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  1. My switches are backlit and have worked great for years. If anyone wants to trade boats straight up, we can talk. A 23 would fit my needs better but could probably make a new 25 work also.☺️
  2. mulligan

    Single bank Genius onboard charger

    I might be the odd ball here. I have not had the single bank charger, mine were 3 bank and I have not had good luck. I went through 2 in about a year or so and have one sitting in the garage now and not in the boat. I can say that they have good customer service. I am not bashing them in any way as I have heard nothing but good things about their product. Maybe I just good a bad string of them or maybe it was my own bad luck.
  3. mulligan


    I think that is an understatement! We got a new house not long ago and the owner sold us the generator there for "cheap". It was never used but they must have put some gas in it to try it out and never drained the fuel when they were done. The junk that came out of the fuel system was shocking and the time it took to get it running was not fun. It now sits with an empty tank and carb like Brad stated.
  4. I have had one rebuilt by Marine Rebuild Specialist. They use all OEM parts. Since they use those high $$ Yammi parts the cost to have it rebuilt was not much less, if any, then a new Yamaha lower. In my case the insurance paid for the rebuild but would not pay for a new one due to the age of the motor.
  5. mulligan

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    There are just too many factors to just pinpoint one that is causing the problem with the new "work"force. I'm a golf course superintendent so I see all kinds coming in the door. It is a constant problem getting many to simply show up on time and do anything. If you can find someone who actually works the chances of them showing up everyday is slim because the can only make so much before their "help" cuts them off. I find it funny that we have older semi-retired guys who don't need the money that will work circles around the young bucks, and they show up everyday!
  6. mulligan


    My guess is a mod can not guess for a reason.
  7. mulligan

    Older boat restoring question

    I think HoneyB nailed it. There is a big difference between a freshening up and restore. It is hard to give a price depending on how far you want to take it. $5K can go a long way if you are just looking to refresh the boat, not so far in a restore. If you are doing a restore you are going to have more money than the boat is worth and will be in the hole.
  8. mulligan

    2008 22’ pathfinder

    All the 200 HPDI 25" shaft motors I have ever seen have been the 2.6 which is an awesome combo.
  9. They might not be pretty but they look better when you are hauling the mail and your eyes start to water!
  10. mulligan

    Mercury 450!

    They seem to keep growing. https://www.powerboatnation.com/its-finally-here-mercury-racing-unleashes-supercharged-450r-outboard/
  11. mulligan

    Freshwater fishing?

    Thanks guy, I don't feel so bad now. Worms have been OK but the best bait so far has been a saltwater ZMan shad. I have tried topwater but the gators seem to like those more than the fish. I think it is nice having anything chase a topwater down from across the pond but the girlfriend does not find as much joy as I do.
  12. mulligan

    Yamaha Gauge Restoration

    I used him a few years back. Gauges came out good. They did not seem as bright but can read them now. Yes, all your info will still be there, You get back the same gauge you sent him.
  13. mulligan

    Freshwater fishing?

    Being born and raised 5 minutes from saltwater I never really payed much attention to freshwater fishing. I am now a few more miles inland and have a small lake/pond behind the house. When we first moved in i was catching small bass and bowfin, ya I know bowfin are "junk" fish but the bend the rod and are fun. I thought I was getting things dialed in as it was a regular bite. Then it seemed like all of a sudden things stopped. Now I'm not out there for hours on end, I just toss the line while enjoying a cold beverage late in the afternoon. Do the fish just shut down in the summer heat? Gators get them all from their spring mating? Me just getting lucky before?
  14. Looks like a transducer to me.
  15. mulligan

    For all you prop junkies put there . . .

    Pretty neat readout. It does not seem that far off to my untrained eye. I think most props are off when the come from any manufacture, heck my last prop was from Mercury Racing that was supposed to be balanced and all that jazz and one of the four blades was off a whole 1" in pitch! There is a reason some send off a brand new prop they just spent some coin on to spend more $$$ to have the balance and blueprinted.
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