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  1. Fohr Play

    Improved Cheese Grater

    Hi all, I didn't read the entire thread so forgive me if I didn't catch something after page 1. I have a 99 Hewes LT with 150 (54 mph with load) and went through many plastic cheese graters before the SS model came out. I posted a few threads on the original forum about this. When the 2nd one broke I really looked at how it broke and it seemed that it was over pressuring and broke from the inside out. After the third plastic one broke I ran without a grater (just removed all the broke pieces and put the 6 screws back in) for some time, actually until the SS one came out. My experience on my boat running fresh water canals and I did not see performance difference. The only difference I saw was that if I was in seaweed or weedy fresh water, the flow to livewells would clog. This only happened a few times and for all but one time getting on plane for awhile cleared the blockage. The one time I had to backwash to clear as weeds got into the lines. I've had no issues with the SS grater. A 16' with a 115 could have a different experience than my boat so I'm not doubting anything just telling my experience. Also I did not try a grater with less holes (more streamlined) so I can't comment on those improvements. I would say if you want to see a difference on your boat is to go run it in calm water with the grater, then with holes covered and then take it out completely and run to see the difference of the 3 modes. I think many of the old timers still miss the original forum content as there was a ton of great info there.
  2. Fohr Play

    2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    I think Charlie said last Thursday in Sept 2019
  3. Fohr Play

    2018 Keys MOT at the Breezy Palms

    Always an awesome time that many of us look forward to all year. Thanks MBG, Yamaha, Powerpole and all the other sponsors supporting this OT. Many thanks to Larry and his crew at the Breezy for always taking care of us.
  4. Fohr Play

    Live well strainer

    quick fix is to attach pvc pipe with holes drilled through sides to the standtube.
  5. Fohr Play

    MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Keep up the good thoughts Mike. Looking forward to a little relaxing time at Breezy. Go North please
  6. Fohr Play

    MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    I fear I have a similar work call coming... stressing out
  7. Fohr Play

    * UPDATE - STILL LEAKING* Sea chest is leaking

    I have an 18 LT and went through 3 plastic cheese graters and yes the screw holes would leak if there were no screws in them. My cheese graters were braking and the way they were breaking I finally figured the chest was over pressuring the plastic grater and it would crack from the inside out (maybe why the previous owner of your boat had so much 5200). I ran without the grater for awhile and livewell pumps flowed while off and running. I also cut last 1.5 to 2" off the back end of a 4th grater to release some of the pressure. When the SS graters came out I put one on and never had any issues again. The SS graters have much fewer holes than the old plastic ones.
  8. Fohr Play

    MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    hope 2x doesn't miss his May post
  9. Fohr Play

    Trip down to Islamorada

    Are you stopping just to sleep or want to spend a few more hours? I also live in Plantation and work off Yamato and 95. If you are spending a few more hours, there is a hotel next to Bass Pro Shops right off 95... you could do some last minute shopping before hitting Islamorada. If it is just to sleep, I'd stay close to 95.
  10. Fohr Play

    MOT 31 (Islamorada 2017)

    Yes, thank you very much Jill. Anyone waiting to make reservations for the OT (Sands, etc.) should make them soon to ensure you have a spot before everything is all booked up.
  11. Fohr Play

    2016 Islamorada OT Report & Photos

    Another great year! Thanks to everyone who makes this event great. Fished long key for about 5 hrs and did not see a bonefish. I did come across this very well put together raft... I'm pretty sure they made it to dry land.
  12. Fohr Play

    2016 Islamorada OT - The Big Three-O

    So will we... if I can ever get out of work. I thought the older you got, the less work/stress but just the opposite . Really looking forward to a vacation.
  13. Fohr Play

    2015 MBCOT Photos

    Thanks MBC
  14. Fohr Play

    2015 OT

    woohoo 6 for me... and maybe tonight for the coconut rum part
  15. Fohr Play

    2015 OT

    double, are you counting days until you get there or days until Thursday Captains meeting?
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