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  1. Bull reds

    Nice catch
  2. THIS is a sunrise

    Daylight in South Georgia....
  3. 2012 23 HPS

    Beautiful rig.
  4. Sandersville....home of the famous butterscotch milk shake at Dairly Lane. ! Thats a sweet rig you have also... JJ

    Good luck....We’ve been lucky here in Savannah area this year so far. JJ
  6. Best Fluorocarbon Knot?

    Rapala Loop Knot.....to all jig heads and top water lures.
  7. 2001 Pathfinder 2200V - SOLD

    Sweet rig !
  8. Overslot redfish

    Tried for the redfish on the flood tide on top water lures....only managed to catch the one and it was oversized.
  9. Older hull recommendations for Tampa Bay

    Nice peacocks !
  10. Nizpro Tune // 250 SHO

    Can the transom handle the extra horsepower ? There’s got to be a reason the manufacturers have a h/p rating on the hull ....
  11. Broiled filets kick

    Looks like Debbie did a good job with the fish....
  12. MA 18.5 vs Action Craft 1890

    I've fished in both the MA and the AC..... it's apples and oranges, the MA is a very sturdy, dry fishing boat. The AC is a wetter ride and a little bouncier....but, it's still a very good boat. You need to ride in both and decide.
  13. 2005 18 redfisher for sale

    Very nice rig.
  14. Hard Water Mineral Residue on Chart Plotter Screen

    X2 on the eye glass cleaner towelettes....I use it on my Garmin.
  15. Apalachicola, St George and St Vincent Islands

    Awesome pics Ron !
  16. Venice in Late Sept

    Awesome catches.
  17. How to- The perfect hatch cable stay

    Very nice.
  18. Couple of t/m questions

    I have a MK 36v 105 lb on a 2200XL Pathfinder....works great even in the strong currents we have here in South Georgia. I had the 24v 80 lb on my 2400v previous to this boat and it was not enough after about 3 hours of use. Keep in mind, we have over a six foot tide change between high and low and often times it's closer to 8 ft. So when the water gets running.... it's really running and will wear a battery system down pretty quick. It's better to have it and not need it....than need it and not have it. JMHO.
  19. Apalachicola, St George and St Vincent Islands

    Great pics Ron. !!
  20. Center Console Tray

    Nice work Chief5130 !
  21. SOLD----2004 2200TE For Sale----SOLD

    Very nice rig...good price too !
  22. Boat Covers

    Boatcovers.com. or. iboats.com
  23. 2007 17 ft. Maverick Master Angler - Reduced Price!!!

    Awesome rig....it looks really nice and well maintained, JJ
  24. New 22 TRS on order... few questions

    You have a beautiful rig. Enjoy it and make memories for the family. Be safe. JJ
  25. I am running a OFX4-16 Power Tech on my F150 powered 2200XL. Great hole shot as compared to my Yamaha 19" 3 blade. the 3 blade is a tad faster....but it has a horrible hole shot. The 4 blade will turn 5900 rpms and about 44 mph....no jackplate