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  1. Thinking about a hole in the bottom of my Yeti 35 to mount it on the bow using the bass seat deck plate and a bolt through the cooler w/ rubber washer. Great idea? A clean and simple attachment with no additional hardware on the bow deck. Or...horrible idea! You've just ruined a 300 dollar cooler.
  2. 2017 Redfisher 18

    Hi Duke- It's a deck plate with a compression fitting inserted that the trolling motor wire passes through. A typical plug connection is under the deck accessible from the bow hatch. MBG sent it loose with the boat. My dealer did the install when he mounted the trolling motor.
  3. 2017 Redfisher 18

    The 94SV is excellent. Has a nice large screen. And I like gimbal mount so it can be adjusted for light conditions. Also the quick detach is nice. Be mindful of the transducer. It is large and will throw a rooster tail. A small shield is available from Garmin, but my dealer made a custom shield from a thin piece of hard plastic, and it did the trick.
  4. Yeti Bucket

    I think the Yeti bucket is an improvement on the regular bucket. The tie down points and heavy duty handle look good. After spending 50-grand on an 18' flats boat...a 40 dollar bucket is not a big deal. (no, I have not bought one...yet. L0L)
  5. This small gift showed up at my door. Along with a signed letter of appreciation...a couple hats, koozies, and a sticker. Thank you Mr Deal. (And of course, Skip and the crew on the floor who built my new Redfisher)
  6. Birdsall Horizontal Mount Back Rest

    Very similar to the factory backrest setup on my RF18. It works great. I replaced the attachment knobs with button cap bolts after stepping on the knob barefoot. Ouch.
  7. Drill a hole in the bottom of the Yeti???

    Indeed it is. Best kennel on the market. Funny, but one hunting buddy called my Gunner Kennel "the Yeti of dog kennels"
  8. Hewes Redfisher

    I like it! Hope you get a great deal and have good luck with her.
  9. Check out this hewes 21

    Could be cool. But not sure these hulls are well suited for the setup.
  10. Trolling Motor Plug

    My setup only includes the 1st 2 pics in Headhunters post. The TM cable cable feeds through the plastic fittings and the plug attaches to the end of the cable. The larger white fitting (mine is black) that threads into the deck plate, and the smaller gray fitting (that has the nut w/ rubber compression) both become permanent part of the TM power cable. You can remove the TM and the power cable/deck fittings and have the chrome (stainless?) cap screwed into the deck plate in a minute.
  11. Trolling Motor Plug

    It's pretty straight forward. Comes apart in under a minute and a deck plate screws in. I also tucked the foot pedal cable under the TM plastic housing. Real clean deck. Below deck:
  12. Trolling Motor Plug

    It's a deck plate with a compression nut that has a rubber insert that squeezes around the wire when tightened. I ordered it w/ the boat from MBG it was shipped loose and the riggers at my dealer did the install.
  13. Thoughts on stickers...

    My boat is covered with them. LoL. Leave them or remove?
  14. Thoughts on stickers...

    I removed them. I left the manufacturer stickers (Atlas, Lenco, Powerpole blade, Minkota, etc). I left the coast guard capacity sticker. And of course I left all the Hewes & Redfisher stickers. I also left all the Yamaha graphics on the cowl, except the low emissions sticker that looked out of place. And that one was a bear to remove w/o fubar the black paint.
  15. That is real cool. Great pic too!
  16. Trolling Motor Plug

    I went this route. The plug is below the deck.
  17. Ipilot ?s Link and Ulterra

    I agree. I love the auto deploy and sto. And it's cool having total TM control from the pole platform on my RF.
  18. The death.... and resurrection of my Dreamboat.

    WoW. Great work! And a great post.
  19. Thoughts on stickers...

    Thanks All... As a note...I believe I counted "Hewes" stickers/logos about 20 times on the boat and trailer.
  20. Minn Kota Heading Sensor Puck

    My dealer rigged mine. Pretty much out of sight-out of mind.
  21. Leave the Pathy home...You and I will be fishing in April on my new RF18. No snook here. The pass can be excellent fishing. Big reds. I landed my largest ever under the Destin bridge on a live pinfish. Many of the boats in the pass are bait fishing. The big sandbar directly north of the bridge is Crab Island, It's an excellent flat when the booze & boobs crowd is not there. LoL. Good flats in the sound between Destin and P'Cola. The Pompano run usually extends into April. There are deep holes in the pass that are loaded with them. Easy peasy on pink leadheads with feather shirt. And, the weather (wind) can make the Destin Pass a go or a NO! But when it's calm I can get out to the gulf in a small rig and fish the beach and bars. Fast moving Bonita are a blast!! And Spanish are common too. What are your itinerary dates? I'll plan on it and put in for vacation time.
  22. OOPS!!

    My little Mako 17 looked just like that after Hurricane Opal. Hull & deck were ok. Motor and plumbing / electric were toast.
  23. Minn Kota Ulterra

    Same remote I have. You need to turn on the TM at the unit. The remote will recognize it and then the screen has a deploy message at the bottom. You press the white dot on the right to deploy. I think you double tap.