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  1. I had a 17hpx that I needed to store in a 18' garage, bought a al continental trailer from Caribee that had a removable tongue, remove a pin and tongue slid out. The tongue was constructed with a sleeve that went inside the part of tongue the winch stand was mounted on. There are no torsional stresses on the pin with this design, same concept as the stinger on your receiver hitch. Towed thousands of miles without incident. Perhaps you could order the sleeved tongue from Continental to replace yours. I did that years ago with an older continental trailer I bought.
  2. Towing a 22 pathfinder

    Son has 2017 4Runner Trail premium, tows 17t and Curlew with it, says is adequate but nothing more, plans to upsize to truck. Suspect with 22 would not be a pleasurable tow.
  3. Fishing shoes

    Wore Reef flips for years, started to fall apart within a year, switched to Teva Pajaro, more secure. And better arch support but have sole delaminating after 8 months of daily wear. Use Shimano fishing shoes now when offshore, more support, don't stink better foot protection. When it's cold wear thin neoprene socks with the shoes, more comfortable than boots.
  4. HPX-T ideal motor height

    I've owned alot of tunnel hulls, all used in the LLM. All have had jackplates and a fiberglass compression plate except for my HPXT. 2 Dargels, 2 Shallowsports, 17t and a Curlew. All ran 4 blade props. The Hpx was noticeably slower up on plane than the 17t, yam 70 2s vs Yam 60 2s. The 17t did not have tabs, the hpx did. The 17t had a manual jackplate the hpx did not. Even with a manual jackplate, the motor mounting is several inches higher on the 17t. When I bought the 17t, the dealer had the motor mounted 2 holes from the highest, water would hit the antventilation plate and spray over the transom. Added a 4 inch setback plate and top holes on motor are several inches above the top of the transom. As to motor longevity effects, that boat was bought in May 2000 with a 60 Yam 2s and I still own and runs like new despite spending most of its life in a hyper saline lagoon. The fiberglass plates are made by Stiffy, Dargel and Shallowsport as well as others so shop around, it's a pretty simple device and I think optimizes holeshots in shallow water.
  5. trying hpx-v 17 or 18

    Put a 17hpx in a 18 ft garage with a removable tongue on a Continental trailer
  6. Had a Continental skiff trailer under my hpx v, towed all over the country. No issues towed fine, had plastic bunk covers, noticed white residue on contact points, hull color was yellow. Agree with carpeted bunks. At that time ( 2008 )you could get a removable tongue, not swing away, which I got to store in short garage. Construction was good.
  7. Storm Shutters

    During Dolly in Texas I had water driven around casement window seals, those windows were protected by roll up plastic hurricane shutters. Occurred with gusts to 125. The windows were flexing in and out with the gusts and after the eye passed. my house in Key West has impact windows and doors with FAA sound proof rating due to proximity to airport. Windows and French doors are covered by aluminum accordion shutters. I duct taped the lower half of the door for flood protection. After the storm I found water droplets at the top of the door frame above the seal and cracking of the seam where the door frame abuts the cbs opening presumably reflecting a suction effect on the door frame allowing water entry. This house was rebuilt to cat5 in 2009. No water penetrated the door or window seals. I remain amazed at the difference in damage sustained between Key West and Cudjoe versus the flooding experienced to the east of the storm. The Comcast office in Marathon had a water line inside 9ft off the floor. My canal in Key West saw water at the top of the sea wall.
  8. Yamaha 2 Stroke oil

    I used full synthetic as the lead mechanic at the best Yamaha dealer in Deep South Texas told me that he saw more engine failures with cheap yellow oil, I was not aware it had no mineral content at the time I used it. I am aware that full synthetic 4 stroke oil is made from natural gas. The 300s were new when I went through the fouling issue for perhaps the first 100 hrs, then switched. As time went on I stop using ring free with no apparent problems up to the time I sold the boat. The 200s were used when I bought the boat, one had a new power head replaced under warranty, the other about 600 hrs, previous owner was not a boat guy and relied on a mechanic to do his service so I have no idea what kind of oil or how frequently it was serviced. That being said I used full syn Pennzoil without ring free for the two yrs I owned it until my Freeman was delivered. Had no issues with motors. On offshore trips, the motors are never shut off, so lots of low rpm time. Day trips motors run continuously for 10-12 hrs, overnight oil rig trip 30 hrs continuous use. 300 Hpdis oil at 30-35:1 ratio, using 375 gals of fuel meant carrying an extra 7-8 gals of oil on an overnight. Don't miss that.
  9. Yamaha 2 Stroke oil

    Had 300 hpdis on my SeaVee and used Yamalube and ring free, trolling for billfish all day of South Texas, head home from 70 miles out and engines won't run up, finally get on plane runs rough for a couple miles then fine. 2 days later same thing, had to change out 12 fouled plugs 60 miles out in 4 ft seas. Dealer checked engines twice and said were oiling correctly. Switched to Pennzoil full synthetic and had no more problems over 600 hrs of running. Used same oil subsequently in Prowler with twin 200 hpdis used same way, never fouled a plug. Say goodbye to Yamalube.
  10. Bugs! When towing

    Use Blue painters tape on my Freeman when it goes back forth from Key West to South Texas. On the ttop leading edges tower legs and front of hull and console. 1700 miles, drastically shortens clean up, stays on thru storms. Unlike duct tape leaves no residue.
  11. Prescription Sunglasses

    Used Action optics Rx glasses for years, Smith bought them out. Warranty is not what it used to be. Had Smith decline coverage on a frame crack that lets the lens fall out. Offered to give me a $50 certificate on a new pair. Told me the crack was because I wore the glasses on my head, I asked where I was supposed to wear glasses. Got pretty pissed was my 5th pr of glasses from them, did not matter. Would go elsewhere if there was a good option. Not of fan of outsourcing Rx glasses as Costa does. May try Maui Jim.
  12. Need help with Grouper rod

    I have Shimano trevala, Penn Carnage and Star Jigging rods. Have caught many Yellow fin tuna up to 100 lbs as well as a120 lb bigeye. Like the Stars and Trevalas for live bait grouper in Key West. Penn is a little stiffer and prefer for tuna. The bigeye was caught on a Trevala with a Tyrnos 12 with 50 lb braid took 45 minutes, rod at times was doubled over, amazing technology. The Star is a little cheaper at $99 at KW Bait and Tackle, think the others were around 120. As far as casting the rods are like heavy trigger sticks used for bass fishing, Use Tyrnos 10s and 12s as well as Avet, have no problems casting a 4 inch pinfish.
  13. I had a leaking fuel tank in a 34 SeaVee, had water in fuel repeatedly but no gas odor in bilge. Used that funnel with an electric fuel pump to polish the tank, ran the pump continuously with the funnel in the fuel fill until all water and junk was cleared from tank. Worked well and was reasonably fast. Keep in mind if your tank ever gets contaminated.
  14. Bow pedestal seat 22 Tournament

    If all you want is to remove the base, go from underneath and cut the mat around and over the pedestal plate with a vibrating tool saw, that way your deck is unchanged.
  15. Bow pedestal seat 22 Tournament

    There are two companies that make that pin base, one Swivel Ez make a base of all stainless, the OEM base from MHP has a stainless plate but non stainless shaft which is what rusts. If you want to have the factory look, cut out from underneath and reglass a replacement all stainless version. An alternative if the interior of the shaft is usable is to clean the exterior of the shaft with acid to remove the rust then cover with silicon sealant and slide a piece of 1.5" pvc pipe over the shaft which is pretty snug fit. I did this 10 yrs ago after fighting this on my 17 and have not touched it since except to keep the interior of the shaft coated with grease.