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  1. New Master Angler???

    They are out there. http://www.seabornboats.com/bay-boats/fx25-bay/
  2. Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    Is that to compete with the larger bay boats, i.e. Yellowfin, sea born, shearwater and such?
  3. live well

    when I have the tallest standpipe in mine does this. bilge fills up and bilge pump comes on frequently. I do not see how to seal the hatch access any better so I just deal with it.
  4. 2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    IMO, they should put those knees or braces in all boats. That way we can up the HP rating for all the models!! just sayin'
  5. Charleston down the east coast of Florida

    I just came from a Charleston vacation and we stopped at Fernandina beach, Florida and stayed at the seaside hotel (free breakfast) on the beach. About two miles down the road is Amelia island ( I think) which has a cobblestone road and quaint little stores to walk around and see. Ft Clinch state park was about a 1/2 mile from us which was pretty neat as we scouted out some camping sites and saw the fort. Very laid back town.
  6. ok, it says 13.13" width which I am guessing it diameter? Most we run except for the Mercury Spitfire are 13.25" or 13.5" diameter. Does the Talon come ported? I remember you saying that your SHO did not like ports.
  7. This place shows them and when I added it to my cart it did not say they were on Back order. Talon ss4 18 pitch
  8. Re-power my 2006 Redfisher 16

    Great news!! Post up some pictures when you get it completed!! Let us know how you like the new motor.
  9. 300 Suzuki on a 22 TRS

    Surveyingdawg, Have you called you agent to discuss with him? What did he say?
  10. Lowery Park Ramp

    VsteveV is right, all the pavilions are full on the weekends with gatherings and parties with kids playing.
  11. Lowery Park Ramp

    I use that ramp and sometimes get a bad feeling in my stomach when others are around hanging out without boats. Another thing I don't like is it has a remote parking lot because the regular lot only holds a dozen trailers or so at the ramp. If you have to go park your truck or go retrieve it from the remote lot many things can happen while you are gone. If a meet and greet is scheduled then post it up. I will do my best to attend. Last, I have been looking online at the local news websites (don't have facebook) for a mention of the incident but can't find anything. *** that they don't post up anything. Troy, I am glad that you posted it up for everyone to see. I was at that ramp with my GF about a month ago and they had a dead body on the dock. Said they found it floating in the river.
  12. Complete Stereo Install 2018 2300 HPS

    Excellent report and excellent work! It looks very professional, you did a great job!

    Maybe get the hatch out, mount your battery below as RefishRippn suggests with a remote charger plug and re-install the shelf for your gear?
  14. 2400 TRS F300 Prop

    rpthree is running a Merc prop. He posted his numbers above.
  15. it's on here in the classifieds. Nice boat!
  16. HELP! What is happening with my new motor?

    If it is still being broke in then contact your dealer. You don't want to cause a worse situation by running it more. May be something simple. Report back what they find, inquiring minds....
  17. 48" 24V here. That trolling motor and extra batteries are gonna slow you down!! haha
  18. New fishing buddy

    WTG, Mulligan!!
  19. Anchor pin storage

  20. Leading Edge Propeller

    Let's see some before and after numbers!
  21. Opening Day

    Outstanding job, Troy!
  22. Tampa bay tide Guru's

    The one Hurricane posted is very good! I will study it later. Here is one I use that works for me. http://www.tides4fishing.com/us/florida-gulf-coast/shell-point
  23. Ever see this happen!

  24. I have tried lots of waxes in my lifetime. They look great when applied but something about saltwater just seems to strip off what ever I put on! I would ask your guy if the boat he put it on is run in fresh water or salt? Maybe ask him to have the customer call you and he can tell you how long the coating will last before breaking down and needs to be re-applied?
  25. Back in the saddle again!

    I love this model! Keep us posted on the updates!!