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  1. Forum decal

    We had 100's of them here for years but believed they got pitched in a recent office clean up. Skip
  2. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Our Ft. Myers dealer, Ft. Myers Marine is a dealer for them and has done quite a few installs, suggest you call them. Skip
  3. Grey Powder Coat

    Been offering the Grey for a year or so now, I happen to really like it... Skip
  4. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Kent got some good shots! https://galleries.maverickboatgroup.com/2018-MBG-Islamorada-Owners-Tournament/ Skip
  5. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    We hope everyone had a good time, great crowd. Charlie and I actually got a chance to fish a bit! Skip
  6. 2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    The traveling road show will be there late tonight after a stop in Miami. Skip
  7. 2019 22 TRS Engine choices

    We offer the 22 with the VF200 SHO, just impossible to get at the moment. Skip
  8. Mercury

    Yes we could do that but I will tell you that availability is an issue at moment. Skip
  9. Mercury

    Yes although availability with Mercury on the new engines can be an issue
  10. So the 20 ft Pathy is back

    Not the same boat as the 20, not as wide and deeper. Skip
  11. Mercury

    You guessed correctly! Skip
  12. Mercury

    At present we offer a few of the Pathfinder models with Mercury power, mostly the larger models where those customers are looking for the 350/400. Skip
  13. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Been the summer of Sailfish here in Ft. Pierce, cannot find a Dolphin to save my life! Cool shot from this past weekend, caught a buddy his first and second Sailfish in an hour, he was done after the 2nd one. Skip
  14. Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    Still a work in progress but all the close molded models, 23,25 and both 26 Pathfinders along with the larger (24' and up) Cobia will be built at the new facility. Maverick, Hewes and the smaller (23' and down) will be built at the current facility. Skip
  15. Proud to introduce Lake Maverick!

    We will operate both plants, all administration will stay here where we are. Working a slow ramp up in the new place, it will fill up quickly as we plan to be in fullproduction there in 30 days or so. Skip