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  1. Leading Edge Propeller

    PM dabear, he has used him off and on. dc
  2. I have a 2008 RF 16' with a 4" jackplate by Atlas (micro-jacker). It is a hair lighter than the regular ones. It was fairly easy to install with a friends help. Pros- helps with shallow water starts and you can adjust engine height on the fly. When idling the shallow flats you can raise the engine vertically instead of trimming with the tilt function. Cons- affected my draft by maybe an inch +\-. Side note- it did nothing for the porpoising that this model is known for ( I knew it wouldn't but wanted the versatility of the jack plate). I hope this helps.
  3. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    My boat came with the continental AS1630b trailer when new in 2008. I had the torsion axle, aluminum hardware and 14" wheels. I replaced the axle last year because of surface rust (just made me uneasy, probably would have lasted longer). I did not get the welded bunks but wish I had as they need to be replaced now too. It is 9 years old and gets rinsed with vinegar water every fishing trip and the hubs greased with regular services. One more thing, it came with plastic bunks which will rub through your gel coat in a couple years if you power load you boat. I would advise against them.
  4. Maverick 17, 1998

    FLDXT, Looking on the Suzuki website you are correct. Same bore and stroke between the 115hp and 140hp, but the 115 weighs 401 pounds and the 140 weighs 394 pounds??? I still can't find out what makes the 115SS a SS beside the 10 mph paint job!
  5. Maverick 17, 1998

    What influenced your decision to go with the Suzuki 115SS? What is the difference between a 115 and a 115 SS? Give us a report when you get it dialed in, I am interested in how it performs.
  6. How many RPM's??

    I love it when a plan comes together! Glad you are running like you should! Now, go catch some fish! dc
  7. Nov . 28th Tampa Bay South Shore

    Excellent report dabear!! Glad Diane is feeling better and kicking your butt at fishng! Haha
  8. How many RPM's??

    Joe, you are correct, I looked in my folder (yes, some of us still keep paper folders) and I had a 2003 18.5 MA and a 150 VMAX. It had a powertech PTC 19 pitch 4 blade and ran 52 @ 5750 rpms running by myself. I have notes like very tab sensitive and for best holeshot- 1/4 tabs and ease the throttle down , don't stab it from a start. also likes lots of trim (which is what Kevin says above)
  9. How many RPM's??

    I don't understand, he is hitting 5100 RPM's with a 19 pitch prop and you are saying he needs to go 'up' in pitch? Why not go down so his rpm's will increase closer to 5500 RPM's which should be his max running light?
  10. Best price on a Yamaha Lower unit

    http://www.boats.net/parts/detail/yamaha/outboard/Y-60X-45300-10-NA.html http://www.simyamaha.com/searchresults.asp?Search=+60X-45300-10-NA&Submit You said new. Maybe talk to your local dealer and see if they can curt you a break.
  11. 1992 Hewes Bonefisher 16 Rehabilitation

    beautiful work!
  12. 17 HPX-V + F90

    Another Spitfire X-7 member! There are a few of us running them now with good results.
  13. 17 HPX-V + F90

    People still buy aluminum props???!! haha j/k
  14. 17 HPX-V + F90

    The spitfire is a 4 blade stainless prop.