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  1. Ceramic Pro (and other coatings)

    X2 on the Woody Wax....I do a lot of Tarpon and Tripletail fishing on beachfront, so my decks take on a lot of salt spray and blood from pogies and fish...I usually have to apply the Woody Wax about every two months in summer and about twice in the winter time. It is a great product and will keep all your deck and non skids looking new....
  2. 2009 Maverick 18HPXV

    Good looking rig.
  3. Windy fishing or no fishing at all.

    Nice catch JEM.
  4. Cold Front Trout this morning

    The top water bite was strong this morning at daylight ....that cold front got them biting hard....ended up with 6 trout and 3 redfish keepers and a few released smaller trout.
  5. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    We got into a few trout on top water this morning and finished up with a few redfish on DOA screwtails.....cold front coming through got the bite going early.
  6. SeaDek install in the morning

    Approx what is cost for SeaDek like you have in the 22 Pathfinder ?
  7. SeaDek install in the morning

    A friend of mine just had the floor and decks covered with Sea Dek on his Action Craft 1720 . Wow....big difference in sound and comfort.
  8. Power Washing

    You will probably get a lot of opinions on the question of recommended wax.... so here is mine. Both are great products.
  9. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Good find on switch panel ! Thanks, JJ also : nice installation on the big screen...looks really good.
  10. 2013 2300 HPS / SHO250

    Very nice rig.
  11. 16" screen on 2200TE center console?

    Is that a new switch panel ? If so, where did you get it ....mine is really faded out.
  12. Bait well LED light

    It’s funny you mentioned the blue light, I saw a 24 Yellowfin in St Simons last weekend with a greenish blue light in both live wells, the lights were actually underwater ...about 4” from bottom of live well. Looked pretty cool.....I’m guessing waterproof LED. Also had some neat LED lights at floor level of console shining on floor, therefore not blinding you at the helm.
  13. Bait well LED light

    Those shrimp don’t need any light to see....they can see just fine at night. Darkness won’t bother them. 😎🤣
  14. 2006 22TE Vs. 2008 22TE trailer size

    My trailer is a tandem axle AmeraTrail made for the 2200XL. I also had a tandem axle AmeraTrail under my 2400v.
  15. 2006 22TE Vs. 2008 22TE trailer size

    You can slide the bow stand up on the tongue some ( probably 6 to 8 inches ) and add some extra support to the rear. I have the 2200XL version and ran into the same issue....it was either extend the two rear bunks or slide bow stand up....sliding the boat forward didn’t change the trailer tongue weight but only a few pounds because all the boat weight was directly over the two axles. Is your trailer single or dual axles ?