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  1. Nice work Paul et al.👍 looks like a fly fishermsn’s Paradise.
  2. Another new pattern attempt

    Like it👍
  3. WTB- Fly line stripping bucket

    Less than $20. If not windy you can put a wet towel in the bottom or something similar and the basket will only cost you $6 at Walmart. I used a piece of clear tubing from the marine supply store and filled it with lead sinkers. dh
  4. Stripping Bucket

    Looked into buying a stripping basket , but whoa....$175 plus. This is probably old news but $6 for a laundry basket from Walmart, $10 for tubing and lead. Less than $20 for the whole thing. Think it’s going to work great and it folds up like a pancake. dh
  5. Stripping Bucket

    Easy to do.
  6. Who?

    😄 looking at some old pics and found that one. Good times. dh
  7. Who?

    Anyone recognize this crew?😄 dh
  8. Stripping Bucket

    A pvc connector, typically used to connect bilge pump hose. Boat Owners Warehouse or any marine supply. It fits tight enough no clamp needed.
  9. Black & Purple

  10. Black & Purple

    Black and purple zonker. 16 # drum on 20# tippet.
  11. Stripping Bucket

    Yes, the plastic tubing could be filled with sand. If using sand I would use a much biggier plastic tube in diameter. Luckily I had a bunch of lead sinkers. Went to buy some and a little surprised how much they cost nowadays. I selected this hamper because of the diameter which is 16 inches which seems about right.
  12. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    All over the state. Little variety.
  13. Slam day with Dino, reds, trout, snook. Dirty, dirty water but we managed a few. This critter on s Backwater Muddler. dh
  14. Slam day with Dino, reds, trout, snook. Dirty, dirty water but we managed a few. This critter on s Backwater Muddler. dh
  15. Mixed Bag

    Bernie and Don on the bite, Monday. More pictures but you get idea.😄 dh
  16. Mixed Bag

    Daren looks to me that you’re doing ok👍
  17. Peacock

    Had a stellar day with Capt. Kevin Cannon and my friend Bernie. Bernie had not caught a peacock bass until today when he landed his first, second, third, fourth,..... lost count.
  18. Black & Purple

    Thx. For the next trip I’m going try the same pattern in chartreuse for the bull reds. I think you previously suggested that. dh
  19. Peacock

    No Bernie isn’t a fly guy. Think he might be getting the bug. dh
  20. Black & Purple

    Have one just like it. The original was turned it with tippet and leader for WPB Fishing Club record . Major disappointment that day. Had about a 30 pounder on for a while but tippet broke😡
  21. Mixed Bag

  22. Mullet run madness

    You the man! dh
  23. Almost that time

    Headed to Titusville on Monday. Don’t have all your color materials on hand but going to try one in outlandish orange and the purple and black which works great on big black drum. The bull reds up there seem to be be very selective. We’ll see.
  24. Almost that time

    👍 where, LA or central Florida? Have you tried purple and black, or other colors?