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  1. wayne

    HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    There's a long list of things the 17 is good for, keeping kids and wives comfortable is probably not on it..
  2. wayne

    HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    The 18 sounds like it's only a extra foot but it's a substantial difference.. the 17 does have a impressive ride for a small skiff..
  3. wayne

    HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    2013 it got the new cap design, other than that it was mostly little changes..
  4. wayne

    Ride Quality Comparison: Hewes vs. Maverick

    I would score them in reverse order of the way you have them listed..
  5. wayne

    HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    2009 and newer
  6. wayne

    HPX V 18 - Test Run?

    I used to own an older 18-V.. it was too wide in the stern to get up on top of chop and run like a maverick. It's not horrible if you are running small water, but if you are running where it gets rough (like Tampa) you'll hate it... The newer hull is worlds better..
  7. wayne

    2009 Maverick 18HPXV

    It's that boat in Louisiana?
  8. wayne

    Hewes HPX-V 18 For Sale

    https://www.thehulltruth.com/boats-sale-wanted/942339-sold-2012-maverick-hpxv-18-new-115-sho-vmax-35-hrs.html looks to be sold.
  9. how many hours on the boat/new motor. I see mounts for a gps and and TM, do they come with the boat ?
  10. Same boat only longer.. that's a red Fisher tunnel.. so yes it can be done... You won't get the stealth of the HPX, but as long as you pole down wind, it will get the job done..
  11. wayne

    Tarpon reel size

    I only had an #8 when this guy showed up..
  12. wayne

    Looking to possibly upgrade

    I think he is comparing the HPX- S to the tailfisher, I don't think he's considering the V. I think you will see improvements in stealth, dryness and ride, but probable gonna give up a little on stability at rest going to the Maverick..
  13. wayne

    Tarpon reel size

    X2 on the 8000 Shimano if we are talking big tarpon.. Mine was a sargosa.
  14. wayne


    It would be easier just to go pole them and make up your own mind... I personally prefer the way Mavericks pole, no matter which one we are talking about.. I think they are easier to fly fish out of because they spin easier... All the HBs I've been in track really well, but take more influence to spin to give the guy on the bow a better cast... Having that said, it's subtile and I wouldn't shy away from owning a Marquesa over it... IMO the difference between the two comes down to style, the performance is so close it wouldn't persuade me either way...
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