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  1. Donh

    10 cent fishing report 03/15

    I thought you were saying the report was worth 10 cents. dh
  2. Donh

    2009 Pathfinder 2000V

    Had one for several years. Great all around ride. dh
  3. Donh

    WTB GLoomis GL3 7 wt.

    Don h 561-346-8380
  4. Pro 4x 90819-3 7'6" Shortstik 8/9 wt. 3 priece retail $400 for sale $225 with shipping
  5. Donh

    What Was That?

    Interesting experience last night. Bernie and I were out last night catching a few snook on fly and arties with Capt. Chad. The Coast Guard stopped us and an hour and half later they let us go. Of course the tide was gone by then. They didn’t say why we were stopped, took our IDs, drilled the captain about his license which they said they couldn’t find in the computer. Some issue about a drug prevention program.... Did we catch any fish. Yes we caught some snook. Do you know the rules? Where are your fish ? Check the cooler....why do you fish if you can’t keep them....? This wasn’t idle *** chat, interrogation. Then as an after thought the lead guy said we might as well do a safety inspection. He said we didn’t need flares if on inshore waters. Total fishing expedition on their part. A bunch of rank amateurs who didn’t have a clue. Three old guys out to catch a few snook shouldn’t be treated that way.😩 The icing on the cake ...there was a center console cruising the intracoastal with at least 25 people on board. Didn’t stop them, probably too much trouble to check them.
  6. Have never seen it but my memory is not what it use to be.
  7. Hot dogs on the water👍Where’s the chili? Alex you must be s special guest. I never get hot dogs.Life is good.WTG dh
  8. Radio, what radio? Have I missed something? 😄
  9. And then I get home at about 9 pm, but I don’t have to clean the boat😄
  10. Spawning shrimp fly. Good for reds and triple tail. Where are the bigger reds? Lots of rats. dh
  11. Donh

    WTB Gloomis GL3. 7 wt.

    Don h 561-346-8380
  12. I have a lifetime senior pass to ENP. Wonder where this falls in the new scheme? dh
  13. Donh

    Jeep Super Bowl Ad

    CBS rejected an ad because it appears to be too patriotic😡
  14. Donh

    Boat Insurance

    Progressive.. sorry didn’t reference.
  15. Donh

    Boat Insurance

    Had a major claim when my F150 was stolen off my 2006 Pathfinder. Check in hand in about one week( $18,500). Even added a new tach so my engine hours would match. Could’ve been more pleased with their service , and continued to renew my policy. dh
  16. Donh

    best Minnkotta Ulterra 80# Prop - Kipawa Props?

    Sure hates money😄
  17. Donh

    Fish Sling

    My need is for the WPB Fishing Club Records and the Annual Fishing contest. Fish weight is the criteria. Last year (2018) I had the biggest snook at 30 pounds. Going forward I’m not going to hang anymore of those big fish. Some of the black drum up around Titusville easily go 20-30 pounds and more. Club records generally follow IGFA rules. Record fish must be weighed from land including wading or from a grounded boat.The Annual Fishing Contest is a little more laxed. Thought I could save a few bucks by making one. The Club has one for $65.
  18. Donh

    Fish Sling

    Anyone ever make or buy a fish sling used for weighing and releasing big fish? dh
  19. Donh

    Fish Sling

    Once in a while need one for one of these 😄
  20. Donh

    What Was That?

    Working on it😜 The wig would sure help. dh