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  1. Improved Cheese Grater

    What Lurem said. To get a flush fit it is going to have to be a one off for every boat. We took his that fit his boat nicely and tried putting it on mine and it was not even close to fitting. I am not saying it was miles off but when getting things flush a few .001 here and there is a lot. I would guess you can copy the factory grate and get good results but it is not going to be dead on flush. I did the redneck scan and CNC (caliper, saw, sander) and it saved a bunch or trips crawling back under the boat.
  2. 23 HPS Propping

    Here is a good starting point.
  3. Improved Cheese Grater

    X2! After I got off the phone with Lurem and heard he was struggling to get enough water to his pumps, I crawled back under my boat to make my holes a little larger. I now have 4 angled 7/32" holes down the outside a small drain hole on the inside and a 1/4" vertical hole in the center rear. I am putting the drill down for now!
  4. OFX 17

    I pretty sure the OFX only comes in one diameter.
  5. Gas shock brackets

    Use him while he is affordable! My nephew was $5 now at 11 it seems $20 is the going rate. My niece is 4 and works for candy but you get what you pay for with her.
  6. Gas shock brackets

    Looking at the pictures above and you can’t find a ss bracket you can always get the normal 90 in ss and add a block like on other models.
  7. Improved Cheese Grater

    So the question from me is what would be the best overall hole design? I had some time after work yesterday to cut a plate out and now just need to start drilling today to have it ready for the weekend. My thoughts were to have holes like Geevian but maybe add two more on another row. Then also add a vertical hole at the rear away from the centerline to allow some pressure out. I would make the hole at the rear slightly larger and taper it, wider inside. My thought is it would allow water in at rest and pressure out if need be without creating suction and turbulence. Thoughts?
  8. OX66 100 hour help

    VZ250 I just put that there to give you an idea, not to use the part numbers. Funny part about that list is the rigging clamp for $1.94. I thought it was some special hold down, nope. Just a zip tie! $1.94 for 1 zip tie!
  9. Tampa Bay gags on fire

    If it was only that easy. Nice meat in the box.
  10. OX66 100 hour help

    I know nothing about winterizing a boat being from Florida but here is a list of my basic yearly service. Every other year or so I do a little more in depth service. Price: Status: 1 of : FUEL FILTER ELEMENT 68F-24563-10-00 $20.30 Shipped 2 of : LOWER UNIT DRAIN PLUG GASKET 90430-08003-00 $1.88 Shipped 1 of : MEDIUM PRESSURE FUEL FILTER STRAINER 60V-24251-01-00 $81.25 Shipped 6 of : NGK SPARK PLUG BKR-6EKU1-00-00 $44.76 Shipped 1 of : RIGGING GROMMET FASTENER 68F-42753-00-00 $8.86 Shipped 1 of : RIGGING GROMMET FASTENER CLAMP 90464-20258-00 $1.94 Shipped 1 of : VAPOR SEPARATOR FLOAT CHAMBER GASKET 66K-14984-00-00 $23.82 Shipped 1 of : VAPOR SEPARATOR TANK FUEL PUMP FILTER 68F-13915-00-00 $34.52 Shipped 1 of : WATER PUMP IMPELLER 6E5-44352-01-00 $23.17 Shipped 1 of : YAMAHA MARINE FUEL/WATER SEPARATING FILTER MAR-FUELF-IL-TR $17.55 Shipped 1 of : YAMALUBE MARINE GEARCASE LUBE 32 OZ. ACC-GEARL-UB-QT $10.80 Shipped
  11. Improved Cheese Grater

    You guys sure do make me feel a ease. The driver would more than likely be my girlfriend who knows my life insurance policy has her name on it. Maybe I will just hang my phone over for a video.
  12. Improved Cheese Grater

    My tabs are as far up as they can go, they are in contact with the hull. At the transom they are about an inch or so above the running surface. After the grater is done, hopefully by the weekend, I will stick my head over the back while running to see what all is going on back there.
  13. Improved Cheese Grater

    I am sure that has something to do with it. I will also be willing to bet that no matter if it is a ss grate or plastic it would not be completely flush all around the chest. Having two boats side by side this weekend you could see an inconsistent sea chest.
  14. Improved Cheese Grater

    What do you mean? I finish mine right after you left. Took about 10min and most of that was getting the backing off the tape. I used good aluminum tape so it should stick well and not rust.