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  1. hurricane

    2000 MA Repair Thread - Stringer issue

    You're almost there....
  2. hurricane

    Moving back to FL. Miami or Jacksonville?

    Do not, I repeat Do not go to Miami. Yes the fishing can be a big draw, but you don't wanna live there. I was born in Miami and lived there 30 years, yes as Muddy says it was a great place way back then, but now its a mess. I left Miami 15ish years ago for Tampa and never looked back. Go to Jax, the fishing is great there and your family will be much more happy. Jason p, lives in the only part of Dade County that is livable, however that is way to far of a drive to CG Station Miami. Good luck.
  3. hurricane

    WTB 10ft+ cast net (1/4 mesh)

    If you end up buying new, Barracuda is a great net. Also Tampa fishing outfitters has a good selection of different priced nets.
  4. hurricane

    18 Master Angler re-power

    Looks great, standing by for numbers.
  5. hurricane

    Help pricing an 2003 18 (needs work).

    If the motor runs on this boat, after the fuel system is cleaned. Give me a scrub brush a bucket of bleach and a buffer, and I will make this boat look brand new. If the 'sold" boat was in a more populated area, the price would've been 2k higher. I think they totally compare, here is another one for comps.
  6. hurricane

    Help pricing an 2003 18 (needs work).

    Boat cleaned and in good shape, boat is in the 20k area. This boat just sold for that, with a saltwater series motor vs an HPDI which has a bit more value.
  7. hurricane

    Help pricing an 2003 18 (needs work).

    As long as the compression is good, the rest can be fixed pretty easy. This is an HPDI motor, so the VST will need a good clean out, along with the fuel. ofdphildo, if 10+K is too much of risk for you let me or someone else know, I could have interest.
  8. hurricane

    Craigslist find (project).

    This is a great comp for the MA that hasn't run in awhile, 8k is way too low for that boat. 7.5k is too much for this boat.
  9. hurricane

    Help pricing an 2003 18 (needs work).

    I think 8k is to low, yes there is risk, I'd offer 10k. Even at 13k, and the motor is no good, there's motor on here for sale for 4k. That's 17k, another Grand in clean up and parts, you're at 18k. That's still a good deal. I'll bet the motor is fine.
  10. hurricane

    Trout Changes coming

    What in the world makes people think Trout could be a commercially sustainable fish?Mind blowing!
  11. hurricane

    Trout Changes coming

    So if they give Trout Gamefish status, that will eliminate commercial harvest. Correct? I haven't seen any large Trout in a few years.
  12. hurricane

    1995 Master Angler (Not Mine)

    Somebody better hurry up and get some eyes on this boat, could be a great deal.
  13. hurricane

    Aft Port Hatch

    Plug the drain and use it as dry storage.
  14. hurricane

    Transom Wedges

  15. hurricane

    Transom Wedges

    Set of 5 degree transom wedges. $20 plus shipping if needed. Pickup in Tampa or Lakeland.
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