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  1. Lt20 center console floor

  2. Lt20 center console floor

    Go look at my post about changing the fuel tank. There were some pics in there. The fuel tank is immediatly under that floor panel. Mine is a 97 however. Should be the same.
  3. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Boat running great now had it out several times and have run it WOT with no issues. Glad To have it back right again. All waxed up and ready to ride.
  4. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Finally got the boat back. Leak was in the exhaust plate. Sand clogged in discharge holes in base plate as well as old leaking grommet on water tube. Good to go now. Just in time for a trip to Rodman!
  5. F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    Here is the switch.
  6. F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    They are at the top of the head. Its a small round plug that sits in a round detent with two wires and a plug. Unplug them and pull them out. They are not screwed in. Just press fit. They are black and about 1/2-3/4” across. Put just the switches in hot water not the wires. Check with a multimeter for continuity between the two terminals of the plug. If one is bad it will trip and put the boat in limp mode.
  7. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Update: my mechanic got the engine back together and I still have a leak. The water leak is coming from somewhere in the exhaust plate. Probably the water tube grommet. It’s all apart again to dig further. Getting more expensive by the day!:( On a good note he has not broken any bolts yet miraculously.
  8. F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    Disconnect the switches and place them in a pot of water and heat it up. You need a digital temp gun or thermometer to read the water temp.
  9. F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    Check your thermoswitches also. They should not have continuity until about 185 degrees. Then cooling off they should have continuity down to about 160-145 degrees then no continuity. The switch should close and sound horn around 185-190.
  10. F115 2 Stroke Engine Overheating

    More than likely its poppet valve related. I was religious about flushing my boat with fresh water on the ears after every use. When I pulled the heads there was some minor blockages in the water passages but not enough to overheat I don’t think. Glad I cleaned them all out though. Check that hose on both ends and like Lap it Up said , shoot some air in there and blow it out good.
  11. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Might have to remove one of the side panels. Not sure but will check when I get it back Saturday. Gonna pick up the boat and splash it on way home to check it all out.
  12. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Yeah I asked the same question when I saw them but the picture makes them look worse than they are and since he has not had any broken bolts yet I didn’t want to push my luck. Those mounts could get pricey if a bolt broke and they really aren’t that bad. Have not had any shaking at all.
  13. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Yep, I replaced the spring, valve and grommet but not the hose. I however did not check the other end of the hose where it enters the mid section. That’s where the bad clog was. So this time the hose and that return nipple get replaced after cleaning out the clog.
  14. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Update: Took my boat to a mechanic here in Jax cuz I didn’t want to tackle pulling the power head. Even though I changed the poppet valve, once he got the powerhead off he found that the other end of the hose from the poppet valve spring assembly was clogged solid. Also the power head gasket was roached. He charged me 300.00 labor and about 60 bucks in parts for the gasket, a new hose and the nipple on the return end of the hose. I think I got off cheap! I should be good for awhile now!! Glad no holes in block or exhaust plate! Dude is a solid fair mechanic! Thanks Chris!!
  15. Aluminum Gas Tanks

    Well it does sit on top of bulkhead stringers about 2-3 inches off the inside of the hull.