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  1. 24 speaker location

    WOW, glad I looked at this thread. I thought it was saying he was putting 24 speakers in his boat!! haha The English language can be tricky!!
  2. Redfisher vs Bayfisher

    You don't mention what year redfisher. If it is pre 2000 then the layout of the redfisher may be a touch better and i would not hesiitate to get either after a thorough inspection. if the redfisher is a later model then my vote is bayfisher. Best riding Hewes I EVER HAD!
  3. 2008 Hewes Redfisher 16 Yamaha F90

    I like the look without the poling platform!! Hhhmmm
  4. New Mercury 4 strokes 175, 200 and 225

    I wonder why they did not make a 250 HP so it can be run on the bass circuit (I think they have a 250 HP max)?
  5. 2200V with 150SHO

    On the Yamaha website I see.... 200hp I4- 2.7L 200hp- V-6- 3.3L SHO 200hp V-6 4.2L all on the same site. Do they have 3 different 200 HP models? https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/350-150-hp/in-line-4
  6. 2200V with 150SHO

    My friend in my hood recently had trouble with her older 2200 outboard and didn't want to rebuild so she repowered with the SHO 175 and is very pleased. Hopefully he won't mind, but PM linesider159 on this forum, He may be able to help with finding you what you are looking for. Sometimes he has insider information. Now the 175 is still and I4 block not the V-6 like the 200.
  7. 2004 vs 2007 rf18 narrowing my search

    IMO, The 2004 is the way to go. In 2007 they had more 'hook' put into the hull for faster planning but this caused porpoising which is a problem for me. Ride in both and test by getting them on plane and running 3000-3500 RPMs and see which one runs best WITHOUT using the trim tabs. The 18' will be a great boat for the bay.
  8. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16

    How are you coming on your repower? I would like to hear your thoughts on Yamaha to Mercury comparison and of its not to personal, the justification on cost of the motor on your older hull. I have a 2007 hull and am trying to weigh the pros and cons of doing the same thing and have been for over a year. I have asked several forum members privately the same questions to get outside thoughts and ideas and will post them in this comment. The Yamaha seems to be a little more technically advanced, needs to have the valve adjusted during services and has a smaller displacement, whereas the Mercury does not need valve adjustments ever, larger displacement, multiple gear ratios to choose from when purchasing, and is 1k less in price (online pricing only). If you go with the Merc you would have to get new controls and gauges but I have no idea how much that would cost (say that eats up the 1k difference so now the price is the same}. Which one has the better warranty and best dealer support in your area? When you decide on which on you want then I would wait for the times when they offer extended warranties for free or more rebate money to get the most bang for your buck. What about your old motor, are you going to trade it or sell it outright? Is your selling dealer willing to work with you and help as a trade or consign it for you? Lastly, do you like your boat enough to spend 10k on the upgrade because it may not be worth an extra 10K (cost of motor) after the upgrade? could you sell your whole boat and move into something better suited for you? Say sell yours for $15-20k add the 10K for the motor upgrade and spend $25-30K on something better?
  9. Best Prop foe a Yamaha 115 FS

    Funky, I'll be your Huckleberry, Send away! dc
  10. Best Prop foe a Yamaha 115 FS

    My ears are burning!! Believe it or not, right now I am running a re-hubbed Evinrude Rogue 4 blade with some pretty good results. I am thinking if we try from both the roof and tunneling from underground at the same time one of us would get through!! Haha
  11. Introduction and Request (WTB)

    looks like a road trip in the making!!
  12. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Is that spring and valve what everyone is calling a poppet valve? What is its function? Besides clogging with salt deposits and causing us grief? Haha
  13. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    in the first picture, the rubber hose with the zip tie was clogged on my 115. I replaced the rubber hose, spring, valve and metal connector that was on the block. I guess salt deposits build up there over an extended period of time. good find!
  14. Has anyone seen this model hewes ?

    get the HIN (VIN) number and we can decipher it. Looks like a 18 redfisher to me.
  15. crazy video!!!

    This has been floating around on the Interweb but I thought I would share it. reminder to ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL!!!!
  16. crazy video!!!

    No life jackets either!
  17. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Here are two, 1) http://fullthrottlepowerboats.com/about-full-throttle/ Jack Barsh Does fiberglass work. Jack is the one that did Boattronics Pathfinder in North Florida. He did a post on it here a while back. 2) I have used Ben @ boat doctor in Tampa (He builds http://sheaffermarine.com/) for my screw ups and am pleased with the results.
  18. WTB Skiff under $10k

    CONGRATULATONS!! You did a fantastic job! That is a great combo!
  19. WTB Skiff under $10k

    DITTO X2!!
  20. WTB Skiff under $10k

    This one is a little more than what you are wanting to spend but worth a look.

  22. Fort Lauderdale / Davie Rec Fuel - Griffen and 441

    Mulligan, What octane are they?
  23. Minnkota motor

    http://www.reeldealoutdoors.com/trolling-motor-repair/ this is who I used about 6 months ago. Quick turnaround (5 days) and it is still going strong.