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  1. 3.3 VMax RPM drop

    Dabear, It wasn't meant as a dig on FBC. I was saying that Yamaha seems to have a problem with its treatment process of its metals. Mulligan's motor was older but your was fairly new and both had corrosion eating away and causing problems.
  2. Questioning my setup.

    I didn't see what type boat in the first post, is it a bayfisher? If it is then there is a thread on a 1998 bayfisher with a 90 hp that has some good info in this section. dc
  3. Yellowing inside livewells

    SCFD rtrd, I would be interested to know if the residue effects the bait for the first couple times or not. Some say it is a cardinal sin to clean the inside of your livewell with anything other than water. It may have a negative effect or your bait. dc
  4. 3.3 VMax RPM drop

    WOW! I am glad they found it! I think that is the same problem that Joe (Dabear) had with his 150. The exhaust tuner had a leak and it was messing with the signal on the O2 sensor causing it to run erratically. Curtis diagnosed that on Joe's a few months ago after an extended visit to the shop. Sounds like it may be a common theme on the Yamaha's. I have a couple exhaust tuners at the house from failed experiments if you need on from a 115 HP and you can make it work! haha
  5. Prop recommendation 18' Master Angler

    Not much help here either but I had a 2003 Maverick 18.5 Yamaha 150 HPDI and ran the Powertech PTC4R19. Had a top end of 52-53 mph @ WOT

    Nice work!! Those moon shots are cool!!
  7. What did you do to your boat today?

    I decided to clean the non-skid on my boat seeing how the rest of you are in a cleaning frenzy. I bought the star brite non skid deck cleaner, attached a scrubbing brush to my electric drill and went to work. It was fairly easy to apply per the directions, after finishing I rinsed the cleaner off and wiped dry. Unfortunately, I did not see any difference after finishing and it did not take the smudge marks off that I was trying to clean or reduce the slipperiness (sp) that has been on the deck since new. Do any of you use a non skid deck cleaner that has good results?
  8. Talon 8 or 10 on a redfisher 16

    What is the weight difference between two 8' and two 10' talons?
  9. 3.3 VMax RPM drop

    I it almost sounds like a ecm/power pack cutting out. Gonna be really hard to pinpoint if it is unless you have a friend with the same motor and you borrow it for a few days.
  10. Look what I found!!

    Nice find!! I would offer to come by and help with the sanding and buffing but It looks like you already have help looking at the last picture.
  11. 2200 Pathfinder with Tower - Tampa Area

    Here is my buddies 2004 TE with a 200 VMAX and a tower. WOWZER!! He is in Tampa. FunFlatsFishing, PM me and I will do my best to help.
  12. This is crazy!! http://wfla.com/2017/07/17/video-10-injured-by-runaway-boat/ I see where a man and woman were ejected from there boat near the Courtney Campbell Boat ramp here in Tampa too. The man died and the woman is in the Hospital. BE SAFE!!
  13. Hurricane, I can see behind you that it is slick calm behind you!! Nice fish!! I can relate to the heat as it was hot for us too! Linesider, Be very careful out there!
  14. 07/15 report Went out early and caught bait in cockroach with BDSnook on my boat. We blacked out the livewell in just a few casts of the net. We had a problem first thing as all the bait died on the way to the fishing hole. We were not sure what happened unless the water was to warm and no oxygen. So we went and caught more bait and headed back to the fishing hole. It was a little later than we wanted to be there but we still caught some fish. This was the first of many obstacles through out the day. We fished the south shore from Joe island up the e.g. Simmons park catching snook and trout. We saw reds pushing on the flats and sight casted to them but no dice. The water was both clear and murky depending in where we were and most of the fish were caught in the clear water areas. My trolling motor shorted out on the water so we had to go old school and set up our drifts with the wind and water current. I slipped on the algae at the ramp and busted my butt. Got a few scraps and bruises from that fall. We still had a great time on the water and got to catch a few fish.