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  1. Does anyone have one of these brackets and hardware laying around that they are not using? If anyone has one for sale or giveaway I am interested. Shoot me a PM or answer here. It is the transducer bracket in the picture in the upper right hand corner. I have the transducer just need the metal mount. Everyone check your J.I.C. (just in case) boxes for spares.
  2. What brand amp is that? JL audio too? Nice looking rig!
  3. lurem

    Severe cavitation

    You have had it 6 weeks and it has been in the shop 3 weeks? WOW! can you explain more.
  4. lurem

    Improved Cheese Grater

    VsteveV, I shot you a PM
  5. lurem

    Improved Cheese Grater

    we did not move the boat off the trailer. Just like Mulligan and I said above, move the bunk out of the way. We did not remove the bunk out from under the boat. If you swing by Mulligans place he has a Plethora of J.I.C. (just in case) items at his place. Lag bolts being one of them! Thanks again, Rick! haha
  6. lurem

    Improved Cheese Grater

    We used a floor jack and some pieces of wood to raise the right rear of the boat ever so slightly. It relieved the pressure on the bunk covering the sea chest. Take the lag bolts out of the wood bunk and move the bunk out of the way with a small tap of a hammer. You have full access to the sea chest. We crawled under my boat a dozen times or more measuring and fitting the piece to make it the perfect size and fitment. Be prepared for lots of head rushes from getting up and down! Haha
  7. lurem

    MA 21 compared to Red Fisher 21

    Gary, If I remember right (which I don't always do) there was a video of Rick Murphy with a new redfisher 21 he got airing it out up and down making several passes. I looked but can't seem to find it. Maybe MBG has the video and can post it up? Heck, get Shane to make a video of his friends Fusion running on the pad aired out. I believe that is the 21 redfisher hull?
  8. Memories, My son and I fish together a lot and did not miss the chance to go yesterday since we were both off work. he brought up something on his phone from Facebook called memories that almost brought a tear to my eye. Apparently it shows you what you were doing on that same day last year and he showed me that the last 4 years (since he has had Facebook anyway) the two of us have started the new year together on the water fishing! We looked at the pictures of past new years day jaunts and got a good laugh of our times together. We fished the south side of Tampa bay from Little Manatee river down to Joe island and back. We did not see or catch any live bait but did get some shrimp before putting in at the ramp. Fish were on the points were the current was moving in 2-5' of water.
  9. lurem

    Improved Cheese Grater

    I AM SOLD ON THIS UPGRADE! The live well works great with the extra holes and kept our bait alive all day long. I noticed that my boat drives better and does not porpoise like it used to. it does feel like the back end of my boat is a little looser when I get going fast but I does not bother me. I don't think I picked up any speed but I definitely love the ride! I don't have to mess with the engine trim and use the trim tabs all day every day to correct the constant bouncing! Yeah
  10. I remember reading about this back in May or June of this year. It happened again?
  11. lurem

    E-searider bean bags

    Thanks for the tip. Me and some friends got together and ordered a few of them for our boats and they should be here by the end of the week.
  12. lurem

    Electric Outboards

    Saw this on one of the websites I visit. Looks like it is in its infancy but coming along. https://www.geekwire.com/2018/seattles-pure-watercraft-set-deliver-electric-outboard-motors-new-boost-battery-pack/
  13. lurem

    Improved Cheese Grater

    To bad the sea chests are not uniform from boat to boat so they could be mass produced. I have had offers to make them with a CNC machine and a 3D printer from different people but I do not have exact measurements and I am no engineer. it looks like they would all take adjusting to fit each individual boats sea chest from what most are saying that have made them. However, they are working on the carbon fiber boat on the other thread and I am sure they have some scraps here and there. Come to think of it Skip owes me a favor for helping him out a while back. I am going leave room in my stocking for a custom carbon fiber grate from him.
  14. lurem

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Let me see if I can clarify what I wrote. When sitting still the pump would pump a full stream of water then taper off to a light stream or dribble, then the pump would catch some water and pump at full flow again continuously. I was thinking that the holes in the grater were to small and the sea chest could not refill fast enough. I see where Geeviam says I need to go with vertical holes instead of larger angled holes. He needs to type faster as I already drilled angled holes!! haha Again me getting my thoughts to paper is tough for an old guy like me. On the trim tabs, I always have to use my tabs at cruising speeds to keep my boat from porpoising. It has done it since brand new no matter which prop I run. Sunday I was at cruising speeds and my boat did not porpoise like it has in the past. It may not be all gone but this is a huge improvement. As for speeds, it was a little choppy for me, but I did notice a 1-1.5 mph increase with the prop I ran that day running with him across the bay..