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  1. My 94 Hewes LT 20

  2. My 94 Hewes LT 20

    been awhile since i've added some pics of the old Hewes & I getting fish slimey.. Enjoy & Happy New Years fellow anglers!!
  3. gin clear water

    looks like a nice day & delicious dinner for sure! Happy New Year!
  4. last day of spring break

    Nice pics & fish, making memories!
  5. 2002 21MA Repower/Reno

    Very cool. Super nice rig. My 20' Hewes is rated for a 200. My cowling says 150. Engine dyno tested at 235hp, no caps stay on at full throttle
  6. meet up at the palapa

  7. 95 18' Lappy Face Lift!

    looking good man! how big is that fuel tank? Go bigger or back with standard size from the factory?
  8. Lake Fun

    nice pics & fish! i have 94 LT 20. Can you take a close up pic of your trolling motor/mount bow light? Currently re rigging mine & want to try something different.
  9. My 94 Hewes LT 20

    Awe, Don V, 34 aint that cold as long as wind ain't blowing hard, next time you're up this way, holla and we'll go fishing.
  10. Super Bowl

    VON MILLER MVP ! gig em ags! but really go broncos too, helluva a defensive effort to send Peyton out a winner
  11. Terry's Slam

    Excellent, well done! Jealous of the flounder, haven't found a good pattern on them with this mild winter..
  12. Merry Christmas

    Happy new years fellow anglers & Merry Cristmas to all and to all a good bite!
  13. My 94 Hewes LT 20

    Happy new years fellow anglers & Merry Cristmas to all and to all a good bite!
  14. Texas (Galveston Bay) Fishing Report

    Great job! Caught some fish in Freeport/Surfside last weekend, will have to get some pics together
  15. LT20 repower 200 vs 150HP

    Have run 150 & 200 on my boat. 150 was fine, 200 is better. Both were 2.5 liter block mercs, weigh the same, right around 400lbs. I carry more tackle & stuff than a i probably should, 80 quart cooler and most of my compartments stay full and occasionally tube & wakeboard behind my rig too.
  16. 1996 Redfisher 19

    Very nice rebuild, and lots of good info & feedback on 3&4 blade props. I like a 3 blade prop for overall performance on my boat, Merc Tempest 21' & 23' Only use 4 blade for play day towing tubes and ultrashallow back lakes fishing. Powertech TRO4 19'
  17. HEWES LT 20' etec 250 HO

    Very nice rig. Glad to see another LT 20 hitting the 60s. Mine goes that fast, but only when i take everything out of it, trolling motor & batteries. However, at that speed (63mph on mine) it was walking pretty bad and didn't feel like i had very good control. Does your rig have hydraulic steering, jackplate & trim tabs?
  18. 2001 Hewes Redfisher 21

    NIce rewire job, can i hire you out to do mine??? pretty please with fish slime on top?
  19. 1969 Hewes Tarpon

    nice ride boss, glad somebody out there uses there "vintage" Hewes just as much as i do..
  20. Rigolets

    very nice
  21. Red on fly

    Nice catch bud
  22. Where are all the Texas guys?

    Hewes fisherman here, live in College Station, fish all up and down the coast, fished Port O'Connor two weeks ago, sharks galore!
  23. Hinchinbrook Tournament Photos

    Excellent catches and photos. Thanks for sharing. Ever fish Lake Tinaroo?
  24. 85 BoneFisher

    Good fish pics and great build on this boat. How are you liking the new mods with the raised steering, rear platform and what kind of performance are you getting out of that etec?
  25. My 94 Hewes LT 20

    Thanks Squid. Just looked through the pics again and looks like i forgot to put my most memorable king caught in my life on here. My dad(64yrs and me 33yrs) share the same birthday. Took him to SPI fishing and we caught this gem of a kingfish on both of our birthdays and took it over to blackbeards restaurant on SPI to have it cooked for us. And let me just say both the fish and my Hewes LT performed deliciously. Sure was fun watching that old penn fishing reel scream drag and my old man all hooked and fighting with the belt on and everything, great memory for me! Anyways, here it is: