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  1. Bad Day

    You make me sleep well, thanks!
  2. Bad Day

    Found this "below" at the marina yesterday morning when I got to the boat. Place was still closed but I have a key to get in. Called the emergency Marina number to let them know she was down and going further. Fuel and oil coming up through the hatches. Seeing Sunk boats always creep me out when I'm getting ready to run offshore. Then, when we got off the dock I fire up the VHF "dead". Got out in the channel and found the fuse holder popped loose. Quick fix and off we go. Get around Anclote and turn into a west wind at 15 knts and gusty. Long swell set at 4 feet with 2 to 4 chop and confused white caps on top of the swell. Got pounded on the way out and the fishing was just off. Hard to sit right on the hook, gumbo snot grass coming up on the baits. About 28 miles off now and the weather alerts are going off on the VHF and the sky to the north looks ugly. Warnings for water spouts and winds in excess of 30 Kts. We dodged around it but did not make it to my ARS spot but no way I'm going to get caught in the mess 40 miles out. Got the day in while fishing our way back and away from the weather. Didn't want to look like this. Even though my body feels like it this morning.
  3. Red tide

    I sure hope things are good for you. If your a live bait type of guy just be careful where you run as the time it takes to catch bait to have it killed going through a bad patch stinks. I don't do face book but my wife does. Not sure how it works even but the guides that friended on her page are Jeff Hagaman, Ed Walker, and Steve Bowler. If you can see their post/video it will make you want to cry. They posted as a complaint due to this recent fish kill being associated with a recent Lake O discharge. Black water and ton's of dead fish.
  4. Red tide

    You don't want to see the video from last week around BGP and the harbor. The worst of it is now off of Sarasota. Most of my guide buddies sent me video last week and it was very bad. They have been fishing Tarpon since late April. They are there to make money and they don't like the conditions posted. Really not good for business if you get my drift. Some very concerning evidence was sent to me. It seems as though it has diminished some from what they are telling me. I normally don't post second hand news but I trust these folks to be straight up. The red tide link i sent are samples from a very large area. You get in the wrong area of a bay or beach where wind driven brevis gets concentrated it can get ugly quick.
  5. Red tide

    Members 658 posts Report post Posted May 30 http://myfwc.com/research/redtide/
  6. New Master Angler???

    Sales and marketing guy. Look forward to seeing this thing.
  7. New Master Angler???

    Bring back the 21. That thing won't fit in the shed.
  8. Bimini Run

  9. Bimini Run

    They want to try. My fishing buddies are in San Sal at Riding Rock right now. The pulled their 34V Freeman Cat behind the 63 Bayliss at 30 knots all the way. They never leave either boat unattended. They are killing the big Wahoo and have caught several Blues.
  10. Bimini Run

    There is a reason many insurance companies won't insure for the Bahamas. Many of the out islands have been having issues. Bimini isn't as bad as there is so much activity going on all night. I have given up on the Bahamas. Prices/VAT taxes, fuel prices for bad fuel and so on. It's really a shame their economy is so bad. It sure ain't what it used to be.
  11. Bimini Run

    You may want to do a little research. BOLO: 36-foot T-top stolen from Bimini Date Posted: 2016-08-17 Source: Boat Theft and Security Information Facebook A 36-foot Contender model T-top with three 300-hp Yamaha engines was stolen from The Marina at Resorts World Bimini between 10pm an 11pm Friday 12th, 2016, according to a Boat Theft and Security Information Facebook post. Boat name is White Water. If seen, please contact your local police or the Bimini Police Station. Many of the recent thefts in the Bahamas have been for the outboard engines; however, in some cases the boats have been used for smuggling migrants or drugs to Florida.
  12. Stump pass reports

    Very bad reports coming from my guide buddies in Boca Grande. All kinds of dead fish including Goliath and manatee's.
  13. ARS in 56 feet

    Caught the largest ARS I have seen in 56 feet ow water yesterday on my 4 person Charter. That is the largest ARS I have ever seen in 45 years of fishing these waters in that depth. 26.5 inches and thick as an oak log. Also, another limits of gags.
  14. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Nice fish. Gonna miss the keys this year and those phins.
  15. ARS in 56 feet

    I could in about 20 minutes.
  16. The official "What did you catch today" thread

  17. Opening day Anclote

    Around 35 northwest to start for the ARS. I went too far. Caught most of the gags 23 miles off while throwing back many ARS at 23 off as we had our limit of them early. Bad fuel management on my part. At 1 MPG at best, the extra miles come straight out of my fun tickets. I could have hid another 100 bucks from mommy!
  18. Opening day Anclote

    Customer let me take a Red Snapper home.
  19. Opening day Anclote

    Had a charter with 4 adults and a 10 and 12 year old. A couple of the gags that were hooked almost got some rods to put on their wall but the kid hung on for dear life. The ARS bite was off the chain and we actually caught 3 Keeper Red Grouper along with 10 Gags and 12 ARS. I pulled up on the snapper spot and with no current or wind we didn't put the hook down. 30 minutes later we were at our 12. It was hotter than heck with no breeze and very little current most of the day. The kids and adults were spent and we left the last spot at 1 PM and headed to the hill. Look at the background of the kids picture. Flat calm.
  20. 2001 Yamaha 150 VMax ox66 alarm Help!

    By all means post the fix. I hate when problems arise and we all chime in. Then, the OP gets fixed and never comes back to post his results or findings. This is a great forum and most of us are here to learn, not teach or preach! I have been guilty of the above before but not on purpose.
  21. 2001 Yamaha 150 VMax ox66 alarm Help!

    Battery Check the voltage above idle speed. You should be over 13 volts and as much as 13.8 at speed Improper voltage at cold starts can bring a host of issues. Your engine is charging I think. A bad or shorted battery is not being seen when the engine itself is running off it's own power at speed. The low voltage at start will effect every component on your engine. Sensors and all. I would eliminate the possible battery problem first. Think about it. You get the motor off idle speed and all your problems go away. The only difference between cold and idle starts are the output of your charging system is when you raise the RPM. I would not go further than the battery at this point not knowing anything more than you have posted. Not saying i'm right by any means. But I would start there.
  22. Red Tide?

  23. 2001 Yamaha 150 VMax ox66 alarm Help!

    Battery at 11.8 -12 volts is not good. Could be causing your problem. Should be at 12.5 to 12.8 volts.
  24. All Quiet for Now

    Me see the same. Gonna be a wet one for sure. Pouring here now. I know it's coming because my bones hurt and I feel tropically depressed.. I'm staying off the roads and the water this weekend.