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  1. 2shallow

    Trim Tab switch boot

    Thanks! I will give that a try.
  2. 2shallow

    Trim Tab switch boot

    I need a teplacement little rubber boot that covers the trim tab switch on my 18HPXV. Mine has the vertical toggle switches. Does anyone know where I get get them? Thanks!
  3. 2shallow

    Launching 18HPX-V

    If you back the trailer too far into the water the back of the boat begins to float up causing the bow to dip down and catch on the front roller. This is the only way my 18HPX will catch on the bow.
  4. 2shallow

    WTB used Garmin 740 or 740s

    I have a 740s that I am no longer using. Make an offer if you are interested.
  5. 2shallow

    2016 HPX-V 18 slow fuel fill

    That is exactly what I did. Been that way for five years.
  6. 2shallow

    2016 HPX-V 18 slow fuel fill

    I placed a small block of starboard under the lowest point in the fill line to eliminate the sag. As a result, I have no issues filling my tank.
  7. 2shallow

    Trim Tab Failure?

    Thanks for the help guys! You can only see the seal in the photo.
  8. 2shallow

    Trim Tab Failure?

    The seal, wiper and a couple of o-rings came out of the end of the Lenco trim tab cylinder on my 18'HPXV. I was able to slide them all back in place and everything still works fine. Do I need to replace the actuator before it fails or should I just wait for it to quit working? Thanks!
  9. 2shallow

    Wtb Hardy 11wt 1 piece

    I have a Proaxis X 11 wt 1 piece that has never been fished. I took the plastic off the handle and cast it in the yard. Then took it on 1 tarpon trip but it stayed in the rod holder. $400 and I will ship it to you.
  10. 2shallow

    Tibor Pacific

    I have a Tibor Gulf Stream in excellent condition and would consider a trade. If you are still interested I will send pics and we can discuss.
  11. 2shallow

    18 HPX with F115 Running Video

    What prop and in what hole is the engine mounted?
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