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  1. bsh102

    Performance bulletin.... 25 HPS

    3mpg is pretty close if you are just cruising. I have not heard anything from MBC but if you can enlarge the fuel tank do it. It’s pretty small for a 25’ boat in my opinion. We have long runs to get to deep water and that extra fuel would be really nice to have aboard. Tall Tails did not have much left in the tank on that trip.
  2. bsh102

    Pathfinder 2500 Speakers

  3. My new 2500HD is a gasser. I did not want to deal with the new diesels. Yes, the diesel is a pulling machine. I had a 7.3 and a 6.0 PSD.
  4. I towed my 25 Pathfinder with a Tundra Crew Cab and it did fine around town. However, I had a situation that scared the crap out of me on the interstate coming back from the keys. A vehicle was passing me and they had a tire blow out right beside me, he shot right in front of me and I did the two foot smash and we were not stopping. I could feel the trailer with brakes that were about a month old pushing the truck right into the side of this guy. Luckily, he kept going onto the shoulder and eventually stopping. I missed him by inches and my wife, son and his friend kind of were just sitting their in disbelief that we did not just cream the guy. I bought a new 2500HD within a couple of weeks after that incident. I don’t want to ever be in that position again that I feel that I have no control of my load. It is a huge difference between the two trucks. The half ton will tow it just fine and be okay 95% of the time but I am not willing to gamble the 5% with my family in the vehicle.
  5. bsh102

    Best years for 22 TE

    The initial redesign for the wet feet issue was 2007 when they raised the floor and went to a 25” transom. I had a 2006 TE and it was a great boat. I installed rabuds once I realized it was an issue and they pretty much eliminated the wet feet issue. If I were to down size it would be to a pre 2006 22 TE. A 250 SHO on the older hull should get you low/mid 60s. Mine with the 250hpdi would run 60 all day long with ttop.
  6. bsh102

    25' Hybrid - Powerdcoat/Line Ex Question

    Had the same thought when I had mine built. Brian at Sarasota Line X will work with you to get it done. It was about $1500 more if I recall correctly. Give him a call. I went with the powder coating and so far so good.
  7. bsh102

    Maverick HP 1998

    What is the hull HP rated at ?
  8. bsh102

    best Minnkotta Ulterra 80# Prop - Kipawa Props?

    I bought one and just finally got around to installing today. I will let you know if there is any difference tomorrow.
  9. bsh102

    Propeller Shops Fort Myers Area

    Burris prop for sure unless you want some blueprinting or high tech prop work than leading edge is your best option.
  10. bsh102

    Boca Grande Area Red Tide Question

    The water is horrible stay away ! The water is beautiful clear and full of life. Had a buddy come see me in 4’ of water.
  11. bsh102

    Maverick 26 Master Angler OMG

    We are patiently waiting an update to when this beast is coming to market.
  12. bsh102

    25 Measurements on Trailer

    Engine stowed for trailering length 31’3” on an ameratrail trailer from ball to prop. Width from guide post to post 9’0”. Height from ground to top of windshield sitting on Ameratrail trailer 8’9”.
  13. bsh102

    Back in a Pathy

    Very nice. I used a hot glue gun and closed up the large openings of the plastic shield and drilled about 8 1/4”holes around the stand pipe and it has worked flawless ever since.
  14. bsh102

    Red tide

    The red tide appears to have pushed a little further north than south and has remained off the coast. Bait was plentiful at Jug creek. I ran out of Redfish and Captiva pass over the weekend and saw very few dead fish. There was a small area out about 4-5 miles of algae and was couple hundred yards wide and no bait around till we got out to the 13-15 mile range. The inshore bite seems to be good as well if you stay away from the Caloosahatchee river flow into the sound and Gulf.
  15. bsh102

    300 Suzuki on a 22 TRS

    The TRS is a 25”transom. Put the Suzuki 300 on and have a fantastic performing PF.
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