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  1. Had the day off yesterday and went to the Little Manatee river by myself. Fishing is good for the Soul. The water was still dirty without the floating grass. there was no tide movement all day which made things tougher. I fished, listened to some music and ended up with snapper and some small snook similar to Dabear.
  2. 115 hp vs 150 hp

    Check with member Dabear, he swapped his F150 for a 115 SHO about 3-4 weeks ago on his HPX-V 18'. He would be able to give another evaluation.
  3. High-Vis vs. Low-Vis Braid

    This may be a silly question but here goes...For those that fish with the longer leaders do you use a uni-knot? when reeling up to cast do you run the knot through the eyes of your rod? Does that effect your casting and such with the clunking noise or effect your accuracy?
  4. Bait Well Help

    I have heard the same thing Troy is saying about the baits waste. You have to get the waste out of the livewell because it is ammonia based. The bait ends up drowning in there own pee. Yuck. Sorry for that visual guys.
  5. Bait Well Help

    If the water is to hot and they die you may want to freeze some small milk jugs the night before and put one in the livewell during the day. it will keep the water cooler and the other one can stay in your cooler to keep your drinks cold.
  6. MarkB2, You should keep that prop for fishing and work on a speed prop as a spare for days when you want to play. CGRyan and linesider159 probably have some advice as they are speed freaks
  7. Hewes 16 owners

    What prop are you running now? how many HP? A 15 or 16 pitch prop with a small diameter (13.25 or smaller) would work for you. PTR in powertech works well for some. whereas Stiletto bay pro works too. If you can find a 15 pitch TURBO that works on others.
  8. JP

    VsteveV, What motor do you have? Never mind, I went back and saw a 115.
  9. JP

    Also, the SCD prop does not like to be trimmed. It runs best trimmed all the way in to maybe out one bar. Forum member Mulligan had good luck with his SCD by sending it out and having some cup added.
  10. Td1

    Td= tropical depression for us Florida boys. That means it time for hurricane to go to work!!
  11. 2015 Hewes Redfisher 18

    I love that hull color!! GLWS
  12. Seastar or Baystar steering system

    You guys are to much!! Haha I called the folks at seastar and yes, like mentioned above, the baystar has the smaller footprint and it suited for my 115 hp motor so I ordered it as well as a new turn signal lever for my Jack plate. Hopefully get it Wednesday (amazon prime baby) and can get started on it this week.
  13. Seastar or Baystar steering system

    I thought about that. You can tell her that you bought new decals because I was busting your chops about yours being faded. When she gets the bill for the decals, then you can tell her that there was a new engine attached to them!! haha It's all in the wording my friend!! I am here for you brother!!
  14. Td1

    I was thinking the same thing!! td1 Yikes!!
  15. Seastar or Baystar steering system

    Funny Mulligan! As a matter of fact I was parked next to Hurricane at the sandbar gig and was sizing up his motor to put on the back of mine since his is all faded and he should be the one getting a 175 SHO for his Maverick!! haha