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  1. Pouring rain is the perfect time to crush the snook…..only the strongest willed and able Gladesmen know this!! Me?? Eh, I'll defer to hanging out at my fish camp this weekend and fish all next week.
  2. The official "What did you catch today" thread

    There goes Don, showing off again!
  3. I'm sure all this rain has pushed most of the fish out front by now. Only the resident fish will be left in the backcountry and those are usually the smart, big ones you really want.
  4. 20% off Trailer Wheel Locks!!

    You might as well get a couple now
  5. 20% off Trailer Wheel Locks!!

    PS. Some insurance companies can offer discounts for these types of anti-theft devices.
  6. 20% off Trailer Wheel Locks!!

    The Equipment Lock Co is offering 20% off purchases right now. Offer expires 5/25/18. Enter code SAVE20 at checkout. It's a no-brainer! https://equipmentlock.com/product/heavy-duty-wheel-lock/
  7. 2008 Maverick MA 18' w/F150/ Side console

    My old HPXT was red. It faded/oxidized badly every 3-4months and every knick or scratch stood out like a roach on a wedding cake. The upkeep kept my arms in great shape though!!
  8. Livewell Stand Pipe

    I've seen them at Boat Owners Warehouse.
  9. Wet wood core

    What make & year boat is this??
  10. Don- I'll be back at my place in Choko May25 - June 2 or 3 so let me know if you will be down that way with Capt DeWalt. The week after Memorial Day is one of my favorite weeks to fish every spring because everybody is back at work....can't wait!!
  11. Truck Seat covers

    I'm on my 2nd set of Wet Okole covers. The first set in my Tundra still looked like new when I sold that truck after 2 years. The current set on my F150 have lasted 4 years and are just starting to show wear & tear. They fit perfect and are easy to clean. I won't buy any other covers.
  12. Lowery Park Ramp

    Sorry to hear about your friend, Troy. Jackings, break-ins, theft and misc other crimes are very common at ramps in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. It's gotten so bad in south FL that these type of crimes rarely make the news anymore. It's becoming the norm. I prefer the Ruger LCR 38spl for my pocket carry.....no jam, no safety, no clicker and no games!!
  13. The wife goes fishing no more!!

    You still have the memories, fin. Rejoice in that. Some people never find that or experience the happiness that you had for so many years.
  14. I found plenty of action within 10 miles of Choko. Trout, trips & snook were abundant May 6-7 and April 26-30 oceanside. All the guides I know that utilize cip are reporting about the same. Get your azz down there!!
  15. The wife goes fishing no more!!

    I had a wife that didn't enjoy fishing. Huge problem. I should've known better. But at least I learned my lesson early enough in life to start over. Fast forward several years and 80%+ of my fishing days are spent with my girlfriend who is newly addicted to sight fishing. Soon she will be poling me around. Best of all, she loves trying to outfish me and prides herself on catching keepers to keep us fed each eve. I've created a monster! Life is so good