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  1. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Just a short story from the seller's perspective. Several years ago I briefly owned an 18MA (about six months). I bought it without a full survey; just visual inspection and mechanic's engine check. It was a beautiful boat but ended up being just a bit too small for my needs so I put it on here and on Boat Trader. A nice young guy came to look, made me a verbal offer, we went for a ride, done deal. I strongly suggested to him he check the boat out, bring a mechanic, etc. I had told him 100% the truth about how long I owned the boat and why I was selling, and that I was not comfortable making any promises or assurances since I had owned it for such a short time and put maybe 20 hours on it. When he came back to do the deal he brought his father-in-law and, again, I strongly suggested they check the boat out. They said "No, we're good." Paid me cash, signed the papers, and away they went. A week later I get a call and a text from the young guy showing a bow-to-stern crack along the inside of one of the chines - very similar looking to the pic posted by the OP, although smaller and harder to see because it was inside facing the keel. I've sold a few boats and this has never happened. What do I do? Was the crack there when I sold it to him and we both missed it? Did he hit something in the week he owned the boat and cause the crack? In the end, I helped him find a glass guy and paid half the $1000 "repair." I still wonder if I did the right thing, but it felt right. A survey could have provided clarity for both of us.
  2. 21 MA Owners - free owners manuals

    Ok, they are spoken for by convertible13!
  3. 21 MA Owners - free owners manuals

    I have two manuals (they are more like pamphlets) for. 2001 21 MA. First person to pm me a snail mail address can have them.
  4. Aluminum frame, canvas in great shape. Seems to be 6.5 - 7' long. All straps and clips are in great condition. Canvas is really nice and dark blue with no fading. Located in Marco Island area. $175 PM or email nicecast13@yahoo.com
  5. New Garmin 840XS $465

    Dang, man... you just cost me $480 with transducer and tax! Seriously, thanks! Like new Garmin 741xs will be for sale soon.
  6. What did you do to your boat today?

    The "boot" that fits over the head of your plug contains a small connector, like a butt connector. The boot twists off the end of the wire by turning it counterclockwise. On the wire side of the boot is a male screw. You have to look inside the rubber end of the boot to see the screw. Use a multimeter touching the screw on one side and the female metal area that fits over your plug head on the other side. The correct miliolm (I think?) measurement varies by plug. I found mine in the manual. To reinstall the boot once you have tested it you simply fit it with some moderate pressure onto the end of the wire and screw it down until you feel some resistance in the wire.
  7. Yamaha HS4 21p - $350

    Great prop! Ran a HS4 21p on my old 21MA and it's amazing.
  8. What did you do to your boat today?

    I finally got around to mounting and wiring an all-around light on the back end of the t-top. Snaking the wire through the top tubes was tricky, but finally got it. The second challenge was figuring out how to wire the switch so the light came on with the nav lights and alone when at anchor. And... changed out spark plugs except this time I randomly decided to test each connector (boot) with a voltage meter. Turns out one of them was dead, meaning I've been down a cylinder for who knows how long! Marina MIke's in Ft. Myers was the only local place that had one on Saturday, so drove an hour to get it. Amazing difference now that she is literally "firing on all cylinders!"
  9. 30lb boga - used

    Where are you located? I know someone who may be interested.
  10. Quick video of my 2400

  11. sea claw anchors?

    This. All you need to know.
  12. 2200 TE Standing Water Under Pumps?

    Ron, has your fix worked? I traded emails with Ray at MBG and he said I could drill a drain hole into the stringers, but of course that makes me a bit nervous... Filling in the depression may be a better option. Not sure how these will come out, but the "depression" and standing water is under the white/red pumps. This is not the usual "water in the bilge" that all boats get. This pool of water collects over by the starboard (inside) gunwale wall and won't drain off - even if I jack the bow up as high as possible. Pics are of the aft starboard hatch.
  13. Like New Tim Wade 3/8" 8' Cast net

    Steve, thank you! Had I seen this earlier I'd own FOUR Tim Wade nets!
  14. 2004 200 hp vmax hpdi question

    I've never seen a 2.6 liter 200 VMAX HPDI that didn't have the silver fin. If the cowling is all dark blue I believe it is the 3.3 liter. What does this mean? The larger 3.3 blocks did have some issues in the 2003-2004 timeframe - I believe with oil delivery system - although a motor with 635 hours on it would seem likely to be unaffected by these issues. Regardless of the block size, I would call Yamaha (866-894-1626) with the serial number of the motor and ask them to look up any warranty history, open recalls, etc. Also, it's always a good idea to have an objective 3rd party authorized Yamaha mechanic go through the motor. Good luck!
  15. 2004 200 hp vmax hpdi question

    Pretty sure they made the 3.3 in 2003-2004 as well as the 2.6. In fact, I believe those were the years there were issues with the 3.3. OP, does it have a silver fin on the top back if the cowling or is it all dark blue (almost black)?