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  1. Coto

    One hell of a guy!

  2. Coto

    Stern Squat?

    You can set up a bar on that one and serve drinks from it at the sandbar
  3. Checked on the two stroke weight says it’s 358 and it shows two different weights for the four stroke 377 and 386 why the difference?
  4. Good to know thought those 4 stroke 115’s were more.
  5. If you do sell shoot me a PM that 115 on the back is perfect. Light and fast.
  6. I would not sell that HPX if you have a second family size boat. If it was your only one...absolutely. The 18 RF is really good with 3 adults 4 starts getting cramped. 2 adults and 2 children no problem but they will grow up and you will be cramped again.
  7. Coto

    Garmin 74cv

    Yes I still have it.
  8. Coto

    Stern Squat?

    Don’t remember seeing the black plastic one on your boat, if you are talking about the Bob’s those are better, they are just like an extra large cavitation plate.
  9. Coto

    Stern Squat?

    Start with the prop before you start drilling holes into your cavitation plate. The Bob plate is a good choice if you can’t get the correct prop worked out. It is those plastic ones like dolfin which are hideous.
  10. Coto

    Stern Squat?

    I don’t think you will get rid of the squat with the weight of the 4stroke 115 on it. You can improve the hole shot with the correct prop. Contact Marcus “funky monkey” on this forum or at PowerTech headquarters and give him your current numbers and he will get you dialed in. Also a negative wedge from Bob’s Machine Shop helps as well but the right prop should correct it on its own. Don’t install that hideous hydrofoil looking thing🤪
  11. Coto

    Maverick 17 HPV X

    Sent you PM with phone number thanks
  12. Coto

    Maverick 17 HPV X

    Still waiting on pics
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