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  1. Donh

    Black drum

    Little of both πŸ˜„ There are always bigger fish. Saw some 40 pounders but not playing.
  2. Donh

    Black drum

    Thanks guys. It’s the age. dh
  3. Donh

    Black drum

    Maybe 20 minutes. Always afraid ones like that one is going to follow the school and break off..... dh
  4. Donh

    Black drum

    27.09 pd. on 12# tippet, big crab fly.
  5. Donh


    Palm Beach County or close by. Thx dh
  6. Donh

    Battery jump pack

    A little electrical theory. Two batteries connected in parallel thru the boat switch, one battery is dead and switch moved to all, the good battery will β€œcharge” the bad battery until they are of equal voltage. That equal voltage may not start the engine. Just saying . Check it out.
  7. Donh

    Mullet Run

    Anyone fishing? Daren? dh
  8. Donh

    Wind Settled Down

    Little breezy around here.
  9. Donh

    Boat Center Fort Lauderdale

    Capt. DeWalt will be heart broken.
  10. Donh

    What did you do to your boat today?

    Looking good.
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