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  1. slyshon


    8.08' minimum, 8.38' maximum. Skip
  2. slyshon

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Sorry I missed it! Kent has a gallery located here: https://galleries.maverickboatgroup.com/Galleries/2019-Islamorada-Owners-Tournament/ Skip
  3. slyshon

    2400 vs 2500

    Silly questions, you know as well as I do what your next boat should be! Skip
  4. slyshon

    2005 2000v Foam Filled?

    Was not 100% foam filled. We pre-foam meaning we foam all the boxes and the hull voids before capping the boat. Skip
  5. slyshon

    21 Cobia bay dropped?

    Actually we do still build the Cobia 21 Bay, we only build them for the rental boat clubs now. Skip
  6. slyshon

    2019 Keys MOT at The Breezy Palms

    Y'all have fun, hate to miss it this year but commitments here will keep me in Ft. Pierce. Charlie, Elliott and Kent will be present and have a load of cool stuff! May the weather gods bless the fleet this year! Skip
  7. slyshon

    25 Hybrid 300 yami prop

    Yamaha SWS II 15x20 SDS 3 blade seems to be the choice on many, running this prop on my 25 and it works well. Skip
  8. slyshon

    21 Cobia bay dropped?

    Yes it has, actually dropped last year. Skip
  9. https://www.nmma.org/press/article/22887 Skip
  10. slyshon

    2500 extra storage space-Skip

    That area was built to accept a total of 5- 31 series batteries. Skip
  11. Yes we are aware some are having issues. In fact, we are meeting with the company that builds our switch panels this morning. Some have issues, some do not. Our panel builder has tried a few different things, still an issue for some. I will report back as we work through this. Skip
  12. slyshon

    Redfisher 16 - Discontinued?

    At present we are not building the Hewes 16 Redfisher, it will most likely make a comeback in the somewhat near future. Skip
  13. slyshon

    Hewes “Orvis Edition”???

    Yes we built a few special edition Orvis Hewes back in the late 90's. Custom colors and features some with teak decking. Skip
  14. slyshon

    Troll motor install / 2017 hpx v

    A 2017 model will have backing plates. Skip
  15. slyshon

    What Model Hewes Is This?

    Older model 16 Redfisher I think... Skip
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