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  1. 1998 Maverick Master Angler 17

    I would bet it spends the summer in the water, think thats pretty normal for the NE.
  2. Lenco trim tab trouble shooting

    Mulligan laid it out it's pretty simple and straight forward. You should find the connections in the center of the bilge, maybe by the live well pumps. You shouldn't need to get behind the bait well. Even if you have to replace the actuator everything is done from the outside and fishing the new cable through the hole is very easy, just use a coat hanger or something similar.
  3. What did you do to your boat today?

    Nice work and what a perfect looking fish. That fish looks like a mount, it doesn't even look real!
  4. Shallow Gags

    Thats nice, love some shallow water gags.
  5. Fish around Ruskin LMR today

    I think all the rain which caused that brown water ran the redfish off. I decided to give up on the south shore for now. I fished upper bay last week, weather was bad and super low tide, but I got 2 small reds.
  6. 1994 Maverick Master Angler 18.5

    A friend had one of those motors at one time. Was a great motor, but was the loudest 2 stroke I've ever heard.
  7. My 21 MA

    Was thinking the same thing. Great looking boat.
  8. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    No insult to Mercs!!!! But that comment was a ding on older Evinrudes!!!
  9. Best price on a Yamaha Lower unit

    I have heard a lot of guys get them from here. This is an aftermarket lower, not rebuild I think. Does have 3 year warranty. https://www.sterndrive.cc/
  10. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    The oil system is much more reliable on the Yamahas. Although that 50:1 at idle at the choko ramp might help with the skeeters like Coto says!
  11. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    You can read though and see my position on these. But again this is a used boat, every used boat will have some issues, weather hidden or obvious. It could be blisters, tanks, leaking lower unit or motor on the verge of blowing. Thats a risk some people are unwilling to take, and they buy new boats. From what I see VS got a great boat at a probably a great price, had it properly inspected and he feels good about it. Also we don't even know for sure this is the same boat, JWalk says its a 2000. The CL add says its a 2001.
  12. 2001 Maverick 18.5 Master Angler - $17500 (Fort Myers)

    This is great news, im so glad to hear. I think many people will be upset they didn't run down sooner to see this boat. Post some pics when you hit the water.
  13. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    Ok, was just wondering, I've never had to use, on my boat. I always have a spare quart of oil onboard.
  14. Boat Center FLL - Shout Out to Mike and the team

    Thats great, good to have people willing to help and not sell you parts. Does that motor have the manual/emergency oil pump switch on the back of the motor? I always have a spare quart stored away.
  15. 2006 MA 21' w/F225

    I agree, and that's why people looking for a boat this size will go for a used Pathfinder. Its a very small group that desire this boat, probably what prolongs the sale, and I think sellers over price based on the fact they aren't made anymore.