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  1. Apalachicola, St George and St Vincent Islands

    Phantastic photos as usual Ron.
  2. Best Wire Gauge Size

    Just remember that if in doubt you can always go with larger gauge (lower numerically) but never smaller (higher numerically)
  3. LED Shark Eyes

  4. Best Yamaha 2 stroke oil?

    Amen, Mulligan
  5. Prop advice for 2001 22” Pathfinder

    I run a Yamaha 21M on my 2001 2200 with 200 HPDI so I would say you need to with a higher pitch.
  6. WTB Nylon strap with snap assembly

    If you have a West Marine near you they can make you one.
  7. Flat Tire Tools

    I use a 20v Dewalt, plenty of power.
  8. Fishing shoes

    X100 for Soft Science best I have found.
  9. New Master Angler???

    It's just Skip getting a head start on April Fools Day.
  10. 2200V position on trailer

    I routered it on my router table after I got the starboard cut for a template. Be very very careful with your fingers.
  11. 2200V position on trailer

    Hey, that's my boat in the pic. I made them from 3/4" starboard. I took the upholstery off and clamped the existing to the starboard and used a router to trim. Really an easy upgrade.
  12. Pathfinder 1806V Backwash Over Transom

    I had this with every bass boat I ever owned, when you come off of plane just give it a bit of throttle so you can out run the approaching wave then back off and you are good to go.
  13. What did you do to your boat today?

    It is definitely.
  14. Leaning Post Question

    Maybe drill and tap and bolt it from the back.