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  1. hurricane

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    Looking good, almost done.
  2. Ya that's cool, I'll take storage anywhere I can get it.
  3. hurricane

    Wiring Harness Pins

    Deutsch connectors?
  4. hurricane

    2000ish 16 red fisher vs. 17 ma

    Just compare the bow entry of each boat, you will see the MA advantage. Speed is fun, but its not that often you can ran WOT. Its more likely to have some chop on the water and that soft ride from that sharp bow is nice.
  5. hurricane

    2003 Maverick 18' Master Angler

    Looking good, keep the pics coming.
  6. hurricane

    Chassahowitzka river questions

    Man!!! I bet the fishing was good that day!!! It does look like Lake Ingraham, I've been through there on those low tides, were the mud bank is at eye level as you sat on the deck...... Im pretty confident Ingraham is mostly mud, Chazz on the other hand is laced with Limestone.
  7. hurricane

    2000ish 16 red fisher vs. 17 ma

    I've been on both and the MA is the better all around boat. I do think the Redfisher is faster, but the MA ride is way better, draft difference isn't a factor. I was told they quit making the MA because it cost more to build, so the profit margin was less. The last MA years had Carbon/Kevlar decks, so maybe that was a factor.
  8. Good looking boat. I have to ask,,,,whats up with the hatch on the platform? Is there storage underneath, is it usable? Never seen that before, seems like a good idea if its sturdy.
  9. hurricane

    1996 Hewes Bayfisher 16 Questions

    You sure the spray isn't coming from the transducer? I had a 97 Bayfisher with the transducer in the same spot, it was the source of spray, till I made a cover. Maybe add one of those Bobs larger anti cavitation plates, that should fix the spray, if the motor is the cause. Im also a no on the jackplate, I don't see much advantage on boats that don't have a pocket. You would have to back 6" to do any good while running, and 6" is just gonna throw the balance way off. 4" will be good for idling on and off the flat, prolly not much for running.
  10. hurricane

    Transom flex 2000 2200v

    If you don't plan on fixing right away, I would get rid of the jackplate. But that looks like it needs to be fixed.
  11. hurricane

    Cooling Down

    Ouch.... But glad to hear even the pros have an off day. Lol
  12. hurricane

    Chassahowitzka river questions

    Or a mud motor boat.
  13. Boat looks amazing. I like the design of the platform, I need to rework the platform on mine, the front legs are in the way. . Was the tank replaced during the work?
  14. hurricane

    Trolling motor type question

    The biggest advantage of the remote TM is the heading feature. With a tiller you are constantly adjusting for wind and tide, with the remote I can "set it and forget it".... I can parallel a shore for few hundred yards without touching a thing. I can pull up on a flat, point the TM where I want to be, get my rods rigged, setup, finish my coffee then get outta my seat and fish. . Also the Xi5 remote is small and the Rhodan remote is even smaller. The Minn Kota one is huge, but I think the make a small option now.