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  1. Anchor pin storage

  2. Leading Edge Propeller

    Let's see some before and after numbers!
  3. Opening Day

    Outstanding job, Troy!
  4. Tampa bay tide Guru's

    The one Hurricane posted is very good! I will study it later. Here is one I use that works for me. http://www.tides4fishing.com/us/florida-gulf-coast/shell-point
  5. Ever see this happen!

  6. I have tried lots of waxes in my lifetime. They look great when applied but something about saltwater just seems to strip off what ever I put on! I would ask your guy if the boat he put it on is run in fresh water or salt? Maybe ask him to have the customer call you and he can tell you how long the coating will last before breaking down and needs to be re-applied?
  7. Back in the saddle again!

    I love this model! Keep us posted on the updates!!
  8. Hewes sale via MBG

    That's great news!! Congratulations!!
  9. Some follow up from Fridays accident. http://m.baynews9.com/content/mobile/news/baynews9/news/article.touch.html/content/news/articles/bn9/2018/2/24/investigation_contin.html
  10. Here is another one from Dabear from yesterday.
  11. http://www.baynews9.com/content/news/baynews9/news/article.html/content/news/articles/bn9/2018/2/23/emergency_crews_resp.html I am sorry for there loss. Does anyone have more info?
  12. 24 speaker location

    WOW, glad I looked at this thread. I thought it was saying he was putting 24 speakers in his boat!! haha The English language can be tricky!!
  13. Redfisher vs Bayfisher

    You don't mention what year redfisher. If it is pre 2000 then the layout of the redfisher may be a touch better and i would not hesiitate to get either after a thorough inspection. if the redfisher is a later model then my vote is bayfisher. Best riding Hewes I EVER HAD!
  14. 2008 Hewes Redfisher 16 Yamaha F90

    I like the look without the poling platform!! Hhhmmm
  15. New Mercury 4 strokes 175, 200 and 225

    I wonder why they did not make a 250 HP so it can be run on the bass circuit (I think they have a 250 HP max)?