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  1. 115 hp vs 150 hp

    In this instance my shirt would say: "I don't give a sh!t who's right....this is my experience."
  2. 115 hp vs 150 hp

    All VERY excellent valid points, Marshfly!!
  3. 115 hp vs 150 hp

    I wrote "6-8mpg at 30-34mph". Meaning that I get approx 8mpg at 30mph and 6mpg at 34mph. I'd probably opt to move faster if I were fishing other areas of the U.S. but I fish the Glades 99% of the time and there is a lot to well as a lot of cr@p to run over! I agree, if slyluna is always on the TM and then the 150 is probably the best option.
  4. 115 hp vs 150 hp

    So if I get approx 8mpg at 30mph and you get approx 6mpg at 30mph then isn't that a 25% difference!? Well, that plus a 2" draft difference. But forget what your computer says. At the pump is where we can all find our accurate economy numbers. For instance, an acquaintance of mine (who has a 115SHO on his 18HPX) and I fished side-by-side for two days; we both started with full tanks and ran at roughly the same speeds. When we refueled after two days, the pump told us he burned 21% more fuel than I did, yet both of his "computers" showed better fuel economy than what he actually got. That being said, different props will yield different results on all the motors. I carry a well full of bait (mostly shrimp or finger mullet) on almost every trip and I do not fly fish. I usually fish with one other person including a loaded 65qt RTIC, full hatches and TM. As I previously stated, time files too fast (for me) so I like to enjoy my "crawling" rides. LoL
  5. 115 hp vs 150 hp

    Depending on sea conditions, my numbers are roughly......8-9mpg at 26-29mph / 6-8mpg at 30-34mph. That's running a 19p Yamaha Pro prop. I can't tell you much more because I rarely go faster than that unless I'm running from a storm. Time flies too fast in life so I try to slow down and enjoy it anytime I'm on the water!
  6. 115 hp vs 150 hp

    What Marshfly said. Go with the F90 if you don't mind cruising 5mph slower and you want to burn about 25% less fuel than a 115. It's all a trade off!
  7. Need Advice: Fishing Wear - Sun Protection

    Not cheap but super high quality product... www.sunprecautions.
  8. Borrowed time, or still life left?

    Aren't there child labor laws in NC?!? Sheesh!
  9. HPX Spray Rail Pictures

    Mine are approx 10' long (with the bend) & 2" tall. Wish they were 3" tall. Hope this helps....
  10. Mirage 18HPX-V question

    When I ordered my 18HPX back in 2011 I was told by someone at MBC that a jackplate would not increase performance. Jason's correct about the PP disease! It happens all too often. After having my single 8' Blade for a few years I can tell you that I don't need a 2nd PP 90% of the time once I learned how to align my boat with wind, tide, current, etc.
  11. Borrowed time, or still life left?

    Dude, tuck your pride in your under-roos and take it to a trailer shop. They will have it done in half a day. I've had friends hurt themselves and/or had a mishap like JEM's doing this cr@p. Think about your family!
  12. Who here gets a survey on a used boat?

    For skiffs, yes. What fin said. The price of the survey may be dependent on the surveyor's knowledge of the boat manufacturer, motor, hull construction, etc. It's all about hiring a surveyor that knows what to look for in a particular vessel.
  13. Who here gets a survey on a used boat?

    A survey is almost always required by underwriters at leading yacht & boat insurance carriers when the value of a used vessel exceeds $100k. For small vessels such a skiffs, bay boats, cruisers, etc less than 10 years old, surveys are rarely required. Most carriers require that a surveyor be accredited by NAMS, SAMS and/or SNAME or their report may not be accepted. Personally I would never purchase a vessel over 5 years old without having it surveyed by one of the numerous surveyors I know in the industry. Hull percussion testing, moisture reading, motor diagnostics, cylinder pressure, etc would be things I'd be looking at. It couldn't hurt to drop a camera in the area under the cockpit floor and into the fuel tank just to see what's going on too. A good surveyor that knows what he's doing can establish the present day market value of the vessel and give his opinion as to the condition of the vessel and motor. Sometimes a survey is a waste of time & money but I've seen dozens of cases where clients of mine have surveyed a boat and rejected it due to surveyor findings.
  14. Cape Romano Dome House - Short Film

    The night time snook fishing near those domes in the summer can be off the chain....if you can deal with the extreme skeeters & no see ums!
  15. 1900v for sale

    Ain't no way Brian is selling his 19Pathy. He and his family love that boat!!