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  1. 02 redfisher rear running light?

    If its a Hella, after you replace it keep it in the up position. If you put it down it gets water in it and corrodes.
  2. kevlar hull on 87 MA

    Im no expert, but no that doesn't makes sense. The only Kevlar MA's Im aware of are 04 or 05 and newer. And it was only the cap and hatches, not the hull. Now that doesn't mean there wasn't an odd one out there. Maybe post some pics of the area you think is Kevlar.
  3. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    I was long time user of the Pink Yozuri, its very soft and effective. However in the past few years I have switched to Seagur, and found it to be as effective and much more abrasion resistant. I believe the softness of the Yozuri allows the line to chaff and break much easier. The Seagur is much more ridged, it makes it a little tougher to tie, but it also makes much more resistant to chaffing.
  4. Mercury Verado

    Call the factory and ask them about that setup in the pictures.
  5. Lbs Test Leader - 20,30,40 ?

    For arties I use 30lb, I feel since Im moving bait pretty quick(swim bait) the fish really don't see the leader anyway. Live bait, if the water is clear Ill go to 20lb, murky water 30lb. Troy prolly has it just right at 25lb, makes life easier to split it right down the middle. Also I only use Seagar, its pricey but it seems to be the most durable.
  6. E.G. Simmon area no floaters

    The cold water has them in lazy mode, ok so it was a fair catch for 1.5 hours!
  7. E.G. Simmon area no floaters

    Not bad for an hour an half. Good to hear no floaters.
  8. Looking for a closer Fl. vacation

    Im so sorry for your loss. I would look to the west coast in the spring, the east coast can be a bit windy. Anna Maria Island, just south of Tampa is nice and you have easy access to fishing Tampa Bay. Or a bit farther south somewhere with good access to Charlotte Harbor. If you really wanna get away, check out Little Gasparilla Island in Placida, Fl. No bridges to the island, so no cars. Only way to get there is by boat, lots of rental houses and you take your boat and tie up.
  9. Be a good time for another meet up, Sunday May 27th. See if this link works, its from Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/events/143006286414428/
  10. HPX-T ideal motor height

    Have no info for you, however something like this may help keep water on the prop at those higher mount points. I've seen many tunnel hulls with a plate similar to this. http://stiffypushpoles.com/shawwing-cavitation-plates
  11. Cushions - Hewes 97 20 LT

    I have heard good things about Sortie, might worth a call and the shipping. However, I would think any local marine canvas shop could do what you need. I don't think going through a dealer would worth it, although Im sure they could help. Boat looks great, water looks nice and clear.
  12. HPX 15 Trim Tab Wedge?

    I would agree, if you were going to install a wedge it would be on the left tab, most boat roll left due to engine torque, but I would not want a wedge to fix it. There is a chance your load for that day makes it run level, and in my boat above 40ish the torque roll is gone. I would take it out, but I don't have an HPX so I don't know if it is needed for something.
  13. Classic Lappy Redfisher. *reduced price*

    Agree no requirement, but nice for buyers to know ahead of time.
  14. Classic Lappy Redfisher. *reduced price*

    Thanks. I was just thinking if someone is listing a boat as a broker, they may want to disclose that in the add.
  15. 2004 Maverick 18 Master Angler

    Looks really nice.
  16. Duracell AGMs??

    Have been using Duracell AGM's from Sam's for awhile now, they have been great. Just had to get a new battery for my jeep, it takes an AGM since its under the seat. Sam's has the best price. Duracell are made by Deka.
  17. Hydro Tec Marine Performance???

    Don't know much about the actual real world gains, but Hydro-Tec has a great reputation in the performance world. You will find prolly find more info on a bass boat forum or Scream and Fly.
  18. Pathfinder 22 - GPS Upgrade

    Thats what I was thinking.........^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  19. Classic Lappy Redfisher. *reduced price*

    So you're listing this boat as a broker, and its not yours?
  20. Anyone build rods?

    Thanks for all the info guys. I think the MHX spin/jig is the rod Im gonna start with, hoping to replicate the St. Croix Avid 7'6" ML. Not ready to spend the money on a St. Croix blank, and maybe I won't have to, if the numbers work the way I expect them to. I looked over Getbit, seems like a good place and customer service goes a long way. Mudhole's site is a bit easier for rookies, and right now they have free shipping for over $99. I'll let you guys know how it goes when I get started. Might be a little bit till I start, have some work travel coming up.
  21. Anyone build rods?

    Im considering building a rod, see how it goes and then maybe continue with a few more. I have some component questions, mostly just trying figure out what blanks compare to the rods Im used to. Looking a MHX blanks for now, they make it kinda easy to start with, but open to suggestion on other brands. I wanna start with 7'6" ML Fast action. I have basic gear already, hand wrapper, dryer, and some consumables. So im not starting from scratch, I have built a few rods in past as teenager, so I have the basics down. Im just trying to make sense of today's equipment.
  22. Snook

    Its nice and sunny today, hopefully that helps the water temp.
  23. Anyone build rods?

    Thanks Jazzy thats what I like to hear. Mudhole makes its easy to get started, glad to hear their products are good. Think this is the blank Im gonna start with. Spec wise it seems to fit what im looking for, we'll see how it feels when done. http://www.mudhole.com/MHX-SJ902-Spin-Jig-Rod-Blank
  24. Anyone build rods?

    Thanks guys, finding the right blank is tough. Glad to hear you like the MHX, if remember which model it is let me know.
  25. Anyone build rods?

    Thanks a ton, that's the kinda info Im looking for, I'ii check out the forum. As you said, the big issue at the starting point is what the blank feels like in your hand. I don't have a rod shop here to go in and handle the goods. What I would like to build is rod similar to a St. Croix Avid, which is the SCIII blank. But do that on lower budget for the first rod in many many years. Im gonna check out the Rodgeeks and compare to St. Croix. Thanks again, and Im sure I will hit you up for more info.