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  1. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Still have not had a chance to run it WOT yet. Dang cold weather!! Hope its ok.
  2. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    When I bought the gaskets at Atlantic Coast Marine here in Jax I asked about the exhaust plate and the water tube grommet. They said they rarely get that repair into the shop but have done a ton of the poppet valves. I got my fingers crossed.
  3. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Agreed. Thanks guys. I hope I got this solved. I’ll update the post after a trial run. Ran it today in the shop and had no leaks. Thats a good thing!!
  4. 97 yamaha Pro V 150 overheat issue

    Lately I ‘ve been getting the overheat alarm and then Limp mode only at high RPM, like close to WOT. If I shut it down, wait 30 seconds and turn the key on, the alarm goes off and I can run all day under 4500 rpm. I started out by changing thermostats, checking the poppet valve (old style) and cleaning it. No change. Recently put a new water pump in. No change. Checked both thermo switches per the repair manual. They are both good. Pulled the heads and checked all water jackets. Some minor blocked areas but have always flushed with ears with fresh water after running in salt. Heads looked pretty good. Cleaned everything up and installed new head gaskets. I also installed the new mushroom style poppet valve. I’m hoping I finLly got this solved but cold and rainy here so no trial run yet. Had anyone had a similar problem? Could it be the poppet valve? I swear the old one looked fine. Thanks. PS this engine has 588 hrs on it
  5. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Austin Waddell in Merrit Island. +1 (321) 508-7746 He builds awesome tanks at a good price and is a hell of a welder. Tell him I told you about him. My name is Dave Schulte from Jacksonville. He charged me 10 bucks a gallon. Totally happy with his work.
  6. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Polished her up and back on the water!
  7. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    TNT boatworks tack welded the original angle bracket mounts on. The welds on the rear bracket failed causing the tank to be loose in the rear. The hole was directly above one of the bulkheads the tank sits on. Probably from rubbing and just being old.
  8. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Replaced the old tank with a new 40 gallon built by Austin Waddell in Merritt Island. He did a great job. Splashed her today and all good! Check out the welds on that tank!
  9. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Yep. When I pulled the tank I found out the welds on the rear angle mounting bracket had broken basically leaving the tank loose in the back. The leak was over one of the cross braces the tank rests on. I guess tank movement caused a wear issue. Anyways, I'm gonna down size the tank to make it an easier install. 52x21x8.25 yields 39 gallons which is plenty for me. The front will attach in the same spot. I'm just gonna shorten the back of the tank by one support brace and lose the L shape on the passenger side.
  10. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Pulled the old tank today. Got it out without cutting anything.
  11. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Weird that it wouldnt leak sitting on trailer or trailering it around the neighborhood after adding some fuel. Soon as I splashed it it leaks.
  12. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    Well. Took it out again last night for a test run after replacing all the fuel lines from the tank to the carbs. As soon as i got 1/4 mile from ramp I smelled fuel. Turned around and brought it home and parked it with plug out. Quite a bit of fuel came out of the bilge again overnight. Gotta be a bad tank. Time to replace. :($$$$
  13. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    It was made out of 1/8" aluminum
  14. 97 LT20 bad fuel leak

    I will be checking that today along with the fill fitting. ThNks.
  15. 95 Hewes lt20

    That boat should run close to 60 I would think with a 200 on it. I have same boat with a 150 version of that same motor. Mine runs 50 or so when I'm alone.