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  1. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    I like 15 lbs. Powerpro for throwing 1/4 oz grubs and 20 lbs. Powerpro for throwing Mirrolures. The water is usually not crystal clear in Apalachicola Bay, so leaders are not necessary.
  2. Repowering 2200V

    If you are happy with a 30-35 mph cruise while sipping fuel, the F150 is your motor. If you run in a lot of flat water with lots of passengers, a SHO 250 is the way to go.
  3. LSS2 Transducer Placement

    There are five Pathfinders in the Birmingham area that are setup to striped bass fish using HDS 12's. After a number of experiments, everybody sets up their transducer per this picture. One of the secrets is mounting the side scan transducer at least 1/4" higher than the bottom of the hull. This gives a good reading with no rooster tail.
  4. Cooler Tie Down Question

    That's a Kennedy tiedown. It is not threaded, it's more of a bayonet mount, there is a short horizontal pin in the bottom of the hole. Unfortunately, they are hard to get. I bought some a few years ago out of Sweden., . It really wasn't much of a hassle. i believe the name of the outfit was Onmar and they had a great website.
  5. 2006 Pathfinder Hardware brands?

    Over the years, Pathfinder has used a number of different hardware manufacturers. You have to look around, I found some matching hardware on eBay.
  6. Removing old stickers/ pinstripes etc

    I would start with WD40, then I would try Brakeclean, then acetone.
  7. Cleaning non-skid

    The local guides in Apalachicola use Goof Off. They buy it by the gallon ($10) at Ace Hardware and use a sprayer. Spray it on, let it soak for a few minutes, lightly scrub and rinse off, It works great with little effort, I use it when my deck gets nasty.
  8. When to give up on a trailer

    Once the frame starts to rust, it's time for a new trailer.
  9. Steering question

    I would adjust the anode under the cavatation plate to see if it improves the situation.
  10. Trolling motor / Chargers for 23' Pathfinder

    I think SAMS has the best deal on group 31 AGM's at less than $200 each.
  11. I had a Continental Trailer originally under my 2200V. I replaced it with an Ameratrail. I want to be clear, there is nothing wrong with a Contenental trailer, they are reasonably priced, but it's not close in quality to an Ameratrail. I'm still running the original brakes and haven't fixed one light in 8 years on my Ameratrail.
  12. Running two finders/transducers??

    I agree, if your fish finders are different frequencies you shouldn't have significant interference.
  13. Yamaha 2300HPS

    I think a 60" Ulterra would be a good choice. It would give you the ability to lower the trolling motor deeper in the water when you are fishing in a chop.
  14. Trailer set up

    I would suggest you look how an Ameratrail is setup because they load very easy.