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    WTB used Yamaha 150hp, 20" shaft

    After you get it installed and run it....if you need prop assistance, reach out to Marcus....he’s really good.
  2. fishmanjj

    WTB used Yamaha 150hp, 20" shaft

    Which one did you end up buying ?
  3. fishmanjj

    Prop For 2008 2200XL Yamaha F250

    I ran a F250 on my 2400 PF turning a PowerTech 21” 4 blade prop and she would run 58 mph at 6000 rpms. No jackplate. But, my hull was a 24 V not an XL. I now have a 2200 XL but am running a F150 on this one, Hope this helps.
  4. fishmanjj

    2018 Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

    Nice rig.
  5. fishmanjj

    Is it safe to use a boat hoist with a Redfisher?

    Ive used a hoist for both Maverick and Pathfinder boats.....I use a nylon web strap 2” wide x 8 ft, one on the bow and one on each side of stern lifting eyes = 3 straps you will need. Mine are sling type nylon webbing rated at 3200 lbs each. Never once had an issue.
  6. fishmanjj

    Tournament Edition vs V Differences?

    If you are wondering what the 2200XL looks like from the rear to show the 25” transom to support the larger four strokes as compared to the V models with a 20” transom, here a pic of an XL model .
  7. fishmanjj

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    Yes....he’s the owner. He has an incredible history of props for Pathfinder / Maverick / Hewes boat’s and many more....he has helped me get the right prop for several of my Pathfinders and a Maverick and has been spot on every time. With my F250 installation on my 2400PF , we went through three props and then a re-cupping before finally getting the stern lift and rpm / mph ratio correct....but...Marcus and PowerTech stuck with it until we got it right. On my current PF 2200 with a F150.... I experimented with a few props before settling on the one I run now. Marcus is a straight shooter also...no BS and promises of some amazing expectations. there is a lot of talk about props and speed on this forum...I’m not saying PowerTech will be the fastest prop....because I actually lost 3 mph going to a 4 blade..but..the boat handles so much better and is very comfortable at cruising speed that I’m a believer.
  8. fishmanjj

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    Here is Funky Monkey.....” Marcus”. Phone number....318-688-1970 ext: 241
  9. fishmanjj

    Anyone with a Suzuki on a Pathfinder?

    They do have to be propped differently because of the gear ratio vs Yamaha. There is a 150 on 22 PF in St Simons, I’ve seen it for at least 6 years and he is always fishing.... Also starting to see me more Suzuki’s on crabber boats, which means they have good warranty and they are dependable......I’ve asked a few of them about cost....and that’s not a concern....it’s dependability. Now for speed vs rpm vs Yamaha.....I don’t have a clue.
  10. fishmanjj

    2015 HPX-V 17

    Beautiful rig
  11. fishmanjj

    2018 2200 Tournament Edition For Sale!!!

    Beautiful rig.
  12. fishmanjj

    GPS Screen Size

    I run my 2200 PF with a Garmin 94 sv with Blue Chart G2 map. I have ran in severe fog where most people would not even take their boat off the trailer, very very low tides...before daylight and at dark, all along the Georgia and lower South Carolina Coast with no problems.
  13. fishmanjj

    Jack Plate questions

    JEM rarely idles....maybe going into a shallow creek....otherwise, put your goggles on and turn your hat backwards or take it off. Make sure you get a good grip on the back of leaning post if sitting or windshield frame if standing. Also, forget about having a drink while JEM is running. Also, if it’s early morning be sure to wear a buff on your face, those gnats and horse flies hurt like a SOB at 60 mph. Other than that... you’ll have a great time fishing. 😎🎣
  14. fishmanjj

    2017 Hewes Redfisher 18

    Looks like a MWD IV sled..... I’ve been in it....very fast and very very nice 👍
  15. fishmanjj

    2007 Pathfinder 2200TE XL F250

    Good looking rig ......
  16. fishmanjj

    A couple of pictures of some BIG wahoo.

    I heard some crazy red headed Capt from around Savannah was part of a fishing team that currently holds the Ga. record for wahoo.
  17. fishmanjj

    Jeep Super Bowl Ad

    A-Men !
  18. fishmanjj

    THIS is a sunrise

    Awesome shots Outlaw. ! Heres one from South Georgia...
  19. fishmanjj

    Life jacket storage 22te

    Very nice looking PF ...Fin
  20. fishmanjj

    Pathfinder 2200 boat cover $250

    How old is it ? Just wondering about UV rays on the threads and material.
  21. fishmanjj

    Boat Detailing Prices

    2200 Pathfinder complete detail in Savannah will run you $ 350. Polish / buff / wax inside and out.
  22. fishmanjj

    Rare Pathfinder 2300DV for sale!

    Nice rig indeed.
  23. fishmanjj

    Battery Question - Opinion

    I’m running Deka 27’s.....3 for trolling motor, 1 start and 1 for livewells.....lasted 3 years so far....regular maintenance with charging and keeping up with the water.
  24. fishmanjj

    Continental trailer for PF 22T

    I have a 2009 year.....2200Xl sitting on an AmeriTrail Tandem Axle , 5500 lb. rated with 205/75-R14’s ....have towed to Islamorada several times ( 1250 miles round trip) and have had no issues. I’m not suggesting AmeriTrail over the Continental....just letting you know what size it was and the tire sizes. I fish to several different locations in South Carolina and Georgia, so I tow the boat a good bit and strongly recommend heavier trailer and 14” tires.
  25. fishmanjj

    Minn Kota or Motorguide

    I have a 2200 Pathfinder with a 112 MK , 36 volt and have had no issues after four years of use. I fish at least 4 times per month and the MK has been used every trip. I also have a power pole , however..since installing the trolling motor and using the spot lock, I find myself using the MK more and more.