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  1. Black Uglies

    A few days back I ask for fly recommendations for black drum since I was planning a trip to Titusville with my favorite guide Capt. Travis Tanner up that way. Since I didn’t get a response I tied up a couple to try. Black zonker with purple EP Brush for the collar with bead chain eyes, a little flash. Looks like the big uglies liked them, at least five did. All about the same size, cookie cutter around 15 pounds and pull like a plow horse. Used the 9 wt. initially, but believe it or not broke the rod on number 4. Switched to my 10 wt. which made it easier on the fish for a faster landing, and quite honestly easier on me. dh
  2. Black Uglies

    They should know. Out on the water most every day and constantly on the phone networking. The hard work is the other part. If not my shoulder wouldn’t hurt at the end of the day😄
  3. Black Uglies

    Can’t wait for the red fish spawn latter in the year to target some of those flats donkeys, BIG red fish. They’re a little smarter than the smaller ones. Guess that how they get so big. I’ve been fishing with the same guide up there since 2001. He knows how to find them. dh
  4. Black Drum

    What's working for the big uglies. Any suggestions? dh
  5. Delray Peacocks.

    With this crazy weather and wind Gary and I headed to Delray this morning to target some Peacock Bass on fly and live bait hoping to find some shelters water with Capt. Kevin. Not much success with the wind blowing around 20.A little tough with the long rod but did manage to land a few. Using live shad we tore them up. Some pushing five pounds. Also a couple of large mouths. Home by 2 P.M. Few pics attached. dh
  6. Delray Peacocks.

    One of my fishing buddies was out on Thursday and they were really turned on. Funny, the Saturday fishing report said the peacocks have lockjaw. dh
  7. Peacock on Fly

    REALLy windy today but managed to land a few on the Eat Me pattern. The Peacocks for the most part were bigger than usual. Several pushing five pounds.
  8. Peacock on Fly

    Since forum was updated I can’t find the PMs. Help an old man😄
  9. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    What crushing speed and top end are you looking for? As I recall my '06 would cruise comfortably around mid to high thirties and top end was 51 fully loaded with two guys. The rev limiter came in at 6200. Only did that once.
  10. Again it might depend on the type of fishing you want to do. Many of the guides mentioned earlier don’t fly fish for example. If you’re looking for laid up tarpon in the back bays the bigger boats might not be an option. Question the guides,etc. Some of them are booked way in advance as the tarpon fishing picks up. dh
  11. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    Had an ‘06 2000V for several years and undoubtedly one of the best boats I’ve ever owned total utility considered . However it has a F150 on the back which was the correct power in my opinion. Would be a little hesitant with the F115. dh
  12. The two ex-presidents of the United States. dh
  13. Try to charter Andrew Bostic for a fly trip and he was booked months ahead. He used to guide the Bush boys from Texas.
  14. Would also recommend Capt. Kurt with Peter Rapps charters if you’re taking any youngsters. Used him several times with the neighbor’s kids. He has the patience of a saint. 24 ft. Pathfinder. If fly or spin I would throw Andy Lee in the mix. Pole you all day. Runs a couple of flats skiffs ( brands remain anonymous). dh
  15. Spin, fly, bait, arties would help. There are several. Might be some difficulty in getting one to run that far south unless you're looking for full day. They will probably have their own routine. dh
  16. Outfit Setup for SE Ga

    Looking forward to your first catch. dh
  17. Tube Flies

    Anyone have experience with tube flies used for bill fish? From everything I’ve read that’s the go to set up for bill fish. My fly partner is going to Costa Rica in the near future to target bill fish on fly and I’ve offered to tie some tube flies for him. This is my first attempt. Any input on rod set up, bite tippet, etc. is appreciated. dh
  18. Outfit Setup for SE Ga

    No it will be a long, long time before you’ll be casting any rod 90-100 feet. Some of the most accomplished fly fishermen can’t and don’t need to cast that far. Initially think in terms of 30-50 feet. Typical fly line is about 90 feet. Using your numbers you’d be casting into the backing or more. Suggest you google the double haul for getting more distance. Lots of good videos, especially from Orvis ( Peter). Practice, practice and maybe consider some lessons. Just my $.02. dh
  19. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Had two of them. Powered right fast enough, run in spit, very low maintenance. Pole easy. Maybe look for a tunnel hull. dh
  20. WTB Skiff under $10k

    Maybe a good Jon boat.
  21. Outfit Setup for SE Ga

    If you over weight the 8 wt. rod with a 9 wt. wf floating line you get plenty of distance for triple tails. That was our setup on Thursday and worked very nicely. Again accuracy is key. Curious what distance are you looking for? dh
  22. Outfit Setup for SE Ga

    Yes, probably more distance.. But remember what the old timers say, accuracy is more important than distance. Think if you’re going with the 9 wt. I’d go with the V reel. dh