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  1. Sea Claw-I just love it when packages arrive

    Let's go get 'em Capt. D. dh
  2. On the Lagoon

    Water is in pretty good shape. Wind will stir it up once in a while. No bloom. dh
  3. On the Lagoon

    The body is deer hair, the collar is EP Brush 1/2 inch, couple of hackles for claws and EP crab/shrimp eyes. Sometimes a touch of EP fiber in orange for egg sack. This always seems to work on the slot reds. For the bigger ones need a larger profile, i.e. bait fish. At least never hooked a bull red on this pattern. Saw something this time never seen before. The schools were rolling kinda' , flashing their white bellies. Don't know why but it sure helped us find them. dh
  4. On the Lagoon

    Reds on the Lagoon today. Really crowded with the holiday weekend, but plenty of reds for everyone. This little crab pattern pays off again. dh
  5. New stealing trend in Miami

    Grew up in Miami and lived there until '96 when we moved to Palm Beach Gardens where we'll stay. Doc, seriously you should check it out. By the way, had one car stolen in Miami, three cars burgularized, one house intrusion, my Dad's truck happy we relocated. Plus lots of fishing opportunities up this way. dh
  6. Pro 4x 90819-3 7'6" Shortstik 8/9 wt. 3 priece retail $400 for sale $225 with shipping
  7. Like to think getter a little smarter.... 15-25, water like chocolate milk😄
  8. Paul, You are the smart one :-) dh
  9. Search for Big Reds

    Not exactly what we expected. Thursday was cancelled due to weather, Friday was beautiful and had to cut it short on Saturday due to weather. No tailers, all laid up fish which were very hard to see with mostly dirty water. We did land a few, but not very big. Good experience though and always learn something every trip.
  10. Search for Big Reds

    Leaving Thursday. We've rescheduled this trip three times. This is do or die. No backing off. Weather doesn't look too kind. dh
  11. Bugs! When towing

    Saran wrap dh
  12. inshore guide Venice LA

    Lined up with Justin Collison next week. 404-748-1005. dh
  13. Search for Big Reds

    Heads to the Louisiana Bayou for three days. Locked and loaded.
  14. Red fish fly set up

    Yes, tie all my flies. dh
  15. Red fish fly set up

    This very simple fly has also been effective. Strip of black zonker with a Grand Estaz collor. When wet looks like a black worm. When cleaning red fish frequently find worms in their stomach. dh