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    Bait & Release Well Plumbing 2003 RF18

    When you are shopping for "marine" plumbing you can also check ag supply stores especially if going the SS route. The valves and other plumbing that is used on sprayers is chemical resistant. Some of the corrosive properties in what is sprayed out of those things makes saltwater look like it is from a spring. A lot of the time you can get marine grade or better without the marine price.
  2. mulligan

    PT OFX4 prop help

    Not to step on any toes here but pitch to pitch the OFX and Bravo spin completely different. The OFX is tough to spin for its pitch while the Bravo spins easier for its pitch. On my 3.3 HPDI I spin a 22 OFX to about 57-5800 rpm. I tried a Bravo 22 and without much trim hit 6k. I have a 23 Bravo that has had work done by Rich to add cup and still spin that to 59-6000. I even tried a 25 Bravo and was around 5600rpm. By no means am I saying go drop the $$ on a Bravo but if you can get your hands on one to try it is worth a shot.
  3. mulligan

    Gasparilla Boat Invasion; ahhh NOPE!

    So the way I read it is... Leave your boat at home and find someone with a big boat and 20 drunk women? Just kidding. Maybe 20 years ago.
  4. mulligan

    Back in MBG Family with new boat

    Sexy rig! That color combo looks amazing.
  5. mulligan

    Forum doing strange stuff

    I thought it was just me. I saw new post pop up and when I clicked on it I got a "fatal error".
  6. mulligan

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    Yep. Ran fine through out the rpm range except a few hundred rpms around 3500-3700 or so. It was a quick blip in the rpm and felt almost a slight miss.
  7. mulligan

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    I was not taking any chances and replace both cables from the battery to the motor including the battery switch. Sounds like the same thing that was happening to me. I did the TPS, all filters (including the injector filters and ones inside the hp pump) had maybe 10 hours on them when it started, injectors were just flow tested/cleaned, coils checked, new plugs, fuel pumps tested, new battery....
  8. mulligan

    HPDI stutter at 3500 rpm

    That was mine. After they redid everything I had done and had already checked they thought they found the problem when they found a small hole in the tuner.After I did a test run with them and the new tuner was in, the problem was still there. They finally traced it to a weak battery cable. I took the boat home, replaced the cable, and all is good now. If you want I can tell you the list of things I and the shop did trying to figure out the issue.
  9. mulligan

    Vroom Vroom, 21 Fusion with 250 SHO. UPDATE: 74.6 MPH!

    Did you guys add the extra setback when the new motor was mounted or after when playing with the setup?
  10. mulligan

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Geez Skip, you are worse than a season finale cliffhanger! It looks to be fairly calm but how was the ride compared to the standard 23? Or is that next season too.
  11. mulligan

    Improved Cheese Grater

    We just unscrew the lag bolts and pushed the wood to the side, did not remove the complete bunk. If they are rusted some might break off so have a couple extra on hand, just saying from experience.
  12. mulligan

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    x2 on 70 plus running light. If I remember right JoshB was around 66-67 when running a 300. FYI. I don't have anything real pressing at work today if you guys at MBC need an extra person on the boat.
  13. mulligan

    Improved Cheese Grater

    A 1/4" might be the right one for yours. On Lurem's we had to trim it down a blade width or so if I remember correctly. So his was about 1/4". This is a picture of mine while working on it. The numbers are the depth of mine from the hull's running surface to the flat part where the old grater rested.
  14. mulligan

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Thanks for the heads up Geevian, I'll have to check mine out. I will check but I pretty sure I have some extra 3/8" Lexan that I can cut if some wants it. I will say that after doing them for 2 boats it would be nearly impossible to just cut and bolt them on unless you scan the opening and CNC or something like that. The chest has a curve on the inside which I'm guessing is going to be just slightly different from hull to hull so there is a lot of crawling under the boat, sand/trim, check again, repeat if you want an exact flush fit. I guess you could just cut to the size of the ss grater and it would fit but you would have a slight gap around the outside.
  15. mulligan

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Just a tip for you guys running a Bob's plate on your outboard that worked out on my ole Bayfisher that had one. Since the plate adds some drag and robs a bit of performance just clean up the fins on the underside. I rounded the edges and made the leading edge more like a point. Doing that I gained the topend I lost by having the plate on.
  16. mulligan

    Bilge Pump Question

    If it is the same as my 05 RF the power to the float does not come from the battery in the console, or I should say is not directly hooked to the battery in the console. It comes from where the main power lead is hooked up on the battery switch in the bilge. I can check when I get home but I do believe there is a fuse for it that just kinda hangs from the switch. If the fuse is good the end going to the power might be bad, I've had to put a new end on mine.
  17. mulligan

    Electronics upgrade

    Just go to a place that sells big plastic sheets, I'm sure there is something close by. I picked up a "scrap" piece (24"x30") of lexan at Plastic America down near me for next to nothing. These type of places have all kinds of colors and sizes to fit you liking. Sorry I do not know of any in NW FL but I'm betting there are a few.
  18. mulligan

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I am not a naval engineer or boat builder by any stretch so take this with Forest Gump in mind. MBC has had some ride issues, porpoising, with certain combos over the years. My guess is most builders have if they have been around long enough when 4 strokes became the norm and hulls were built around 2 stroke motors. I am not saying that a flush or flusher seacheast would be the fix for all issues with the ride problems or fix a poor designed hull. I feel MBC has done a good job of making changes where needed to improve the ride of their boats over the years to keep up and stay ahead. Then there is the RF16, a great boat that owners love with the exception of always have to adjust trim and tabs to have it run right no matter of the power on the back. Yes, MBC has changed the layout, moved the fuel tank, ect. I am not sure if this was done to improve the ride or not but the problem was still there and owner just dealt with it because they liked everything else about the boat. There are a couple people on this forum who have spend countless hours and big$$$ to get their rig running the best it can. Time on the water moving weight around, changing setbacks, motor heights, running every prop that would fit on the motor and the porpoising was still there. Then the idea of changing out the seacheast cover pops up and the same people that have been trying to get their rig to run the way it should try it out and that $5 piece of plastic gives the best ride over everything they have done in the past. I am not bashing MBC or anyone else here just saying what I have noticed. Heck, If MBC flushed mounted the grate I bet they would sell a lot more RF16s when people found out how stable of a ride they have with the "new" design. I would hope that if a new grate were to go on the RF16 that Geevian and Lurem would get hull number 1 and 2 just for the years they have done with R&D.
  19. mulligan

    PF vs MA21 hull

    I have read many times on here and elsewhere that the Pathfinder and MA21 hull are the same. Maybe it is just me but I do not see it. I have not owed either nor have I crawled under them. The PF is longer and wider, the bow entry looks different, and the running surface is different as the MA has a pad. Is there something I am missing that these two hulls are always compared as the same?
  20. mulligan

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Yes the 2 at the rear are vertical. My thought behind it was to help drain and aide in getting water in the chest at rest.
  21. mulligan

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I ran it this week but no video. If I get a chance I will be out this weekend to run it some more and hang my phone over the back for a video. The grater worked good for me. I may have picked up a little on the top but the prop I had on runs fairly flat and does not have the best bite on the topend. Just like Dale, the back feels lighter so I'm hoping a prop swap might gain some MPH. I did notice my cruise numbers were up some. The livewell worked well for me, better than the ss grate. My well always took time to prime sometimes having to get almost on plane and with the new grate it fired right up and started pumping. It worked well at rest and while running. I only had one well on, too lazy to open the others, but had plenty of water flow. I have (4) 7/32" angled holes running down the outside,( 1) 7/32" on the rear inside, and (1)1/4" in the rear center.
  22. mulligan

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Glad to hear it worked out so well for you.
  23. mulligan

    What did you do to your boat today?

    I was at my parent's for Christmas and just thinking how my dad does his "prop" work, not with props but other things, and trust me I was taking close notes. My parents have been married 45+ years and when I was younger I learn things like car, boats tools, ect. from my dad. While I still am learning those things from him I am learning more how to get things through the door unnoticed and if noticed how to play it cool like nothing happened. I will not give away all his secrets but here is an example of how he worked it over the holiday. My dad has been looking for a new carry pistol and as most of you know there is no returning them once they leave the store. He had it narrowed down to a couple but could not make up his mind on which one. So the thinker he is he buys a couple and gives the other as a gift on Christmas! So now he gets a new toy,gives one as a gift, and all under the radar.
  24. mulligan

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Once you have gone to the dance it is hard to stay away! For those of you who still have hope of not going down the road to prop mayhem look for the warning signs: You are just looking for a prop with good holeshot AND good topend You justify spending $500 to gain .3 GPH between 2000-2200 RPM You have props for lowtide and hightide days, fun days and hardcore fishing days then a set for winter and summer You have more than one prop shop number on you phone and multiple contact points for said prop shops You have been asked why you need to send a brand new prop to get "fixed" before you have even put an hour on it. You have a logbook full of speed/rpm data and pages of notes. You have props sitting around unused for years just because. You have walked by your trolling motor and wondered how it would work with just a bit of cup on the tips. You have said this is the last one I'm going to try then I'm done! I do not mean to offend anyone but this is a major problem taking over the boating world and prop companies are not helping by always coming out with new props. There is help out there, just be very careful of who you go to. Some of these help groups are just people that have props you have not tried and offer you to use it. BTW, Has anyone ran a Turbo TXP on a Redfisher hull?