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  1. Lightning

    I find Siruis weather to be worth the $29 a month cost.
  2. Yamaha outboard help

    I suggest you run the motor on a separate fuel tank to eliminate and fuel delivery issue.
  3. Minn Kota motherboard problem

    I have two I Pilots and one Ulterra, and never disconnect the power while charging my batteries.
  4. NMEA cable run

  5. Title & Registration

    He can register the boat in any state, but I believe you are only allowed 90 continuous days in one state before having to register the boat in that state.
  6. Porpoising Redfisher

    That prop is amazing.
  7. Rabud scupper spacer ?

    Starboard works like wood. A little sandpaper or a Dremel tool will make short work of your issue.
  8. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    My opinion is that motor choice is based on how much flat water do you run? If you run offshore or a cross lumpy bays often, a F150 is a good choice because you will not be able to run over 30 mph most of the time. A F150 is very reliable and should give you 4 mpg at cruise. If you run a lot of lakes, rivers and flats or run with a heavy load, more hp would be useful because you will be able to cruise at 35 mph + but your fuel usage will increase to 3 mpg.
  9. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    Something is wrong, I turn the same prop with a F150 on a 2200V. You should be able to average 3 mpg and cruise at 35 mph.
  10. 2000v pathfinder

    I believe you are looking for a Southco hold down fitting. Onmar in Sweden is the supplier. They have a website and they do a good job shipping to the US.
  11. 2000v pathfinder

    My guess is 3,500-4,000 lbs ready to fish.
  12. Trailer jacks

    I've had good luck with Dutton Lamson.
  13. Fuel Water Separator

    You can buy a stainless steel housing for your fuel filter.
  14. Fuel Water Separator

    Good idea!