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  1. lurem

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Did someone mention champagne? I will bring the Orange Juice, Mimosa's at Whichwaysup place for the christening! Whoo Hoo!
  2. lurem

    MA 21 biggest jacklplate setback

    OCL, Pm bdsnook on the forum as he has a 21 MA with a 200 Merc and runs a jackplate. I am not sure of the setback though.
  3. lurem

    Lesson learned

    Good information for all us! Stay calm and keep your wits about you. Glad you made it through it safely.
  4. lurem

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    So your trolling motors died from trolling all day AND your starting motor died too? What caused the total discharge of your starting battery if you were trolling on the 2 batteries that are the ones for your trolling motor?
  5. lurem

    DIW (Dead In the Water) story

    I have the same battery selector as you and just recently mine has lost the detent position and it just spins without locking into position. I figured I had one more trip without it leaving me stranded so I went fishing Monday with BDSnook from the forum. It did the same as you described on position "1" (click, click, dead)so I moved it to "both" and got it started then moved it back to "1" to get home. Luckily we did not get stranded but I called my local marine hardware store and ordered another one. I just need to get downtown to pick it up. Hopefully it won't be to hard to install. Why do you think you go through batteries like you do?
  6. lurem

    New Yami F115 SHO prop choice

    We did test it 3 ways, full port (all holes open), partial ported and then last I plugged all the holes so it was not ported al all.
  7. lurem

    Prop Help

    Troy, Reading the Yamaha SHO web page is says max RPM's is 6K but produces 200 HP @ 5500 rpms. So the Solas prop you are running is in the right where it needs to be for max HP. If that was running light then that would be a good choice because once loaded it would settle down to 5500 max RPM's or so. Maybe find out what pitch that is and experiment with different models to get the correct hole shot and running attitude he wants. If he is sending it out then have him describe what the boat does and what he wants and ask the prop guy if he can make the SOLAS work for him. https://yamahaoutboards.com/en-us/home/outboards/v-max-sho/v6-4-2l
  8. Get with member pondfisher on the forum. He has the same F100 engine and has his dialed in pretty good. Get all the info you can on prop model and pitch then max RPM and we can put you on the right path. It should be cheaper than a new 115 SHO.
  9. lurem

    Really wet bilge

    Another thing I thought of is to check the tub that is the livewell. Look inside the livewell and add sealant to the top where the livewell bucket/tub meets the underside of the deck. Sometimes the livewell splashing will cause the water to go between the gaps and leak into the bilge. I hope that makes sense.
  10. lurem

    New Yami F115 SHO prop choice

    Sure is Purdy!!
  11. lurem

    New Yami F115 SHO prop choice

    I would stick the prop you have on there and run it through it paces. That will give you a base for holeshot, cruise and WOT numbers. Take notes recording rpms and speeds in all phases. Once you have that info then you can dial it in with a different prop if need be. Just my .02
  12. lurem

    Coke 400 Daytona tickets

    Joe, I sent you an email and will take them if they are still available. dc
  13. lurem

    Facts on hpxs

    I get it, thanks for the clarification.
  14. lurem

    Facts on hpxs

    I'm confused (not hard to do at my age) but isn't the HPX-s the tunnel model? Why would you want to know how shallow the tunnel would run then ask ....Don’t want to do tunnel so looking for most shallow option non tunnel!
  15. lurem

    Pliers / Sheath

    Brad, Where do we sign up to get on the waiting list for one??!! haha
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