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  1. hurricane

    How similar are....

    They could satisfy the angry horde, by just making the 21 again.
  2. hurricane

    How similar are....

    Biggest difference is, the 21 has a running pad, the 2200 doesn't. The 21 is faster.
  3. hurricane

    Master anglers vs 1900v/2000v

    Along with all of the above, the 17 and 18 MA's have a much sharper bow entry. You will find they ride much better than the 1900 and the 2000.
  4. hurricane

    Outdoor boat security

    Just wondering why you can't do wired? I get it if its complete lack of access, but if its a power issue. Check out PoE IP security systems. All you have to run is one Ethernet cable and power is provided via that cable along with the video. Also the quality is great.
  5. hurricane

    Bed liner coating hatches

    I would think it would take a lot of prep to get the surface scuffed up good. Also I would be concerned of moisture over time causing the paint to peel. But Im not a paint expert.......
  6. hurricane

    Gas Tank II

    No help to your question. However, seeing a battery cable laying on a fuel line makes me squirm. I work in avaition, so maybe I'm a bit over cautious about things like that..........
  7. hurricane

    2003 24 Pathfinder fuel tank replacement

    You might reach to Tony at http://www.boattronics.net/ . He did a full restoration on a 24, think the cap came off. You might also look for boattronics on Facebook for pics. If I remember his boat was also on Florida Sportsman Dream Boat show.
  8. hurricane

    ‘03 Master Angler 17’

    17' with a 175, thats a fast boat.
  9. The only place this is an issue, is on the south shore of Tampa Bay. And the officials that approved this thinking it was good idea, should be removed if they are still there.
  10. hurricane

    My stolen Pathfinder recovered

    That's crazy.
  11. hurricane

    1990 Hewes Bonfisher (Whisper Grey)

    Do you know who did the poling platform? Looks nice.
  12. hurricane

    MA 17' 2002 hatch seal

    Search on McMaster Carr. Just measure what you have and find the right size. This should be the style you need. https://www.mcmaster.com/door-weatherstripping
  13. hurricane

    MA 21 biggest jacklplate setback

    What year is your MA? I'd be careful if its an older model.
  14. hurricane

    Floating Grass Clogging Intake

    Happens to me every time I go scalloping. Usually on the way in, right at tight bend in the river...... Thanks for the report, maybe it will get better.
  15. hurricane


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