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  1. How do you stay in shape?

    After my divorce a very wise elderly gentleman that was married thrice told me that the biggest difference between having a wife and having a girlfriend is the amount of sex you have. Dozens of studies show that the duration & frequency of sex decreases up to 90% within 24months after the wedding bells ring. Which (for the sake of staying in shape) is not good for your heart! Thankfully that wasn't the case when I was married but that stat has me concerned so it's doubtful I'll get married again. Mainly because I want to keep my heart as healthy as possible, of course! 🙃
  2. Big Girls Were Hungry

    You got that right, Troy! Hence the reason I never post pics of my dinky Glades snook anymore; the ones we sightfish push 32-36", at best. I can catch those size fish 50 feet from my office almost any day of the week. And I don't post pics of our dinky Glades reds anymore either after years of being made fun of by my friends in Louisiana!!
  3. How do you stay in shape?

    Those are two great doc movies. Basically the only foods we should be consuming are the foods that line the outer walls of the supermarket, with the exception of the bakery & processed meats in the deli. 90% of all foods contained in the isles are not good for you or do not provide true nutritional value. It's amazing how people who have had aches & pains for years all the sudden start eating clean then lose weight and those same aches & pains subside by 50-75% or more. Every time I eat a fancy work lunch or dinner I feel like crud afterwards. There's a science to it for sure. People think I'm joking til they eat clean for a month then they become believers!
  4. Big Girls Were Hungry

    Keep posting, Don! I'm just jealous because you catch so many dang snook while I'm working....
  5. How do you stay in shape?

    I surfed all over the US, Mexico & Costa Rica for almost 20 years until my best friend died on a surf trip that I had to cancel the night before. No doubt that surfing set the tone (no pun intended) on my current day physique and it is truly the ultimate total body workout. However, even pro surfers exercise above & below the water to add to their stamina & strength. Try doing 50 push-ups, 100 crunches & 20 burpees right after a 3 hour surf session. Sounds painful nowadays but my friends and I used to do that while talking about which chick we were going to take out that eve!
  6. How do you stay in shape?

    That's right, Boomer! People can easily drop 10-20+ lbs+ by cutting their sugar & carb intakes in half without working out at all. Before I committed to my basic exercise/running routine I cut out 80% of my sugar & 95% of my carb intakes and the results were dramatic.
  7. Funny How Things Work Out...

    Now that, my friend, deserves an Amen and a Hallelujah!!
  8. How do you stay in shape?

    Sorry some of you but.....curling 12oz beers, whiskey glasses or goblets of vino doesn't count! The gym does not interest me whatsoever so I run three 5k's every week. I also stretch every morning and I rotate basic military exercises 5 days a week (three sets of 50-100 push-ups, a variety of ab targeted motions, burpees, plank holds, etc.). My diet consists of a lot of proteins & veggies, very little sugar, almost zero carbs & light alcohol consumption a night or two each week. (Yes, I have at least one "cheat" meal every week!) I started doing all of this 5 years ago (at 36 years old) and dropped 20lbs within 60 days. I can honestly say that I'm in almost as good of shape as I was in my early 20's and overall I feel great. Just wondering what ya'll are doing to put yourselves in the best position to finish strong!
  9. Funny How Things Work Out...

    Wow, what a story Nag. The motor means squat if your ticker ain't working. Glad you're with us. We all hope we wake up each morning. Some people don't, even those that think they're in good health. That's why I always say "every day is a great day if you get out of bed!" It's the dang truth. And it's interesting how non religious people start thinking about God when health issues arise. Who else you gonna run to? All I know is that I'll be running a full sprint when the good Lord finally calls me home!!
  10. Chokoloskee Labor Day

    That's a pretty busy weekend in Choko that I usually always avoid. IMO tides are better the weekends before & after Labor Day so that's when I'll be there. Best of luck!

    All good points here.... If you look thru the nps.gov site you will find that all the Fed Parks have fees for recreational entry, camping and/or boating, etc as well as commercial usage fees. Some fees are more, some fees are less than current ENP fees. The proposed increase in commercial ENP fees is a shocker but will the Feds enhance & further protect the resource with the funds collected as they claim will happen? History tells us that the answer is no. After doing research & thinking about the bigger picture for the past few days I must recognize that the ENP is an International Biosphere Reserve, World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of International Importance.....one of only 3 areas on earth you will find on those lists. Most scientists believe the ENP is the 2nd most important biosphere on earth. None of our other Fed Parks come close to being regarded with such relative importance to earth. So as Americans we all have "skin in this game" of protecting the ENP. As we all move forward in contributing to the demise of earth's resources, there must be a higher price to pay for access to such a profound area such as the ENP and perhaps we should've all been paying high access fees all along. But I'm only in agreement with the proposed fees if we can see improvement to enhance everyone's experience in the ENP; commercial & recreational users alike. There has been no distinct promise of such, only recognition of what should be done & what the Feds would like to do. The ENP has always deserved proper protection including properly marked trails & waterways and public education on how sensitive the area is & how to treat the environment. And the American people deserve access to the ENP so we can enjoy such an amazing place. The price we should all pay for that access is the hot topic of this discussion. The Calusa Indians were the first ones that truly understood how important the Everglades is to this earth. Yet none of them were scientists nor did any of them know anything other than life in the ENP. Somehow they knew! But the Feds decided to hunt & kill them all then directed the Army Corps of Engineers to "dry out" the Everglades. Now the Feds make the public pay for those enormous mistakes to help protect & preserve what's left of it when that should've been done all along. Talk about going backwards!! What eats me up the most is that the Feds can hold us all accountable to pay increased fees in the ENP but we cannot hold them accountable for doing anymore than what they're doing now, which is the bare minimum at best.
  12. Bob@IMS for sure. Click on link in my signature.
  13. My experience 6 miles south of Goodland and beyond has been very different than what nicecast stated above this summer. However, we may fish very differently, I'm not sure. We've had many great fishing days within the ENP & just north of the park boundary line. I'm not sure what the availability is for lodging on Goodland (maybe nicecast can help you with that) but there are plenty of places you can find in Marco Island if you want to fight the crowds. Everglades City offers a few places to stay. I would recommend Glades Haven for ease of use. There's a restaurant with good food (Oyster House), small store including the only liquor shop down there, live bait & marina on the premises; they give you exact instructions on what markers to follow so you don't wipe out on your way to the fishing grounds. Chokoloskee Island Park & Parkway Motel Marina are lodging options on Chokoloskee island (CIP has a ramp & PW has a hoist to launch boats) but the last 2 people I gave that recommendation to that had never been to Chokoloskee had a terrible time navigating the oyster bars around lower tide and didn't have much fun; 1 of them did severe damage to their lower unit & hull. It's not an easy place to navigate & it's not well marked. I'd recommend you hire one of these guides that fish out of Choko and/or Glades City if you really want to have fun: Brian Sanders, Mike Merritt, Ray Culver, Ron Huston, Ward Michael. You can google any of the places or names I've mentioned above for contact info. Fishing is just part of the experience from Goodland south. There's a lot of wildlife to see and cool beaches to explore. I've been going down there for almost 3 decades and learn something new every trip. Have a great time!

    I received an email from one of the NPS rangers today. He confirmed that I will be required to hold a boating pass at all times while cruising, fishing & sightseeing in the ENP starting July 2018 regardless of my residency status on the island of Chokoloskee. He wasn't sure if the annual pass will need to be printed & kept aboard or if it will be a sticker that must be affixed to my hull.