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  1. Electric Outboards

    Saw this on one of the websites I visit. Looks like it is in its infancy but coming along. https://www.geekwire.com/2018/seattles-pure-watercraft-set-deliver-electric-outboard-motors-new-boost-battery-pack/
  2. Improved Cheese Grater

    To bad the sea chests are not uniform from boat to boat so they could be mass produced. I have had offers to make them with a CNC machine and a 3D printer from different people but I do not have exact measurements and I am no engineer. it looks like they would all take adjusting to fit each individual boats sea chest from what most are saying that have made them. However, they are working on the carbon fiber boat on the other thread and I am sure they have some scraps here and there. Come to think of it Skip owes me a favor for helping him out a while back. I am going leave room in my stocking for a custom carbon fiber grate from him.
  3. Improved Cheese Grater

    Let me see if I can clarify what I wrote. When sitting still the pump would pump a full stream of water then taper off to a light stream or dribble, then the pump would catch some water and pump at full flow again continuously. I was thinking that the holes in the grater were to small and the sea chest could not refill fast enough. I see where Geeviam says I need to go with vertical holes instead of larger angled holes. He needs to type faster as I already drilled angled holes!! haha Again me getting my thoughts to paper is tough for an old guy like me. On the trim tabs, I always have to use my tabs at cruising speeds to keep my boat from porpoising. It has done it since brand new no matter which prop I run. Sunday I was at cruising speeds and my boat did not porpoise like it has in the past. It may not be all gone but this is a huge improvement. As for speeds, it was a little choppy for me, but I did notice a 1-1.5 mph increase with the prop I ran that day running with him across the bay..
  4. Improved Cheese Grater

    Got my plate installed last weekend with the help of Mulligan and took it out this past Sunday to see how it worked. I have the small 4 holes per Gevviam's example. I could definitely tell that I did not have to use my trim tabs and trim as much during the day to keep the boat from hopping. Definitely worth the time and effort! On the holes, mine are to small, they worked ok while running on plane but when sitting still the sea chest would not stay full causing my livewell pump (800 GPH) to fluctuate and *** air then *** water over and over again. When I got home I used the same 4 holes and went a couple drill bit sizes larger and will test again and report back. So far I am excited about this modification! Saw Hurricane on the water and we fished some together and chatted then made the run home back to the ramp.
  5. Improved Cheese Grater

    There are lots of thoughts on the position and angle of the holes. It seems everyone involved in this thread has there own idea of what works best. You and I talked about it when we did mine and went with Geeviam's idea. Making the jig to drill the holes was brilliant I might add! haha I want to wet test mine too, so get yours done and let's get on the water this weekend to see what works and what does not.
  6. Improved Cheese Grater

    Let me know when you are going, I will be out there with my camera.
  7. Improved Cheese Grater

    sign me up! I want to see that!! haha
  8. Tampa Bay gags on fire

    Very nice work!! WTG!!
  9. LOOK AT THE DAY I BOUGHT IT!!!12/03/2005, today is 12/03/2018, 13 years to the day!! Now I believe in the Illuminati!! haha
  10. I had bought a leftover 2003 that looked identical to that and sold it to a guy down south on the west coast after only making about 4 payments on it (DIVORCE). Looks very close to mine and you mentioned that someone added a poling platform. If the FL numbers are the same and it has a PTC 19 pitch 4 blade on it then it may be it.
  11. Linesider159, Did you cut your trim tabs shorter in length as well as raise them? I looked at Mulligans trim tabs (RF21) and his stick out past the vertical shield/cover whereas yours look to be flush with the back.
  12. Improved Cheese Grater

    10minutes!!?? funny guy!!
  13. I wonder if that is my old boat? I sold it to a guy in Ft Meyers and I did not have a platform on it when I bought it off the showroom floor. If it is I am glad to see it is still around. I loved that boat!
  14. Improved Cheese Grater

    I worked with Mulligan this weekend and made one for my RF16. It was a slow and tedious process but we got it done. We thought we were going to make 2, one for him and one for me, His sea chest is in bad shape (crack, uneven, etc) so we did not start on his yet. I did not get a chance to wet test it so I will post an update later. Mine is a smooth fit and started with the 5/16' slanted holes that Geeviam showed in his post.
  15. Improved Cheese Grater

    Would it be possible to mount a flush plate with holes over the existing cheese grate and make it flush then secure it? Like an insert? Maybe use the existing cheese grate mounting holes for the screws and just get longer screws? I am like Mulligan and my 4 bunk trailer makes accessing the cheese grate impossible without some maneuvering of my boat and trailer or removing the bunk like discussed above.