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  1. northernsnooker

    Charger/Batteries question

    The ceiling won’t work as there is a drawer above the batteries. But, I think 4 batteries in the leaning post with 4 bank charger and amp in the console is the way to go. Anybody else with a 26 TRS that can share where their batteries and charger are located? I think I have also seen some put the 3 trolling motor batteries in the forward in floor hatch.
  2. northernsnooker

    WTB: 36V Trolling Motor

    D-linesider, thanks for the trolling motor! Very appreciated.
  3. northernsnooker

    Anyone go from Power Pole to Talon?

    Cant beat that right there
  4. northernsnooker

    WTB: 36V Trolling Motor

    Seems like too good of a deal to pass up. I'll give you something for it. A co-worker or myself travel the state pretty often. I'll be in touch.
  5. northernsnooker

    WTB: 36V Trolling Motor

    I'm looking for a lightly used 36v trolling motor. I am looking for the hand tiller type, preferably a Minn Kota. Will consider Motor Guide, I just have more experience with MK. I'm in Fort Myers, but travel around the state fairly often. Looking to spend about $500. Thanks!
  6. northernsnooker

    Charger/Batteries question

    Here are pics of current setup. I’ll have to see if there is space to remove the amp then add 2 more batteries and another 2 bank charger.
  7. northernsnooker

    Charger/Batteries question

    I bought my 2600 trs last summer and the previous owner did not have a trolling motor. Under the leaning post are 2 batteries, an amp and Minn Kota dual bank on board charger. Im planning to add a trolling motor so will need a 4 battery setup. Should I move amp into console? Can I add a second dual bank charger or am I better off just getting a 4 bank charger? I’m a casual fisherman at best. Any recommendations on a reasonably priced charger? Thanks
  8. northernsnooker

    All Carbon Infused Pathfinder 2300HPS

    If I’m not mistaken it’s for sale at Fort Myers Marine.
  9. northernsnooker

    Where have you seen subs mounted in 2600 TRS?

    My subs are in the leaning post. The amp is also in the leaning post. But I don’t have a trolling motor so only 2 batteries in the leaning post. When I add trolling motor I’ll probably have to move amp to console.
  10. northernsnooker

    Bahamas trip

    Thanks for the info. Dont know exactly where we would go in the islands. Just started looking into it. Would definitely plan a couple extra days on both ends to account for weather. I know the Cobia owners do a trip. Maybe we can convince them to let other MBG owners join.
  11. northernsnooker

    Bahamas trip

    We would really like to go to the Bahamas by Boat. Has anybody done that in a big Pathfinder? Any advice? I think MBG has organized a trip in the past for Cobia owners. Would be cool to have a MBG rendezvous to include Pathfinder owners.
  12. northernsnooker

    2600 TRS MFD Size

    Not the best pics, but essentially you have 28" x 12" to work with.
  13. northernsnooker

    2600 TRS MFD Size

  14. northernsnooker

    2600 TRS MFD Size

  15. northernsnooker

    Back in a Pathy

    Yes. I actually meant to take a pic and measurements, but forgot. Boat is in storage. I’ll try to go over there later this week. Cant wait to get my metal building done. Then when questions arise I’ll just walk out back and measure.
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