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  1. northernsnooker

    Bahamas trip

    Thanks for the info. Dont know exactly where we would go in the islands. Just started looking into it. Would definitely plan a couple extra days on both ends to account for weather. I know the Cobia owners do a trip. Maybe we can convince them to let other MBG owners join.
  2. northernsnooker

    Bahamas trip

    We would really like to go to the Bahamas by Boat. Has anybody done that in a big Pathfinder? Any advice? I think MBG has organized a trip in the past for Cobia owners. Would be cool to have a MBG rendezvous to include Pathfinder owners.
  3. northernsnooker

    2600 TRS MFD Size

    Not the best pics, but essentially you have 28" x 12" to work with.
  4. northernsnooker

    2600 TRS MFD Size

  5. northernsnooker

    2600 TRS MFD Size

  6. northernsnooker

    Back in a Pathy

    Yes. I actually meant to take a pic and measurements, but forgot. Boat is in storage. I’ll try to go over there later this week. Cant wait to get my metal building done. Then when questions arise I’ll just walk out back and measure.
  7. You can now get Mercury or Yamaha on the larger Pathfinder models. However, i understand that 300+ engines are hard to come by from any manufacturer right now.
  8. northernsnooker

    Back in a Pathy

    The 2600 TRS appears to be the hardest model to find. It’s only been around a few years and I think it’s the least popular model so less on the used market. I checked Boat trader almost daily and finally found this one. When I bought there was only 2 for sale anywhere. This one and a black one in Orange Beach, AL.
  9. northernsnooker

    Back in a Pathy

    Has anybody installed rod racks in the front lockers of a 2600 TRS?
  10. northernsnooker

    Prop for 2600 TRS w 300 Yamaha

    I recently purchased a 2016 2600 TRS and have the same setup. It came with a Power Tech OFX4R17PCL200 (I think). Overall the prop seems decent, but I wouldn't mind improved economy, as I almost never see above 3 mpg. I would also like to see more rpm as the most I have seen under typical load is 5600 rpm at 49 mph. Would prefer that to be 5800-6000 rpm. I guess I'll be looking for a Yamaha 15-1/4 x 19. The performance bulletin for the 2600 HPS is with a 13-3/4 x 21, but that is without a T-Top.
  11. northernsnooker

    New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    Yamaha also has a F175 now. I would also consider buying the boat without engine and installing a Suzuki. That would save you several thousand right there.
  12. northernsnooker

    18’ Redfisher Swim Platform

    Check out the gallery at www.actionweld.com. I know he has done quite a few Maverick products.
  13. northernsnooker

    Keys mobile trailer repair

    Looks like Sean at On SIte trailer repair is the one I was thinking of.
  14. northernsnooker

    Keys mobile trailer repair

    I can’t remember if it was here or THT, but there used to be a thread about a mobile trailer repair guy in Monroe county. Anybody have his info? Would like to have it handy with some upcoming trips. Thanks
  15. northernsnooker

    Back in a Pathy

    Anybody? I think this same leaning post is on other models as well. Thanks!