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  1. 2600 TRS

    We do offer a Leaning Post with cooler as an option, if you do that the batteries are then moved forward to the in floor forward storage locker. Skip
  2. New MBG Facility

    Making great progress on the new MBG "shack"! https://vimeo.com/259938925
  3. Bass pedestal seat insert

    That is normal, no issue. Suggest you keep the entire area well greased. Skip
  4. Cabin Bluff

    Quite a few times, great place! We have done business with them over the years, they currently own 2 Pathfinder 24TRS's. Great people to deal with and the place is 1st class. Skip
  5. New MBG Factory Update

    Shot this morning, making great progress! Skip
  6. New MBG Plant Progress

    We really hope to be in and building by July 1. Skip
  7. We can work around your schedule. Skip
  8. New MBG Plant Progress

    No the entire area that was filmed. You see them getting ready for the 2nd pour, that is not even half way. Building is 950' long by 125' wide and phase 2 will mirror phase 1. Skip
  9. New MBG Plant Progress

    Making progress on the new facility, gives you a good idea how large the building (Phase 1) will be. Skip
  10. My New Ride

    Thank you for your continued support! Skip
  11. Brad, Thank you for considering Pathfinder. At present we are really, really busy and lead times on retail sold units is running about 10-12 weeks and increasing daily. As for options, we offer Garmin, Power Pole and motor guide here, dealer can install most anything you desire. As for the factory tour, we run those every Friday @ 2:00, if you cannot make that we can work it around your schedule. Skip
  12. kevlar hull on 87 MA

    Scott's first model year with Maverick was 1985, never any wood in any on Scott's watch. As for Kevlar, that was really early for that product and doubt is was built with any unless it was a special order. Skip
  13. 22' vs 24' min depth?

    The 24 will draw a bit more than the 22, no doubt, bigger/ heavier boat. Fully loaded you are looking at maybe 2" more on the 24, 12" vs. 14" on the 2 boats. Skip
  14. Pathfinder 2500 Tuna Tango

    A little video our new Social Media Manager put together: Skip
  15. Stuck in Choko mud

    C'mon man! Tabs down, motor trimmed up you could get on plane no problem! Skip