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  1. dotschaser

    Group 24 batteries

    Thank you to all that responded to my question. Yes, boat is an 18 hpx. Made cardboard templates of the smallest 27 in the tray's I could put in there. Just a bit too big. Group 24's or the optima 34's I believe will have to be the answer. I have a solid charger minnkota MK330 charger, charging batteries back to full overnight should not be issue. Trying to make decision on highest reserve capacity 24 battery I can find with good cca's. Engine is a 115 so should not need a ton of cca's to start engine. No amp on board and do not live bait fish that much.
  2. dotschaser

    Group 24 batteries

    Anyone have any feedback using group 24 batteries on an 80 lb troll motor set up? Trying to determine if I can get day of fishing with moderate use out of em. I know a lot depends on fishing conditions and such. Don’t plan on doing a lot of spot lock or fishing in heavy winds currents and so on. I am limited on room for the batteries. Thks.
  3. dotschaser

    Troll motor install / 2017 hpx v

    Thank you for feedback and responses. I did end up speaking with a dealer who say's they have had good success with drill / tap install into the plates that Skip confirmed existed. I think I will go this route. MBG, thinking of everyone in the FL region as storm approaches, hopefully forecast changes for sure. thks
  4. dotschaser

    Troll motor install / 2017 hpx v

    No advice for me from other hpx owners I guess.
  5. dotschaser

    Troll motor install / 2017 hpx v

    Installing wireless troll motor on my hpx. Assume a drill and tap with 1/4" bolt works. Don't think I can get to some of the bolts to back them up with nut / washer. I assume there is a reinforcement plate in the mount area that can be tapped. Let me know if headed in wrong direction. Thanks
  6. dotschaser

    Fueling 18 hpx maverick

    Any others having fuel filling issues with their maverick? Gauge shows half full. Can t seem to get anymore fuel in it. No idea how much fuel is actually in boat. Yamaha gauge is set to 29 gallons which is what tank size is. 2017 model boat. Advice?
  7. dotschaser

    maverick hpx v drain plug

    Thks for input. I assume you left the brass sleeve in place and new plug assembly slid into it?
  8. dotschaser

    Maverick hpx aluminum work

    thanks for info. Ended up buying another bank of 3 from tnt boatworks. They must keep them on hand already made, they shipped it to me same day. Thanks.
  9. dotschaser

    maverick hpx v drain plug

    I have a 2017 18' hpx v. Curious why boat does not have a garboard style drain plug similar to the pathfinder line. Anyone know and has anyone converted over to a garboard style drain plug on the hpx's. Thanks
  10. dotschaser

    Maverick hpx aluminum work

    Anyone know what company makes the aluminum work for maverick boats? Talking bout the factory made console rod holders, poling platform etc. need to get another bank of three rod holders made that attaches to console. Thanks.
  11. dotschaser

    Battery suggestions

    Big help. Thanks for info
  12. dotschaser

    Battery suggestions

    Needing to replace troll motor and starting batteries in the hpx 18 maverick. Would like to go with as light of battery as I can for the money but don’t want to sacrifice performance / output time of the battery. Looking for Suggestions on what others may have. Current set up is 3 batteries. 1 dedicated starting and 2 for troll motor. Thanks
  13. Getting into the market for a used 18 HPX V. Any owners closer to LA who own a 14'-16' year HPX? Was wondering if I could possibly get a test ride. My local dealer does not have one and did not know anyone. Thanks in advance.
  14. dotschaser

    Starboard dash cover-up/top ideas

    Made it. Templet out of MDF board to get shape right. Then routed out of starboard. Was not too bad.
  15. dotschaser

    Vacuum lock

    I also have the same problem. Seems to be worse for me when running the intake pump for this well.
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