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    I have experience poling the old style Marquesa with the sponsons but not the new model so I cannot comment on that. My opinions..... Rigging, fit & finish is definitely higher quality on any HB versus a Maverick. Ride advantage goes to the HPX but just slightly and I think that every poling skiff performs poorly in certain sea conditions. With that being said, there's no rig I'd rather have than mine when I stop running & start fishing. Customer service advantage is questionable as I've heard stories of poor responses to warranty issues from both companies. My experience with customer service at Maverick has been good and it's nice having a dealer network to lean on in some instances. Overall, I enjoy poling my HPX. It tracks fairly well in all conditions and does all I ask it to do. I ordered my boat with small motor, 35gallon tank and had TM batteries installed on the shelf forward of the tank. My rig literally sips fuel at 30mph cruise speed. Hull slap is non-existent even with a quarter tank of fuel, TM and one angler on the bow. If I remove my TM and put cooler on bow with one angler then same result. Wave action against the transom can be a little noisy at times in certain conditions but nothing that passing tarpon seem to mind too much. My friend (Capt Carl Ball) recently took delivery of his 2018 Marquesa with a 115 Yammi 4s and absolutely loves it. He swears it blows my HPX out of the water from a performance standpoint. But I heard that from him for years when he owned his 2004 Marquesa and disagreed. I don't think you can go wrong with either boat powered by a 90 or 115 4s motor. 2s motors are becoming extinct and burn so much fuel that they don't make much sense to me but to each their own. How much you are willing to spend could become the biggest decision. I couldn't justify paying 15% more for a Marquesa when I ordered my HPX in 2011. Both rigs serve their purposes well and can't see a big advantage for one over the other. Hope this input helps. Good luck with your purchase!
  2. Rust spots

    All products mentioned above will do the trick. CLR & Lime-away works just as well.
  3. What kind of boat or motor upgrades?

    I agree with most everything posted thus far. All great info! Do not buy an iPilot or the likes until you go on someone else's boat that has one. The noises that thing makes while turning and the beeps drive me nutz! They spook fish for sure when using them in shallower water; probably doesn't matter in deep water though. I prefer old school TM's all the way. I used Deka AGM starting batteries on my old 17MA that had a 135 Merc Black Max on it. They worked great & never an issue. Definitely a lot more reliable than old school water batteries IMO. You can buy a nearly perfect fitting, high quality boat cover for a 1/3 of the price of a custom cover online. I bought a mist gray Carver SunDura Supreme Aqua Shield cover for $329 on iboats dot com and couldn't be happier. I had two top of the line covers in the past and cannot tell any difference in the performance of the material. Enjoy that beautiful rig!!
  4. That makes 2 of us 😒 Zaino strikes again!
  5. My skeg looks like a well beaten dog! 🤙🏻
  6. FS: Yeti Tundra 75 white (new)

    Price lowered to $325 firm. Come & get it!!
  7. Ron- Great pics! Yes, it stopped us from fishing Lake Ingraham that morning. I didn't think there were many fish around because there was no water for them to swim in What Outlaw said!
  8. Follow the channel as best you can and read water instead of staring at your GPS screen. I remember one day about 10 winters ago there was a -1.1 low tide at 8:30am in the morning with 20-25 N/NE winds and it was painfully cold. We got to the south mouth of Lake Ingraham in my 17MA around 7:30am and there was literally no water in the channel and only a few puddles scattered throughout the lake. I will try to find the pic & post. ps. I can't wait to see the new pics you post after your trip!
  9. Footrest

    Ralph is THE metal guy to talk to. Call him on Monday!
  10. To Cover or Not?

    ps. When I cover my boat I always crack open the hatches at least 2", remove the console door and let a small fan run non-stop so air is always circulating.
  11. FS: Yeti Tundra 75 white (new)

    Uh huh. Titos does the trick in between 'shine droughts.
  12. Universal Mania

    A few friends and I had good luck using Factoryoutletstore.com to buy our Garmin units. Some of their sales can be insane around the holidays and for models that are about to be discontinued. I still wish I had my old 498c, it was the most reliable & simple unit I ever owned.
  13. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    The location of the boat is the only reason it's not already sold IMO. Most buyers won't want to make a huge road trip just to see the boat before making an offer. Have you thought about putting it on consignment at a FL MBC dealer? I'm certain you'd get more bites with it being in FL versus anywhere in NC. I wish I knew someone that was looking for an MA right now so I can help get it sold for you.
  14. To Cover or Not?

    The sun wears down color & non skid. Dirt gets in all the hatch creases when uncovered which can lead to mold &/or mildew in summer months due to humidity, rain, etc. I use cowling & console covers when my boat sits for a week or less between use. I put a full cover on it when it sits unused for longer than that.
  15. 2006 18 Master Angler with a F150

    This would be sold quickly if it were in south FL. You might want to try listing it for sale on THT forum if you haven't already done that. Makes me sad to see such a well equipped rig not doing anything but hanging out on its trailer....in the cold!