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    Florida Native<br /> Fishing Guide 15 years<br /> First husband and wife team to ever make the top 5 in the FLW Redfish events.
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  1. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    Almost always 25 lb floro seagar. 30 lb if I can get away with it but most of the time the water is just too clear. Big difference in diameter between 25 and 30. Light leader is also easier for bait to drag around and look natural. Yes, sometimes a big snook will wear through the 25 lb. But you have to get the bite before you have to worry about that.
  2. Had to say goodbye to my buddy of 11 years

    Always tough. Get you another soon. I went almost 10 years after loosing my Walker hound of 14 years. Can't believe I waited that long and missed out on ten years of the joy dogs bring. Remember, "nobody loves you like your dog does".
  3. Flamingo January 7

    Very nice. Great to see those snook so healthy looking.
  4. Snook

    Seems some folks could not stand the temptation. The lagoon in Tarpon Springs that I spoke of was the scene of an FWC bust yesterday. Guy was cast netting from the bank and filleting them and filling a big tub. He got charged with over the limit, out of season,illegal methods and undersized From Crystal River. I checked on this. This is an old pic, Sick joke.
  5. Snook

    Bad News. I just got more video of the Lagoon in Tarpon Springs that had many small snook in it yesterday that I posted about. Captain Ed Walker a very well known and respected fishing guide in the area just sent me some more video. Last night a bunch of adult snook came into the same lagoon last night. Most of them are dead as of this afternoon. Cold winters are nothing new, but duration's of this level are rare.
  6. Snook

    I might take the Avenger tower boat tomorrow and take a look around. I think Ed is out in his today looking. Gonna call him in a bit. I still think your crazy running 80 in those temps. Burr!!!!!
  7. Snook

    Some are already dying in the Tarpon Springs area as of yesterday. Captain Ed walker posted video on his face book page of a bunch of snook in a lagoon in Tarpon Springs that were huddled together in about a foot of water. You can see several dead ones on the bottom belly up. Maybe not as bad as 2010 but the water has been at or below the threshold for 3 days now and we have another cold night to deal with and daytime highs in the bay area are doing very little to warm things up. At least the wind has laid off and we have sun today for some radiation heating. 53 degree water is being reported at many stations in the Tampa area.
  8. My 21 MA

    Never heard of 2% prop slip and the OP is only turning 5800. I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on something in the tune of 5 MPH.
  9. Snook

    Your crazy for going out to begin with. I split some wood for the fire place and froze. Tomorrow morning is very concerning for the bay area. frost every where at my place this morning and that set my mind I was going to be cold all day no matter what. My fire place is rolling like I live in Montana.
  10. My 21 MA

    Yes, they are fast and very nimble with the right prop. The boat will run on rails, hold turns and eat up a chop and keep you dry at the same time. A very quick aircraft carrier platform with more room to fish than anything out there. The stability at rest with 3 or 4 big guys on the deck is unreal When I bought my 2010 I was sponsored by some major players and had their boats in my shed. Ran them and gave them back and bought another 21 MA. I don't photo well so I had to pay up front for my new one.
  11. My 21 MA

    Ran the Calcs for a heavy cupped 21 which equates to a 22 pitch prop. At 62 mph and 5800 with a 1.75 gear you can hit that speed. But, like I said very unlikely loaded. Plug in 67 MPH and the calc computes a less than 0% slip and that ain't happening. The 250 SHO would not swing a 23 pitch prop on my boat. Maybe the original owner did some motor mods. I dunno Anyhow, great boat and you likely have one of the last ones built. I wore out 5 engines on my first one and have 600 hours on the second engine on my current 2010.
  12. Today in MBG History!

    Dang it. Before I used up my 3rd try I goggled you and there was so much stuff I couldn't find your start date. Congratulations. 25 years makes you around 32 or 33 years old when you started I believe.
  13. Today in MBG History!

    Gonna take my ball and go home then.
  14. My 21 MA

    Gotcha. I mis typed 21 at 57 meant to say 67 as you said. I have done some testing with loaded 21 MA. With my normal fishing load and half a tank of fuel 62 is the best without over propping and I"m turning the 21 OFX with lots of cup. Very good hole shot and can turn 5800 rpm. Be curious to know the specs of that prop your running.
  15. My 21 MA

    What RPM at 67 MPH? And not wide open you say. Prop calculations say not possible with 21 pitch prop to hit 57. I am running a OFX 21 4 Power tech and have tried many others over the last 2 21 MA I have owned. Just curious?