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  1. How do you stay in shape?

    After I had my last physical, I told my wife the Dr said that a really good exercise for the heart is having sex 3 or 4 times a week. It was better than any other exercise to keep the heart strong. She said...I'll surprise you when you get home from work tomorrow. The next day I can't wait to get home...I mean, I'm excited....I think my heart rate was already up just speeding home...well, I come in the house...and she walks me to the back bedroom, the lights were already dim and music was playing in the room. I rounded the corner and to my disappointment, the surprise was a new exercise bike with several gadgets and a new pair of walking shoes. I said, did you not hear me on the Doctor's advice ?? She said .." yes" ....That she called the Dr. office today and told the nurse what I said, and the dang nurse lied and told her they recommended more exercise or walking....not more sex. I said to my wife " I know what I heard " ....now, it turns out she scheduled me for a hearing test next week.
  2. 16' BONEFISHER II (1985)

    wow............BIG difference. looks great !
  3. 2200 TE - Replacing Livewell Pumps

    X2 with Jazzy........... I have replaced mine ( not at the same time because they did'nt fail together ) with Rule 800 Tournaments.
  4. Funny How Things Work Out...

    Wow...........that's a helluva story Nag, Scares the dodo out of me, I'm 60 years old. I'm sure glad you are OK now. Very happy that Smurfette's F150 shot it's wad and is now cleaned out and running good too !!
  5. 1996 Hewes Redfisher 19 Tunnel

    Nice sled.
  6. Yellowing inside livewells

    HewesYourDaddy.......I'm shocked that you are not going to have them painted with Awlgrip or even gel coat in the " sky blue" color like the Yellowfins are....I'm not sure if the shrimp, pogies or mullet know the difference between sky blue or white or somewhat yellow.....let me know how they turn out with the acetone......just be careful !
  7. Rub Rail & Trailer Balance Questions

    Both of these boats, the 2000 and 2200 look amazing...........very very well maintained. Excellent work Ron !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Miss Laurie looks happy also with the "peace" sign, I'm used to seeing my wife just hold up one finger to me when it comes to messing with the boat.
  8. Rod holder angle

    Wow....the inside of the boat is spotless.....that's a clean machine !
  9. 2015 Pathfinder 2400 TRS with F300 XCA

    She is one beautiful rig.....
  10. Another 2500 build

    Awesome sled !
  11. Key Largo Sunrise!!!!!

    Vey nice pics.
  12. Boat Garage

    Awesome garage Excellent job
  13. Livewell Pump croaked

    The 800 tournament series should be just replacing the cartridge and reconnect the wires....like Bamaskeet said....go with deutch connectors and it's a 5 minute job .... just remember to turn the ball valve off if you are in the water. I usually buy two at a time and always keep a spare in the boat....so far, I've got mine through Amazon.
  14. Learning The Ropes

    In South Georgia : When others pull up to you while you are poling or working a school of fish ; pull out the .45 acp and fire about three rounds into the water, you will not see them again. We always say ...if you can read their registration numbers...they are too close. And you use the same rule of thumb if you are approaching another boat fishing a bank.....
  15. Why Pathfinder, Lid Construction

    Nice job ! I can't imagine that any PF dealer has not heard of these self tapping type screws having problems in hatches. I've fixed mine on both PF's several times by filling the holes with fiberglass cloth shavings and resin....then new screws. This idea of through bolting should be the answer.