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  1. Quick video of my 2400

    Really nice boat, family and video.
  2. Livewell system leak - MA18

    Pathfinder. You can order from factory.
  3. Kilkenny Tournament

  4. What did you do to your boat today?

    Looks good.....console is nice and shiny too. JJ
  5. 2010 Hewes Redfisher 18 only 217 hrs

    Nice sled.
  6. Bar Harbor Maine

    It sure is a pretty place !
  7. Livewell system leak - MA18

    I'm not sure if the strainers were restricting the water flow...but the Rule rep said that the pumps are water lubricated and that if water is off or restricted and the pumps run for very long " dry" they will in fact burn up. We were fishing in more grass then as compared to now...They never disputed that the pump failed and they will replace any Rule Tournament series pumps free of charge if you send them the old one. Mine seemed to get more sand in them than grass....the last time I had to change one, I removed the strainers and replaced both pumps...I also replaced the plastic cheese grater with a stainless one and now three seasons coming up and no problems so far. Maybe it was the strainers / maybe not.... either way, I threw them in trash. Who knows....maybe Rule makes a better pump than they used to.
  8. Livewell system leak - MA18

    Yep...took mine out after several problems....the cheese grater can handle it. Also seems like my Rule 800 Tournament pumps last longer now too.
  9. JEM and Fishmanjj

    Never underestimate two old gray headed men fishing together .......
  10. Keeping the deck clean

    As Fin said....get her clean and apply some spray woody wax on inside deck, non skid included....follow the directions because a little goes a long way. After three or four fishing trips, I reapply....depending on how serious you get with the cleaning detergents. Stuff like Dawn dishwashing liquid will remove the wax....so, stick with a boat soap that won't strip the wax. I spent many years on sportfishing boats so I'm old school and I'm sure some of the. "Experts" on here will have other ideas....but I use OrPine brand because it works for me.
  11. Bar Harbor Maine

    It was definitely a great visit for us, weather was perfect. We hiked some in Acadia NP, Jordan's Pond, Cadillac Mt, Sandy Beach area, visited Bass Harbor and some of the other Harbor areas. Went down to waterfront and talked to a few lobstermen, found out they tie a line to bottom of lobster trap and catch haddock on the drop line. Full circle hooks ...when they pull up trap...sometimes they have a bonus haddock. The locals said Bar Harbor was two weeks from rolling up the sidewalks for a few months with cold weather approaching. Here is a pic I took at daylight leaving Bar Harbor in a small Cessna 402.
  12. 2011 Maverick HPX 18

    Nice sled.....👍🎣