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  1. I'll definitely be shark fishing next week in the ENP....time to bust out the 80lb stand-up gear and piano wire!! http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/great-white-shark-named-george-stalks-everglade-waters-52866751
  2. Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

    I used AMSoil blue grease for years but it was hard to find around town so I switched to Valvoline Crimson a few years back because I can get it down the street from my house. I pump 10 squirts of new grease in my Posi-lubes every 3 months, remove the excess grease and change my rubber dust caps every 6 months for the win!
  3. Choko March 1st

    Tarpon were frolicking Fri-Sun with the warm weather. Dozens of bay boats fishing for them. Saw some nice ones being fought near the river mouths. My neighbors slayed the big cobias on the wrecks. Fishing out front stunk, except white & spotted trout. Huge patches of cruddy water. I went deep in the backcountry 2 of the days; 30+ snook each day on lures and not a sign of human life......epic! Didn't see a red all weekend out front though; only two small ones in the back along with a bass.
  4. Great White Shark in the Everglades!!

    I thought I saw George feeding on a huge turtle a few miles off Lostmans ENP boundary marker but it turned out to be huge spotted rays doing some weird mating dance over top of a school of seatrout. Sharks should be thankful I no longer fish for them. A small blacktip is actually pretty tasty.
  5. 2011 HPX 18 refresh and questions

    I will try to remember to measure the spring in my fwd hatch then post. Your well should be nearly dry if your standpipe is pushed flush into the drain hole & valve is closed. My valve controls the sea water that I either pump into my well or that flows in when running. Water rises into my well from drain hole when standpipe isn’t in place regardless if valve is open or closed. Hope this helps.
  6. 2011 HPX 18 refresh and questions

    My .02cents..... 1- You should be able to buy the gasket material & shocks thru Boat Owner's warehouse. 2- Can't see any reason to have two starting batteries if you have two trolling motor batteries. One house battery should be enough. 3- I have the short (31"?) Birdsall backrest on my 2011 model. Perfect for two people IMO. Deck seems plenty strong. Search my past posts for pics of my boat. 4- You may want to consider installing a stiff spring versus using a shock for that hatch. I changed my forward hatch shock to a spring after several failures. 5- Seek The Outlaw on this forum. He is a metal craftsman that can build anything and will give you plenty of ideas I'm sure. Good luck!
  7. Brand new, never used in its original plastic bag. I have too many coolers & no use for this one. https://www.yeti.com/hard-coolers/tundra-75-cooler/YT75.html $375 firm. Cash only. Save over $100 from buying it retail ($449 + tax)!! Must pickup in Pompano Beach/Fort Lauderdale or Everglades City/Chokoloskee. PM me if interested.
  8. Choko March 1st

    You're too kind, Dino. I've learned a lot the hard way in the ENP & I've had many good teachers along the way. Definitely cannot take much credit for doing anything great other than listening & remembering. Running aground. Getting stuck while poling on an outgoing tide. Being forced to spend the night on my boat. Those are the things I will never forget! And there's more to come, I'm sure. The legendary Captain that I work for has told me this many times......."if you haven't hit something, gotten lost or run aground then you haven't gone very far." I've done all 3!!!
  9. Sheeps trip #2

    Nice....I'll take the grunt, please!
  10. Choko March 1st

    My boat is all ice blue & I'll probably be the only skiffs you'll see over there without a huge GPS on the console. Holler if you see us!
  11. Choko March 1st

    I posted that earlier..... Tarpon should be moving around just off the beaches in March if we don't get another good cold snap (under 50*) by March 1st. The guides will be all over the place looking for them as usual. They're definitely in the backcountry because I spooked some giants while running near Rogers Bay a few weeks ago. I will probably be at my place in Choko March 1-5 so maybe I'll see you down there.
  12. Permits for the ENP...

    I MIGHT have been a legend....in my own mind.....once or twice in my 20's but that's about it!
  13. Permits for the ENP...

    Just received the following info from the ENP chief ranger: "The boater education program is still not operational, so there is no permit required for operating in the park."
  14. Permits for the ENP...

    NPS is supposed to put required boat & personal ENP permits in motion by July of this year. An announcement should be made at least 90 days prior. I get all the NPS newsletters and haven't seen any mention of the topic yet. You can buy an annual personal permit for entrance into Shark Valley & Flamingo thru this link- https://yourpassnow.com/ParkPass/park/ever I won't be purchasing any permits until I receive something in writing from the NPS stating that permits are required to be in the ENP via Everglades City/Chokoloskee. I just emailed my ranger contact at the NPS and will report back if he has any info to share in regards to this topic.
  15. Great White Shark in the Everglades!!

    My choko neighbors are all stirred up! They've been trying to entice the great white to come in at high tide by using stingray carcasses with 16/0 hooks & 1/4" rope attached to the marina dock. I bet that shark would rip a piling out!!
  16. Hewes 16' Bonefisher Repower

    That will likely be my repower option. The SHO 115's had plenty of bugs to work out when they were introduced and I would anticipate the same for the SHO 90's so hopefully that will all shake out when I'm ready in 2020.
  17. Hewes 16' Bonefisher Repower

    A few years back I remember somebody posting about them repowering their mid-90's bonefisher with a 90hp E-tec and they absolutely loved it.
  18. Everglades City Seafood Festival!

    Bob lies like a rug!! My 14yr old son just got his first gig at Publix so we may have to bow out this weekend so he can make some money because he has rent due March 1st!!
  19. Just because you don't see dead fish doesn't mean there's no red tide. I don't see red tide reported on this map up that way.... http://myfwc.com/REDTIDESTATUS
  20. Red tide up there?? 🤔
  21. 21 Master Angler

    Very interesting. Definitely get that in writing from the agent before you buy the motor!
  22. 21 Master Angler

    What a bargain if it surveys well! Our old T was red. It took a lot of waxing to keep it looking tight and every scratch showed, just like any darker hull color. Great point @SkinnyWater79 , that hull was only rated for up to 225hp