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  1. The site says this device only works on iPhone6 & later models which won’t be very helpful if you don’t want to lug around an iPad on your boat. Definitely a solution for some people though. The $10 Navionics app on my iPhone8 works anywhere, even when I’m way out of cell range. It’s pretty darn accurate too.
  2. I have friends that own 18HPX's with the F115 & F150, both have 8' Powerpoles like mine. We've had them side by side by side in the water. My HPX powered by an F90 & the one with the F115 appear to sit in the water almost identically. The HPX with the F150 on it squats about 1.5" more but still much less squat than a RF with the same motor. RF's are squatty boats. That's just how they are.
  3. conocean

    Ft Laud Boat Center Closed

    My HPX was delivered thru Boat Ctr in Ft Laud. I would definitely do business with Eric Konchak again; he is highly knowledgeable & went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. I serviced my motor at Boat Ctr annually until my warranty expired. Great staff & service always on point. I've been using Maximum in Pompano to service my motor for the past 3 years. They are a mile from my home & I've always had good experiences with them. Many people I know use them around town as well. John & Cindy are easy to work with and I refer them business thru my office at Merritt's. Highly recommended. The majority of the available young workforce (or lack thereof) in this country is sad at best. It seems to me that younger people have gotten lazier & dependent on hand-outs (govt or family) every decade for the past 30 years. I've had to work since I was 12 & nothing has been given to me so I don't understand it.
  4. It was nice seeing you and Don on Friday @ Cip. Thanks for coming to visit me!
  5. Geez I haven't casted a Mirrodine in ages. You just inspired me to throw one tonight when I go snookin. ps. Shame on you for putting a nice red in such a small cooler! He wasn't even able to stretch out during his ice nap.....🥶
  6. conocean

    Hello All

    What's up, soldier? Remembering our many amazing days on the water together. DOA shrimp are still the #1 fish catching arti in my tackle box!! Get that boat fixed up and get your arse back near the coast!!
  7. conocean


    My buddy in Choko has the HB Guide. He always wants to take my 18HPX when we aren’t strictly sightfishing. Just saying!
  8. conocean

    1990 Hewes Bonfisher (Whisper Grey)

    Pretty rig! I know someone who is interested . Can you please post pics of the boat at rest in the water?
  9. conocean


    I start jonesing when I pull into my driveway after fishing 5 days straight! I’m rarely off the water more than 10 days at a time. The biggest contributors to this good fortune is: 1) no wife. 2) son is now 16 & can largely fend for himself. 3) I work for amazing people. 4) YOLO!!!
  10. conocean

    Offshore Guide Recommendations Stuart

    Please let us know who you go with and how much fun you had!
  11. conocean

    Offshore Guide Recommendations Stuart

    Scott Fawcett has been tearing 'em up in the Stuart area for many years... http://www.offthechainfishing.com/
  12. conocean

    1996 Maverick MA 17’

    Nice rig! That's a great motor for this hull IMO. My 17MA was powered by a 1995 135hp Mercury BlackMax and it topped out at 51mph!
  13. Uh ohhhh…..I feared the jewfish would show up in better numbers this summer! We caught more of them last summer than I had in several years. They're making a comeback. 🙄
  14. conocean

    Looking for a Yamaha 90 Two Stroke

    It’s a no-brainer for $5k. I’ve seen that kind of motor perform for over 2 thousand hours on a guide boat & it still runs today!
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