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  1. Pathfinder 22 - GPS Upgrade

    For what it’s worth, having the vhf chord hanging in front of my Fusion stereo would drive me nuts. Just something to keep in mind.
  2. 2006 Pathfinder Hardware brands?

    Gemlux! Awesome people. Get your THT discount.
  3. Everybody OK?

    Skip just posted on THT that it was a small contained fire. No injuries and limited damage. They are up and running. Great news.
  4. 2011 23 HPS Bow cushions and back platform cushions

    That is one Mac Daddy pad.
  5. This auction is for a new never used Comprop 4x12.8x17 15 spline propeller. Model number M4547 . I bought it as a spare for my Yamaha 115 that was on my 18’ Hewes which unfortunately was totaled in Irma. It was stored under the helm wrapped in a towel and has never been used or mounted. Great deal for a lightweight easy to store spare prop. $50 and $15 shipping.
  6. Prop and rpm

    One of the problems that are frequently seen when people are trying to find the right prop and relay accurate information to someone like Ken at Prop Gods or PowerTech is that you have to determine your actual wide open throttle rpm and speed. To get that number you need to trim the motor to the highest point before it starts to blow out or start cavitation/ventilation. On a Pathfinder that also requires setting your jack plate to the proper height if you have one. Max RPM numbers on a trimmed down or buried motor are meaningless. If you want the best advise on props, get accurate rpm/speed to plane, cruise rpm/speed and true WOT rpm/speed. Of course, loading information is also important. General, I recommend you go out and run the boat again with this in mind then call the prop guys back again. Here is a fairly good article on point. http://www.boats.com/reviews/outboard-expert-the-right-propeller/#.WhAlT7hOmhA
  7. Action Welding and Marine kudos

    Northern Snooker is right about on. I paid a little less than that delivered. Install is straight forward and all hardware is provided. The plates all screw in with no backing plates necessary because the only loads are either in shear or compression. Nothing is trying to pull the platform off. I did use 5200 just for extra strength. The only challenge is a little hand bending and a few licks on a 2x4 with a hammer to get the perfect fit. Aluminum bends easily and all that was required was a little tweaking for a perfect fit. It took about an hour maybe an hour and a half.
  8. Action Welding and Marine kudos

    Sorry about the sideways photos.
  9. Action Welding and Marine kudos

    I just wanted to give kudos to Bruce and the folks at Action Marine and Welding in Cape Coral Fl for a great job on my swim platform and ladder for my Pathfinder 2200. I’m in Orlando so they couldn’t measure the boat and install the platform. I sent photos and they already had a jig for it. It only took a week and was shipped really fast. So much nicer than the cheap stainless and starboard ones out there. It was not very difficult to install. I would highly recommend. s Great customer service.
  10. Yamaha HS4 21p - $350

    What motor and boat did it come off of? Performance numbers?