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  1. 2500/2600 livewell clogging question

    Skip any further development of a fix other than the garage fixes owners have put together.
  2. 2500 Trailer Noise

    I got a rattle that is very loud but nothing is loose. It drives me nuts that I have not been able to find it. All trailers have some sort of clunking and clanking in my experience.
  3. Mercury Verado

    MBG calls it pure white but it is far from pure white. It has a slight almond tint to it. In certain lighting conditions it looks much whiter than other times. I had some accessories powder coated by a local shop and they matched the gel coat color perfectly which matched the powder coating done at factory. If you want it to match exactly order standard motor and get it custom painted at a local shop. Get a pint of gel coat from MBG for the shop to match.
  4. Looking to buy a 2500 Hybrid

    I am on the fence on selling my 2018 and having another one built with tower. I would be asking right around the same dollar amount as above but with trailer, power pole and 5 year warranty. If you are interested it may make my decision easy.
  5. 2500 hypbrid owners - input requested

    Macerator pump on fish box, have the factory do the sea dek under the gunnels, I had a custom rod holder built on the back side of the seating tackle center, I thought I saw somewhere that PF now has it as an option, it is worth every penny. Dual power poles do not interfere with the swim platform which was a concern for me, my Christmas present to myself is another power pole. Put the maximum amount of horsepower your wallet can handle. I love my boat just wish it had a little more speed. The 350 Verado is the perfect power for this hull, IMO.
  6. PF 2500 owners: fishbox drain

    Interesting, I never really thought about where my fish box actually drains too.🤔 I do know that I wish I had the macerator pump thou.
  7. PF 2500 back seat question

    Mine have a slight wobble as well nothing major but they do move a little. I second the little tough to open on the rear seats as well.
  8. 2500 Questions

    I have had a 22 TE and the 25 is huge compared to the 22. I have had my new 25 anywhere and everywhere I could ever want to go. I fished the humps in Marathon which was a little further out than I thought but no big deal. I ran last weekend out to 24 miles in the gulf grouper digging. I fished today for redfish in less than 2' of water. This boat has been better than advertised BUT if I did it again, the 350 or 400 will definitely be my power choice. The 300 is adequate in every aspect but I personnaly like performance/speed. They make a supercharger for the 4.2 which may be an option in 5 years when my warranty runs out.
  9. 2500/2600 livewell clogging question

    If you come up with an idea that works please post it. Driving me insane constantly cleaning out the stand pipe or just let it over flow and have baits everywhere you don't want them. The poor guys at FTMM got a surprise when I took it into service. I thought I got them all cleaned out, nope there was one and *** that thing stunk.
  10. Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Build

    She turned out very nice !
  11. My 2500 is out of the mold!

    Congrats, you are going to love it !
  12. 25 Hybrid Draft

    I measured mine while I was in the keys last week. I had about 3/4 tank of fuel, 3 people on boat, full ice in cooler and front fish box, hard top, trolling motor and 4 batteries, front storage was full with one complete set of dive gear and one tank, cast net, bait pen, etc. Needless to say I was heavy with a lot of stuff in every compartment. It was right at 16" from water line to the deepest part of the hull( under engine). I used a straight edge from the bottom of the hull out to get the measurement accurate. Draft was a big concern for me before I purchased the 25. I will remeasure with a normal fishing load this weekend and I am expecting to see about 14-15".
  13. Today is a good day !

    Well after a long wait, my new Pathfinder did not let me down when it comes to raising fish. The first trip offshore we land a beautiful sailfish off of Marathon. This was my first sailfish and I had a smile on my face the rest of the week. Thanks Skip and PF for getting it done in time for vacation.
  14. Today is a good day !

    Almost ready for delivery to the dealer.
  15. Today is a good day !

    We are getting closer to completion, yeah !