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  1. Bow seat post for pathfinder 2500

    I would suggest you get GSY to do the repair, it is covered under warranty. Not a big repair but will most likely require some gelcoat work. Hate to see that but it happens on occasion when you have humans involved. Skip
  2. Bimini Run

    Dino's advice above is spot on. I will add, top off with gas as soon as you can upon arrival in Bimini. The weekends get very busy in Bimini, don't wait to fuel as the often run out, ask me how I know. Skip
  3. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

  4. New Cobia 240CC Walkthrough Video

    http://cobiaboats.com/boats/240cc/#overview Been on the Cobia website for quite some time. Skip
  5. 2001 22' Pathfinder Gunnel Rod Holder Question

    Very tight fit, measure 2x and cut once. A 15 degree rod holder will fit. Skip
  6. Sorry we cannot help but we have nothing on the older models built prior to MBG purchasing the company. Skip
  7. Customer Service

    Thank you for the nice words Brad, enjoy that new 23! Skip
  8. New MBG Facility

    Yes we plan a small ramp with a floating dock. Skip
  9. New MBG Facility

    The new shed is coming along nicely, latest drone video: https://vimeo.com/266735872
  10. Hpx t can I still order one.

    At this point Mike it is doubtful. We have the molds but they are in very rough shape, would be cost prohibitive to bring the molds back to buildable shape. Skip
  11. Florida Skiff Challenge

    Yes we have been asked to participate, all about timing as we simply do not have the time right now. We cannot have an owner or customer participate, has to be a company principle and Scott is very, very busy at the time. Skip
  12. New Boat

    Thank you for your continued support, enjoy the boat! Skip
  13. 2600 TRS

    We do offer a Leaning Post with cooler as an option, if you do that the batteries are then moved forward to the in floor forward storage locker. Skip
  14. New MBG Facility

    Making great progress on the new MBG "shack"! https://vimeo.com/259938925