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    Florida Native<br /> Fishing Guide 15 years<br /> First husband and wife team to ever make the top 5 in the FLW Redfish events.
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  1. Stolen Pathfinder *please share!*

    To be made whole again will not happen. I'm dealing with it now. Most all have insurance until you make a claim and some companies are better than others. The victim always looses one way or the other and the criminals walk on to the next victim. The system is broke and I can type an example and prove it. If you make out on an insurance claim your border line a fraudulent individual. It's not the way I chose to roll. Very few claims for me but the few have always cost me money at the end of the day one way or the other. ' Sorry OP and for my rant. I hope it all works out for you.
  2. 250 SHO reliability questions

    700 hours on my 250 SHO. Zero issues other than some corrosion on a few components around the steering tube and tilt tube. It is very fast compared to my previous 250 HPDI VMAX in all respects on the same hull with the same prop. It out performs the same 2 stroke motor in all respects. I have owned to date over 35 Yamaha engines since 1985. I have blown up one engine at 1000 hours on a 97 model Grady White. I had a pair of 130 HP first year 1985 model twins on a 240 Mako that rotted off the transom. Never ever failed. Yes, Yamaha has had a few bumps on certain models over the years. I blew up 3 Mercury optimax engines in the early years of their design on my business partners boat. That said i believe the SHO 4.2 is a solid design.
  3. New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    I think the cold nights and low water temps shut it down. Not many rays at all on any of the flats. The one cobia we saw would have been a netter. Very close to legal. I was already thinking about how I was gonna cook him. Probably why he didn't bite. There were quite a few around before this last front.
  4. New Port RIchie Area Fishing

    Weren't expecting me in the tower boat. We never did catch a cobia. Saw 2 one decent one right after I saw you. 2 perfect casts but no interest.
  5. Which AGM battery for house/starting?

    Duracell at Sams Club Dual purpose AGM Don't run the stereo when your fishing and running the live wells or I will give you some more bad info. If your 36 volt on the TM I would have 5 batteries in that boat. 2 would be for all accessories and start. Without proper switching 1 battery for the house and start as you want to run will become a dead battery sooner or later. I run 4 on my 21 MA 2 for TM and 2 in parallel for the house and start.
  6. dang son

    Not fishing or posting much lately. Have spent the last several weeks dealing with dads eye issues. Crazy hours at the hospitals and doctors appointments for a detached retina and cataracts. For those that know me and wonder whats wrong with me, my dad told me on the way home in my truck to move and take him with me to Alaska and run your trips up there. He said it's dark most of the time up there and you can't catch crap with 2 good eyes in broad daylight. The apple and the tree are close in my case. Soon as I got him home he asked me to get his mail and newspaper. There was a flyer in his mail box for a seeing eye dog recruit. I have never laughed so hard in my life.
  7. Come to the marina now

    Girl was climbing up into the tower. Captain had left the engine running with the tower controls hot. She knocked the boat into reverse and panicked. Then she pinned it in forward and over the dock they went. Exactly the scenario I posted above about leaving a running boat unattended.
  8. Cup holders that fit Yeti, Rtic tumblers

    Slide a koosy on the bottom and it will sit in a regular holder.
  9. Live Well Problem

    Sounds to me that something is causing an air lock.
  10. Come to the marina now

    The head of the TM was crashed into my intake vents on my boat. That is the reason it's deployed. The entire thing was bad from the get go. The few that know me here personally would be impressed. The owner mouthed off a little when I got there and then tried to get after my wife. I walked off and let her and the FWC officer continue. The dude should have talked to me like he had some sense. He would have been a lot better off. I think I heard her tell him something about compensation for having 400 HP on his rig.
  11. Come to the marina now

    Yes Another view.
  12. Come to the marina now

    Different view.
  13. Battery

    Who makes that battery? Very few manufacture batteries. They all brand under different names. The names/labels seem to effect the warranties and what you pay for them Does Odyssey manufacture a battery? If they do, please share. Sears sold to spec the same battery under the Die hard Brand marine battery. The only difference was 100 bucks and the warranty and the marketing. No doubt the Odyssey is a supreme battery. But, that same technology also comes in a different wrapper with a little different warranty from other sources. Does Odyssey have or own a battery manufacturing facility?
  14. G2 300 Repower on 2004 2400v...Thoughts?

    If you have a 20 inch shaft now i would hang a Yamaha 250 SHO at 505 pounds and call it a day. Is that hull even rated for a 300.
  15. Come to the marina now

    Here is my take and it should be a Sticky. My personal experience is this. Never as the vessel owner/master do you step away form the helm with a running engine. In hundreds of charters, my kids and others on a variety of boats and control configurations you should ever let this happen. I fish many elderly off of my MA and plenty of kids. Do the same off of my Rampage with a tower and dual stations. On my flats boat at the dock I can not tell you how many times the throttle has been used as a hand hold when souls are entering/ existing my boat. One missed step and the first thing most reach for is the thing sticking up the highest. "The Throttle" If the engine is off no big deal, if not, you know what's next. On my offshore boat I send the controls to the tower when up there. 90% of the time those electronic controls at the lower helm are found pushed forward when I climb down. Purses/bags and rear ends knocking the shift levers forward. Though disabled while I am up top it shows me exactly what could happen. Never leave a boat running when people are getting on and off your boat unless you are directly on the helm. That boat bag/purse, or that one guy off balance will show you how good your hole shot is. I got in my tower one morning to board my clients. Sent the controls to the upper station before I cranked the engines to avoid the above said. Tried to crank that 1000 HP down stairs and they would not start "Thankfully". A pelican had mashed on the fly those electronic controls to the pins. He was sitting on my shift levers when I went up top to see why the ignition system was in default.