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  1. F70 vs Tohatsu 90 2s vs 90 Etec

    Only about 32 mph, but draft seemed an honest 8-10 in,
  2. F70 vs Tohatsu 90 2s vs 90 Etec

    My 25 y.o. 70 hp Johnson finally died, so looking to re-power 93 bonefisher. Thinking Yamaha F70 based on wt and draft, but has anyone gone with the last 2 remaining 2strokes? Right now Yamaha and Tohatsu have 5 yr warranties and Etec has 10. Also what kind of performance numbers and did you lose draft?
  3. Help

    Fixed it.
  4. Help

    Here are the pics. I know I win the prize for dirtiest bilge
  5. Help

    The pump is attached to a through hull fitting. Not sure if it is one piece or two.
  6. Help

    Fix on problem found another. How do you change the live well/bait well pump in a 93 bonefisher tournament? The nipple on the pump where the hose attaches to the pump broke. Can't figure out how to remove pump to replace. Any ideas?
  7. 93 bonefisher shifter cable

    I need to replace the shifter cable on my 93 tournament 16. Any ideas on cable length?
  8. Traveling with push pole

    How does everyone travel with a push pole? In the holders or in a pvc pipe tube or some other way? Got to drive 12 hrs and not sure I just want to use the holders.
  9. Yamaha 90hp

    Location, yr ,hrs and price?
  10. bennett trim tabs

    :content: Thanks Tab Man. The problem was the blue wire at the wire connection. I just butt connected and the problem was fixed. You've got to love a company that shows an interest in and helps a 21 year old product. Thanks Bennett Marine.
  11. bennett trim tabs

    On my 93 16 bonefisher, I'm having problem with trim tabs and have troubleshooted and problem seems to be from HPU to switch. On Bennett's info, there is only a red, green. blue and yellow wire and a ground, but on my boat, I have two 8 prong toggle switches with red, green, blue, orange, grey and 2 shades of yellow wires. Any ideas of the wiring diagram. Currently the switches will retract the tabs (bow up), but on bow down, the solenoids click, but pump doesn't run. Any ideas.