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  1. Black Goop?

    Aloha All, What is the black goop that was used as bonding agent between floor and stringers for early 2000's Bonefishers and HPX builds? Does this stuff come apart or do you need to grind it off? Any thoughts are appreciated Mahalo
  2. Seacock Replacement

    Any preference between Shurflo and Rule pumps?
  3. Seacock Replacement

    Aloha All, The old plastic seacock in my 2004 Bonefisher has seized up and I am going to redo the system this weekend. I am starting at the brass intake pipe from the seachest. What seacock do you all like for replacement with the Rule 403 FC? and Sherwood strainer? ( I understand that Maverick is now using Shurflo) I believe they are all 3/4 inch. Any suggestions appreciated as accessing this setup is a B**** and I would prefer not to do it again anytime soon. Have a great Aloha Friday. Mahalo!
  4. Helm Wheel Nut Stuck

    Thanks for the suggestions, ill give it a shot this weekend after the penetrating oil has a chance to soak in.
  5. Helm Wheel Nut Stuck

    Aloha All, Went to pull the wheel today to fix a Seastar Helm leak and cannot get the cap nut off my wheel. I believe this is a standard Maverick Gemlux wheel, Is this a stainless thread or plastic insert to post? Any bright ideas? I prefer not to wreck the nut/wheel.
  6. 2003 HPX/Bonefisher Trim Tab Screws

    Mahalo for the feedback,. I will dig in to it this PM and let you all know how it turns out!
  7. Shout Out To Power-Pole: Broke one off !!!

    Those dudes ROCK the customer service. I have broken a couple of 8 foot poles as well. Wind cranks here and all hard bottom. Nothing but "we have you covered" from PowerPole.
  8. Does anyone know if the 2003 bonefisher/HPX has a backing plate for the trim tab mounting screws? I pulled mine off today and can't tell if there was original nut/bolt assembly or just heavy thread screws (both were in the wet holes). Thanks for the help and Happy New Year!
  9. Bob's jackplate motor issue

    I had to change both solenoids on mine this year, of course not at the same time. You can buy the the kit from Bobs with two upgraded solenoids and backing plate and save yourself the hassle of trying to get the backing plate screws out of the motor. Don't bother asking for help, Bobs customer service leaves a LOT to be desired...just sayin'.
  10. Repower Thread

    Anyone recall the post on downsizing power?
  11. Repower Thread

    360lbs 115 2-stroke vs. 250lbs 70 4-stroke. The new Yamaha 90hp is close to the same weight (350) as the 115.
  12. Fuel tank replace

    Yeah, getting it out was not fun....drain gas, fill tank with water, get out your Sawmill and have at it. Some smart design person specified a tank that cannot be removed/replaced/repaired without lifting the cap or chopping up the tank. Upon further inspection mine had a flaw in the weld on the back side of tank that was leaking drip, drip.
  13. Repower Thread

    Aloha All, there was a thread a while back discussing a members experience with a repower for an early 2000's HPX/Bonefisher. I can't seem to find this thread and was looking for some help. I have been running a 2004 18' Bonefisher with a Yamaha 115 2-stroke. I was hoping to down size to a new Yamaha 70 four stroke, save a hundred pounds, and a bunch of gas. Don't generally run far or fast. Any suggestions welcome!
  14. Fuel tank replace

    Dude, I did mine a while back...got 30 a gallon tank through the hatch...barely. Plus some bloody knuckles. Make yourself a tank model out of cardboard to make sure it fits. When you get it totally dialed-in then take the model tank to your fabricator and you are set. Just add new fuel hoses, sending unit, rubber pads, and hard-to-reach bolts and you are set.
  15. Davit and Lifting Cradle-Need Help!

    No, just one BIG laminted beam spanning the middle of the garbage. Your setup looks great with the chain hoists! If I could set mine up like this with one hoist in the middle of the garage and four connection points to bow and stern eyes that would work best. I am most worried about pinch on the gunnels with straps coming off the bow eye. My boat weighs around 1400lb.