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  1. 250 SHO reliability questions

    I have personally fished with JEM , although I was not present during the break in period.....I can tell you all that his 22PF is incredibly fast from low range to WOT. I've had a F250 on a PF2400 and now have a F150 on a PF2200...and there is no comparison to JEM's boat with the 225SHO , it is very very very fast...and the throttle response upon accelerating is astounding. It also sounds like a small block Chevy V-8 engine with a roller cam and racing headers. If you get a chance to go for a ride with him....take some goggles...those gnats, butterflies and horse flies hurt when you are running over 60 mph. ....JJ
  2. Stolen Pathfinder *please share!*

    That's horrible.... any leads or anything yet ?
  3. 250 SHO reliability questions

    JEM has the 225 SHO....I'm sure he extensively researched everything possible before he purchased his....so reach out to him on this forum. I've owned the F250 and had over 1400 hours on it when I sold the boat and it still ran great. JJ
  4. Savannah DIY

    The beachfront is good.....try the North end around the rocks. You'll see other people surf fishing ....mostly incoming tide...from mid tide all the way up to high. Good luck.
  5. Pop Up gas cap

    Ive had three PF's and never even seen a pop up gas cap.....what years did they install them ?
  6. Heading over to steinhatchee

    Try the " birdrack" area....any of the locals can tell you how to get there. Big redfish in that area....also the mouth of the creeks around shell banks are good for trout and bass. Down South of there a few miles is plenty of spartina grass loaded with trout. Talk to the lady at Sea Hag marina....they usually will shoot you straight. They also sell any bait choice you may have. Popping corks with 24" leaders / 1/8oz jig heads or just a plain ( no popping cork ) 1/4 oz jig head with almost any color , we used copper crush, bubble gum, white/pink, cotton candy. At daylight go with Zara Spook Jrs. The bigger trout will turn on for about the first 30 to 45 minutes...and it's game on !
  7. PP are absolutely number ONE for complete customer service ...... they are the best.
  8. What is this?

    Looks more like a whatcha-ma-callit to me. ....................I have never seen one of those before.
  9. Cheese grater question

    If you drill new holes, just be sure to completely seal the old ones when you put new cheese grater on....be sure to use a sealant for "below the waterline" ....I would use 4200.... but, that's just my opinion, JJ
  10. Cheese grater question

    Perfect solution....use existing holes in boat...redrill grater if necessary.
  11. Trolling motor Shaft Length for 24 Pathfinder

    If you fish front side of beaches for Tarpon or Tripletail....( we sight fish and throw artificial's ) and there will be swells, waves etc....the longer shaft is needed. If you stay in the creeks and smaller rivers...you can probably get by with shorter. I have a 112 / 36 v MK on my 2200XL with longer shaft because I do fish a lot out front.....my opinion is get the one that suits your type of fishing....one thing for sure...it's easy to cut the shaft down to your needed size if necessary.....but you cannot stretch it if it's too short.
  12. Tired of wet feet

    Purposely putting water into the bilge is not a good idea..... .after I put the F250 on my older PF2400.... it would take water in from the cockpit drains( the older models drained out the side at floor level, horrible design ) so, I would just put a standard boat drain plug in them and it eliminated the water coming in with two grown men standing in rear of boat. The newer models have the larger drain holes draining out the back and you can buy drain plugs for those on line.they look like a giant baby pacifier....just plug the drain holes in from the inside of cockpit.
  13. Dock Lines and Fenders

    Ron, have those ropes ever been wet ?
  14. I told Ken ( HOBO ) it would only be 3 to 5 days and she would be gone...... that boat was an exceptional rig. The new owner will need to do nothing except put gas in it and go. JJ
  15. I know Ken personally and have seen this boat many times....you will not find another 22PF in better shape than this one. Plus, the custom accessories that Ken added and the fact that this boat stays under a cover and under a garage type structure keeps it out of the weather and always clean. If any of you have looked at used boats before.....you better take your money with you when you go look at this one...because you are going to buy it on the spot. It's in immaculate condition, very low hours and the trailer looks brand new. The first serious " want to buy" PF boat person to look at this one....will buy it.
  16. New Boat

    Awesome sled....wow
  17. 2200 Tournament XL Pathfinder **SOLD**

    Very nice rig.
  18. 2015 Cobia 21 Bay

    What prop are you running to get 50 mph plus with the F150 ?
  19. 2004 Pathfinder 2200 TE

    Nice sled for sure.
  20. 1993 Master Angler 18' $8500

    Nice rig.
  21. What color is my Pathfinder?

    This is what I bought to patch a few chips and dings....matched perfectly for my hull.
  22. What color is my Pathfinder?

    Give him the VIN number located on the top right side corner of transom ....he can tell you the exact color.
  23. Loose wiring & mystery noises

    There is closed cell foam insulation available for small pipes in RV's, sort of like the " armaflex" pipe insulation you buy at Home Depot for plumbing pipes. Just a thought....
  24. 2014 Pathfinder 2200 TE

    Good looking rig Spud !