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  1. Coto

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Well done sir!
  2. Coto

    New to the RF Family

    My 18RF was my favorite boat. I’ve been through a lot of different ones but I always tell myself I should have just kept the 18RF. It was a great all round boat.
  3. Coto

    New to the RF Family

    The platform is great for making sandwiches.
  4. Coto

    2017 Maverick HPX-S

    Great looking skiff.
  5. Coto

    I Want FMT! What Would You Do?

    Agree, use the Garmin as a sounder and use the simrad as a chart plotter on the bracket. Unless you are OCD and need to remove the Gamin.
  6. Coto

    Garmin screen HOT to touch

    I don't recall my garmin screens being hot and the brightness is always set at high. I would call their customer support and ask, they have always been great when I needed answers.
  7. Coto

    Gov Shut Down - Flamingo Fishing This Weekend

    So it will look and operate the way it does on a regular basis.
  8. Coto

    20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    Thanks for the info DIno, it's a shame that it's not at another store cause I don't by from Dick's. There name says it all.
  9. Change of heart no longer looking to to trade nor sell. Thank you
  10. Not ready to go that route yet but if you would like you can pm me an offer.
  11. Very nice to spend time with the kids Dino. Did so the other day with my son and his friend who hooked up with his first two baby 30lbs tarpon. I will say there are a lot of rat reds and snook out and about. Don’t know if they were hungry or horny when they saw the lure but it was a chore removing hooks out them without injuring them.
  12. Coto

    2002 Mirage Restore

    Why don’t you take one off as a guide and make it out of acrylic or some other material that will suit you and that will fit in its place.
  13. Coto

    2015 HPX-V 17

    How the hec does a boat with 614 hours look like it came off the show room? You sir have amazing skills. If I lived in Alabama and was looking for a used HPX no doubt I would snatch this up. For goodness sakes I don't even see any mildew!
  14. Coto

    2000 hpx-t —SOLD

    I’ve done a lot of fishing in one of those with a 70hp on the back. How does it perform with the 50?