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  1. lurem

    Sheepshead - Winter trip #2

    GREAT WORK Josh! How are you liking your new motor? You have had it on there several months now. Give us an update.
  2. lurem

    Hydromotive Props

    Brad, Great write up as always! Would it be worth a call to Hydromotive and ask about your results? You ordered the prop after reading the description on their website and it did not perform as described. Maybe they can help you out before you try to sell it?
  3. lurem

    Hydromotive Props

    Absolutely, always good to hear from folks who like to think outside the box and make their boats perform at there best.
  4. lurem

    New guy on the block / Redfisher18

  5. lurem


    https://ezellindustriesinc.com/marine Here is another one, they said have all the drawings for the tanks (at least I know he has Maverick ones). Give him a shout and see.
  6. lurem

    Bring back the Lappy

    Don't forget about the 19' lappy that was made for a few years. It had a front/rear livewell and was plenty fast.
  7. lurem

    Repower Hewes 16 1994

    If that picture does not get Scott Deal to get out the Lappy molds from the back of the shop and 'dust' them off and make that boat again I do not know what will!! ***!!
  8. lurem

    Water in fuel

    It is an on going problem with most of us and we deal with by being ready both on and of the water with extra parts and such. Does anyone use any additives (Aka 'snake oil" to some) to help with moisture/water in the tank? Starbrite, Lucas, BG, etc?
  9. lurem

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Hey, you asked for an update on how the pipe works. I have been on vacation for 5 days and fished everyday using live bait and the new design standpipe. I made sure the drain was built to be as tall as it could so I could get the most water into the livewell. I plugged the back hole that is an overflow drain on the 16 redfishers like mine. Pros works just like I thought it would. Getting bait into the livewell from my castnet is easier. Getting bait out with my bait net is a breeze. Bait doesn't seem to hide behind the pipe. Cons since the only way for water to get out is the drain out of the top. do not let any grass or foreign objects cover it (most of us keep the drain cleaned anyway) . Remember the rear drain hole is plugged and the water has no where to go except out the lid. Bait did not seem to clog it only the grass and muck from tampa bay. I hope this helps.
  10. lurem

    What did you do to your boat today?

  11. The smiles on your faces say it all! WTG!
  12. lurem

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Another good idea! That sounds like it would work. I even thought of making a corrugated hose of some type and a make it go somewhere of my choosing. I was also trying to get the most water I can into my livewell. The brochure says something like it holds 20 gallons but with the drain spout coming out the back I can only get about 16 gallons in mine before it overflows. So plugging that and making the drain pipe as tall as possible maybe I can get a few more gallons for my bait to play in. P.S. make sure you seal where the livewell bucket/tub meets up with the bottom of the deck. With the extra water you are adding you don't want it splashing over the unsealed area into your bilge and making the bilge pump come on constantly. Ask me how I know..haha
  13. lurem

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Last week fishing with BDSnook we talked about the livewell standpipe being in the center of the opening in the livewell and how it caught the bait net each time you tried to retrieve a bait so I came up with this. Plugged up the top overflow from the back. Got a couple 45 degree angle pieces for home depot and went to designing my prototype. I'm running my water hose in my front yard wide open in the Live Well. it did overflow at first. So I drilled two holes at the bottom near where the black stopper goes in the floor and then I drilled two more in the midsection. That seemed to fix it because it fills right to the top of the drain pipe but does not overflow outside of the Live Well. Success! Now all I need to do is fill it with bait and verify it works properly. I have not glued anything into place so I can still make adjustments if needed.
  14. lurem

    South Shore Tampa Bay

    Come on Dave, tell the whole story. I took off the whole week and we fished almost every day. We fished some of our routine spots and then went looking for new spots and had a blast the whole time! But you are right, Friday was a epic day and we caught multiple species in one pothole including inshore slams for both of us.
  15. lurem

    Savannah trout bite

    Looks like you have a top notch first mate too!
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