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    Florida Native<br /> Fishing Guide 15 years<br /> First husband and wife team to ever make the top 5 in the FLW Redfish events.
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  1. New Master Angler???

    Only thing I might be missing is you. I will take 43 knots in 2 to 4 confused seas in the Freeman 34 from yesterday. 80 mph in your rig sounds fun until!
  2. Capt. Troys Marina????

    I did order shrimp to the boat that morning. I do need to quit being the first one there in the morning. Nothing tops almost running over the 300 Yamaha laying in the parking lot a 6 am. Thieves dropped it that night after taking 9 lower units and a pair of 250's. Guess they were exhausted. I honestly had to get out and go look twice before it sunk in.
  3. Flat Tire Tools

    very true ^^^^^^^^^^ I always seek out the one fearless leader with the whistle around his neck. Don V knows his ants!
  4. Capt. Troys Marina????

    No, But the place is capable.
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    You guys are catching some nice fish and killing me In the middle of a kitchen remodel. Been stuck at the house with contractors for way too long.
  6. New Master Angler???

    Standing above gunnel height at speed doesn't appeal to me at all. One bad wave in a turn and you could be out of there.
  7. Flat Tire Tools

    Yep, some towels and a painters tarp to keep you out of the sand spurs, gravel and dirt. A good source of light so you can see what your doing in the dark. I had to do one at midnight one time and the mosquitoes ate me alive. Rolling around in the dirt in the dark was no fun. It got even more entertaining when I found out I was squatting down in a fire ant pile.
  8. New Master Angler???

    That Vantage boat set up looks dangerous to me.
  9. Lake O Red tide!

    The issues are wide spread. You simply can not allow growth to go unchecked. The infrastructure, the roads, the environment and watershed can not support the ditch and drain of our natural wetlands. I'm fighting a battle right now in my hood. Millions of acres of dirt as fill and the owner wants to back fill and build homes to the tune of 4 per acre and then if it doesn't fit his need he will go to high rises. Then, section 8 as he calls it to get what he wants approved to circumvent the policy and long term plans of Odessa as a community. Alabama here I come or maybe Alaska. The waters of this state are sending a message from one end to the other.
  10. Lake O Red tide!

    Killing them like crazy. My guide buddies keep sending video. It's heartbreaking. Even a dead porpoise up on Cayo.
  11. Bad Day

    Yea, like the idiots around me that did nothing to prepare for IRMA. No extra lines, no nothing. The junk gets loose and beats up my boat then I have to deal with it. It sounds bad but the first thing I did was check my bait pen holding 120 select pinfish. Was worried the fuel spill got them.
  12. Bad Day

    You speak the truth. Prime example of people with older boats and neglect. If you look at the pic close you can see his shore power cord with barnacles on it. From what I hear the power was off, batteries dead and was slowly leaking somewhere.
  13. Guide for Captiva needed

    Ozzie fischer, or Ozzie lesinger or any of the burnstead family. Cory Mcguire look them up.
  14. Lake O Red tide!

    Voting for liars does nothing to save our wet lands. This mess has being going on for a long time and getting worse. It is talked about at every election, promises are made and nothing has been done by any party.They have all lied. MYFWC.com Research. Has coastal (nutrient) pollution caused the Florida red tide? In contrast to the many red tide species that are fueled by nutrient pollution associated with urban or agricultural runoff, there is no direct link between nutrient pollution and the frequency or severity of red tides caused by K. brevis. Florida red tides develop 10-40 miles offshore, away from man-made nutrient sources. Red tides occurred in Florida long before human settlement, and severe red tides were observed in the mid-1900s before the state’s coastlines were heavily developed. However, once red tides are transported inshore, they are capable of using man-made nutrients for their growth.
  15. Lake O Red tide!

    And here is why they are scared of the lake levels 1928 Forty miles west, rain filled Lake Okeechobee to the brim, then a wind from the north began pushing tons of lake water to the south. The dikes crumbled, and water rushed onto the swampy farmland. Homes and people were swept away. Almost 2,000 people perished. The Dike ain't in that good of shape today either.