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  1. Favorites

    If you had to select one fly for each species or similar what would be your choice? Obviously it might depend on the hatch, but let’s see what you think. black drum red fish trout tarpon, small tarpon, bigger snook, dock lights snook, beach snook, back country
  2. Holiday Forecast

    Good day for mullet run prep.
  3. Colorado

    So nice! 👍 dh
  4. PB on Fly

    Yes, that was Dennis. He does this everyday and stays out past noon. That’s commitment😄 Really going off this am sane spot..... 😜
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    Couple a’ snooklets on fly. Just find the bait. dh
  6. PB on Fly

    My beach buddy landed 30 Sunday at that spot on bait, glass minnows. He said he lost about 15 more. Kinda quiet there this am. dh
  7. PB on Fly

    10 pounds on midnight mullet pattern. It seems the smaller snook are going for the glass minnow and a little larger profile for the bigger ones. Got into the backing on one yesterday on a really nice one but the 20# tippet didn’t hold up. Put on a bite tippet this am. dh
  8. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    43 inches bottom out 30 pound Boga Grip
  9. More Snook

    Thx Daren. dh
  10. More Snook

    AM snook fishing with my son Ben and Gary. About 30 snooklets to 43 inches and 30 pounds . Another day with very rough sea conditions but the big girls were hungry.
  11. A few released today

  12. Inlet Snook