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  1. fishmanjj

    2017 Pathfinder 2300HPS

    Beautiful rig.
  2. fishmanjj

    2200 trs Bimini top

    I have a 2200XL with a bimini as well....I do have the Accon quick release mounts. These are by far the best mounts to purchase because of the high quality stainless and smoothness on top surface so you won’t break a toe or catch a line, etc. mine are mounted on top of the gunnels , therefore allowing you to buy a wider top and frame, you can gain 6”s of width this way. I do not have a preference...when I bought my boat “ used “ the Top came with it and the mounts were on the top of gunnels. The top will lay flat on the back. My model 2200 does not have rear seats and you can open the center live well with the top laying flat. you can see the mounts in this picture mounted on top of gunnel about midship, just aft of the cleats.
  3. fishmanjj

    Best inshore baitcaster

    I’m throwing Zara Spooks....both regular and super on 12 lb Fins Braid with about 2 ft of 15# flour leader....also throw some 110 whopper flopper lures....with the 200....on a 7 ft or 8 ft med action with fast tip...I can throw 1/4 oz DOA or Z Man jig heads with paddle tail or Screw tails..... on the 400’s ......two are rigged up on 8 ft Lamiglas Rods rigged for Cobia and large Tripletail ....currently using live pogies for this so they have 50# Braid on them because we fish range markers and structure and there are lots of opportunity for a cut line. i do also use Shimano Stradics on 7 ft Falcon rods for throwing 1/8 oz jig heads and some Ned rigs. Im not endorsing any brand here...it’s simply what I have found to endure the test of time and saltwater use. hope this helps...
  4. fishmanjj

    Best inshore baitcaster

    I use Shimano Calcutta 200, 250 ( trout , bass ) and 400 ( I use 400 for big Reds, Tripletail, Cobia, Tarpon ) we all know sometimes the targeted species doesn’t cooperate and we are either over or under tackled at times.....that’s fishing. I recently set up a Revo Inshore series reel on a 7 ft Falcon BuCoo rod....for throwing Ned rig...but haven’t used enough for judgement on durability.
  5. fishmanjj

    Costa sunglasses (Price Drop!) SOLD!

    I’m not sure if Costa still does their own....but I had my lens changed from regular to a single vision RX lenses and they were around $300. That did not include the frames because I already owned the glasses. But, I dealt direct with Costa...and it was a couple of years ago. JJ $800 seems mighty high....just saying.
  6. fishmanjj

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    I would agree with Chuck.....and there is a lot of swamp land in South Georgia....easy for people to get lost 😎
  7. fishmanjj

    Cup holders

    What do you think the cost would be to add that set-up on my 2200 ?
  8. fishmanjj

    Cup holders

    That’s a very nice T Top and Upper station ....Fin !
  9. fishmanjj

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    Justfish.......Will anyone be charged with the theft ?
  10. fishmanjj

    2014 Maverick HPX-S (66 hours)

    She’s a beauty.
  11. fishmanjj

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    Did the police catch the SOB that stole your boat ?
  12. fishmanjj

    THIS is a sunrise

    South Georgia sunrise....and a strong early morning top water bite.
  13. Good strong bite this morning on top water....
  14. fishmanjj

    Hewes Bonefisher Lapside 17'

    Looks good !
  15. fishmanjj

    Pathfinder offshore

    CG, That looks like a 26’ or so World Cat type cat boat and those boats are at least four foot tall on the sides from the water level to the top of gunnel. Very tall sides..... it takes a 10 ft long gaff just to stick a fish. Anyway, That certainly looks like a very nasty storm , huge swells, windy, with less than a second between each swell.....absolutely no place for a bay boat of any brand or size. Those conditions as in video would challenge a 45’ Sportfish boat with an unexperienced Captain. You were lucky to get your family back home safe ❤️❤️
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