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  1. Talking Points

    Some action taken on Tripletail and Sheepies: http://www.chronicleonline.com/news/local/fwc-makes-changes-to-tripletail-sheepshead-regulations/article_4665028e-498b-11e8-aae0-43346266c1e1.html
  2. Pics or location suggestions for forward rod holders

    That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks! One question - it appears the height of the top of the holders - the black rubber covers - is higher than the forward deck level. Is that an optical illusion? If not, does it present any issues with accessing the forward hatch or deck? I have a TE and use my forward livewell every trip
  3. Anyone add rod holders to the walls around the forward deck area - along the deck walls of the rod lockers or forward hatch? Just looking for location and number suggestions. Thanks!
  4. Yeti Cooler Challenge

    Guess it all boils down to the accuracy of one of the girls' claim that "Yeti does not support the NRA." If that statement is accurate then the free market chips should fall where they may. If it is inaccurate then a lot of folks are in a tither about nothing, and a company that supports a number of causes important to outdoor enthusiasts has been unfairly maligned.
  5. Not the 2nd best day

    Can we get a "like" button instead of that silly heart? LIKE!
  6. cup/rod holder added 2200 TRS

    Bringing this back up as I plan to install the Mate Series in that space just aft of the rod lockers on my 22TE, like Phinz13 did above. Question is... does that area drain through the existing drains in the rod lockers, and thus no drain hose is necessary on the cup holders?
  7. Get boat off lift in shallow H2O

    Is the "water level too low" as in you hit bottom, or too low for your cables? I had the latter issue on my lift and went to a single drop instead of pulleys. So, my 10k lift became a 5k lift - and twice as fast.
  8. NEW Windshield and Handrail

    Sent you a text.
  9. In like new condition. Worn a few times and just too big for my medium/large face! SOLD!!!
  10. Looking for one in the 2006-2012 age range. Please let me know if you have one or see one. PM or email nicecast13@yahoo.com Thanks!
  11. Not surprising at all. I was going through all sorts of calculations on how I could buy yours and then sell mine... Somebody got a steal!
  12. Looking to buy

    If I were in your shoes I'd be in my truck on my way to GA for this one. Fast.
  13. Reupholstered cushion

    Nice! Just picked up mine yesterday from Larry's Upholstery in Ft. Myers. I'm glad to see yours has what appears to be just a little extra material in the folds. Since my old ones were so tight I asked about that and they told me the vinyl will contract a little over time and the pad will settle inside as it is sat on.
  14. 2000 Master Angle 21'- price reduction

    I had the exact same boat/year and the exact same motor. Great combo with amazing power and surprising fuel efficiency. The VMAX 3.1 is a dependable powerhouse!
  15. Talking Points

    YES!!! Totally agree. There is virtually none left. I just don't think boating pressure is even close to the primary cause. No doubt it's a factor.