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  1. Loving this. Have a solution😄
  2. Nice day. 👍While back chasing tarpon on fly in Mosquito Lagoon. Didn’t hook up but did have one jump in the boat. Surprise, surprise. dh
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    You guys make me want to get back in the game. Too much time on my hands. dh
  4. As I recall can be a little skinny getting in but don’t remember any problems once inside. I wouldn’t take a Pathfinder in there but just my opinion. The biggest problem was not running into the dead ends running the river to get in. That was back before we had all the toys, ie gps.
  5. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    We sure learned something today👍
  6. Snook/ Jack / Tarpon Fly Set up

    I have a stable of GLoomis rods and Nautilus reels. If you’re going to be a casual fly fisherman I would go more on the economy side and not sacrifice much if any in performance. Try TFO rods and Orvis Hydro reels. I have an old, old TFO rod that works about as good as any I’ve tried. With that combo you can get a good set up for less than $600. A comparable set up with Loomis or Sage with a Natilus reel will run you about $1400 or more , depending on rod/ reel model. Before you add backing and a $90fly line. Maybe try to find a reasonable deal on some preowned gear. Welcome to the obsession. dh
  7. Peacock Bass

    Yes fortunate........my reward for 46 years in the saddle😄 Tight lines, dh
  8. Peacock Bass

    Fished today with Capt. Kevin Cannon in Delray. Those little critters are really feisty. Good day.
  9. Monday Night

    See a keeper once in a while being landed around the Inlet. I don’t have the patience to stand out there on the wall for four hours. There are few red fish and tarpon around. Still plenty of finger mullet. Water continues to look like coffee with double cream. dh
  10. Monday Night

    Got out Monday night for snook. Very slow for the Jupiter area. Landed a bunch of dinks on bait and artificials. Nothing on fly. Water is still very nasty around here, but lots of finger mullet. Headed to Lake Ida Tuesday for peacocks , on fly I hope. dh
  11. Without pictures it’s only a fish story. Someone told me that. dh
  12. Bad News

    Only hope the guy had a mullet net and he's still picking them out😄 Over and out. dh