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  1. What did you do to your boat today?

    Shane, What are the two screws on the vertical sides for? Some kind of tuning foil?
  2. Time to Re-power

    Good locking setup you have there! I'm jealous.
  3. Powerpole tubing through transom, yay or nay?

    Mine is on a bracket but this is the slack I had to have.
  4. MA21 Prop Choice

    Yes and no unless it is different than my 05 250. My manual say 4500 to 5500 as well but they changed it in 06 I think because of fouling plugs and such. When I spoke to Marcus and others I was told to treat it as the range went to 6k and so I did. The rev limiters are all set the same, 6150 rpm. It might not be the same with the 225.
  5. Powerpole tubing through transom, yay or nay?

    The new tubing maybe different but on mine I had to put slack in the tubing. The pole would still deploy but sometimes had a hard time retracting because it needed more slack. I will take a pic later.
  6. Mercury Verado

    Ouch! $3k is a lot of $$ for paint. Since the Yamaha is all painted, trim, lower, ect, I can see that. On the Mercury the only parts that are different colors are the bolt on covers which should be easy to paint thus cheaper. I would think if you want an exact match you might have to get it custom painted.
  7. Sorry to hear. I lost my buddy last year to cancer and still expect him to run to the door when I get home. My story is opposite when it comes to dogs and women. My ex-girlfriend is the one who brought the puppy home so when we split she took the dog. Within a few days the dog had destroyed all her new furniture! The dog never chewed anything before or after. Needless to say but our furry friends always seem to be right. Oh and I got my buddy back from the ex and we had a great 13 years of fun.
  8. Transducer question?

    I never really used sonar for inshore UNTIL I had structure scan. Yes it is big and ugly but it is a great tool to have. I like when out getting bait when the water is not clear or in the dark and also for cruising docks and around bridges. I guess it all depends on how you fish.
  9. 2006 Maverick 21 Master Angler for sale

    I also think the nav lights moved to the console in 05. Great looking boat.
  10. Anyone build rods?

    The blank I have is a P903. To give a comparison it is very similar to the Loomis IMX. I redid a buddy's Pxx IMX with the same guides as the MHX I built and they are very close feel and performance. The spin/jig blank I think will be stiffer then the popping blanks. The only reason I say that is I have Loomis IMX in a spin/jig and it is stiffer than my buddy's popping rod in the same length and line class. x2 on GetBit. Great people and shipping is a lot better
  11. Anyone build rods?

    They are both popping rods I'll get the model later today. You are welcome to try it if you want.
  12. Anyone build rods?

    I have a rod built on a MHX, forgot the model, but it is close to an Avid. The Avid is 7' compared to the MHX at 7'6" so not exactly apples to apples. It is a good all around rod. The two rods I always take with me are the MHX and Rainshadow. The MHX I like slightly better for artificial as the tip is a little faster and the Rainshadow for live bait. Both blanks can do it all pretty well.
  13. Losing power

    Pretty simple. Drain the vst tank. Remove the 3 bolts holding it on so it is easier to remove filter. Then just remove the screws on top to drop the pan. I think there is a small hose you have to remove to give yourself some room.
  14. Losing power

    Vst and mid pressure filters would be a good start. Were all the filters changed in the injectors and HP pump when the injectors were cleaned?
  15. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    I will take a look at mine later to jar my memory more but if I recall I had to unbolt the pump and slide it out some just to get at the solenoids.