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  1. mpg on a yammy vf200la

    I've got the F150 on a 2009 / 2200XL and with a OFX4-17 I can get 45 mph @ 5900 rpms.....that's loaded for fishing. It's no speed demon, but it's about twice as good on mpg as my F250 was on my PF 2400V. It would probably be a little faster with a 3 blade prop, but I really like the way it handles with the 4 blade. The one guy that has really played with props on these motors is JEM. He also probably has recorded some data on the performance of each one.
  2. 1991 Hewes Bonefisher for sale

    Nice sled !!
  3. 2000v pathfinder

    I agree with Justfish: if you get a 45 or bigger Yeti / RTIC / Engel / Cabelas, etc, etc....you will not need hold down devices
  4. Finally an HPX18 owner

    Very nice.
  5. Pathfinder grabrail

    Is that the same console as 2009. XL2200 ? Do you have windshield also ?
  6. 2016 Mav HPX-V w/trailer (17ft)

    Good looking sled.
  7. Sell or trade 2008 150hp Yamaha Vmax?

    You better get some goggles....that 1900T will fly with that 150 on it. Those gnats will hurt at 60 mph.
  8. Tripletail In South Georgia

    Here in Georgia it's 18" length minimum and 2 per day.
  9. Pathfinder

    Very nice sled !
  10. Tripletail In South Georgia

    Do you catch many of them down there ? They are seasonal here.... July 4 through Labor Day normally.
  11. MGB GEAR?

    Nag: if you don't get reply...I'll take it. JJ
  12. Bimini Install Question (follow-up w/ installed pics)

    I mounted mine 5 years ago using screws and 5200 and have zero issues and the top is used a lot. Follow HoneyB's instructions above and you'll be fine.
  13. 2004 22 TE 2014 F150

    Nice looking rig....same color as JEM's.
  14. My neighbor is running a Yamaha 3 blade 19" on his RF 18 with a 150 SHO. It runs very well.....
  15. Hull pad?

    If you guys no anyone with a Ranger / Gambler / STV / etc freshwater bass boat....look underneath it from the drain plug forward, you'll see a real pad. Those boats run on the pad at high speeds, there is literally very little if any boat hull in the water. If you are watching these boats run out across open water, you'll see about 90% of the boat completely out of the water. Neither my PF 24 or my PF 22 has a true running pad.