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  1. 2018 AmeraTrail for HPXT

    Is this still available and if so asking price?
  2. ISO windshield 21 MA

    Looks good. Thanks.
  3. ISO windshield 21 MA

    Would like to see it please.
  4. Friction hinges

    Jerry at gemlux?
  5. Friction hinges

    I was thinking center live well myself and go from there. With all the hatches on a ma21 it’s expensive. Thanks.
  6. Friction hinges

    Thinking about upgrading to these on my ma21. Anybody have any input on these? Thanks.
  7. Hella stern light

    Needing to replace. Anyone have a source on best place to purchase a new one. Would like to replace with led probably. Thanks.
  8. 21 MA battery addition

    If you have trolling motor batteries you can use one of those for your extra battery. That's what myself and a lot of other people on here have done Diagram is in saved post section.
  9. HPX Spray Rail Pictures

    I do not see a link for Bob@IMS
  10. HPX Spray Rail Pictures

    They come predrilled from Mbc so the holes will probably dictate that. I would think#10s. The dealer I spoke with said they had installed a few sets in the last month. Sounded like no big deal but When I drill on the hull it's a big deal to me. Let me know how it goes. Thanks.
  11. HPX Spray Rail Pictures

    Thinking about getting some of these. Any problems retro fitting these. 5200 and screw them on I assume. Thanks
  12. Mirage switch panel

    Anyone know best place to get new switch panel for a mirage. Thanks
  13. 2002 21MA Repower/Reno

    Looks great! What was the thought process on the 10" setback on the jack plate? Also is that paint or a wrap? Again it looks great!
  14. WTB Maverick Poling Platform

    Never seen a poling platform by him but I'm sure he could handle it.
  15. WTB Maverick Poling Platform

    You talked to Kramer in Gtown?