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  1. Coto

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    The fishing down south is the best. I was born and raised in Miami and it is nothing like it was growing up. Moved to Broward in 87 and been in law enforcement up here for 28+ years and Broward has drastically changed. I love the fishing here but once my affairs are in order after I do my 30 I’m out of here and leaving crazy in the rear view mirror. I can’t change people and culture but I can change my fishing style to adapt to where I end up.
  2. Coto

    Rum review... Papas PILAR

    Zacapa👍 Excellent for Dark and Stormy
  3. Coto

    HPX-T Livewell Issue - Help ASAP

    You can unscrew the white valve off and get a 3/4 screw cap they sell at west marine to cap it off, that’s what I did with my HPXV release well valve. The 1 1/2 T-H plug seen in the picture should be plugged in to keep water from coming up. Get a new plug they dry up after a while and don’t seal as tight as when new. My crustacean well also has a 1” brass flow thru that goes to the bottom of the hull and where the 1” stand pipe you see in the picture goes. That also needs to be plugged I use a 1” brass t-plug that expands when tuned. Another thing also on the screw cap make sure to put some Teflon tape on the male end thread. Hope that helps.
  4. Coto

    Lowrance/FMT question

    Yes the triangle means on. The trails can be selected individually to show or not show. pick the ones you like and leave them on. That option is in the waypoint, routes, trail section. You can also choose what color you want for them I suggested a different one than the color of your heading line as it will confuse you in a tight corner like the “s” curve in chokoloskee.
  5. It's official they have permanently closed...I confirmed it with the Miami store.
  6. That’s a nice unit I have the same one with the FMT.
  7. Coto

    2018 Maverick HPXs For Sale!!!!!

    Very nice boat.
  8. Coto

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    Not me, too many things in the waters of everglades national park with teeth that are bigger than me. 😲
  9. Coto

    2001 Hewes 21 Redfisher SOLD!

    Bump new price
  10. Coto

    2017 Hewes Redfisher 18

    Beautiful boat.
  11. Coto

    Maverick Boat Cover - Rod Gunnel Materials

    That looks like 2mm Seadek.
  12. Coto

    2001 Hewes 21 Redfisher SOLD!

    Bump- Let's make a deal.
  13. Coto

    Chime in if you carry a SAT Phone or why not

    Forget the SAT phone, that money could by a lot of Bib and Tucker...and Led Zeppelin playing makes it a good day. I do prefer Judas Priest though!
  14. Coto

    2001 Hewes 21 Redfisher SOLD!

    Bump reduced
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