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  1. Skiffin16


    Might cruise over and check out Mr. Toad's Wild Ride...
  2. Skiffin16

    Pompano recipes

    Like mentioned.. Stick them on the grill or under the broiler, skin side down.. Just use the minimum as for any oil or sprays, as they are already a fatty fish and full of flavor. They also make excellent ceviche'...
  3. Skiffin16

    Lumix FZ-200~

    Since the weather has been so crappy..., and it's not cold enough for the other Crappie... I too have been taking a few photos with a new camera.. Here's a few.. Black Swan~ Mute Swan~ Domestic Greylag~ Gray Domestic Greylag~ White John
  4. Skiffin16


    SandBar ~ Upper Tampa Bay
  5. Skiffin16

    Photo Zone Contest #2

  6. Skiffin16

    Morris/ Deal Report

  7. Skiffin16

    Little manatee shallows...

    LOL..., nice photos... I don't think that low tide bothered Fred at all....
  8. Skiffin16

    Last trip out in Tampa bay

    WTG, that can be a nice area up there...
  9. Skiffin16

    Redfisher 16 flip up seat back

    It goes through the 2007, at least on the RF16... In 2008 they changed it up a little. They also have a flip up back seat, but it's a two piece (split)... Mine is a single flip up.... John
  10. Skiffin16

    Critique my website please

    Looks good... There are a few things that I would fix, just to polish up a bit... The "About Me" page... A few minor things I noticed... Inconsistancy with the word Capt... Some have a period behind it, at least one doesn't. Abbreviation for South Carolina, most every where you have SC, this page has a Sc. The capitalized O in of for the Baptist College of Charleston. Again, these are just minor, and I am nit picky when I see things like this. It's not just you, I do it on sites I have built in the past.. It's easy to over look things when you look at it over and over, a fresh set of eyes always help catch minor things like these. I didn't really catch any thing like that on the other pages though. Content, flow and layout look good... Best, John
  11. Skiffin16

    2000 Master Angler 17 ~ CATCH A FIRE

    I remember a few of those photos.... Actually, I'm even in one of them, as is Hurricane. Lurem, and BDSnook, LOL. Love the MA17, one of my boats... JG
  12. Skiffin16

    98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    Definitely looking sweet.... :thumbup:
  13. Skiffin16

    New Hewes 18 Redfisher Walk Through