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  1. Bamaskeet

    GPS Failure Expected Saturday

    Lowrance website gives a explanation of the problem and what units might be effected. My buddy's Gen 2 is working fine, so the problem doesn't happen with all Gen 2 machines.
  2. Bamaskeet

    GPS Failure Expected Saturday

    It's not fake news, I talked to Lowrance and they confirmed the problem and are working on a software fix. I didn't know what the issue was yesterday, but I thought it was strange that my unit was picking the satellite signals but would not display any info.
  3. Bamaskeet

    GPS Failure Expected Saturday

    The GPS on my Lowrance HDS 12 Gen 2 quit this morning, after working flawlessly yesterday. I plan to call Lowrance tomorrow.
  4. Bamaskeet

    2003 Pathfinder Logo

    There are some Pathfinder logos on eBay.
  5. Bamaskeet

    WM-3 Antenna Receiver to Lowrance HDS-9

    It's directly hooked up to my HDS 12. Sirius weather overlay on my Navionics chart works great. It gives me the data I need around thunderstorms and water spouts. When to stay and when to run!
  6. Bamaskeet

    This board won't go to previous pages

    I use Google and it works fine.
  7. Bamaskeet

    Piranha Bait Well Pumps

    I keep a livewell cartridge with a Deutch (sic) connector in the boat, because you never know when a pump will quit and usually it's when your livewell is full of bait!
  8. Bamaskeet

    WM-3 Antenna Receiver to Lowrance HDS-9

    My Sirius weather antenna is plugged in the back (yellow) of my HDS 12.
  9. Bamaskeet

    Tire Question

    I like Maxxis tires but they can be hard to get. I normally buy them on line at Discount Tires Direct and take them to Walmart for mounting and balancing.
  10. Bamaskeet

    Low bow support on trailer?? Need a steep ramp solution.

    You might want to adjust your winch highth. It looks like it's too high. Ideally, it should be pulling down on the bow eye.
  11. After much trial and error, I know at least six guys that have their standard transducer mounted near the drain plug and their side scan transducer mounted on the transom. To reduce rooster tails, we mount the side scan transducer 1/4'-1/2" above the bottom of the boat.
  12. Bamaskeet


    My buddy uses a Motormate and it works good. It supports the motor and keeps it straight while trailering. I would buy one, but they are a little pricey compared to Mywedge.
  13. Bamaskeet

    Switch panel back lights

    All the wiring is color coded and labeled. Your Pathfinder owners manual should help you with the color code.
  14. Bamaskeet

    Trolling motor type question

    The other advantage of a Ipilot is you are near your console so you can see your electronics for marking fish or working edges.
  15. Bamaskeet

    Old Cooler Tiedowns on eBay

    I just ran across a listing on eBay for the old style Southco/Kennedy cooler tie downs. I can't get a link to work but go on eBay and search for Pathfinder cooler tie down. I bought mine a few years ago from Sweden -Onmar.
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