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  1. Just wondering how good it works on the darned Love Bugs?
  2. imsnookyrd

    What did you do to your boat today?

    This is what I did last weekend. Always been a Lowrance guy and I am really impressed with the Live units. Connected them with the ethernet cable so I have 2 depth finders with only one xducer.
  3. imsnookyrd

    Chart plotter Recommendations

    I just installed an HDS 9 LIVE and also an HDS7 LIVE and have an Elite 7Ti with the TotalScan xducer that I am going to sell if you are interested.
  4. imsnookyrd

    Livewell Operation

    Question, which stand pipe do you have in? Should be the tall one, or you have a leak somewhere.
  5. imsnookyrd

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    Honestly I haven't been down in a year due to unforeseen problems, but I can say I have had my best luck on the gulf side. Mullet tend to move around as you know, if you want you can PM me and I can give you my cell # so I can pass along any info I might come up with.
  6. imsnookyrd

    New GPS wiring question

    I know that Lowrance suggests going straight to the battery using their fuse holder, but I have always wired straight to the fuse panel. In fact I am in the middle of installing an HDS 9 and 7 Live and am going to the fuse panel.
  7. imsnookyrd

    Upgraded 2015 17HPXS

    I think it has to do with the Flux Capacitor.
  8. imsnookyrd

    Memorial Day in Marathon

  9. imsnookyrd

    Memorial Day in Marathon

    I will be down there on Conch Key 5/25 to 6/2. I don't usually play with the Tarpon, mostly snapper and trout, but there are still Tarpon around the Long Key Viaduct at that time. I am sure the other bridges will have some also.
  10. imsnookyrd

    US Coast Guard rating plate?

    I got a new one for my Pathy at Flounder Pounder Marine. www.fpmarine.com
  11. imsnookyrd

    "Pilings" in lower matacumbe

    They were part of Flagler's railroad that got wiped out by a hurricane I think in 1928.
  12. I definitely suspect the rectifier. I had the same problem and it was caused by the pee hole being plugged up. There is a water jacket that is attached to the back of the rectifier to keep it cool and mine got plugged and I didn't notice in time obviously. I didn't know about the water jacket until I tore into it. My motor is a 2001 but yours is probably similar.
  13. imsnookyrd

    New to me '01 2200V

    My 2001 2200V has an anchor locker.
  14. imsnookyrd

    Battery jump pack

    I purchased the NOCO jump pack and did not know until I received it that it was for jumping lead acid batteries only. This is okay for my truck but my boat has all AGM batteries so not sure if it is safe or not. Just an FYI.
  15. imsnookyrd

    Fuel Gauge Wiring Help

    I believe the wire is Pink in color.
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