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  1. 2005 2200v trolling motor

    I agree.
  2. Fuel Delivery Issue

    The first thing I would do is to rig up a separate gas tank to see if the problem continues, this will confirm your boat has a fuel delivery issue.

    The best snake is the stiff wire inside a shift cable.

    Lots of liquid dish soap.
  5. I'm thinking that you are looking for cooler tie downs. Southco used to make them but the only source i have found is Onmar in Sweden. The good news is that Onmar has a good website and will ship to the US. I have bought from them and have been happy with their service,
  6. Anchor pin storage

    The best storage system that I have seen was some custom brackets that either mounted on your grab rails, if you have them, or rod holders. But if you are going to go to all that trouble, just buy a PowerPole and be done with it.
  7. Grab rail or windshield bolt

    eBay lists a bunch of stainless thumb screws.
  8. 2005 20V - thru hull transducer

    Some of the older boats had a Lowrance transducer glued to the inside of the hull from the factory. My 2004 2200V has one.
  9. Keel Guard

    They are ugly!
  10. Propoising Question

    And they are mounted 1/4"-1/2" above the bottom of the boat. Mine don't drag when I'm bumping the bottom.
  11. Battery trays

    I had the same issue last year. Bass Pro Shop is where I found my group 31 battery trays.
  12. Propoising Question

    Some of the older boats didn't come with tabs. I suggest you install a set of tabs. It's a pretty easy job. The tabs allow you to keep the bow down in a short nasty bay chop, substantially improving the ride. It will eliminate porposing when your stern live wells are full or level the boat when you have some "full bodied" passengers.
  13. Propoising Question

    A PowerTech OFX4 style prop will reduce porposing and I highly recommend that prop for a Pathfinder. A heavy motor, full live wells or three big football players will usually require a little tab. Pathfinders are great boats but they are a little finicky.
  14. Trout in Apalachicola

    Spring trout fishing is usually not as good as the fall fishing. I suggest you look around Goose Island for trout. I like to use a Mirrodine Xl silver with a black back.