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  1. South Georgia

    Daylight shot on Saturday morning....
  2. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    Nice sled....at least in pics.
  3. Georgia Boys....

    JEM and I teamed up today for an early morning outgoing tide....despite a 9 ft tide and dirty water we caught some nice trout and redfish...and were finished by lunch and in time to watch UGA put an azz whooping on Auburn. Here is fishmanjj with a 21" trout. Go Dawgs !
  4. Cloudy with a chance of fish

    Yes....the reds were chewing good.
  5. 2014 2200 TE 250SHO

    Sweet rig.
  6. Yamaha 2300HPS

    On the TM....if the 60" is too short to fish out front in a chop.....buy the 72" and cut the shaft to your needed length. I'm running a 60" MK112 on my 22 Pathfinder, and when Tarpon or Tripletail fishing on beachfront my boat rocks a good bit...anything shorter than 60" would be too short for that fishing...the motor would spend a lot of time out of the water...sounding like a egg beater....however in the creeks a 52" would be fine. Oh well....that fishing.
  7. 2006 18 Maverick MA w/F150

    Nice rig.
  8. RTIC

    Good stuff !
  9. Trout fishing over the holidays.

    Nice catch JEM
  10. Little blue house that could

    Good luck with the project !
  11. 2017 Redfisher 18

    Awesome rig , JJ
  12. Power Pole Service

    Power Pole customer service is absolutely the BEST !!
  13. Yamaha 2300HPS

    Nice rig.
  14. 2003 16' Redfisher

    She's a beauty