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  1. Beach Snook

    Haven’t tried it yet on the beach.Very nasty conditions lately. Got a bunch Saturday night at Lake Worth area. All shorts but fun on a 6 wt.
  2. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    A little long rod action on black drum. Not today though. Resting...late in the night banging dock snook. All shorts. P.S. Daren never smiles, just catches the most fish😄
  3. Capt. DeWalt is so busy with his carpentry I’ve had to resort to the guide scene and that long rod. They don’t allow any bananas or popping corks on their skiffs. dh
  4. Remember the days when Ralph built that custom poling platform for my Mav tunnel. A thing of beauty ( the platform that is).
  5. Post on Facebook that snook are all over the place. Moving out from the back. Fish story or? dh
  6. Beach Snook

    Similar but I’ll try that also. Thx dh
  7. Beach Snook

    Getting close to the spawn cycle for snook. Going to try some of these muddlers on the beach. Anyone using?
  8. Prophylactic Fuel Tank Removal-MA17

    If not mosquitos and 100 degrees then what’s it? That’s why that night docking and beach at first light is job one for this old man.
  9. What is this?

    Fishermen will buy anything .
  10. $$$$$$$

    The guides need groceries too😄
  11. Paul, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Running thru Mud Bay a while back in my Mav T watching my GPS instead of relying on experience and parked her on the mud flat to the left of the island instead of the right coming home. Now that was a grounding😄 dh
  12. Simrad Total Scan

    Dino, did you give away all our way points😄
  13. Sure a lot of paint on your engine skeg. 😄 dh
  14. Yami F150 Service

    Don’t forget to take the prop off , clean and grease the shaft. If not done on schedule and it’s corroded you don’t want to watch how a shop takes it off. dh