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  1. Bamaskeet

    America Trail Pathfinder trailer blinker not working.

    I bought a matching Wesbar led tail light on eBay a few months ago.
  2. Bamaskeet

    America Trail Pathfinder trailer blinker not working.

    I suggest you take a test light or meter to test the plug at the truck. If that test good, I would disconnect the plug in the back of the tail light and test for power to the light. That would tell you if the problem is the tail light or trailer wiring.
  3. Bamaskeet

    Rocker Switch

    You might want to check eBay for the switch.
  4. Bamaskeet

    2000 Pathfinder 1806- Fuel Tank Access

    Before I installed trim tabs I would try a Powertech OFX4 propeller. It might fix your porposing problem.
  5. Bamaskeet

    02' 2200V Re-Power

    The 250 SHO is an impressive motor on a 22’ Pathfinder.
  6. Bamaskeet


    After successfully using Maxxis for ten years, I’ve started to have issues. I’ve had two blowout in the last six months. I'm going to give Goodyear Endurance tires a try.
  7. Bamaskeet

    Info on pathfinder 2005 trs

    I suggest you go with the F150.
  8. Bamaskeet

    2003 24 Pathfinder fuel tank replacement

    I suggest you call Ray at MBG to see if Norm has time to mess with a fuel tank change out. Their shop does great work.
  9. Bamaskeet

    Yamaha VF115 question for the experts...

    It runs on four cylinders all the time.
  10. Bamaskeet

    Adding a Compass

    I suggest a Ritchie “Power Damp” flat card compass. Flush mount it in the middle of the console. ( yes, cut a big hole, move the anchor light fitting to a corner of the console) I had an electrical gremlin 31 miles offshore last year and lost all my electronics. No problem, hit the inlet on the nose, with just using my compass.
  11. Another option is to call around to dealers to find a used one.
  12. Bamaskeet

    Cup holders

    You can buy cup holders that attach to the rails. Look for baby carriage cup holders, they work great.
  13. Bamaskeet

    Insurance for new boat

    So is mine. Make sure you get an agreed value policy.
  14. Bamaskeet

    2200 add rod holders midship

    Both a rod holder and a spring cleat are handy. Most people add a 15° rod holder because there is not a huge amount of room between the liner and the side of the boat. If you add a spring cleat, go on eBay to see if you can find a match to your existing cleats. Pathfinder has used a number of hardware manufacturers.
  15. Bamaskeet

    Pathfinder offshore

    I agree, Sirius Weather is a life saver for anyone that runs offshore in the summer.
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