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  1. need help with final upgrade

    Just for clarification Bob at Inshore Marin Specialties is in Oakland Park not Pompano.
  2. SeaDek install in the morning

    Very nice...just keep the cats away from it.
  3. Thinking about trading not looking to purchase.
  4. Yamaha outboard parts

    I use partvu
  5. I wish you were in south Florida I’m looking to down size I would trade my 21 Redfisher for your skiff...she is a sweet one.
  6. Oyster Rash

    *** that is some serious scraping! I agree change those axles before you have a major roadway disaster.
  7. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    I also like the older style hewes type poling platform in the back. It gives you more usable fishing space on the aft deck compared to the tower I had where all four legs were on the deck. Good use of space, props for the guy who thought that one out.
  8. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    Very nice and good choice with that 115 bet she is fast.
  9. Mullet run madness

  10. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    I think a 40 is to under powered...a 2 stroke 115 on an hpxv is awesome. Benny Blanco had one with a 115 and that thing was a rocket ship and it was lighter than the yammie 90 4 stroke I had on mine. My choice would be for the 115.
  11. 2018 Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

    Even the redfish can't help but stare at such a good looking boat.
  12. Star Tron Enzyme fuel treatment

    Same...in all my boats I have used startron.
  13. another Buddy is gone.

    So sorry to hear that Carlos. It always tough when you have to put them down. They are family.
  14. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    It’s been pretty windy so the boat is stowed and now my son is obsessed with catching peacock bass after school from the canal bank...he can’t stop fishing.