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  1. 2013 MBC Owners Tournament Photos

    great time to all the winners!!! Ya'll rocked it.
  2. 2013 OT Time

    If anyone found an SD card laying around by the back in the Breezy... It fell out of my pocket. Lost some photos
  3. 2013 OT Time

    Work has me by the you know what this evening so I'll see you guys there tomorrow AM.
  4. 2013 OT Time

    Extended forecast says Breezy Palms will live up to the name breezy this weekend... in typical OT fashion
  5. Got a new girl... she's quite a bit more petite but just as sweet... love her to death. She likes her things and fancy bling like a blacked out Edson wheel... She's also a fish catching ninja... Crazy about my new girl... I think we will make a great pair for many years to come.
  6. 18HPX Gets it done in Titusville

    18 HPX-V is the best all around skiff... PERIOD
  7. 2013 OT Time

    See you all there... Might get a room there this time and just hang out. Double Play PF 2200V Fohr Play LT 18 Wheres The Fish HPXV 18 Jersey Joe PF 24 Head Hunter HPX 17 BenefitMan Hewes 18 Ray Becky TomPam Two Knotty PF 23DV Dan and Cathy Braswell Benzo 17 HPX-V2 or 18 HPX-V
  8. Hope to see you guys there... should be a great time.
  9. Sightfishing Snook!

    good one, dude
  10. Redfish Action

    Very nice, Willy!!!
  11. Iphone and timing

    great shots!!!
  12. Couple Photos from the Lagoon

    Chief... just a few on FB but after a long day on the water and upon arrival, we are anxious to dig into some Maryland style steamed blue crabs.
  13. Fished with my buddy Capt. Willy Le this past weekend... here are a couple real cool photos I thought I'd share... [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1352953006-LAU_7279.jpg[/image] [image]http://www.mbcforum.com/fbbuploads/1352953038-LAU_7345.jpg[/image]
  14. Chrome-Bone

    Thanks, Dave... I use Camera plus to do most of my edits. I have a couple other apps to do some other small adjustments.