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  1. conocean

    Cover treatment

    Coleman & 3m tent waterproof spray works well as does the Starbrite cover sealer. I don't use either anymore. In my experience even the highest quality covers can only be counted on to last up to 5 years before they deteriorate in direct FL sun, with or without waterproof treatment. My current mist grey Carver Supreme Aquashield cover has worn well the past 2 years but I don't expect it to last 5. I let a small fan run 24/7/365 under my cover with my console & all my hatches cracked open to allow constant air circulation & keep bilge dry.
  2. Oh no....first its FMT and now it’s USCG! What’s next, Dino!? 😊 You’ll pass no problem πŸ‘πŸ»
  3. conocean

    farewell Abbey

    Heartbreaking news, Doc. May you & your family take this time to heal. Big prayers sent to watch over you all. πŸ™πŸ»
  4. conocean

    GPS Failure Expected Saturday

    I pray every night that GPS satellites stop working in ENP waters. πŸ™πŸ» This is selfish, I know. But the first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem! 😬
  5. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    Thanks for the offer, Dino. You'd never fish your spots again if I showed you 5 of mine! πŸ˜‚ Ralph can bring you to the spots I haven't visited since he looted them after I shared with him many many years ago. 😜
  6. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    It looks familiar. Been there, done that for 2 summers......then I got my own fish camp 6 years ago and have spent 5-15 nites down there every month since. You think your wallet hurts from all the upgrades to your boat, just wait til after this summer when the fire burns to set-up year round digs in Choko! 😎
  7. conocean

    Master Angler polling platform

    Consider getting a custom tower made exactly to your specs. Try contacting Outlaw on this forum.
  8. conocean

    This Is a Sunset

    Cool. I could be wrong but it looks like one of the short term lease rentals on Choko. I love summers in Choko!!
  9. conocean

    18HPX Palm Bch boat show special

    That's the truth. Hence the reason there are only a couple custom builders that utilize a dealer network; they can't afford to pay a commission & pay themselves a decent rate. We build custom 77' & 86' S/F yachts at Merritt's and the profit margin is slim especially once you take the 3 year build time into consideration.
  10. conocean

    Garmin ????

    Will FMT work on an iPad w/gps capabilities? Sorry if this is a silly question or if this has been covered in another thread.
  11. conocean

    Garmin ????

    Wow! Based on the most recent posts you've made I think we all know how you feel about Garmin!! πŸ˜‚ I've got zero skin in this game and could care less what GPS anyone prefers but we all have a choice to do our own research and purchase any unit we want. I prefer running naked with no GPS! 😎
  12. conocean

    18HPX Palm Bch boat show special

    The conglomerate I work for builds custom yachts and sells the materials & hardware needed to build any skiff. I guesstimate the materials to build an 18HPX are about 40% of the retail cost. That doesn’t include labor to assemble & finish as well as the cost of the molds, re-tooling and the extensive research & development costs that go into every hull design. Then factor in the commission that the MBG dealers are paid for each unit they sell. There’s honestly not nearly the amount of profit in these skiffs as most people think there is. Bad *** toys are expensive!
  13. conocean

    Replacing Garmin thoughts?

    Yep a 65” screen is totally acceptable these days! 😜😎
  14. I’m getting indigestion just from looking at that lunch! πŸ’©
  15. Someone should come buy this one to save themselves a bunch of $$$ At today’s prices it looks like I will be keeping my 18HPX forever!!
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