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    1997 hewes bayfisher tunnel<br /> C115 yamaha premixer<br /> GPS MAP 188c<br /> wang anchor<br /> 24v MK riptide with ipilot<br /> bob's jack plate and cavitation plate<br /> powertech 4-blade<br /> navman fuel system<br /> fuel filter water sepa
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    graphic design
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    surfing, fishing, laughing,family
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    richmond, texas

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  1. squidmotion

    Where are all the Texas guys?

    right on, i'll be seeing you soon!
  2. squidmotion

    Where are all the Texas guys?

    i hear you! it's been a good spring to work on projects, but it hasn't worked out that way. we've not seen a spring rain like this in a while.. this is pushing back the summer, and making me rethink my idea to stay in Texas this spring/summer. Bruce, hope to hook up with you soon, brother.. lunch next week, if you're in town! sadly Sparky bit the dust.. i told him his love for housecats was gonna be the death of him, but he didn't listen. turns out we were both right. it wasn't a housecat that got him, it was the Texas Bobcat that he THOUGHT was a housecat. RIP, Sparks.
  3. squidmotion

    Where are all the Texas guys?

    power cable to the outboard was bad... ugggghh... what a pain this was!
  4. squidmotion

    Where are all the Texas guys?

    here was my Memorial Day weekend.
  5. squidmotion

    Where are all the Texas guys?

    it's been a tough few months. surfed the other day, and the water outside the jetties was totally fresh... our bays are so fresh right now.. i'm expecting the best Largemouth bite ever at the jetties this summer.
  6. squidmotion

    Older Yamaha Outboard Serial Numbers

    i put a message in to my yama buddy, but he hasn't returned my call... do you know the model number? i'll go check my yamaha shop manual to see if it has any info on where to find ID numbers.
  7. squidmotion

    Gel Coat Flaking

    it almost seems like overspray gel. i've even though of getting in there and sanding it a bit, then applying marine paint, but meh. it's a fishing boat. i've blasted most of what was loose on mine off a long time ago.. at least in the deeper part of the boat.. you would have to look very hard to find it. extra liners, extra gel coat, extra hatches, means extra weight.
  8. squidmotion

    Gel Coat Flaking

    nah, totally normal.
  9. squidmotion


    looks good.
  10. squidmotion

    Classic Bonefish

  11. squidmotion

    New Purchase Just add TLC

    i don't think that's an '89 either... good score! fish that thing!
  12. squidmotion

    Boys first sail!

    dangit, that's cool... the bloody ice chest.. DIG. and no, it isn't hard to get them up early. i used to camp out in my dad's boat, because i thought they would leave me if i didn't wake up! had both of my daughters out this weekend. 22yrs old and 7yrs old (don't ask) anyone else play 'hide and seek' while swimming around the boat... my youngest thinks i'm aquaman because i can swim under the boat... and then sneak up on her. yeah. well. ok... i'm aquaman. yeah. i can own that one.
  13. squidmotion


    i'm gonna have to disagree with this one. hehee.
  14. squidmotion

    98 Hewes LT 18 Rehab

    i would have been happy to have that much water... i might have been able to float/push off that.. it stinks, but it happens to everyone. some more than others! like me. :blush:
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