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  1. Donh

    Reds On The Bite

    Notice the arms are not extended in the usual fashion to make it look bigger. 😄 Really screwed up on for the annual fishing contest. Had I been using my 12# spin outfit this would have been a club record by 1 pound 11 oz. Next time maybe. dh
  2. Little red fish action from yesterday. 29 pounds 11 oz.
  3. Donh

    Freshwater fishing?

  4. Nice work. We should’ve followed you guys😄 never leave fish to find fish some old wise man once told me. dh
  5. D... you missed the age by ten years😄
  6. Now who is showing off:-)
  7. He doesn’t have a gps. Need to put him under the interrogation lamp😄 dh
  8. Donh

    Black Drum

    Lots of big uglies around. This one weighed in at 24 lbs 8 oz. dh
  9. The secret for catching fish is for me to stay home.😄 Well done. dh
  10. Donh

    4/13 Snookin

    Nice day. Glad you released her. dh
  11. Donh

    Wiring Trolling Motor to MBG's Plug

    It’s a dc motor. Don’t think you’ll burn it up. It will just run backwards if wrong. A 36 volt tm also has two leads. The batteries are connected in series ( three) to get the 36 volts. Been a while but I think I’m correct. dh
  12. Donh

    18HPX Palm Bch boat show special

    Just for grits. Cummilative inflation over 10 years is about 20%. dh
  13. Paul ... when you buy an FMT chip I’ll buy another skiff😄 dh
  14. Donh

    WTB GLoomis GL3 7 wt.

    Thx. Have forwarded info to my friend who’s looking. dh
  15. Donh

    2005 Hewes Tailfisher 17 Tunnel Hull For Sale

    iPilot install: Dino might have a picture how his was installed. I recall there was one thru bolt outside of the hull. Not noticeable
  16. Donh

    10 cent fishing report 03/15

    I thought you were saying the report was worth 10 cents. dh
  17. Donh

    SOLD - 2009 Pathfinder 2000V

    Had one for several years. Great all around ride. dh
  18. Have never seen it but my memory is not what it use to be.
  19. Hot dogs on the water👍Where’s the chili? Alex you must be s special guest. I never get hot dogs.Life is good.WTG dh
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