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    Fly fishing Yoda he is indeed. Hope I have energy to check an email at 93!!
  2. Camping in Choko

    Oh, stop it Dino. Today's camping equipment is far better than it was 40 years ago. You don't get wet when you buy a good tent and your food stays cold in RTIC coolers! Today's equipment turns backcountry camping into luxury camping even compared to 20 years ago. The only camping I've done in the ENP this year is at my fish camp which is in the ENP
  3. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    Agreed! But bypassing and/or removing all non necessary parts that could fail on a boat is my thinking.
  4. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    You wouldn't be implying that old Mercs are unreliable, would you?? Regardless of motor manufacturer, I do away with any system that I don't need which could fail. Ya'll should've seen my Merc smokescreen at Flamingo when I would launch back in the day. Everyone else needed to be covered up and peppered with deet except me!! Coto may have actually seen it once or twice. I know he remembers the smell of my Merc from me towing his old 18RF into Flamingo marina. I should've claimed salvage!!
  5. Camping in Choko

    What he said. FYI, there are a lot of people trying to camp in the backcountry without permits since Irma passed and I've heard the traffic at some designated camping areas has been crazy. Check out this link for more info- https://www.nps.gov/ever/planyourvisit/backcamp.htm
  6. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    You're right but you can get even skinnier using a TM and you won't blow out all the fish in the process!
  7. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    Can you do away with that oil pump system altogether on the motor and mix the oil directly with the fuel? That's what I did with the Merc on my old 17MA and it was one less failure to worry about dealing with. I love my F90 but I sure do miss the smell of oil burning upon start up in the mornings.
  8. Jackplate.... YES or NO??

    My friend had same boat & motor (he has now repowered with a Zuke) and said he got rid of the jack plate after not noticing any performance enhancement.
  9. Mixing E10 and Rec fuel

  10. Don't use a GPS at all. Using a compass & accurate map will keep you from getting lost! I've been stuck in HB & LB when I had an HPXT so yes it can get rather skinny back there. Enjoy!
  11. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    Great post, Dino! The guys at Boat Center are great. I was happy to have ordered my boat thru them. First class experience for service too.
  12. Fire Extinguisher Recall, Could Be on your Boat

    This topic is HIGHLY important & should be permanently pinned to the 1st page of General Forum by the mod. Somewhat friendly ranger did a safety check on my boat last weekend in the ENP and my fire ext was one of the recalled models. He told me to replace it ASAP to avoid being one of the unlucky people that had fire ext failures in a time of need.
  13. Remove ALL valuables from vehicle that you park at Flamingo visitors ctr. Dont ask me how I know this. Have a great trip!!
  14. WTB: Maverick HPX-V 18'

    MA's have that old school look that isn't for everyone. However if you don't pole much and want to enjoy fishing with your family as you mentioned above then you should definitely get out on an 18MA before you totally discount it. My now ex-wife, son and I definitely weren't as comfortable when I went from an 17MA to an 18HPX because it's less stable, has less storage and doesn't ride as well when it gets rough. My 18HPX is the perfect boat for me now because I rarely fish with more than one person and I pole at least half the time. Just some food for thought. Good luck!
  15. Not sure about the logic at cip but I do know that many island locals, a few guides and seasonal residents of cip have been abusing privileges there for years. The park owners are in business to make money so they're going to do what they feel is best for their pockets. I'm all good because I've locked-in my camper lot, secured a storage spot for my boat trailer & have a boat slip. Others at cip that are complaining about the changes instead of securing their parking spots & slips won't be so happy this winter. Fact of the matter is that there aren't many options on the island!
  16. Well, I'm pleased to say that fishing was excellent 2 out of 3 days last weekend. I found better bites closer to Choko rather than further away. I haven't quite figured out where the tripletails are hiding but the trout, reds & snook were abundant. Irma certainly has created some great new spots to figure out, especially at low tide! Choko Island Park is open. Well, kind of. The owners have decided to close the park office & ramp on Wednesdays & Thursdays. Ramp & parking fees have increased for guests. Management has been instructed to tow all vehicles that aren't registered and don't have guest passes in the windows. The ramp now has a locked chain across it and it will only be open 7am - 5pm from Friday to Tuesday. No more launching or loading before 7am or after 5pm on those days; no exceptions for guests or residents alike at this point. The docks & slips still need some work. Outdoor Resorts main ramp was still open to the public as of last weekend but the park itself is still a mess. Word on the island is that the office will re-open soon and they will be increasing their ramp fees as well as decreasing the amount of guest trailer parking spaces. I'm not sure about their fuel situation. Parkway is open and Rec90 fuel is available at the dock but there are still no plans to create a ramp there. Havana Café is open for breakfast & lunch only. Smallwoods store has reopened.
  17. Little blue house that could

    I don't know much about raising homes in flood areas but I can tell you for sure that I've had a few friends that have raised their homes the past few years and all of them wish they would've gone up a foot or two more than they did! Best of luck, my friend.
  18. Glad ya'll got in on the bite! All weekend was beautiful. Fishing was nothing short of stellar for us in the 10k yesterday!! I really love the new spots that Irma created. Whats up with the HB shirt?! 🤔
  19. 2015 Maverick Hpxs

    Hey Capt, I know someone that's very interested in your boat. He lives in north FL and has cash in hand so it may be a quick deal. Call me when you get a chance so I can give you his contact info.
  20. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    22yr old axle?! It matters not how it was stored or what the outside of the axle looks like. The corrosion process starts inside the axle after dunking it in saltwater one time. You've been verrrry lucky so far IMO. Change it ASAP!
  21. HAPPINESS IS. . . .

    If anything goes on this thread then happiness for me in the immediate future would be seeing my neighbors in the Everglades obtaining the building materials they need to rebuild their homes, finding the money they need to replace all of their furniture, clothing & personal belongings, repairing their vehicles and getting back to work. A distant second to that would be Choko Island Park re-opening their ramp & docks. The easy part is towing my boat full of fuel down there and catching fish. ps. Nice Intercoastal Angler hat! I got a camo one from that tackle shop many years ago when Captain Huff was part of that crew.
  22. Definitely get permission from Outdoor Resorts to park there for longer than a day trip; they might give you a pass to put in your window. Call their main line to ask. FYI, night time truck break-ins & petty thefts have been common the past month on the island so beware. Cip is still closed until further notice. Word has it that parking there will be less accommodating for non-residents when they re-open.
  23. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    $1,200 - $1,500 should easily cover cost to add bunks, change bunk hardware & replace axle. Go by the age of the axle, not by the looks of it from the outside.
  24. Best Trailer For 1995 MA 17 (Looking For Recommendations)

    HB uses Ramlin. Great trailer. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Rolls, especially their axle system. Absolutely loved the Ameratrail that fit my 17MA like a glove (same for my current 18HPX Ameratrail). It launched & loaded the boat perfectly every time and I never had to make an adjustment. Customer service was impressive. I’d definitely buy another one. A trailer made to 17MA hull specs with welded bunks and torsion axle is my suggestion. Avoid bunk bracket hardware if possible; it all corrodes & looks like crud if you dont stay on top of it. You better get that home add-on done for your wife first because good trailers arent cheap ($3-5k)!
  25. Peacock Bass

    Fun! Life is good when you can hire guides to take you fishing.