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  1. I plan to be in Choko for 3 days next week then 8 days after Christmas so I'll be camping for a night or two but not sure exactly which nights; all depends on weather.
  2. Learn from my mistakes - Insurance Learnings

    Good advice, rubble! I know very little about auto insurance coverage but that may be a viable option for whichwaysup to explore if Progressive denies his claim!!
  3. 96 17MA fuel leak

    I sold my 17MA & ordered an 18HPX instead of doing a complete refit (tank, rewire, pumps, spray deck, repower) which would've run me approximately $20k to do it the way I wanted to. The cost of doing the refit didn't scare me off but I wanted to pole & run skinnier so it made sense for me to move into a different fishing platform.
  4. 96 17MA fuel leak

    I thankfully didn’t have tank issues with my old 17MA.
  5. Boat Covers Direct . com

    Not certain about how boat covers affect boats being stolen as I don’t believe I’ve ever seen stats on that but it’s a good question! I had a custom cover for my MA and I loved it. It fit that boat about the same as the production cover I purchased for my HPX in Sept but it was more user friendly because it had a vent for air flow & side door zipper to get in & out of the boat with ease. I run a small fan under my current cover to deter mold & mildew. Yes you would be totally stylin with a custom Ameratrail under your 18MA.
  6. Boat Covers Direct . com

    You’re part of the top echelon of small boat owners. Stay blessed Bernie! 😇
  7. Boat Covers Direct . com

    I do agree w/NCtribute about exposure to the elements. Most of us small boat owners need trailers to get our boats to/from the water. Boats dont need to be garaged or covered though.
  8. Boat Covers Direct . com

    You’re comparing a watermelon to a lime, Dino! Trailer is a necessity for your boat & where it spends 90% (or more) of its life. Cover is just a luxury. Nice try
  9. Boat Covers Direct . com

    I went with the Sundura model cover in light gray thru iboats.com It fits really nicely for a cookie cutter production cover. Goes over top of my tower, pp & motor. Only takes 5 minutes to put it on. No leaks and easy to get in & out of boat by unfastening a few cords. Hard to beat for $329! Quality seems good. My friend who has same cover on his HPX has gotten 3 years of use out of his so far and it's just starting to show wear. Hoping for the same results after two or three summers here in south FL.
  10. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    B.O.A.T. = Break Out Another Thousand (make that a few thousand in some instances!) I saw DaveC's MA sitting on his new Continental trailer at IMS a few times. Very customized MA! His gunnels definitely sat a few inches higher than my old MA on the Ameratrail. I like the function of being able to slide my arse on & off gunnels instead of having to use a fender step to hop up when I'm loading my boat and tinkering with it at home. But that's just me! Alright Dino, well at least I did a good job stirring the pot on this thread. Hopefully you won't regret not having an Ameratrail when launching and loading on a negative low tide in Choko. My second home is in the swamp! ✌🏻
  11. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    Don't make the same mistakes that JEM and I have made in the past with other production trailers. If $1k impacts your life so greatly then get out of boating.....now!!
  12. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    Boats sitting on nicer newer trailers are definitely stolen more often than boats that sit on older worn trailers. Or at least that's what insurance stats show. It kinda makes sense. Although my trailer isn't necessarily old & worn, it definitely shows usage; the important function parts such as the axle, hubs & tires are like new though. And I always use a wheel boot when my boat is stored to deter theft. I'd rather spend time at my fish camp or fishing rather than cleaning and/or waxing my trailer beams & hardware so it gleams at a boat ramp parking lot. But that's just me!
  13. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    No way, we're just getting started here!! It's hard for me to believe a perfectionist like Ralph who treats his 16RF like an infant would have anything less than a trailer built to the footprint of his hull. He's got plenty of money! The pic of the Bluewave he posted indeed shows that Continental has stepped up their game. Trailers that are sunk to load & launch shouldn't require forward, mid, or rear rollers for any reason other than to compensate for the trailer not being made to the specs of the hull that rests on it. All the manufacturers' materials will be comparable but it's the fit that matters most IMO. The pot is stirred up almost into a froth now!!!
  14. Continental Trailers - For Skiffs - Comments Please

    You can't fairly compare price when it comes to custom fit (Ameratrail) or custom work (like Ralph does). Has it really been two days since you called Boat Center to request the Ameratrail quote? I think knot. C'mon Dino!! Ameratrail isn't a large manufacturer that supply their dealers with a price list for all their models, especially a custom trailer for a hull design that isn't made anymore. I remember it took 3 or 4 days to get my Ameratrail quote then the trailer was ready for delivery 3 weeks later. It was well worth the wait.