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  1. mulligan

    New Merc/Quicksilver Q4

    I might be wrong but I don't think the Q4 is a "new" prop. I thought it was a rebranded Rev4.
  2. mulligan

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Brad, it measured at .085” thick.
  3. mulligan

    What did you do to your boat today?

    It is hard to say what the hole shot plate did as both were done at the same time. I am guessing it helped because I would have thought that the spacers would have hurt hole shot and it seemed about the same as running without them. I have only run the boat once and it was blowing pretty good when I did but I like the spacers on there. My RPMs dropped about 100 RPMs and my top end went up about 3 mph with the same load. I might be able to squeeze a tad more if it was not blowing so hard. I still have slip numbers higher than I would like but it is down 4%. The boat also felt very planted while running. Overall happy with how they worked. I'll play with a few props I have to see how they act 2" back.
  4. mulligan

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Finally got some time to add some spacers and make a copy of the TH marine plate for my Bob’s plate.
  5. mulligan

    Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Now that's is a nice delivery! Can't wait to hear how it runs for you.
  6. mulligan

    Warming Up

    Nice work. I thought I saw a pretty green Maverick behind a fancy new truck! Sounds like you did a lot better than us on Sunday. I finally got a break from looking at houses, I was told I get too grumpy if I go too long without being on the water, and got out for a few hours after work. We were mostly north of the Cotee to avoid the wind. Everything we saw did not want to eat except a couple drums.
  7. mulligan

    Fuel/Water Separator slight leak

    Before you go Hercules on the filter I would make sure you mating surface is clean. I know with some of the housings there can be stuff up there just from the metal they are made from. Or there even could be an old gasket on there, happened to me before. I am in the hand tighten plus about 1/4-1/2 turn camp when putting the filter back on.
  8. mulligan

    Dumb things not to do . . .

    I don't think you are alone in the fill the boat with water to find a leak camp. Just think about how much less you are going to draft and how much faster you will be now that your boat is lighter from all the water out of her!
  9. mulligan

    GPS Screen Size

    I don't know how I make it back to the ramp every time I go out. My Lowrance is not turned on 95% of the time and 4.5% of the other time it is on sonar or info. Maybe I should look at my gps more and not what is around me. Enjoy the new unit Fin.
  10. mulligan

    Oyster White paint

    I found an "almond" paint that matched it awhile ago. I can see if I still have the can to get the # on it but I doubt I still have it, I want to say it was an Oldsmobile color. You can just take the part to the auto store and try to match it up.
  11. mulligan

    Aluminum vs Steel Trailer Wheels

    I agree with everything Lap said. I have had both. The aluminum defiantly look better but I always cleaned and polished them and about two years in the clear coat started to come off. I now just get rims with the tires mounted at about the same cost as the tire alone.
  12. mulligan

    Re power, trade or sell as is?

    I went through the same thing when my 115 let go on the Bayfisher I had. I crunched all the numbers and it came down to holding onto the boat for many years and putting a new motor on it or selling it "as is". I loved the boat but wanted something a little bigger because at the time my nephew and buddy's son were always going out with us. I put it up for sale with blown motor to see if there was interest and had people lined up to buy it so I sold it.
  13. mulligan

    Trailer Bunk Help

    A easy cheap and good looking way to fix the worn spot, if just gel coat is to spray it like Brad said. I get white gel coat and tint it to match my hull, thin it out with styrene, and spay it with a cheap Harbor Freight gun. You can use one of those Preval sprayer if you don't want to get a spray gun. A little bit of sanding and you will not be able to tell the mark was ever there. All in if you don't have any of the stuff is about $50 or less and you will have enough to last a long time. The trailer on my last boat was doing the same thing and added another set of bunks to cure the problem. As a plus to the extra bunks was it made loading easier.
  14. mulligan

    Severe cavitation

    Great to hear it was a simple fix and you are back up and running, correctly.
  15. mulligan

    Severe cavitation

    You should not have any side play in the prop, a little front to back is normal. You may just have a bad hub. Like Geevian asked knowing the prop type would help as some do not like much trim before there is cavitation. I would hope with a new boat the dealer would get you straightened out.