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  1. RTIC cooler customer service

    No idea what caused the delams in all 3 brands I owned. I never put anything in them other than regular ice, food, drinks & fish. My neighbor recently left his tan 65 Engel open and in the sun for 3 days; the floor of that cooler bubbled (delaminated). Not sure if he was already having an issue that he didn't notice beforehand though.
  2. 2004 Tournament w/2015 4 stroke 200

    Are you serious, Doc? I didn't think your injuries were bad enough to take you out of a skiff and put you in a bay boat. Nice rig, BTW!
  3. Don't stare at your GPS screen for more than a second or two and bring another set of eyes with you! There's plenty of fish if you find good water.
  4. Chokoloskee 10/21

    I'll be back down there the two weekends after next so please post a report!
  5. My son & I fished out of Choko this past weekend. CiP docks & ramp are still closed so I launched at OR. There were dozens of down trees to hit from Choko south to Bird key, which was as far south as we ran. Many sand bars are gone or have moved across entire coves. I stood at the helm while running both days. GPS stayed in my tackle bag as usual; its nearly useless. Reading water was a must. My son spotted many down trees & floating debris that I didnt see until we were 100 yds away from them so a 2nd set of eyes proved to be invaluable. We caught a few slams on Saturday (all small fish) but finding fish on Sunday was tough. Tidal flow was funky. Water was either perfect or mucky; no in between. Guides reported same. Glades City & Choko are still very much in recovery mode. Island Cafe has finally reopened. No gas on Choko yet & ice is still a commodity.
  6. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    Both companies have had blistering issues. I don't know any production boat manufacturers that haven't had gel coat blistering problems on at least a few vessels. We never use gel coat on our Merritt yachts; high end paint only!
  7. Maverick gel coat blisters - pls help??

    Man, this thread got intense! I ate too much popcorn so now I'm gona chime in. Ok so here's what I know about gel coat blistering....nobody really knows why it happens on some boats & not others of the same make & year. It could be bad resin. If the hull is not properly maintained then the sun and/or water absorption could be culprits. Perhaps it's a mixture of all 3? At least that's what I've heard from a few gel coat reps. I've seen numerous vessels (from center consoles to yachts) with gel coat blister issues over the years at our boat yard. The vessels I speak of all have bottom paint so I'm talking about blistering well above the water line. We can't understand why some have issues while others of the same make, model & year look fine. My white 1995 17MA & red 2001 17T didn't blister. Nor has my current ice blue HPX. I'd believe the bad resin theory if I knew the original owner of a 15+/- yr old blistered Maverick that has been well maintained, trailer stored & not kept in the water more than a week at a time.
  8. I'm not so sure you'll be able to get to all of them. If you can find matching bolt heads, thru bolt the ones you can get to and use larger lags for the others. Or just go with all larger lags. Use 4200 for sealant, not 5200.
  9. Bad News

    Looks like 1/4 of the bait that the ENP guides use on a day charter!
  10. Power Pole Shout Out

    Good to hear, Joe. PP has best service in the business IMO.
  11. Launching 18HPX-V

    Forgot to mention.....using Liquid Rollers works good but too good! I find that lightly spraying only the middle 4' of the bunks works well and I reapply every 4-6months.
  12. Storm Shutters

    Client of mine built a home in middle keys a few years ago. Small but nice. 10 or 12' high with metal roof. He used Anderson impact windows & doors with accordion shutters to cover them for storms like Irma. He had sum fascia & gutter damage but no water intrusion in the home. My home in Pompano Bch has mostly PGT impact windows & doors; the impacts facing S & SE leaked a little during the storm but my TV room (which faces same directions) has old school Security windows with accordion shutters over them and did not have any leaks. My camper in the Glades had no glass, hatch or door protection and didn't have any water intrusion.....go figure!?! When I build a home in the sticks of FL a few years from now it will be up in the air a few feet and away from large trees with metal roof, Anderson impact glass, accordion shutters & Generac natural gas generator. No discussion.
  13. Launching 18HPX-V

    I had the same problem with the Ameratrails for my 17MA & 18HPX. My solution included raising the height of my tow ball. Every truck has slightly different hitch height so you might have to experiment. Also, my forward trailer fender step has to be submerged for easy launch. I drive a F150 4x4 and use a 2" drop hitch turned upside down and that was same setup I used on my prior Tundra 4x4, both trucks towed my current 18HPX.
  14. Cheap Boat Cover

    10' x 25' tarp should work just fine; try to find at least 10mil thickness. They should be approx $30. I've used a 10mil 10' x 20' white tarp on my 18HPX for years with no issues; they last about 8 months in direct sunlight so yours should last years under the boathouse.
  15. 35 gallon tank still an option?

    I assume MBC would make you an 18HPX with the bigger tank if that's what you want. Like Jason said, call Ray. I love my 35 gallon tank & glad I ordered it that way!