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    Florida Native<br /> Fishing Guide 15 years<br /> First husband and wife team to ever make the top 5 in the FLW Redfish events.
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  1. Capt. Troy

    Freshwater fishing?

    How many times do you think you can fool the same fish?😊 Welcome to pond fishing. Try some goldfish for bait but don't get caught. Bowfin are mudfish and don't lip them. They bite and are dumb but may become your best friends if you handle them right. I suggest you contact pondfisher on here. He never fishes they same pond more than once a year.
  2. Capt. Troy

    Prop Help

    Trying to help a buddy out. He just repowered from a 150 HPDI to the 200 SHO big block 6 cyl. 2004 2200 PF with T-top.. Dealer put on a 15 by 21 pitch 3 blade SWS Yamaha prop. I already told him no way he will swing that amount of pitch. He tried it and only got 5000 RPM Anyone have similar set up. I also told him to call Power Tech but the guy is hard to help sometimes. So, I figured I would do a little leg work for him. My pick would be the OFX 18 or 19 4 blade.
  3. Capt. Troy

    Back in the Day..............

    No big deal there. You can get that all day long at about 5K per foot of boat.😤
  4. Capt. Troy

    Bay Suprise

    That is some good shallow water fishing right there.
  5. Capt. Troy


    Got a little treat opening day of gag fishing. 56 feet of water is not the norm for a snapper this size and the dolphin was certainly a surprise. Both fish were by themselves. Gag fishing was tough for us as no current at all and we were on the new moon. We got a handful and actually caught a keeper red grouper at 24 inches.
  6. Capt. Troy

    AC for camping

    Should have used a Yeti cooler so you could sell them for 2K.
  7. Capt. Troy

    Oh You Charter Boat Captains, I want to Party With You!!

    Always listen to what your Captain tells Ya. I tried to warn them.😀
  8. Capt. Troy

    I can't Make This Stuff Up,.... Twice!

    Looks like around a 2004 24 PF.
  9. Capt. Troy


    Here are the details on services. There will be a celebration of life gathering after at a location to be determined. We will share via Facebook, email blast and the newsletter. Please share and encourage attendance to show support. Visitation will be Sat. from 10-11 am at Highland Park Church, 4777 Lakeland Highlands Rd.Lakeland. Funeral services will follow at 11 am at the church. Interment will be at Oak Hill Burial Park. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Just the way I remember the man and his wife!
  10. Capt. Troy


    Me not being a face book guy I miss a lot. Had the privilege to hunt and fish with the man over the last 25 years.. Very passionate to the wise use of our resources.. I served under him for 7 years as the senior vice president of the FGA. His mission was always to treat the guide community as nothing more than us following recreational limits supported by sound science based on good research. Never did he ask for special privileges to us for hire guys that he represented. I will say that I was nominated by many guides to take over the president position of the FGA when Pat retired. I removed myself as I didn't feel I was worthy of the task. He will be missed!
  11. Capt. Troy


    Salt of the earth Irishman. Survived by his wife Patricia. "Double Pats" What a women to put up with his crap. Him and Bouncer Smith were Buddies. A couple of legends in my book! Pat, presenting the FWC officer of the year award below.
  12. Capt. Troy

    Newer Talons 10 / 12 /15 foot questions

    You want to anchor in 10 feet of water you best buy a sea claw and some rope. The physics of a stick ain't gonna work unless your in a farm pond and I don't care how long your stick is, how stiff, or the method of deployment.
  13. Capt. Troy


    Just Passed away and was the King of the swamp out of Choko for many years. The "DOUBLE PATS" as some may have known him was a great leader and president of the FGA for many years and a huge advocate to promoting the wise use of the resource as a guide and recreational angler. He traveled the state bringing awareness to conservation for many years after following Capt. Scott Moore who wrote the book on Snook fishing on the west coast of Florida and was the founder of the Florida Guides Association. The fella was True Grit and went to bat just like the owner of this forum to promote and protect the wise use of the resource.
  14. Capt. Troy

    Spot or EPIRB?

    Registered EPIRB. PLB'S do the same but need to see the SKY and some don't float upright without you psychically holding them. Most have only half the transmit time. Proper registration is the Key for speeding the SAR. I include plenty of contacts for SAR personnel to reach and a good description of the vessel. Fishing alone I would have both and the PLB clipped to me at all times. No monthly fee.
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