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  1. Rtic coolers

    Don't overlook the RTIC backpacks because they're really well made. I snagged two @ 50% off!
  2. Rtic coolers

    $145qts only $286! 110qts only $221!!
  3. Rtic coolers

    I'd never spend my money on any other cooler. My 20, 45 & 65 qt RTIC's are awesome! I got all 3 for the price of one 75 qt Yeti. They're blowing out all their inventory right now.
  4. 20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    Its $92 for the 20qt & $112 for the 30qt soft square RTIC coolers.
  5. 20% off one time Yeti @ Dick's Sporting goods

    Still way overpriced. You could've bought a 20qt RTIC for $119 but they just sold out of them yesterday. Most of their remaining inventory is marked down. I've got their 20, 45 & 65 qt coolers; same performance as my former YETIs for a lot less $$! The only difference is they're slightly heavier.
  6. HPX V18 2013 blackout package

    GLWS of that bad *** rig!!
  7. 2000 18.5 Maverick Master Angler - Project

    I think you’re making a great decision, Gus. Go thru the entire boat, replace everything then have a glass guy come in to finish her off. Oh, and hang a SHO on her when that OX66 finally gives up. 👍🏻
  8. Great stuff Dino & Doc! Tremendous amount of small fish have been around the front & back for months. Very good news for the future. Haven't had less than a 40 fish day (snook/reds/trout/trips) since June; some trips over 100 target species. Only a few of my trips yielded larger fish though. Glad ya'll are getting sum!!
  9. Father Daughter Day

    Great day, Dino! There's nothing more rewarding than fishing with our kids. I can't wait to get my son back on the water during Winter break. I let him drive the boat when tide is mid to high in the Glades. GPS on my boat only comes out when I purposely get lost in the backcountry so he's had to actually pay attention to where he's running for several years instead of just following a line on a screen. He can make it from Joe Kemp Key to mouth of Lostmans River with very little help now. In a few more years hopefully I can take a nap in the cockpit on the way back to our slip at cip after a long day of fishing.
  10. I was at my fish camp in Choko for 6 days, just got back last night. Fishing was good to excellent each day. Mostly snook, reds & trips. The big trout are starting to show up again. Good luck w/Don h!
  11. All hail to the Holy Ghost!! Lookin good, Dino.
  12. 2003 16’ Redfisher repower

    Good choice on the 115SHO, Ralph. I have two friends that luv theirs. The great fuel economy, quiet humm of the 4s and no more oil burn is so worth it. How many hours were on your 115 2s? Was she 15 years old??
  13. A few of the nicer ones we managed to nab out of 50+ in the far backcountry almost exclusively caught on artis made by DOA...… One eyed Willy! Fish of the day....
  14. THIS is a sunrise

  15. THIS is a sunrise

    Riding shotgun across Rodgers River Bay in the Glades last week....