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  1. Tell your buddy to hang on to that template. He will be getting some calls!! haha
  2. Hard Water Mineral Residue on Chart Plotter Screen

    how about the eye glass cleaners that come in the little packets? I buy mine at walmart but there are lots of places that carry them. I have them all over the place, in my car, truck, boat and tackle box and they work great.
  3. WOW! That is amazing! In the third picture down is 'Murphys law" which is Rick Murphys boat and Probably Rick Murphy driving in the picture.
  4. Pliers / Sheath

    I contacted Bradm on the forum about Ben and he gave me his contact info. After talking with Ben I sent him my Dozier WWII fighting knife that I bought last year but didn't have a sheath. Ben and I talked and I asked for a clean and simple sheath and let him go. He is a pleasure to deal with and I love the finished product. What do you think?
  5. West Coast Florida Service Recommendations

    I personally like technician Joe Malcom @ Family boating on W. Tyson ave. I believe he is also a master tech with Yamaha (he was before).
  6. 17' Maverick MA prop suggestion

    Rick, That looks like the testing Robert (member buttapollock101 ) did when he got his F115. Marlinsurfteam , you may want to shoot him a PM as he is very meticulous and spent quite a bit of time with his 17' Maverick
  7. 23 HPS // 250 SHO

    EXCELLENT write up and fantastic results. Frustrating and satisfying all in the same sentence but when you find the needle in the haystack things are golden!
  8. I shop at home depot frequently and there policy is the same. Within 30-60 days (not exactly sure) they will cover the product sold in house, after that you contact the manufacturer of the item purchased and the manufacturer covers the item for whatever warranty period they offer.
  9. BBO, In your pictures (may be the angle you took them too) but it looks like they can be tuned for better performance. before trying a longer actuator go to the LENCO site and read the installation page. Your blade should be 3/8" from the bottom of the hull at the hinge and 5/8" inch (9" tab) at the rear or 3/4" on a 12" tab when properly set up. By checking and setting the proper height settings you may not have to buy longer actuators only adjust them. Worth a shot to measure them before you spend money. read the link below to make sure of which style you have and which measurement pertains to your tab. http://www.lencomarine.com/index.php/products/trim-tabs/standard-mount
  10. No worries, I saw where he posted first and everything is cool. Dale
  11. If qwackerwacker falls through I would like to get it from you Dale
  12. East Tampa Bay?

    oh crap, there goes the neighborhood!! haha just kidding! Come on over!
  13. Last nights dinner