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  1. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    If you are anywhere near Destin, I suggest you call Peter at Ships Chandlers.
  2. Quality control! Highly concerned..

    My understanding is MBG started messing around with different stringer attachment systems about 15 years ago. Some of these designs were not effective on boats that have a lot of hours or have been run hard.
  3. Tips?

    I suggest you drive out to the state park on St George Island.
  4. I will take the the live well cartridges.
  5. 2300 HPS Livewell Pump Help

    I always carry a spare bait pump cartridge, you never know when they stop working. I haven't found any brand that's reliable. I bought a cheap pair of duetch (sic) pliers so I can install a connector on the replacement pump. It's a five minute job to replace the pump on the water without losing any bait.
  6. Apalachicola, St George and St Vincent Islands

    Your pictures turned out great. I'm glad you and your wife enjoyed your time on the Forgotten Coast.
  7. LED Shark Eyes

    I replaced my shark eyes with Marpac. They fit perfect.
  8. Accuracy of TTL on Yamaha 115 fs

    Get the 8' Power Pole.
  9. Spinning rod suggestion?

    I agree, Star Stellar Lite rods are hard to beat.
  10. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    I feel that engine selection is based on typical water conditions. I fish around Apalachicola bay and only one day in ten, can I run faster than my normal cruise of 30 mph. If I ran heavy or in more flat water, additional horsepower would be useful.
  11. Lightning

    I find Siruis weather to be worth the $29 a month cost.
  12. Yamaha outboard help

    I suggest you run the motor on a separate fuel tank to eliminate and fuel delivery issue.
  13. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    I have two I Pilots and one Ulterra, and never disconnect the power while charging my batteries.
  14. NMEA cable run