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  1. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    I do also and lucky I do as I had the transfer pump fail on me. I am not sure if it is the same with all Yamaha but mine went into "limp" mode when the tank under the cowl was about halfway full.
  2. Master Angler Production

    There was an interview awhile back that made mention of a new 21RF.
  3. HAPPINESS IS. . . .

    Seeing the enjoyment on my girlfriend’s face as she catches her first cobia. As a plus she wanted to clean and cook it too! I was nice enough to give her a bye on cleaning the boat when we got home😁
  4. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    Just curious if you checked for power going to the motor itself or the solenoids? The solenoids are often the problem and can be replaced with Mercury trim solenoids cheaply. I have never tried to repair the motor itself but have done a couple trim motors which are about the same. On the trim motors I have done they just needed a good cleaning of the brushes or had a broken brush spring.
  5. Brand new boat-Live wells flooding

    You will get water into the wells while the boat is moving just by force. If you have the plugs in there is nowhere for the water to go except out the top. Like other said, close the valve if you do not want any water in or leave the plug out so the water moves through the well drain and not over the top.
  6. 2200 V Repower Prop Confusion

    JEM is right on saying props can be off right out of the box and not just from PT but all manufactures. Also different manufactures measure pitch differently, there is a reason some send brand new props off to prop shops. As for a prop changing pitch over time, I think it would be unlikely unless you hit something. Overtime your prop will loose cupping, it's edge, surface, ect. Just taking a stab in the dark here but if your 19 has lost it cupping it is not going to have the grip it once had and thus you will have higher slip. The prop part numbers you have looks like one part number split up. A OFX style prop for Yamaha would be OFX4R19CLY200 and OFX417CLY200.
  7. Bilge Pump

    I have a Rule automatic as well. It was doing the same as you described in regards to the "auto" within the first year. The pump part was working fine so I just added another auto switch. It has been about 4 years and no more issues. The switch I put in was a Water Witch.
  8. Need a new switch panel MA 17'

    I had one for my hewes made by Bob at Inshore Marine Specialties.
  9. Launching 18HPX-V

    Do not have the same set up but this works for me especially on solo trips. To keep from backing in too far I just put some slack in the wench line. So when you back in the boat in and the stern starts to lift just tap the brake and off she goes but it is still hooked to the trailer.
  10. JL tweeter

    2 of the 4 of my tweeters on my M770 have rusted out. I see they now have replacement tweeter/grills and just wondering if anyone has done the swap.
  11. 21MA vs 21 RF

    Yep, a bit wider and heard more stable but they are both big boats and stable. The RF is also going to be a few ticks quicker due to its beam and it likes to ride on top. But speed is a wash if it is choppy out. I’m not sure of the live well Capacity of the MA but the RF has 3 wells and can add a fourth. Besides the flip up seat I like the RF layout better but that is just me. I am not sure where you’re located but I fish the Tarpon Springs area if you want to run around in a RF.
  12. 21MA vs 21 RF

    In a nutshell, ride. The Mav is going to have a little smoother ride.
  13. Cheap Boat Cover

    That is what I did on my last boat. Got the "good" one from Wally world for about $100. I got it for a 20'-22' boat for my 18' Hewes. It fit over the platform and fit pretty good too. I use it outside for a couple of years and it held up fine but was getting some wear. I moved and the boat got a room to herself so like you the cover was just to keep the dust off.
  14. Transducer wiring Question

    I went through the transom and covered the cables. I don't have a splash well so no other choice for me.
  15. 3.3 VMax RPM drop

    Well I finally have the boat back and working the way it should. They thought it was the tuner and it may have been part of the issue, there was a small hole on the inside and one of the gaskets did have a leak. I had them replace the tuner. After the tuner was replaced I went on a wet test with the service manager. The motor ran like crap. Rough Idle, no hole shot, and would only turn 4800 RPM. Back to the drawing board. It when on the computer and the YDS had a low voltage alarm that was kicking into safe mode and the cable going from the battery switch to the motor did not look to healthy. So I picked the boat up ran all new cables from the battery to a new switch and then to the motor. Took the boat out yesterday and she ran like it should all the way to 6k RPM. I did not play with it too much with the rain coming in and the chop but all seemed good.