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  1. Transom Mount Transducer placement ‘09 2200XL

    I think you will find the best transducer performance will be mounting the transducer next to the drain plug and mounting the side scan transducer where your current transducer is mounted.
  2. Broken Minn Kota shaft

    The shafts are replaceable.
  3. Power T&T goes up but not down?

    I suggest you look at your trim relay. You can reverse the wires to double check the problem.
  4. Water Separating Filter Question

    I don't believe the clear bowls are Coast Guard approved if used below deck. I'm wondering how much water ethanol fuel will absorb before separating. I haven't seen any water in my fuel filter in years. I always run ethanol fuel.
  5. Pathfinder 2400 fuel tank replacement

    I suggest you call Ray at MBG to see if they will do the work. Norm and the boys do beautiful work but they might be too busy.
  6. 2006 PF 2200V baitwell rubber gasket

    I bought my gasket at Flounder Pounders. You might also look at McMaster Carr.
  7. Generally, the newer boats are a tad slower but the deck is 3" higher, you are less likely to get wet feet. A stern lifting prop (OFX or Rev 4) will eliminate most of the porposing.
  8. 2006 22TE Vs. 2008 22TE trailer size

    I suggest you go top shelf and buy an Ameratrail. They launch and load great and pull better than any trailer I've every used and they custom fit to a Pathfinder.
  9. Yamaha outboard parts

    I like SIMS. Their website is easy to use, their prices are good, they ship quickly and Andy is very helpful. I will sometimes email Andy and ask him for a list of parts that will be required to do a particular job. He always responds quickly with all the part numbers required. Boats.net is also a good source for outboard parts, their website is easy to use but they tend ship a little slower than SIMS.
  10. Prop question....

    The most common prop on your rig is a PowerTech OFX4 X 17
  11. New Axles

    Those little rubber plugs get soft and don't alway seal 100%. I suggest strongly that you put "bearing bras" over the dust cover to reduce water intrusion.
  12. Insurance Renewal Question?

    Just a named storm.
  13. Insurance Renewal Question?

    My Progressive boat policy has a $4,000 deductible for damage caused by a named storm. When Michael was headed to St George Island, I made sure to move my boat out of harms way.
  14. Ameritrail Trailer prices

    If you are anywhere near Destin, I suggest you call Peter at Ships Chandlers.
  15. Quality control! Highly concerned..

    My understanding is MBG started messing around with different stringer attachment systems about 15 years ago. Some of these designs were not effective on boats that have a lot of hours or have been run hard.