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  1. grovesnatcher

    Bonefisher flats capabilities

    My 18 Redfisher would pole in about 12” and was heavy to pole for long distance but with the wind and some current it wasn’t to bad.
  2. grovesnatcher

    Mirage 2

    Hi I was wondering what the real world draft of the old mirage ll and is it a hard boat to pole? This would be mainly with 2 adult anglers.
  3. grovesnatcher

    Big reds showed up

    John big blacks across from where our reds were, got a couple 20 lbers
  4. grovesnatcher


    Great job on the tarpon! Very fun size too
  5. grovesnatcher

    Got to love Sept

    Nice job I haven't lurker on here for a while. Man that captain must be awesome! 😋
  6. grovesnatcher

    Orlando Area and East Central Florida Fishing Outlook

    Good advice on leaving the banana river alone. It's going to take a lot to recover. Beach fishing should be good soon like John suggested.
  7. grovesnatcher


    Done, Prayers sent!
  8. grovesnatcher

    Photo - SHAD

    Never seen anyone catch one with the boat on the trailerðŸ‘🻠Sweet catch
  9. grovesnatcher

    2015 OT

    Can't wait to see everyone, and enjoy the beautiful backcountry!
  10. grovesnatcher

    Redfish Indian river tournament

    Our Mission Fishin4amission was created to give hard working people, a day to relax out on the water, filled with prayer, fellowship, and saltwater inshore fishing. Your donations help provide others with hope through Christ while we serve on world wide missions, and support our local military veterans with a day on the water. You see I am a Firefighter Lieutenant but most of my family served in the Armed forces at one point in there lives through WWII to the Vietnam era and many of my friends/Firefighter co-workers have served in the Middle East. Through my faith I've been called to serve on mission trips and those who serve our country. Recently our team has been given the vision to help another charity called home of hope which helps hard working family's get a basic home so they can have a safe clean place to raise their children. Earlier in 2015 I was blessed to be on a mission team from Calvary Chapel Melbourne Florida who built one of these homes and repaired a base room at the Ywam base in Mexico. http://www.ywammazatlan.com/mission-trips/homes-of-hope/ Fishing with Veterans and building homes for people has inspired our team to do a local Fishin4amission Charity redfish tournament. I invite you to come out and enjoy a evening at Squid lips bar and grill in Melbourne Fl, on October 9th at 7pm for our captains meeting and 50/50 raffle, then on October 10th at 7am till 1 pm check in, fish anywhere within the Indian, Banana rivers, or the Mosquito lagoon. Please check out our new website for details, book a charter or just donate to our mission. http://www.fishin4amission.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/fishin4amission Thanks Captain Shannon McNally 321-848-2227
  11. Please go to www.fishin4amission.com to register Captains meeting 7pm on October 9th @ Squid lips Melbourne Tournament on October 10th from sunrise till check in at 1pm @ Squid lips Fish anywhere in the Indian or banana rivers Charity tournament supports Fishin4amission Any questions please call me at 321-848-2227 Captain Shannon http://www.facebook.com/fishin4amission Charity Charters Fishin4amission
  12. grovesnatcher

    Father/Child fishing photos

    My dad who taught me the love of fishing. Now me and my son. Runs in the family
  13. grovesnatcher

    2012 Owners Tournament

    Rainer You can always catch a ride with Dave and I, we could use the experience. Last year we were lost on the way to flamingo. So we prayed for guidance and the next thing we know 2 mavericks came out of now where to guide us there! We killed the catfish population once we got there:)
  14. grovesnatcher

    Photo Zone Contest #2

    I love the one of your son on the beach with the boat in the backround.
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