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  1. Poling platform cracking

    Is it my eyes or has someone been in there that has worked on that spot before?
  2. King Starboard Starlite XL question

    Looking at their site, it appears the regular 1/2" is 2.5# a square ft., with the XL at 2#. Not sure if it will make a difference in the center of the boat.
  3. Need a Trailer for my 18' Redfisher

    How many axels are you putting on for $1500? By all means if you want to get a new trailer, do it, but if the trailer is in good shape besides the axle it would be a lot cheaper just to get an axle. Last time I got a new axle it was about $400 for a torsion axle and that included hubs.
  4. Get boat off lift in shallow H2O

    A trash pump is just a gas water pump that is able to handle sediment, think big water main break pump. You can pick up a fairly cheap one at Northern Tool or the like ($400 or so)or just rent one for about $75.
  5. Get boat off lift in shallow H2O

    I do not have a lift but what about using a trash pump to make room? A buddy used one near his lift so he was able to get in\out.
  6. ‘04 hewes RF 21 water pickup

    http://www.mbggear.com/product/replacement-livewell-pick-up-grate-for-pathfinder-sea-chests/ My guess would be that it is the same for Hewes as Pathfinder. I have not done one but hear the holes do not line up when going from plastic to SS but is doable.
  7. Trailer Tires

    Maybe I'm looking at it wrong but it looks like that calculator might be misreading. When you change only the rim size and leave the tire size the same , tire body, it really is changing the tire size, I think. If they mean "tire body" is the distance from lip of rim to outside of the tire that would mean a 13" rim with a tire body of 6" would have a smaller circumference than a 14" with a tire body of 6". It is all about outside circumference of the tire not rim. I could be wrong as it happens more and more as I age.
  8. Under Gunnel Rod Holders

    I had a 97 that look the same as yours, they were made of Starboard/pvc board. Could you just remove what you have using it as a template to make another set for the other side?
  9. Come to the marina now

    I was thinking the same thing. It looks like one of those fancy GPS motors and it probably took on a mind of it's own. Another reason I'll stick with a hand tiller. Glad no one was hurt. Knowing how that area can get at times it could have been real messy fast.
  10. New fishing buddy

    Well as much as it breaks my heart to do it and more ashamed to say it we are going to have to find a new home for the puppy. He has some traits that are not going to match with us. I would like to find him a good home as he is a very good puppy and is very smart. In the time we have had him he has been 95% house broken and knows basic commands pretty well for such a young pup but will need a specific type of home that we would be unable to provide for him. If anyone knows or wants a puppy feel free to contact me and I can give you the details on him.
  11. 2006 21' Redfisher

    Me either. I have a 250 and would take 65 loaded ready to fish.
  12. Release Well?

    On the Bayfisher I had there was a small drain out the transom. I had it plumbed with a "T" off the intake and had to run a hose to the well by drilling into the side of the well. It worked well but I never really used it and when I put a new pump for the main well I never hooked the release back up.
  13. New fishing buddy

    Yes. We have been visiting a few rescue places, some good some not so good.
  14. New fishing buddy

    We think he is shepherd/lab mutt. He has the markings of a shepherd and body of lab with webbed paws but that is just a guess. Yep tennis ball already. Don't know where he found it but he did.
  15. New fishing buddy

    It has been about a 1 1/2 years since I had to say bye to my last buddy and this guy just wanted to come home with us so.....