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  1. Everybody OK?

    Great news, Skip.
  2. Marpac shark eye measurements

    Direct fit on my 2200
  3. I had narrowed my list down to Rolls and Ameritrail. I left three voice mails at Rolls and no reply, called Ameritrail and Arthur got right back to me same day. Needless to say I went with Ameritrail and am very happy I did.
  4. TM battery question

    24 volt here
  5. What did you do to your boat today?

    Well I have always been a fan of Optima blue top batteries, ( my original set lasted 8 years). My current set died after only 3 years so I went to Sam's and got 2 Duracell group 34 AGM's for the cost of 1 Optima. I noticed the Optimas that died were both made in Mexico, don't know if that is why. But that is what I did.
  6. Replacing hatch seals

    I just did my 2001 2200v and used Mcmaster/Carr. Product I used is 1120A321 and 1120A322. Hope this is what you needed. www.mcmaster.com/
  7. Gaskets for hatches?

    I looked at the Clean Seal site and it says they have a 100' minimum, I really wanted their seals because of the one piece construction but my boat takes two different styles and I only needed 20' of each.
  8. Livewell 1 filling issue

    sounds to me like the impeller on pump 1 may be spinning on the shaft, also I would see if the strainers can be pointed down or to the side to aid in suction by holding water in the intake.
  9. Storm Shutters

    Or you could apply the tape on the inside.
  10. Storm Shutters

    All I can say is change doors to french doors or seal with duct tape.
  11. Rule 700 and strainers

    The strainers are available here, just click on the Get MBG Gear tab and look under parts and decals.
  12. Another New Model?

    I guesstimated 2' center to center.
  13. Another New Model?

    Maybe a 38' Cobia, just my guess.
  14. Master Angler Production

    I think this is what's called a WET DREAM.