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  1. 2007 17' Maverick HPX-V

    How does she run with the Zuke 90 ?
  2. Mercury Verado

    I have a friend at Big Pine that has a white Mercury on his 24 Pathfinder.....I'll try to find out which color it is for you. I'm going to bet it's the warm white because the Pathfinder gel coat is more of an " off white" than a bright white and the Pearl white I've seen on Yellowfins looks very bright white.
  3. SUNDAY : South Georgia 46 F water today

    We tried everything from 4 ft deep to 20 ft deep.....although the conditions were nice....we never saw a single pod of baitfish, no porpoises, etc. but, it sure felt good to be out on the water....
  4. A friend and I went out this morning to see for ourselves just how the trout and redfish bite would be after the cold cold weeks here in South Georgia. well, the water was 46 F degrees...very clean, slick as glass and we fished about three hours at a few drops and didn't get a bite. We saw no bait fish, no porpoises, no crabbers running crab traps, etc. we fished Medway River, Newells Creek, St Catherine area, etc....I guess it's going to have to warm up a few degrees to turn things on. Here are a few pics...one in the creeks at low tide and the other between Ossabaw and St Catherine's.
  5. Question - Below Water Line Holes

    Below the WL .... I would use 5200 sealant. However...I do agree with RodWorks in that you could fill with fiberglass or Marine Tex and then gel coat, if that's the route you take.
  6. 2008 pathfinder 2000

    Here's my opinion or two cents worth..... really nice well taken care of boats are hard to find, if you find the perfect boat...buy it, you can always get any brand or horse power motor later....motors are easy to buy..... you can always trade the motor or sell it. JJ
  7. Had cabin fever, ... so, I went out last week just to run the engine a little...feel the breeze....smell the salt air. My wife and I ended up walking the beach on one of the barrier Islands, and finding a few shark teeth....could not believe the water temp 50.6 F !! That is not good news for our trout population....hopefully these warmer temps this week have brought the temp up some and the trout survived that very cold week we had here in South Georgia. Here is a pic of the battle wagon....
  8. Motor is Shaking when Trimmed Up?

    Amazing photos Ron !
  9. 50 F water temp in South Georgia

    Good info JEM ! We are in Savannah....my son lives in SSI and he said he heard water temps at 47 F the week we had the ice and snow in Sav. I had a friend that fishes Sunbury area tell me today that he was in Medway River and water was at 53F on yesterday.
  10. Had to say goodbye to my buddy of 11 years

    My heart goes out for you buddy...been there before....it's tough. ❤️ JJ
  11. Motor is Shaking when Trimmed Up?

    Amazing pics Ron.....wow, these are some great photos. On the motor shaking....hard to say, but normally when I've had shaking with the motor..it's been either a gas problem or not all cylinders firing problem.( spark plugs or coils) ...but, extremely hard to say without being there. I know you will have it running smooth as single malt Scotch very shortly.
  12. FOR SALE 2016 2400 TRS

    Very nice rig, JJ
  13. Front Console Cooler Size - Pathfinder 20

    If you put a Yeti 50 with some ice / drinks, etc.... it will not move. No tie downs necessary....JMHO
  14. 2004 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Awesome rig !
  15. Backwaters wake up

  16. 2014 Pathfinder 2200 TE 250SHO

    Very nice rig.
  17. Today in MBG History!

    Congrats Skip...
  18. Pathfinder 22 - GPS Upgrade

    Here is what my 94 sv looks like next to a Pathfinder glove box....in my 22' PF
  19. WTB Hewes Redfisher 18 under 30k!!!!!

    The Smurf is one good looking rig !
  20. 17 HPX V 2004 286 original hrs SOLD

    Nice rig !
  21. Pulled the boat out of the marina barn

    Nice catch JEM....Happy New Year
  22. ChuckO 32in Snook and Big Trout with my Bait Boy

    Wow...that's a nice trout,...great catch, JJ
  23. Momma let me go.....

    Wasn't me either....but, that ain't a bad drop in the fall.