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  1. Donh

    Mullet Run

    Any report?
  2. Donh

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Looking good.
  3. Donh

    Black Drum

    Thanks for your belated response. Since I first posted I found out that a very simple purple zonker strip with a black EP brush collar is a killer. Caught many on that combo especially when they’re schooling. Also will try your pattern. dh
  4. Didn’t know that Hanson fished Choko. Another to consider is Andy Lee. Specialty is fly but also light tackle. Many of these guys are booked way in advance so suggest you make your plans early. http://www.evergladesflyfishingguides.com/ dh
  5. Fly or light tackle. Some specialize.
  6. Donh

    Reds On The Bite

    Notice the arms are not extended in the usual fashion to make it look bigger. 😄 Really screwed up on for the annual fishing contest. Had I been using my 12# spin outfit this would have been a club record by 1 pound 11 oz. Next time maybe. dh
  7. Little red fish action from yesterday. 29 pounds 11 oz.
  8. Donh

    Freshwater fishing?

  9. Nice work. We should’ve followed you guys😄 never leave fish to find fish some old wise man once told me. dh
  10. D... you missed the age by ten years😄
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