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  1. slyshon

    2300hps broken stringer

    Your contact here is our Customer Service Manager Steve Berry at sberry@maverickboatgroup.com. Skip
  2. slyshon

    2018 Cobia 261 cc

    48" center to center aft with a slight decrease going forward. Skip
  3. slyshon

    Friction hinges 2500 hybrid

    Odd, we have not heard much of this. Suggest you get in touch with GEM customer service, they are very good about warranty and I'm betting they will replace them. Skip
  4. slyshon

    277 Cobia Bridge Clearance

    Radar will add just over 2'. Skip
  5. slyshon

    Sea Star Hydraulic hose replacement

    The OEM steering lines are 18'. Skip
  6. slyshon

    2019 2400 TRS Gunnel rod holder

    Need to be careful placing flush gunnel rod holders in the gunnel/ covering boards! Those are not a structural part of the boat, any rod holder mounted on the boards will need serious backing plates to add strength. Skip
  7. slyshon

    Poling Platform for 21’ Bay?

    Hello Tom, hope you are well. We never offered a PP for that model... over your way I would recommend Action Welding in Ft. Myers, they should be able to fabricate something for your boat. Skip
  8. slyshon

    Maverick 17 HPXV Carbon Edition

    Yes, the option is available on all 3 HPX models.
  9. slyshon

    Maverick 17 HPXV Carbon Edition

    Here is the link to the FIFR segment:
  10. slyshon

    Maverick 17 HPXV Carbon Edition

    Yes, we are using Carbon more these days. We have now built 2-17HPX's with quite a few more on order and we just delivered the 3rd Pathfinder 23 built all Carbon. On the HPX we do everything Carbon with the exception of the hull, it is a Kevlar/ Carbon mix. Yes it is somewhat expensive especially doing the larger Pathfinders, not terrible on the smaller Mavericks. Some of the dealers have pricing on this option, not for everyone but on the Mavericks it saves a bunch of weight, I believe we lost about 180lbs on the first one, that's a game changer in the skiff world. Much more to come on this as we get further along. Skip
  11. I believe that to be a Teak Isle part. Skip
  12. We build some of them here and also use Teak Isle and Acrylico for others. Skip
  13. slyshon

    Maverick 16 Deluxe

    I sure hope he is not selling it on that trailer! Great boat, predecessor to the Master Angler line. That model floats shallow and poles well and will take a trolling motor. Ran great with a 90 or 115hp. Skip
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