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  1. LenC

    Christmas Wrap

    Looks like he picked the right father-in-law!
  2. LenC

    Propeller Shops Fort Myers Area

    Naples Propellers 3951 D Mercantile Ave. Naples, FL 34104 USA Phone: 239-261-7909
  3. LenC


    Simple stuff to do, and SO important!
  4. LenC

    Is there a Good Prop Shop Near Fort Myers

    Naples Propellors : http://www.rundquist.com/naples/
  5. LenC

    Where do I get started ?

    Start here, Dave: http://www.orvis.com/guide-to-fly-fishing-techniques-tactics
  6. LenC

    Finally finished the Mav 17'

    Bob's work is craftsman ship at it's best!
  7. LenC

    Minn-Kota Repair Kudos

    Bob (Inshore Marine) is the best!
  8. LenC

    New MinnKota service center in Oakland Park

    Quality counts!
  9. LenC

    SeaDek cost on Hewes 16 Lappy?

    Like you, I prefer flyfishing. With SeaDek, I can fish barefooted, so I know if my foot is on my line before I cast. Bob Reichert installed mine about 10 years ago, and I wouldn't be without it
  10. LenC

    12 weight fly reel suggestion

    We're good, Joe. (Private message sent)
  11. LenC

    12 weight fly reel suggestion

    Stay safe, Joe.
  12. LenC

    12 weight fly reel suggestion

    I have an Orvis VO2 VI that's about 10 years old, but has never had a line on it, much less been used! I had planned to get into chasing large tarpon, but changed my mind after tangling with one our guide said weighed about 175 pounds..... taught me that I'm no longer in need of a fair fight with a fish! Anyway, if you're interested, I'd sell it to you for $225. Keep in mind that it's in Southwest Florida, and I'm not going to be back there until around mid-October.
  13. LenC

    Sarasota guide recommendation

    Geoff Page, if he's available. 941-586-3756
  14. So Dino, did you see any catfish while you & Don were out there??
  15. LenC

    On the Lagoon

    Nice fly, Don! Is your tan dubbing a brush of some kind (with rubber legs in it)?
  16. LenC

    Trolling motor for 17 HPX-V ??

    The man makes sense, IMHO. My 17T's hull size and weight are close to yours. It's got a 55# 12v iPilot on it, with (only) one group size 31 Deka AGM battery. I've never had a problem with battery life, but in a strong current, it struggles.
  17. LenC

    GPS PLotter Replacement

    Replaced my 178C with a 441....... then replaced that with a 541S. No wiring changes for either.
  18. LenC

    Electric Chicken

    I'm told that the fish think it tastes like alligator!
  19. LenC

    Free Nav Light

    I'd love to have it, if it's still available. Would Paypal payment (no fee) work for you?
  20. LenC

    Mysterious leak solved? Now how to seal it?

    Be sure to fill it with water before you seal it. If you don't, the sealant will probably pull apart with the weight of a full tank of water. Probably best to use a flexible marine sealant - - not as strong as 5200, but flexible.
  21. LenC

    Abel and orvis

    I thought that the T3 was good until I switched to a Helios ....... WOW! Can't compare it to Abel, though, because I've not tried one.
  22. LenC

    REFURB Suggestions: Gel/Paint/SeaDeck

    Bob, I could not have found anything more perfectly matched to how and where I fish. I was lucky to buy it from you. Fishing on this side has generally been lousy this year, but I'd love to take you out around here whenever the opportunity comes up.
  23. LenC

    REFURB Suggestions: Gel/Paint/SeaDeck

    [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1458678949-Deck.JPG[/image] Dino, my 17T has SeaDek everywhere you can put either your foot or your backside, and I absolutely love it. I'm usually shoeless in the boat (bare feet know when you're standing on your fly line) - - and my feet aren't sore at the end of the day. Our man Bob can tell you more about it, b/c he installed it for me. [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1458678722-Seat_Box.JPG[/image]
  24. LenC

    Costa Rica

    Doesn't golf cut into your fishing time??