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  1. Need replacement switches

    What was the cost of the entire panel ?
  2. 2000 1810 Pathfinder with 2006 Yamaha F150

    Very nice...
  3. 21 master angler 225 sho

    Is the boat in J'ville ? Very nice looking rig...........
  4. CL Find Maverick MA

    They are fine boats........If you have a little time and some $$ , she could look good as new...that crack in fwd bow and the holes are no problem for a "glass man".
  5. CL Find Maverick MA

    That's a lot of holes left open on the deck for water intrusion..i cant imagine why someone wouldn't at least put some silicone in the holes to seal them up. There was a 94 MA 18 here a while back with a F150 on it for 15,000 that looked much better cosmetically than this one does........ This is probably closer to a 10 K to 12 K rig if sold "as is". JMHO
  6. Borrowed time, or still life left?

    good job !! Glad I could help with advice.........I just know from experience "take the boat off" before working on axles, springs, etc.
  7. F115 enough for a 2000V?

    Ron..........that sure is a beautiful boat I like that thinking process Don had too........
  8. CL 16' Redfisher

    That's a good looking rig for sure...........not sure why he would paint the lug nuts and buddy bearing caps though..........JJ
  9. F115 enough for a 2000V?

    How many coats of Zaino does Ron have on the Donzi ?
  10. CL 16' Redfisher

    What time you leaving to drive and pick her up ?
  11. Borrowed time, or still life left?

    A friend with a dock ??, or a local marina will normally let you do an overnight with no water or electricity for about $ 20 per night. Sometimes, they will even lift the boat out and sit on a stand for an overnight if you explain the situation.
  12. Borrowed time, or still life left?

    JEM, ....sounds like it was too late to put on your brown pants............. WHICHWAYSUP: if I give any advice, it would be to take the boat off the trailer before you start any repair to the leaf springs, axle, etc.

    looking good !!
  14. 2005-2008 21 MA

    Jim, it's been a while since I've heard that tune....had to dust off the old brain cells. now, for the 21 MA ....definitely one of the finest boats Maverick ever built. Not sure why they quit?
  15. F115 enough for a 2000V?

    The more money $$ you have...........the faster you can go !! JEM nailed this one. I had a 200hp on my 2400v and wanted, I put a F 250 on her. Faster she people have 300's on the same boat. However, the 200 would take me anywhere I wanted to go and fish...... bottom line.........there are literally hundreds of the 1900's and 20's with 115 and 130 hp on them still running fine.......but, occasionally you see them with the 150 hp on them. Just like JEM said........ it's your choice. Either way you's a great boat.