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  1. Bamaskeet

    Water Temp, Gone!

    When I update my HDS12, sometimes things disappear. I suggest you find a buddy with a similar unit to confirm your issue. Like you found out, the factory tech department aren't always on their game!
  2. Bamaskeet

    tackle storage suggestions??

    I have my tackle in canvas tote bags. One for tarpon fishing, two for trout and redfish, one for offshore lures and one for snapper/grouper fishing.
  3. Bamaskeet

    Best way to keep spare hubs ready

    Instead of replacing hubs, I suggest replacing the bearings and seals in your existing hubs. Most new hubs come with Chinese bearings and seals. Chinese bearings are made from inferior steel and sloppy manufacturing tolerances. Find a local industrial bearing distributor and buy quality bearings and seals.
  4. Bamaskeet

    Oyster White paint

    My door frames on my Pathfinders are made from starboard, I'm not sure you can paint starboard.
  5. Bamaskeet

    Life jacket storage 22te

    Most people store their life preservers in the center front hatch. My only advise is if you store them in a zippered bag, leave the zipper open. I have had a number of life preserver bag zippers that no longer worked.
  6. Bamaskeet

    Continental trailer for PF 22T

    I replaced a Continental trailer with a Ameritrail in 2011. There is a world of difference between them. For starters, the Ameritrail has 7000 lbs running gear and I beams that run to the stern of the boat. Welded bunks that are under the stringers, trouble free LED lights, aluminum brake calipers. The trailers weak point is the aluminum fenders.
  7. Bamaskeet

    Battery Question - Opinion

    I've had good luck with group 31 deep cycle AGM batteries. I have three of them, 2 for the trolling motor and one starting battery. I buy them at SAMs Club for less than $200 each.
  8. Bamaskeet

    Electrical system question/input

    I've had good luck with a SAMs Club Duracell group 31 deep cycle AGM batteries. Certainly you want to rig your trolling motor batteries as a backup to your starting battery.
  9. Bamaskeet

    Any Experience with this Fuel/water separator?

    I suggest you buy a stainless head not powder coated. And remember the USCG doesn't approve a plastic bowl mounted below decks.
  10. Bamaskeet

    Bilge Pump Question

    You might want to check the fuse. The float switch has a seperate fuse.
  11. Bamaskeet

    Rewiring a 2001 2200v

    There should be a cord in the bilge that help with pulling wires in the tunnel. If someone has not replaced it, then using a old control cable for a snake is my favorite substitution. i would recommend only using tinned wire, there are a number of marine wire dealers on the Internet, I think GenuineDeals is a popular choice. You can use any color code you desire, but Pathfunder lists their color code in their manual.
  12. Bamaskeet

    PP vs TM

    I love my Ulterra, but in 2' of water or less, the TM kicks up too much mud, so I use my PP. If I had to pick one, it would be the trolling motor.
  13. Yes a carbon can use Gen 2 transducers. You will find the carbon's screen to be brighter and you can run the new Fish Reveal software.
  14. Bamaskeet

    inspection hatch

    Armstrong and Jim Black make some of their deck plates that are water tight with removable lids.
  15. Bamaskeet

    fuel filter on yamaha 250

    If you look on eBay, some people are selling a special made wrench to remove the Yamaha fuel filters but they are a little pricey.