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  1. Coto

    2007 Maverick 17 HPX-V

    What happened to the back of the poling platform?
  2. Coto

    Best inshore baitcaster

    Shimano Calcutta
  3. Coto

    2007 updates

    Can you be more specific, like what boat are you talking about?
  4. Coto

    What Was That?

    Must be a cousin of the FWC guy that stopped Dino and I in Chokoloskee. No flares needed inshore...then why did I get a written warning for it while being inshore?
  5. Coto

    Water entering fuel tank vent 17hpx

    Where do you fuel up? The gas station you use might have some issue with water in the tank. Once I remember my buddy’s skiff to a crap one weekend cause we fueled at the Flamingo gas pumps and as a result had water in the tank. That was years ago but I know some guys had issue with the gas station in Everglades City with water from their tank after fill up. It sounds like you’ve got everything squared away, the gas station is my only guess. Maybe someone else has a better idea. Good luck.
  6. Coto

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

  7. Coto

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    I though it was just the mechanic that retired and they were looking for another. They referred me to Total Marine in Davie. Now the whole place is closed permanently...WOW!
  8. Plus mirrordines. This was a victim of one the week before.
  9. Coto


    Those were good times working for Sheriff Nick Navarro, he didn't pay us much but we were able to do our jobs. I was paid close to $23,000 a year when I got hired by Nick. I bet your starting pay was in the teens.
  10. Coto


    Congrats Bubba!! I’ll be right behind you soon but 30 years is enough for me in Broward. I can’t believe you’ve done 40 years.
  11. By the way I don’t believe Colin Kapernick would approve of your post ....but I do👍
  12. Last week when I got back the water was at the dock floor. Now there is no floor...lol Glad you had a nice day and you are spot on that is a beautiful sunrise.
  13. Quick morning of great fishing! Can't ask for anything better, except if those rolling tarpon we were casting to would have cooperated that would have made it epic. I will also agree on netting skills being a big plus.
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