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  1. Rod Wrapper

    Older 17 HPX-V with F70 four stroke

    What boat do you have?
  2. Been awhile since I have posted. I need some help/advice. After years of great service, my 2 stroke Yamaha 90 dropped a piston yesterday. I have two options, rebuild power hear or re-power. I am not rich, but I can afford a re-power if I have to. I use the boat for fly fishing charters in St. Simons, GA. I put about 300 hours a year on a boat. I am hesitating on the rebuild because of final adjustment issues and getting it running exactly right. I do not like dropping from a 90 to a 70, but there seems to be no option for a re-power. Does anyone in Georgia, South Carolina south of Charleston or in North Florida have an early 2000's HPX V that you have re-powered with a Yamaha F70. How do you like it? Would you let me make arrangements to ride in it and see how it performs? I have talked to PT props, and am told I can put a prop on it that will get decent hole shot and about 35 mph at 6300 rpm. I am not a speed demon. Usually cruise at 25-30 mph. But occasionally, open her up. I do like good handling, which is why I have a 16 PTR on my current set up. Ok, guys, I need opinions.
  3. Rod Wrapper

    hydraulic steering conversion

    After almost 6 months running the Uflex system in weather from 45 degrees to 85 degrees, I have had no problems with the system. I wish I had done it much earlier.
  4. Rod Wrapper

    hydraulic steering conversion

    RB: That is exactly what I purchased. The bleeding issue was caused by a defective helm, which the company promptly replaced. The other issue was getting the hydraulic lines through the bilge up to the console. I found that I had to feed them FROM the console into the bilge and then up through the hole for the motor controls. Other than those two issues, it was a very easy install. One other thing that might make this easier for HPXV owners. To take the mechanical sterring out, typically you need to remove the motor. I did not want to do that. I cut the steering cable near the motor nut with a Sawzall with metal cutting blade. It would be almost impossible to cut by hand. After cutting it, it pulled out with no trouble.
  5. Rod Wrapper

    hydraulic steering conversion

    Just a final update on the hydraulic steering. I decided to go with a U-flex HiTech 1.0 kit. I spoke to a lot of people. Several people I spoke to were not satisfied with the Baystar system. It seems everyone was satisfied with the Seastar system, but it seemed like overkill on a 90. My mechanic had recently installed the u-flex system and was very satisfied with it. The system is rated for up to a 150 horse motor. Hunter Glenn is one of the best, most honest boat mechanics in the Eastern United States, so I decided to go with his recommendation. I installed the system myself. I encountered a few problems, but worked through them. The largest issue was getting the system bled. As it turned out. the helm in the kit was defective. I contacted U-flex, and they over-nighted me a new helm. I connected it, bled the systerm, and am good to go. I can steer the boat with one finger. I don't know why I did not do this years ago.
  6. Rod Wrapper

    hydraulic steering conversion

    I have a 2001 HPXV w/ 2 stroke Yamaha 90 and mechanical steering. I want to convert to hydraulic steering. Does anyone have any experience installing either Baystar or Seastar hydraulic steering? Did you have issues installing either? What are the benefits of one over the other? Is Seastar worth the extra cost? Thanks
  7. Rod Wrapper

    Rod Wrapper's HPX-V

    The skinny water is what she excels at, but she has taken me safely through some really sloppy stuff. This boat does everything I ask her to do. I love this skiff and feel very fortunate to own her.
  8. Rod Wrapper


    Probably should have gone farther south. We missed the first push and it was VERY slow. I managed to feed one, but couldn't seal the deal.
  9. Rod Wrapper


    Near Panacea. Leaving EARLY Thursday AM.
  10. Rod Wrapper


    Headed to Florida on Thursday. Had some time yesterday at the vise. Can't wait. [image]https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-WsHuwzFVM-Q/T7AhzyYhP_I/AAAAAAAAAkg/gKW3_XEuTaQ/s1024/2012-05-13_17-02-16_4.jpg[/image]
  11. Rod Wrapper

    EP Crustaceus Brush

    Thanks guys. I like the dubbing loop idea.
  12. Rod Wrapper

    EP Crustaceus Brush

    Does anyone have any suggestions on tying crab patterns with this material? Do you tie it along the hook shank or do you wrap it around the hook shank and spread it out. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. Rod Wrapper

    The "St. Simons Scampi"

    So when the wind is blowing and it is 30 degrees outside, I sit down at the vise, start working on new patterns and come up with the St. Simons Scampi. (Thanks to Shadow for the name suggestion.) The bait on the flats is small, and this fly imitates the small bait. When the water is a bit stained, this fly has been producing. I like tying it with 3mm br*** bead chain eyes. With bead chain eyes, the fly is very light, still gets down fast and is easy to throw Complete tying instructions are on my charter web site under the flies page. [image]http://www.forumpictureprocessor.com/pictureprocessor/images/scampi%20complete.jpg[/image]
  14. Rod Wrapper

    The Prawn's Revenge

    The flats I fish in the fall/winter are primarily mud/sand flats with a few oysters thrown in for good measure. I am going to try the Prawn's Revenge in the summer in the flooded spartina gr*** for tailers. When I do, I will tie in a weed guard. I am sure it will work well. I normally throw a #2 black toad in the flooded gr*** flats. It imitates the fiddler crabs the reds are rooting for in the gr***. The recipe for the black toad is also on my charter website. It works so well, that I rarely tie on anything else when fishing for tailing fish.
  15. Rod Wrapper

    The Prawn's Revenge

    Absolutely. We are watching them come finning and tailing down the low tide flat. At low tide last Saturday, the wind stopped blowing, I looked up and saw five different schools of reds high in the water. The big schools of winter are here.
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