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  1. As advertised... brand new in box. I'm only selling this because boat builder installed one at factory. This was simply a premature purchase. I don't need 2. $450 FIRM - Free shipping. Next day in Florida. Please IM or email me @ skinnywaterangler@yahoo.com if you would like to purchase. Again, price is firm as it is more than fair and reasonable. Thanks for looking!
  2. Email for Ray at MBC factory

    I have one for sale if it's the same style cooler you are looking for. Listed in classifieds if you want to look.
  3. 2015 22 Tournament (gel coat cracks)

    Couldn't agree more with most of what's been stated on this thread. I'm currently on my 3rd Pathfinder - all of which were purchased brand new. All 3 have seen this issue. Some more severe than others. As Skip stated, it's the nature of the beast. MBC quickly & gladly made repairs to all 3 within the first year of purchase. Unfortunately, they all reappeared. I've come to terms with this being a relatively minor cosmetic issue and overlook them. Don't get me wrong... I understand that after you've spent tens of thousands of dollars on a boat you want it to be perfect but I've yet to step aboard a perfect bay boat. Not to mention, if you're using it for it's intended purpose (hardcore fishing) it's not going to be perfect very long anyway. Just my .02 & I wish you the best with reaching satisfaction.
  4. More Iphone pictures

    Great shots! Nothing like having your pooch on the boat :thumbup: :thumbup:
  5. Charlotte Harbor

    In for sure - I'll pm with my contact info.
  6. Charlotte Harbor

    I'll be in town that weekend... Count me in! :thumbup: