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  1. D... you missed the age by ten years😄
  2. Now who is showing off:-)
  3. He doesn’t have a gps. Need to put him under the interrogation lamp😄 dh
  4. Donh

    Black Drum

    Lots of big uglies around. This one weighed in at 24 lbs 8 oz. dh
  5. The secret for catching fish is for me to stay home.😄 Well done. dh
  6. Donh

    4/13 Snookin

    Nice day. Glad you released her. dh
  7. Donh

    Wiring Trolling Motor to MBG's Plug

    It’s a dc motor. Don’t think you’ll burn it up. It will just run backwards if wrong. A 36 volt tm also has two leads. The batteries are connected in series ( three) to get the 36 volts. Been a while but I think I’m correct. dh
  8. Donh

    18HPX Palm Bch boat show special

    Just for grits. Cummilative inflation over 10 years is about 20%. dh
  9. Paul ... when you buy an FMT chip I’ll buy another skiff😄 dh
  10. Donh

    WTB GLoomis GL3 7 wt.

    Thx. Have forwarded info to my friend who’s looking. dh
  11. Donh

    2005 Hewes Tailfisher 17 Tunnel Hull For Sale

    iPilot install: Dino might have a picture how his was installed. I recall there was one thru bolt outside of the hull. Not noticeable
  12. Donh

    10 cent fishing report 03/15

    I thought you were saying the report was worth 10 cents. dh
  13. Donh

    SOLD - 2009 Pathfinder 2000V

    Had one for several years. Great all around ride. dh
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