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  1. mulligan

    WTB: 36V Trolling Motor

    Not new but well within your budget. I think the parts to make it new again are about $100.
  2. mulligan

    Cover treatment

    Thanks, I will try one of those out. Luckily the boat is not in direct sun and will have a shade cover very soon and somewhere down the line a pole barn.
  3. mulligan

    Cover treatment

    My boat has always been in a boat shed since I got it so the cover was only on for added protection. Moved to a new house that does not have a boat shed yet. Do you guys put anything on the cover to help protect it? Also how do you air the boat out with the cover on? I always just left the boat uncover for a few days with hatches open then put the cover over the boat, that is not happening now with all the trees around the boat.
  4. mulligan

    Yamaha Gauge always blinks low fuel

    It looks to me as you are missing some parts or you have an odd sending unit. Here is a typical sending unit. https://www.amazon.com/Moeller-Marine-Products-035722-10-Electric/dp/B000MTI15K/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=fuel+sending+unit+float&qid=1555496981&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  5. mulligan

    17 pitch prop

    I had a 97 Bayfisher as well. I ran a bunch of props of all sizes when I had it. My go to prop was a 17 Trophy. It had good holeshot, great grip, and WOT was 42-43 @ 55-5600rpm loaded pretty good. This was a few years ago so there are some new props out there that might do better. The HR lurem mentioned sounds pretty nice. I found the Bayfisher was not too picky about props, it really came down to what you were looking for and how you wanted the boat to ride. My prop cheat sheet of prop data/notes is long gone but I may be able to dust the cobwebs out on how some of the props I tried ran on that hull.
  6. mulligan

    Prop specs

    When prop shopping you can see the size, pitch, and vague words like "heavy cup" and "high rake" etc. I understand that different blade types effect the prop dimensions and know different manufacturers measure their props differently but is there a reason they don't list more specifics on the props? I would think it might be easier to compare props if there were rake angles, cup, barrel length and so on. Maybe some of you prop gurus could shed some light on what I'm missing?
  7. mulligan

    Powertech 17p

    I would be curious one how that runs on your boat if you try one out. I tried a RED when I had my BF. Fast prop but not much grip. I think the RED and RAF are similar with the RAF having more rake and cup.
  8. mulligan

    West Sstems Epoxy on Hewes

    I have used West epoxy to fill in where an old power pole was. It was West 610 and I added some chopped glass to the mix, my holes were a little bigger. Worked well for me.
  9. mulligan


    I guess I'm old too! I've had Deka AGM for trollers in the past, lasted about 5-6 years @ $200plus, Odyssey and Optima for starting/house that only made it about 2 years and just replaced my cheap Wally World trollers that have been in the boat since the beginning of 2014.
  10. mulligan

    Seat back rest for MA17

    Birdsall marine ships them out. I had one on my last boat and it worked well. Just give them the size and they will make it. They might be limited on the colors for the vinyl if you have an off color you are going to match. There is always Quality T-Tops. When I was searching years ago they were a good bit more for they backrest but can get it done.
  11. mulligan

    1997 hewes Redfisher hull color

    Not to be difficult but they came in many different colors. Without a photo it is hard to tell.
  12. mulligan

    Porta Bracket question.

    I don't run one but a lot of the tower boats run them around here. The big difference is setback and lift unless they changed something. Portas start at something like 15" of setback and have 2-3 times the amount of lift to them.
  13. mulligan

    1997 Hewes Bayfisher Lappy

    The boat looks really familiar. Still miss her, glad to see her still well cared for. GLWTS
  14. mulligan

    Garmin ????

    How is Garmin being recommended by the factory? Is it simply because the offer it? They once put Lowrance in their boats from what I recall. I don't see the big deal if Garmin is on the list of options but not Brand X. Simply put in whatever brand fits your fancy. I know I would rather put a GPS myself than a factory unit just because I could put it where I choose not where someone else thinks its best for me. If you look at it like buying a new truck, yes I know not the same, you can choose a few different radio styles but you can't choose the brand. Same as the tires like someone said a few post up. I know my truck came with Bridgestone, no where did I see I could get Toyo.
  15. mulligan

    Boat/engine appearance care.

    Does the Hydrosliex or f11 bring the shine back or is it just protection? My console and inside cockpit always need a good polish then wax to make it shine, then repeat every few months.
  16. mulligan

    Spring 2019 Mixed Bag

    Thanks. It looks like we will be moving over there soon. The house has a small couple acre pond behind it and hope it is a hit rather than a miss. Every time I have gone there I have seen splashes on the surface and people fishing the bigger lake, Lake Dupree, across the street. Sure would be nice to walk outside to bend a rod.
  17. mulligan

    Nevr-Dull to polish Yamaha motor ?

    If it is the same metal polish I'm thinking it is I would not use it on paint. Like a lot of metal polishes it has abrasives in it so it would be removing some paint with every use. I used Never Dull, the stuff in a tin can, when I had my old Triumph Bonneville and it worked great on the metal but used regular polish on the paint.
  18. mulligan

    Spring 2019 Mixed Bag

    Those are some pond fatties! If I remember correctly back in the day you hopped around the Land o Lake ponds/lakes. Would you happen to know how the bank fishing is generally over that way?
  19. mulligan

    what kind of caulk do i use

    When I did mine awhile back I used plan old silicone caulk figuring I was just sealing and not bonding anything. I has held up good so far. The color I used was almond, I think, and it matched the off white of my deck almost perfectly. I have seen some use black as HoneyB said and that looks really sharp too and you don't have to worry about seeing any dirt with the black.
  20. mulligan

    Can I add a fuel flow to Ox66?

    http://ww2.lowrance.com/en-CA/Products/Gauges/LMF200-en-ca.aspx http://ww2.lowrance.com/en-CA/Products/NMEA-2000/fuel-flow-sensor-en-ca.aspx Not $100 anymore but they still make them.
  21. mulligan

    36v Minn Kota Riptide SF (tiller)

    I’m not picky at all. Here are some beauty pics.
  22. As the title says 36v Minn Kota tiller. It was made late 2012 but has been sitting on the boat shed floor for a couple of years. It has a fairly new 62" shaft and worked perfectly when I took it off. It is not pretty. It gets a participation ribbon in the beauty contest but comes in close to the bottom. The paint on the metal parts have flaked off and have been repainted. The motor housing has been sanded and painted a couple times due to rust. It really needs a new housing but can be run as is until it dies if you want. I will try to get pictures up later. Moving soon and don't want to lug it around. $ One 6-pack of IPA O.B.O. Pickup only in Holiday FL
  23. mulligan

    OT: Competitive Shooting Clubs So. Florida

    Sorry I can't help with SFL comps, I'm just a go out back and make noise guy. If the ranges near you rent pistols you might look into that to shot and see which one(s) fit you. It is a cheap way to try a bunch out before you drop the coin on one.
  24. mulligan

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Getting closer! With all the beef ups and new glass work it is even going to have that new boat smell when it's all done.
  25. mulligan

    Battery jump pack

    Same here. They do have good customer service but sadly I had to find out a few times over a short period of time. I know nothing about their jump packs.
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