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  1. Southeast, Charleston 2017 tournament

    Email mentioned we could move our tickets to the Charleston OT event.... I do not see one posted ?? Andy
  2. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I agree with Skip..as a whole we can provide a lot of support for these folks that were hit the hardest! I had reservations for the entire week next door at The Sands.. I left message for them on Friday to move my reservation to whatever date that would be best for them! I would be there to help them with rebuilding, cleanup, whatever they need! I have already spread out the resources that I had stocked up...fuel, water, food, generators It's what we do as good neighbors! Andy
  3. MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Nail-em registered for two also.. Have my best fishing partner coming with me, my wife! We will be arriving Monday the 18th and staying next door. Looking forward to an awesome time!
  4. Pretty cool new product for seating

    May be just the way I am looking at it... but it does not seem to have enough support area at the cooler attachment to support leaning back on! Andy
  5. Sea Claw-I just love it when packages arrive

    I got one for my 20 pathy a few years back...he made sure the bar length was long enough for it to hang in the locker! Great guy, great product! Andy
  6. 2015 OT

    1) DblPly HPX Micro (2) 2) G8R 21RF (4) 3) Maxx 18RF (2) 4) Seaweed 21MA (3) 5) Schwartz 24PFTE (3) 6) Big Dave and Grovesnatcher 7) RW & Lynn 18 HPX (2) 8) Rowdy & Lisa 16 Redfisher (3) 9) Headhunter & the Mrs. HPX Micro (2) 10) Mitchell & Gayle 18 Bayfisher (2) 11) Nail-em & (2) 20 Pathy next entry(ies) - cut & paste to add your stuff.
  7. 2015 OT

    Nail-Em registered with my son, Cody and Big-E. Andy
  8. 2015 OT

    I am so looking forward to attending my first owners tournament this year....room and boat slip next door at The Sands. The wife could not make it but will have my son and a good friend joining me for some great times. :cool: Andy
  9. Photo Zone Contest #1

    Like that B&W of the "Boys" brings back memories of my younger days! BTW great thought to put up a photo forum! will post some photos later! Andy
  10. North Captiva

    Mine also,,nice photo! Andy
  11. 2010 Islamorada OT

    I had planed on attending this year with my son but, he works for the Jaguars and thay have a home game, my wife has to stay home with the kids as they are in school, my neighbor who fishes with me reguarly cant go, so...I will set my sights on next year! I would like to wish all who attend, safe travel, blue skys, lots of fish, and toast a brew to those of us who wish we were there! Andy