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  1. Lightning

    Dave, glad you're safe. The people that have rights to the shack on Huston Bay aren't known to be the most welcoming folks. Boaters, yakkers and canoers look to seek shelter there all the time, especially during the winter & when bad weather pops up. Honestly can't say I blame them for not being warm & fuzzy to those they don't know. My old bosses friend used to own some of the rights to that shack and I crashed on the floor there a few nites when I was a kid. I've been caught in some awful storms in the Glades over the past 25 years, both inshore & way offshore. I didn't think I was going to make it back to the ramp more than once. There isn't a whole lot you can do over there other than pray for the best & run, especially when storms are bearing down on you from every direction except the open ocean....and running that way isn't an intelligent option on a skiff. I always keep an 8x10' tarp on my boat with bungee cords so I can post up against the lee sides of the mangroves, get under the tarp and get destroyed by bugs til a storm passes. Rods stored, switches off, SPOT & Thermacell in hand, hunker down, wait it out....what else can you do in the Glades? The worst storm that ever pinned me down lasted 4 hours one late afternoon about 10 autumns ago right before a new moon near the mouth of Chatham River on my old 17MA. It was actually two storms that met from the north & south then all he!! broke loose with lightning and 40knot winds that changed direction 3 times. Oh, did I mention it lasted FOUR hours?!? When the storm cleared it was pitch black with 15knot east winds at the last hour of an outgoing tide that was dropping to a negative 1'. I started my journey home by getting out the boat because I had to push it away from the mangroves and off the surrounding mud bar. Total humbling experience. There's no cell connection in most areas we fish in the Glades so is there an iPhone weather app that works off satellite when there's no cell connection available??
  2. Well I've been replaced lol

    Throwback pic from Flamingo. My son driving our old 17MA. His first time ever touching the wheel. It's hard to believe this was over 10 years ago when he was just 5 years old. Time is flying!
  3. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Our beloved Dept of the Interior & Army Corps of Engineers never had any forward thinking when they designed this masterpiece of a mess. Remember, the genius leaders of those organizations also tried to dry out the Everglades so none of us should be shocked about how this is turning out. Big sugar & other large landholders of sensitive wetlands in key areas don't have to sell their land so the state simply doesn't have the land (or the resources) needed to clean up the lake water before it is discharged. Usage of fertilizers, leaking septic tanks, storm runoff and other personal & industrial pollution greatly exacerbates the issue at hand so us humans aren't helping the situation at all. Unfortunately it will only get worse as more people move to FL. There is no clear solution at this point.
  4. Toxic Lake: The Untold Story of Lake Okeechobee

    Makes my stomach turn that it took Gov Scott this long to declare an emergency.
  5. Equipment Lock Co SALE!

    The Equipment Lock Company manufactures locking devices for all types of Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Trailers, and Sea Containers. Stock up on locks in time for the upcoming holiday weekend. Don't let your equipment go unprotected. Now until August 31, save 20% off your order of any items purchased on our Web site. Just use Coupon Code SAVE20 during check out. https://equipmentlock.com/
  6. 1997 Maverick 17 MA / $12,900

    Nice boat, GLWS!
  7. What to do??

    That would be me. You can't compare an apple to an orange. MA wins in that department by a longshot.
  8. Chokoloskee update?

    Fishing was about as good as it gets down there July 28 - Aug 4. Snook, reds, trout & trips. Poons were around but only feeding at sunrise.
  9. What to do??

    Dino- That's good info for Frank! Gus- There isn't a MA made that can float in 10" of water with 2 guys & gear aboard. 12" of water is required just to push across mud. As for jumping up on a plane, try to get any MA on a plane where there is rock bottom in less than 3' of water.....you will take chunks out of our skeg. My buddy found this out the hard way about 20 years ago in the Glades!
  10. What to do??

    This is Paul, not Bob! lol
  11. What to do??

    13" draft at rest if the boat is balanced correctly. You'll need 3' of water to get on a plane to avoid tearing up mud or grass. That was my experience aboard both of my friend's 18MA's powered by later model 2 stroke 150hp Yamahas that we fished extensively in the Glades. My old 17MA was about the same.
  12. What to do??

    I have experience fishing many hours on all the models you are considering and I tend to agree with fldxt based on your usage. Go with an MA. I'll always miss the ride of my old 17MA. Over the past 25 years fishing Choko I've only seen two Hewes Stalkers and one of them was recent. What's up Frank!? Call me to discuss anytime.
  13. Stereo Systems for MA17

    Hey now, watch it Dino! I only live in Choko about 10 nites each month and, for the record, either Pandora or iTunes are cranking in the camper at all times except during afternoon or nite naps. Don't tell anyone but....I have been known to take a Bose Bluetooth speaker on my boat and crank up some music that I have downloaded on my iPhone but that has only happened on non-fishing days.
  14. Title & Registration

    He should register it to match his DL. My office is at Merritts, have your friend stop in to say hello.
  15. Everest soft Cooler

    He!! yeah... It's always been funny to me how Gator & Nole fans openly hate on the Canes so much while you rarely see the same kind of open hate in return. Real swag don't need to hate. I was born in Miami and bleed orange & green but Bama is the only school that others should look up to IMO. Oh, GLWS on the cooler! 🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻