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  1. back on mkt

    Nice looking sled ! Good luck with heart ❤️
  2. 2013 2200 TRS

    Beautiful rig.....I have a 2009 2200XL, F150.... low hours.....your boat would really nice at my house. JJ
  3. Good to be back on the water

    The tripletail usually show up....depending on the water conditions.....down there around Jekyll in April and May, don't they ?
  4. 2007 17' Maverick HPX-V

    Mikey, I have a friend interested in seeing pics after removal of tabs, etc.....once you get it refinished let me know. JJ
  5. Good to be back on the water

    Nice catch....I'm glad to see they are biting following the freeze. JJ
  6. What did you do to your boat today?

    Which " one" did you decide on ?
  7. Yamaha F-300

    I ran a F250 with a PowerTech OFX4-21 on my 2400v Pathfinder and could get 5900 rpm at 55 mph....no jackplate. If you do not have a jackplate...you may want to check on the hole location that the motor is mounted on the transom, if it's too low...you will never get the higher rpm's out of that motor.
  8. Hewes Redfisher 18 2014

    Beautiful sled for sure....wow
  9. 2015 Cobia 21 Bay

    Nice rig for sure.
  10. 18 Mav Master Angler - Jax craigslist - not mine

    If you guys are looking for a well maintained beautiful 18 MA....contact Nag Juice here on the forum.
  11. 2000v Trolling Motor?

    Not sure where you fish....but if you have strong currents , you will not regret getting the 36v. As for the shaft length, probably better determined by fishing location...if you tripletail or tarpon fish on beach frontside, the longer shaft is a must if you have any rollers coming in.
  12. 18 Mav Master Angler - Jax craigslist - not mine

    Good looking boat....trailer has left side fender, none on right side. Those old 130's are bulletproof if maintained. Hard to believe that a boat broker in Florida would list it as a Hewes, with Maverick decals on the sides. Oh well.
  13. Pliers

    Boomerang tool for braid and mono. They are only around 10 bucks when on sale and work great.