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  1. Stainless pipe fittings

    You might find what you are looking for on eBay.
  2. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    After two weeks of great tarpon fishing, The tarpon disappeared at the Bahia Honda bridge this week so I decided to take my bride to Marvin Key for the first time. I launched at Blimp Rd ramp on Cudjoe Key. It's a little shallow but it will work. I have a HDS 12 with a Navionics chip. I decided to run the channel to the Gulf and then work my way back into Marvin Key. Between Navionics and looking at the water we made it into Marvin Key without too much problem. I decided to come back through Turkey Basin, that was much more challenging, but we made it, thanks to my jack plate. Hopefully the FMT software will help.
  3. Spare tire mount (Ameritrail)

    If your trailer has brakes, make sure you the rotor/hub spindle package. I've bought two new Ameratrail trailers in the last ten years and ordered a spare tire, rotor/hub and spindle mounted to the trailer on both trailers. Both trailers came with a spare tire, hub and spindle, but not the rotor/hub. Ameratrail sent me the right parts, once I brought it to their attention.
  4. Access to Content / Marvin Keys

    It might be a little closer, if you launch on Cudjoe Key by the blip.
  5. Spare tire mount (Ameritrail)

    I agree with JEM, I have a complete hub assembly, rotor and a spare spindle mounted to my Ameratrail.
  6. Security Cameras - DIY or get a Pro

    If you are looking for something cheap that is simple to hookup, look at the Simply Safe cameras.
  7. The fall trout fishing is very good in Aplachicola. The summer trout fishing is usually a slow pick but there can be some big trout mixed in.
  8. Trout fishing in Aplachicola in the summertime can be tough. I would use a Mirrodine XL in silver w/black back or blue back and fish around Goose Island. Try to stay in 2'-3' of water. Your best bet for redfish would be live pinfish in the cut.
  9. 2200V with 150SHO

    You need to find a new dealer that's more truthful. While no motor is perfect, the Yamaha F150 is a great motor with a long history of reliability.
  10. 12' wide is ok. The boat and trailer is 8'6" but the guide posts will stick out a little further.
  11. My 2200V is 7'6" on an Ameratrail trailer with no T top. Be careful, because usually, a Pathfinder will sit lower on an Ameratrail trailer than any other trailer.
  12. Gasoline Fumes

    Yes, the plastic tanks breathes. So a little gas smell is normal when the hatches are closed. But alway keep an eye out for a gas leak.
  13. Compass

    Like your old man, I like a compass. I like the Ritchie Powerdamp models. They don't bounce around too much in rough water.
  14. Motormate

    My fishing buddy has one and it works great. They are a little pricey so I'm hunting for a deal before I replace My Wedge.
  15. Water pressure question

    The only way to know that your engine is getting enough cooling water is to monitor engine temperature. if you are going to run skinny a lot a temp gauge is helpful.