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  1. Closet Clean -out

    Bump for price adjustments..
  2. Closet Clean -out

    The fly gear and the Cabo combo...
  3. Closet Clean -out

  4. Closet Clean -out

    I'm not apposed to getting some fishing in, but scheduling might be tough...I mostly work weekends at my new gig.. Whats your scheduling like these days?
  5. 2003 HPX/Bonefisher Trim Tab Screws

    I don't know the exact answer, but I've owned and fixed up several old Mavericks... It's not uncommon for them to have a combination of threaded screws and ones with nuts on the back side to hold something together... Every backing plate I've run into was external, so if you had one it would be visible... I owned a Bonefisher back in the day, but I can't remember if you have access to the back side of the tabs or not...
  6. Closet Clean -out

    Bag and Terez rod have been sold..
  7. Closet Clean -out

    Pack and ship quoted me 35 to ship the bag...
  8. Closet Clean -out

    I will get some numbers on shipping and get back to people in the order of inquiries.. I have a couple people interested in the bag and the terez combo.. Paul- I'll hold onto theLoomis spinner for you...
  9. Closet Clean -out

    I'm looking to unload some things I won't be using for a while..- Tibor Signature Series 7/8 in Blue-- $575.-Tibor Signature Series 11/12 in Gray -- $575.- G-loomis NRX #8 four piece --$575I have some spinning rods also..-Crowder E-Series with a Quntum Cabo 40, Rod is a 7' 5/16-1oz $90. All items are located in the Melbourne Florida area, 321-313-3232
  10. 2009 Maverick 17 HPX-V

    I'm moving out west... I'm not sure how well the Maverick will go down the Colorado.. I don't think sliding over rocks or bouncing off of bolders is it's things...