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    Florida Native<br /> Fishing Guide 15 years<br /> First husband and wife team to ever make the top 5 in the FLW Redfish events.
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  1. Capt. Troy


    Looks like a crack from impact not repaired properly. Moisture got underneath there and now some de-lamination is occurring. I would take it to a glass guy that knows what they are doing unless you have some prior experience. Shouldn't be that big of a deal to get you fixed up.
  2. Capt. Troy

    Trout Changes coming

    They were actually targeted with gill nets back before the ban. I did quite well on them when I was a netter. They paid a buck a pound for them back then. Environmental events, and the ever increasing recreational pressure has become the issue now. It wasn't uncommon to see in excess of 100 trout cleaned an afternoon at my marina. Lots of these retired guys would take 2 limits a day as you didn't have to go far to get them. Then there were the guides that some of them were taking their limit for the clients. 2 or 3 guides 10 times a month keeping 5 trout extra adds up real quick. Especially when we are talking just my observations from one marina. We use the I angler app for the big tournament out of the Vinoy every October. 70 guides, 2 days and 200 plus anglers. The results over the last few years are very concerning. Less fish and smaller fish every year in the Trout category. Steady trending down.
  3. Capt. Troy

    Congratulations Scott, well deserved!

    Bravo. He has done a lot more for the industry than just build boats. Congrats!
  4. Capt. Troy

    Trout Changes coming

    Yes, but I doubt they will. We begged for it in 2012. Trout are in big trouble in my area. I would call it an absolute collapse in just 5 years. Too much pressure.
  5. Capt. Troy

    TB Spanish Macks on fly

    Nice and something you can keep!
  6. Capt. Troy

    Too Close to Home

    Read my first post. We were 37 miles offshore when he stuck himself.
  7. Capt. Troy

    Trout Changes coming

    Looks like changes are coming. I suggest you guys take a peak and make comments before the meeting coming up. Check the link as issue b on the agenda is trout and you can read the summary. Myself and a couple of guides met with the biologist a few weeks ago. I asked for a couple of things. Game fish status for trout. Change the now current slot for commercial harvest if they are going to continue to allow it. Currently they have a 150 fish a day limit with a slot of 15 to 24 inches. No retention of limits for the guide on guided trips just like the do with snook. It should be that way for all fish IMHO. Raise the minimum slot from 15 to 17 and keep the 20 inch max with 1 fish over. I don't get the dropping the max to 19 inches. Seems it will make for more confusion as it has been at 1 over 20 for a long time. Ain't no meat on a 15 inch trout. https://myfwc.com/about/commission/commission-meetings/october-2019/ For comments go to https://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/rulemaking/saltwater-public-comments/
  8. Capt. Troy

    Too Close to Home

    I think the ticket here for concern is the fact the wound was a puncture from a hook point. Puncture wounds are hard to treat as they are not really cuts or open wounds you can clean. Kinda like a snake bite! The bad stuff is injected. So be especially cautious of fish fins and hook points. By all means don't wait if you even think you have an issue. Time is not on your side with this stuff.
  9. Capt. Troy

    Too Close to Home

    UpDate The wound is closed finally. They ended up coring it out with something that looked like a uni-bit drill. He had to unpack and repack the hole twice a day. All said and done 5 days in the hospital, several return visits and still on antibiotics. No permanent damage to his trigger finger. 7k out of pocket after deductibles and what not. Ouch! Just when you thought only your finger hurt.
  10. Capt. Troy

    Cedar Key Reds

    Yea! A fishing report at last!
  11. Capt. Troy

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    Perfect combination for the Glades.
  12. Capt. Troy

    New 250 SHO RPM

    Stay at trolling speed until you provide a little more info!
  13. Capt. Troy

    Too Close to Home

    He was unhooking a Red Snapper and the circle hook turned and poked him about 1/8 inch deep. I had just fired up the radar to look at some storms and it was right at noon Tuesday and we were 37 miles due west of Tarpon Springs. Water was really clear looking and blue. Met him at the boat the following day and he showed me the poke and said it was a little sore. I called him a sissy and told him I hope your finger falls off. Said I have seen worse ant bites.😀 Mid night Thursday night it began to give him trouble and within 2 hours he was in extreme pain and getting worse by the minute. ER by 4 am Friday morning and straight to IV with heavy antibiotics as soon as the doctor learned it was a fishing injury. "They are seeing more of this than they are letting on IMHO" He is still in the hospital and expected to be released tomorrow with heavy scripts to take home. Good news is he is expected not to have any permanent damage. Gonna run up and see him in a few and bring him some fishing magazines.👹 Don't play with this stuff, It ain't the old infection from fishing injuries were used to. It is aggressive and rapid once it takes hold. It can kill you in as little as 72 hours.
  14. Capt. Troy

    Too Close to Home

    You don't have to touch the fish just the hook that has been in the water. Warning Graphic. https://www.foxnews.com/health/florida-fisherman-recovering-flesh-eating-bacteria-hook
  15. Capt. Troy

    Too Close to Home

    Vibrio vulnificus infections are rare, according to Florida Health Department. However, cases have been gradually rising since 2008, when there were 16 reported incidents, with 46 in 2013, and 50 in 2017. Last year, 42 cases were identified, leading to nine deaths. This year, 10 cases have been reported so far, with no deaths resulting.
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