGB GEAR?

    They are under moratorium. You must purchase a new boat to have current apparel. I had my 1999 Maverick visor mounted.
  18. Getting Deeper

    The house that I have rented for the past ten years was badly damaged in the storm. They couldn't get it ready in time for my normal 5 weeks I spend there in June and July.
  19. Getting Deeper

    Water temps at 87 and the fish are moving further and further offshore. No issues getting the ARS as there still are plenty in the 75 foot range but the bigger fish are moving. Took a limit of ARS off this spot, and a few gags along with a cobia.
  20. SHO 200 Tilt Trim

    The SHO does not have a trailer lock. Take a good look at the ram seals. Just had to replace all three of mine. Not really any other place to have a leak. And low fluid will cause both up and down problems.
  21. Getting Deeper

    First time in 25 years I have not been in the Keys this time of year for June and July. Cappy not happy and even the dog wants out of these parts this time of year. Nice snook in the pic!
  22. New Master Angler???

    Only thing I might be missing is you. I will take 43 knots in 2 to 4 confused seas in the Freeman 34 from yesterday. 80 mph in your rig sounds fun until!
  23. Lake O Red tide!

    Seems all this started around the time of the Lake O release to the west side. The following pics show a few of the dead brood stock snook. There are hundreds upon Hundreds of egg filled snook. This is at Boca Grande Pass. Our water quality issues need to be addressed in this state. The older guides born and raised there say they have never seen anything to this magnitude.
  24. Capt. Troys Marina????

    I did order shrimp to the boat that morning. I do need to quit being the first one there in the morning. Nothing tops almost running over the 300 Yamaha laying in the parking lot a 6 am. Thieves dropped it that night after taking 9 lower units and a pair of 250's. Guess they were exhausted. I honestly had to get out and go look twice before it sunk in.