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  1. Best price on a Yamaha Lower unit

    http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/yamaha/outboard/Y-60X-45300-10-NA.html http://www.simyamaha.com/searchresults.asp?Search=+60X-45300-10-NA&Submit You said new. Maybe talk to your local dealer and see if they can curt you a break.
  2. 1992 Hewes Bonefisher 16 Rehabilitation

    beautiful work!
  3. 17 HPX-V + F90

    Another Spitfire X-7 member! There are a few of us running them now with good results.
  4. 17 HPX-V + F90

    People still buy aluminum props???!! haha j/k
  5. 17 HPX-V + F90

    The spitfire is a 4 blade stainless prop.
  6. 1900v power question

    ditto what Nag Juice says. Keep an eye out and one will pop up.
  7. 21's

    Dueling 21's! I love it!!
  8. Hewes 16 owners

    You have the 'best of the best' of the Redfisher hulls. Get some new power and get it dialed in with the right prop and hang on! it's a keeper! You are right about it being a bigger 16' boat than most. It will eat up some chop and run shallow when you need it to.
  9. JL tweeter

    Do you need a tweeter? or a grille? I think they come in pairs and I may have a extra one in my J.I.C. box. text me. dc
  10. Got one!

  11. Water Quality

    Nice Work, Gabe!!
  12. Generators

    Justfish, I can parallel mine with another just like it if need be (don't have one but have thought about it a couple times and I would need to purchase the cord to link them together). My thinking is if I need more power I will have it with two but when I am out camping I can still use the single unit. Also, toting them around and loading and unloading in my vehicle will be easier. I can't see hauling a 5500-6500 watt floor model out to campsites and with the noise they make I may not make it out alive! haha (deliverance music playing in the background) If you get dual ones and run them in parallel would you shoot me a PM and let me know the pros and cons> Like I said, I am on the fence about getting a second one of the same model.
  13. Generators

    I have a Yamaha 2000 watt for camping that weighs under 50#'s. If you want to stay with the invertor style maybe look at the champion 3100, it gets good reviews but is still under 100#'s and has wheels. Has more power when you need it but is still fairly compact. Give the Campion 3100 a look see.
  14. New EPA fuel system. Fueling takes forever.

    Tall Tails, Search Geeviam's posts, he did a write up on the same problem on his brand new Redfisher.
  15. Did some preventative maintenance on the outboard this weekend and trailer repairs. I noticed that when I took my engine cowl off that there was water condensation everywhere! The engine block seemed wet, the outside of the carbs wet and when I took the air cleaner housing off the carb throttle blades had water droplets on them!! My flywheel has a slight rust coating on it as well. I did notice the fiberglass under the poling platform and inside the center console was moldy as well. My boat is stored under a carport so I am at the mercy of the Florida humidity. Any ideas on combating the humidity under the engine cowl and other areas?
  16. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    I was at Home depot last night and bought one of these for an experiment. https://www.eva-dry.com/dehumidifiers/eva-dry-333-mini-dehumidifier/ Maybe leave the hood cracked open or close it all the way. I haven't decided yet.
  17. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    Troy, Do you have any fans (Floor or ceiling) that you use in your carport to help with removing humidity? What works for you? How about salt deposits? What secrets can you divulge?
  18. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    I do have an outboard motor cover and it seems to make it a lot worse. Rick, for conversation pieces I have my KTM 450 EXC in the living room. Maybe I need a bigger living room!
  19. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    I get that I have a moisture problem since my boat is under the carport that is covered by a huge oak tree and no sun beats directly on it to dry it out everyday. Just trying to figure out how to deal with it a little better (I have lived there 10 years in that house and always had the same problem) 16 FOOT MUSHROOM!! Reminds me of the song verse by Jim Stafford in Wildwood Weed....."Take a trip and never leave the farm" Whoo hoo!
  20. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    There is also the possibility that water intruded inside during your boating activity and has not dried out I noticed the problem before and have always blow dried the engine with my air nozzle. but when I go back several days later the condensation is back. It could be the seals but air can still get in through the top of the rear housing like it is designed. I went to a couple jet ski websites (can I say jet ski on here?) and they are heavy into cleaning the engine compartment area including the engine with vinegar (to get rid of the salt deposits) then coating with a corrosion blocker before putting them away.
  21. Battling Humidty in Florida-Help

    Tennis balls would work for under the boat cover, Thanks! Condensation was under my outboard engine cowl. I am thinking about rigging a small light bulb I can put under there and turn on when I am home and possibly leaving the hood cracked or maybe get one of those heating rods like for your gun safe. Other things I thought of are silica gel packs, one of those magnetic block heaters or just plain baking soda in a cup?
  22. This is one of my favorites that Hewes made! GLWS!
  23. Somebody is going to great a sweet deal!!
  24. 3.3 VMax RPM drop

    Dabear, It wasn't meant as a dig on FBC. I was saying that Yamaha seems to have a problem with its treatment process of its metals. Mulligan's motor was older but your was fairly new and both had corrosion eating away and causing problems.