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  1. Bad News

    Only hope the guy had a mullet net and he's still picking them out๐Ÿ˜„ Over and out. dh
  2. Bad News

    I have a problem with it. I see these a....holes every day taking more bait than they can use in month and cram it on a five gallon bucket. Fish for an hour and then dump it out. Not good. dh
  3. Bad News

    Why donโ€™t they shake out their net over the water? Thatโ€™s on the end of the dock. In my mind it qualifies as a littering fine.The best dock across the cove was closed because of behavior like this. dh
  4. Bad News

    Unfortunately some of the big offenders are the guides. Gotta chum. dh
  5. Bad News

    This is what we don't need. Guys like this result in areas getting closed to fishing. How much bait does a guy need?
  6. The Chernobyl Shrimp for reds and triple tail and craft fur glass minnow for snook. Opps, wrong section for flies. ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„ dh
  7. Abel finish

  8. 2000 hpxt refurb

    There was a base for the bilge pump in the center hatch sitting on top of the tunnel. If that had been the functioning bilge pump the skiff would be half filled with water before it turned on. The functioning pump was in the starboard rigging hatch.The only way to get any water on the port side of the tunnel to the bilge pump is to "walk" it around. Something that was a constant annoyance to me was water getting between the transom and some kind of flotation material in the bilge. It was like a false wall with a round hole through it. I supposed the thinking was any water back there would splash through the hole into the bilge. Never happened. Always full of water. Often thought about cutting that stuff out of the way so any water would be taken care of by the bilge. You will get water in the bilge for numerous reasons. Good luck with your project. Great little skiff. If you get the opportunity hand a 70 2 stroke on that baby. Picture of my skiff headed to Georgia :-(
  9. 2000 hpxt refurb

    Just from my experience with my 2000 T often wish I had a bigger fuel tank.Think mine was 16 gallon. While I had it open would consider a larger stainless tank. Also help with resale whenever. dh
  10. 2000 hpxt refurb

    You may want to consider installing a drain plug on the port side if at all possible. Water gets trapped to the left of the tunnel. Not sure how easy this would be. dh
  11. Rainbow Trout

  12. Sneaked out yesterday for two hours to do a little snook hunting. Lines in at 6:30 off by 8:30. Slow bite. Five snook, one keeper and one big girl 42 inches. Had the pleasure of fishing with the research biologist for the FWC. Does he ever know about snook. No pictures Dino. Another fish story. :-) dh
  13. Early Start

    PB Inlet . Many 40 inchers.Good summer for big snook. dh
  14. In Tallahassee visiting my grandson at school. Better than fishing๐Ÿ˜„ dh
  15. Early Start

    Sorry about that, double post. dh