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  1. Capt. Justin

    Need a good reel to

    Just posted a reel you might be interested in considering in the tackle for sale section.
  2. I have a bunch of spinning tackle, and boat maintenance stuff. The anchor lines are 1/2", and 3/4", I think 150ft each. Brand new power pro, leader, mono, bait hooks, lead, several packs of plastics brand new never opened, page of mackerel lures, etc, etc, etc. $100 takes it all, Jupiter area pickup by Saturday, well worth it for the anchor lines alone.
  3. Orvis Battenkill Large Arbor V Silver, I used this with 9-11wt lines. Ultra smooth, light, and powerful. Comes with backing, and I'll throw in 5 lines 9-12wt. $100 pickup, or buyer pays shipping. Great reel for dock snook to 50lb tarpon, light and powerful.
  4. TFO Professional 12# 4pc fly rod $80 SOLD Penn 760 Baitrunner on 7'6" Star Rod $160 Penn 560 Baitrunner on 7' Star Rod $140 Both spinning setups shipped anywhere in Florida for $280 All gear in very good condition, located in Jupiter. Happy to ship rods and reels. Text 561-676-5453
  5. Capt. Justin

    FIrst Vise

    I've used a Renzetti traveler for the past 5 years, no plans to replace it.
  6. Capt. Justin


    great looking fly! as for hook size, it really depends on what fish you are targeting.
  7. Capt. Justin

    update 1/10/11

    great looking restoration Alex! How does the trailer fit?
  8. Capt. Justin

    ** NEW PATHFINDER 2400**

    great looking boat, and i am happy to see you guys incorporating under gunnel rod holders. this is the only thing not perfect about my pf22. Poleposition... I am one of those oddballs that would like more room for the rear deck, lol. (one of my biggest complaints with my friends hells bay marquesa, there is just no room back there). Gives my fly casters a bit more room, and with the ipilot, they can now always keep the fly line over the water, instead of casting over the boat.
  9. Capt. Justin

    2010 OT Photos

    nice pics...maybe next year...
  10. Capt. Justin

    Eat Me Fly (Ole Florida Style)

    i tie something pretty close to that using farrar blend, but add some red up front for gills and taper the head a bit more... agreed, it is a great profile for this area in several sizes...
  11. Capt. Justin

    manual for 2000 LT 20

    i have mine, what specs are you looking for? 99 LT 20
  12. can't make it this year, have fun guys! this was a great event last year, hope to make it next year...
  13. geez, that was crazy! one more minute and that boat would have been banging up some $$$ boats on the docks...
  14. Capt. Justin


    the boca shop is good, but a bit more $$$ than back country, or ft laud fly shop. john b's has the best prices i have seen anywhere... the selection at the back country is better than any shop i have seen in s florida!
  15. Capt. Justin

    1997 Bonefisher

    great looking boat!