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  1. Power Pole Shout Out

  2. Mercury 21p rev 4 FS

    Local guy I know is running a 19p OFX 3 with 300 yammie on his 25 c-bay. Best of luck guys. My bro just took the rev to run on his boat for the weekend. He did not like the 19p Eco. I have a 21p ofx, 19p Eco, 21 rev if anyone is local and interested in the props.
  3. Mercury 21p rev 4 FS

    Honestly not sure. It runs good on my boat just a little to big. Awsome cruise and MPG for me. your more then welcome to try it if you want.
  4. Scalloping Opening Weekend

    I'll be out local getting them.
  5. HPS 250 vs 300

    Good info josh! I'm shocked about the MPG.
  6. Props, The never ending question

    I do not have any personal experience with this setup. But it's a 26' boat and a 300hp. Doubt you will be able to get much more out of this setup. If you post your info such as prop, GPS speed and max rpm you can get your prop slip #'s and see if it's a decent prop for that application. I would think you should be turning a 18-19p prop anything bigger and your rpm should be low.
  7. Best method to fill old holes in deck

  8. Mercury 21p rev 4 FS

    Just north of tampa
  9. Mercury 21p rev 4 FS

    Pics added
  10. Mercury 21p rev 4 FS

    For sale 21p Mercury rev 4. In excellent condition. $400 plus shipping. PM or email buttapollock1010@yahoo.com
  11. New stereo install

    JL or wetsounds 400 watt amp with JL or wetsounds 8" speakers. Use a Bluetooth receiver on RCA to mic cord directly to all. No need for a head unit. Best of luck. Easy install!
  12. Slot Snook know

  13. Chasco boat parade 4-9-16

    3 FWC guys Normal weight. Hard to tell with all the stuff they wear. Only big guy I saw was a sheriff. He was pushing 400lbs.
  14. Chasco boat parade 4-9-16

    I was stopped yesterday by FWC, it was a quick and easy process.
  15. Repowering Option, Feedback welcome

    Talk to your Yamaha dealer mechanic. If u keep your original ecm and buy the big tune one you just swap ecm's out if u have any warranty work.